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Providing SuStainable SolutionS for a better tomorrow

AvAngARD InnovAtIvE

More than just a recycling coMpany

Avangard Innovative (AI) is a premier sustainable solutions provider, headquartered in Houston, texas, with branch offices and operating plants located around the world. In addition to being one of the largest recyclers in north America, our other core services include: Recycling Solutions Processing/Recycling Facilities Equipment Solutions Environmental Services our mission is to create lasting partnerships, built on honesty, trust, and integrity that will benefit the environment by helping our clients recycle their waste. We will continue to lead innovation in plastics processing, providing complete recycling programs and closed loop recycling services worldwide. Industrial Services Resin Distribution Sustainable Products

REcyclIng SolutIonS

Avangard Innovative is committed to meeting the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We can make a better world for our children and their children. our commitment of sustainable development starts with maintaining a strong company, which invests its resources wisely and focuses on operational excellence. We take pride in the fact that our company identifies integrity as one of its core values. We strive to preserve and protect the environment by reducing materials being sent to landfills. We achieve this by helping companies recycle, reduce or reclaim spent resources in everyday operations as well as help those companies plan their own economic well-being and fulfill their social and environmental commitments. through sustainable development, we integrate environmental and societal goals of our business to achieve sustained success, safeguard our environment and develop our reputation to meet changing expectations. We are here to help companies accept that real change is the only answer to sustainability. We are excited about the future and what it holds for our company. We invite you to read more about the steps we've already taken towards our commitment to integrating social, environmental, and economic principles to our sustainable development programs. Avangard Innovative provides complete recycling and closed loop programs to all commercial, industrial, and manufacturing sites. AI provides recycling consultation and program implementation services to help our clients get the most benefit from their recycling programs. We work with each and every client to create a recycling program that integrates seamlessly with daily operational needs by providing on-site evaluation and education to identify recycling opportunities that may exist for all materials generated.

Sustainable Recycling Solutions:

corporate and Industrial Recycling Programs Facility Evaluations and Waste Auditing Economic and Environmental Impact Studies Equipment Solutions Freight Forwarding and logistics

Best Regards,

Rick Perez, President/cEo


AI Recycling

AI Recycling, an Avangard Innovative company, provides value-added recycling processes to our customers including blending, shredding, grinding, washing, densifying and baling. the AI Recycling Processing center, located on twenty acres in Houston, texas, is a 365,000 square foot facility with over twenty million pounds of inventory. We have the ability to process a wide variety of materials from virgin pellets to post-consumer scrap including: PEt HDPE MDPE lDPE/llDPE PP PE Pvc HIPS gPPS ABS nylon Pc Pc/ABS SBc Metal tPo Aluminum occ-cardboard

EquIPMEnt SolutIonS

Avangard Innovative offers the below equipment solutions for our clients. our experienced staff will handle delivery, installation, and training for all equipment.

Foam Densifiers

AI developed a series of foam densifier machines as a solution to the scrap foam in many of our customer's waste streams. Designed to process foam onsite, they remove foam from the waste stream saving waste hauling and landfill costs, and create revenue by densifying foam into a purge form that becomes a marketable product for recycling. AI's Foam Densifiers can densify three main types of foam, polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene. there are several models available varying in size and production capacity; including the FD-25, FD-10, and FD-285. All of our machines have passed rigorous air quality testing for health and environmental safety, and come with a one-year warranty on all parts and services.

Post-consumer Recycling Plants

Avangard Innovative owns and operates several post consumer bottle recycling facilities throughout Mexico to procure a constant supply of recyclables and to offer consistent feedstock to our clients worldwide. We perform value-added processes such as sorting bottles by type and color, baling, grinding, and washing to provide our clients with a consistent and continual supply of feedstock materials for their applications. Avangard Innovative's post consumer recycling plants also produce feedstock for our PetStar facility. this feedstock consists mainly of post consumer PEt and HDPE bottles; as well as, other injection grade streams.

Balers & grinders

We offer various sizes of vertical and horizontal balers. these are used mainly for film, cardboard, bottles and other scrap materials. our grinders range in size and power and are used for processing various plastic grades.

MRFs (Material Recovery Facilities)

Reciclados ICG S. de R.L. de C.V. the u.S. and Mexico are facing a problem of great consequence; decreasing locations for landfills. to help provide a solution to this problem, Avangard Innovative has created a successful partnership with PASA, the largest waste hauler and landfill operator in Mexico, to build and operate MRFs. A MRF is a processing facility designed to sort municipal solid waste in order to recover as many recyclable materials as possible, to reduce the overall tonnage being sent to landfills. AI recovers cardboard, mixed paper, HDPE bottles and parts, plastics, aluminum, and metal scrap at the MRFs through our sorting process. the materials are then processed and marketed worldwide. our partnership with PASA and the MRFs will help improve recycling efforts in Mexico and greatly benefit the environment. Some of the environmental services AI provides are: Recycling and Recovery of non-conventional Materials out of Date Product Food grade Material Fleet Shop Items: oil Filters, Absorbent Pads, Boons contaminated with oil, Antifreeze, and oil/Water Separator clean-outs Paint & Batteries Fluorescent lights Waste to Energy Re-use & Re-Sale of off-Spec chemicals Waste Management Services All Hazardous and non-Hazardous Waste, including noRM Fuels Blending & Incineration Water treatment & Deep Well Injection landfill & Environmental Auditing Permitted Waste transportation on-site Services & training Avangard Innovative is committed to finding and implementing cost-effective solutions for our customer's recycling needs and environmental waste management sector. We will implement these solutions while minimizing long-term liability exposure. Each environmental program is tailored to the customer's particular needs and is cohesive with company procedures and policies.



Alliance Pas-tex (APc), an Avangard-Innovative company, services polymer plants by providing logistical solutions to handle virgin resins and plant scrap. APc provides 24-hour service to accommodate their customers increased service demands. Some of the equipment APc owns to service these plants are the following:

Pneumatic trailers

APc has a fleet of pneumatic trailers ranging in product capacity from 18,000 to 45,000 pounds. All of the units are self loaders, providing the ability to operate the trucks at remote locations and outside railyards when the need arises. All of the units are steam cleaned after each product change, and kept in clean condition to prevent product contamination. there are also small "pup" vacuum trailers available that are useful when negotiating tight areas inside small railyards. these units are capable of transporting 18,000 lbs in each of the units and can be hauled in series as a double unit capable of transporting 36,000 lbs total material weight.

vacuum trucks

APc has a fleet of vacuum trucks designed specifically with plastic in mind. the "high dump" units make quick work of spill cleanups by utilizing the option of dumping the materials directly into open top roll-off boxes. this eliminates the time it takes to stage vacuum boxes, or drive to open top boxes that are located off the work site. the high-rail unit can clean up on-track spills without unnecessarily tying up other unrelated tracks in the process. this unit can drive on to the designated tracks while the others stay live, keeping your products moving. the vector unit is capable of transferring all types of dry materials and is designed to package the products in super saks, drums or gaylord boxes. the vector unit is powerful, boasting 3500 cfm of vacuum in a unit small enough to be pulled behind a 1-ton pickup truck.

van trailers

APc's van trailer fleet consists of all 48' length trailers. our specialty is running timely routes between local warehouse facilities and our customer sites. We have sleeper trucks and permits for hauling loads outside of our Houston based corporate headquarters.

Roll-off trucks

APc's roll-off fleet has tag axle units which are capable of transporting roll-off and vacuum boxes that are too heavy for the standard roll-off trucks to legally haul over the road. APc owns 20, 25, 30 and 40 cubic yard open top boxes, and also 25 cubic yard dewatering boxes. this allows a fast, 24/7, response to customers' needs.

Salamander transfer unit

the Salamander has a positive displacement vacuum pump that generates maximum levels of 3,658 cFM of airflow at 16" Hg (200" water), providing the power needed to complete the most difficult cleanup or recovery operations. Whether a job involves the removal of flowable bulk product or the recovery of environmentally sensitive materials, sludge's, slurries or liquids, APc offers a complete line of vacuum equipment and options to meet your specific clean-up needs.

Polymaster Direct Packaging unit

the Polymaster is the industry's leading on-the-run portable pneumatic conveying machine. this technology incorporates high speed bulk material conveying, without the risk of contamination. the Polymaster has the ability to transfer plastic pellets and resins at rates of up to 50,000 pounds per hour, and the capability to box 1,000 pounds of material per minute. Since the Polymaster is self-contained; polypropylene, polyethylene, Pvc and PEt are just a few of the types of products that can be conveyed. the Polymaster can also serve as a temporary backup system for shutdowns or system pluggage.


APc specializes in responding to commodities based train derailments. We provide 24 hour emergency service and have fully portable services to accommodate remote access needs. the first crew deployed will patch any leaks and attempt to reduce the loss of materials from any damaged railcars. We then utilize our equipment designed to vacuum the derailed materials and package them into various containers. Remediation crews will bring in heavy equipment to perform the final cleaning and restoration of the derailment site. All wastes from decontamination are handled in accordance with state and local laws and regulations.


Avangard Innovative works with major plastic resin producers to supply virgin resin to our customers worldwide. AI distributes all types of polymers and resins to end-users producing a wide range of products. We also market reprocessed resins from both industrial and post consumer grade plastics. AI works diligently with our supply sources and customers to manage the supply chain and to provide value-added services to our customers. Below are just a few of the recyclable product lines that we have available on a consistent basis.


Avangard Innovative promotes the growth of sustainable products. Sustainable products are those that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting the environment over their full commercial cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to final disposition. AI develops and markets several lines of sustainable or "green" products: notebooks - made from recycled grade paper gloves - made from recycled grade plastics composite Decking Scrap Products (bins, tables, benches) - made from 50% recycled grade plastic Plastic Pallets - made from recycled grade plastics

virgin Resin Products

HDPE lDPE PP PEt Styrene grades Ethylene copolymer

Reprocessed Plastics



pet Bottle-to-Bottle recycling Facility

Petstar, S.A. de c.v, an Avangard Innovative and PASA company, is the largest PEt recycling company in Mexico. Petstar has helped to provide a solution to Mexico's recycling infrastructure needs through the construction of their Post-consumer Resin (PcR) plant. this plant provides much needed PEt recovery that aids in greatly reducing the growing waste problem in Mexico, one of the largest PEt markets in the world. the Petstar PcR Plant is a high-volume, high-efficiency recycling plant utilizing state-of-the-art technology to achieve a suitable feedstock quality and competitive cost, compared with PEt virgin resin, to manufacture food grade packaging. the plant consists of two washing lines, an extrusion and purification line, raw material warehouse, end product warehouse, machine room, electric power substation and water treatment plant. Processes include grinding, washing, extrusion, and solid state polymerization. the value of key people and partner companies has been critical to Petstar's success. the leaders of Avangard Innovative and PASA, have built relationships with political leaders, key government officials and beverage industry leaders to ensure a sufficient supply of feedstock.

gloBAl REAcH

Houston Headquarters

recycling For the World

Avangard Innovative's global presence strategically positions our company with the resources, knowledge and experience to provide the best recycling solutions around the world. We have more than 20 processing plants and 1500 employees worldwide which gives us the ability to purchase, market and process a wide variety of materials from virgin pellets to post consumer scrap. With each of our operations in diverse markets and industry-leading positions we are able to offer stability and consistency to our suppliers and customers.

changzhou, china Plant

Mexico city, Mexico

Zhongshan, china

torreon, coah. Mexico

guatemala, guatemala


Houston, texas

changzhou, china Santiago, chile


Houston, texas Monterrey, n.l. Mexico cd. Juarez, chih. Mexico torreón, coah. Mexico changzhou, china Zhongshan, china San Salvador, El Salvador guatemala, guatemala tegucigalpa, Honduras San Pedro Sula, Honduras Managua, nicaragua San José, costa Rica Bogotá, columbia


San Antonio, texas Pasadena, texas lockport, new york cleveland, ohio chihuahua, chih. Mexico Hermosillo, Son. Mexico Mexico city, D.F. Mexico guadalajara, Jal. Mexico guatemala, guatemala Buenos Aires, Argentina Santiago, chile Hong Kong, china ningbo, china Panamá city, Panama

Providing SuStainable SolutionS for a better tomorrow

Avangard Innovative, 11906 Brittmoore Park Drive, Houston, Texas 77041 Phone: 281.582.0700 | Fax: 281.582.0799 | Email: [email protected]

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