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EDUCATION Doctorate in Philosophy, SNRE, University of Florida Expected graduation: 2012 Working dissertation title: Autogenic feedbacks to pattern development in the Florida Everglades Dissertation Advisor: Matthew Cohen Master of Science, SNRE, University of Florida 2008 Thesis title: Alternative Stable States and Self-Organized Patterning: Everglades RidgeSlough Mosaic Thesis Advisor: Matthew Cohen Bachelor of Science, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida Specialization: Wildlife Conservation Senior project: Leaf Physiology of Two Dominant Understory Species of a Pine Flatwoods Community, Serenoa repens and Ilex glabra Associate of Arts, Florida Keys Community College, Key West, Florida EXPERIENCE Graduate Research Assistant, University of Florida, SNRE 2006-present · Examined soil elevations across large landscape blocks (2x4 km) in the ridge-slough region in the central Everglades to diagnose ridge-slough ecosystem changes along a gradient of hydrologic impairment · Evaluated nutrient gradients for potential autogenic feedbacks to ecosystem development · Set up, maintained, and trained individuals for use of CNS gas chromatograph analyzer · Designed and implemented large (0.5x2 m) respiration chambers to measure ecosystem carbon exchange in conjunction with a LiCor® Li-6400 portable gas exchange system · Teaching Assistant for graduate course Ecohydrology (FOR 6934; 3 credits) Agroforestry Extension Volunteer, US Peace Corps, Guinea, West Africa 2004-2006 · Performed extension/outreach activities designed to increase food security of local subsistence farmers and reverse current land degradation trends · Authored funding grants for and managed grassroots development projects · Introduced native timber species to current tree nursery practices to increase local biodiversity · Trained new volunteers on agricultural extension techniques as applied in Guinea including tree nursery establishment, seed collection, and fire management · Educated individuals on the consequences and prevention of HIV/AIDS 2002


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Research Assistant, University of Florida, Department of Botany 2002-2003 · Set up and managed two ecosystem ecology laboratories · Prepared and analyzed plant and soil samples using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry · Oversaw three laboratory technicians, purchased supplies, and instituted laboratory protocols · Organized and prepared laboratory and field activities Lab Technician, University of Florida, Department of Soil & Water Science · Analyzed soil and plant tissue samples · Assisted on soil bio-remediation projects · Cared for experimental ferns, Pteris vitatta SELECT PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS Matthew Cohen, Danielle Watts, James Heffernan, Todd Osborne. 2011. Reciprocal biotic control on hydrology, nutrient gradients, and landform in the greater Everglades. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology. In press. Thea Edwards, Barbara Smith, Danielle Watts, Charlotte Germain-Aubrey, Alison Roark, Seth Bybee, Clayton Cox, Heather Hamlin, Louis Guillette, Jr. 2010. Group-advantages training of research (GATOR): A metamorphosis of mentorship. Bioscience. In press. Danielle Watts, Matthew Cohen, James Heffernan, Todd Osborne. 2010. Hydrologic modification and the loss of self-organized patterning in the ridge-slough mosaic of the Everglades. Ecosystems. 13: 813-827. Danielle Watts, Matthew Cohen. Hydrologic controls on ecosystem carbon exchange in ridgeslough landscape. Invited Speaker, Greater Everglades Ecosystem Conference: A Living Laboratory of Change. Naples, Florida. 12-16 July 2010. Danielle Watts. Environmental clues for Everglades alternative stable states. Invited Speaker, SNRE Seminar Series, University of Florida. 16 September 2008. And Water, Wetlands, and Watershed Seminar Series, University of Florida. 5 March 2008. Danielle Watts, Matthew Cohen, James Heffernan, Todd Osborne, Mark Clark. Patterns of peat elevation in the ridge-slough mosaic. Presentation. Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Conference: Planning, Policy, and Science for Everglades Restoration 2050- Advancing the Science to Achieve Success. Naples, Florida. 28 July- 1 August 2008. Danielle Watts, Matthew Cohen, Todd Osborne, Mark Clark. Nutrient and calcium gradients at the ridge-slough interface of the central Everglades. Presentation, Capitalizing on Wetland International Conference. Society of Wetlands Scientists. Washington D.C. 26-30 May 2008. 2000

Danielle Watts 3 RESEARCH INTERESTS · · · · Coupled ecosystem and landscape level assessments of ecosystem health, degradation Carbon budgeting, particularly in relation to wetland development and maintenance Focus on tropical and subtropical wetland systems, hydrology, and nutrient cycling Statistical modeling of pattern formation in wetland complexes

STUDENT ADVISING Jake Diamond Maria Gauffud HHMI Fellows Project: Sources of nutrient enrichment on tree islands HHMI Fellows Project: Fates of DOC in the central Everglades

AWARDS AND HONORS University of Florida Graduate Alumni Award- 2008-2012 SNRE Graduate Student Travel Grant- July 2008 IFAS Travel Grant- July 2008 Florida Merit Scholars Award- 1997-2002 LANGUAGES Proficient in French and conversational in Pular, a Fouta Djallon dialect of Fulani PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Society of Wetland Scientists Society for Ecological Restoration PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES Dr. Matthew Cohen Assistant Professor; Forest Water Resources School of Forest Resources and Conservation PO Box 110410, 328 Newins-Ziegler Hall Gainesville, FL 32611-0410 Email: [email protected] Phone: 352-846-3490 Dr. Todd Osborne Assistant Research Scientist, Biogeochemistry Soil and Water Science Department PO Box 110510, 106 Newell Hall Gainesville, FL 32611-0510 Email: [email protected] Phone: 352-256-3826


DWatts CV Jan 2011

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