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8th Grade Scrapbook Project

Dear Students, This year, in Language Arts, you will be responsible for putting together a scrapbook. This scrapbook will be completely about you! You are required to bind this project in a notebook and all pages must have borders. Each page can be slipped into a plastic sleeve to protect it but it is not required. You must have a table of contents and a title page. There will be various entries that will be described to you in the following pages. Relax and enjoy the project. I know that I always enjoy reading them. You can't complete this project in a few days. Knowing this, I will ask that you provide your scrapbook to me on various dates throughout the year. You will be given a number of projects to be completed on various dates and points will be assigned for spot checks. Please don't wait until the last minute. I will not accept the excuse that your printer isn't working or that you had a computer glitch that has prevented you from turning the project in. If you are working on the project throughout the year then you will succeed in its completion. Kick back, relax, and enjoy! I think you will find this to be one of the coolest projects ever! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I also have my scrapbook for you to look at if you need an example to look at. Also, be sure to keep this in your notebook, as I will not provide you with another one. Your rubric/scoring guide must accompany your final project if you wish to receive credit. I will not grade scrapbooks that do not have the rubric/scoring guide in the front of the binder for the project. Additionally, please have your parent(s) sign the acknowledgment below so that I can be assured that your folks know that this project is due. I really want to keep your parents informed about what is going on in my classroom. I believe that it is important to keep them informed especially with a project of this magnitude. Any form that is not returned to me will result in an after school detention being assigned. Sincerely, Mrs. Mashaney

_____________________________________________________________ We have read the requirements for the scrapbook project and understand that ______________________ will be working on this project throughout the year. We also understand that this project is valued at 450 points, due on March 31st, and failure to hand in the project will result in a significant impact upon my child's grade. ______________________ Parent Signature Date _______________________ Student Signature Date Project Guidelines

Project 1: Facts About Me: A fact is a statement that is or can be supported by evidence. "Mrs. Mashaney drives a Honda CRV, but she really misses her VW Bug." is an example of fact. Using complete sentences, list 10 facts about you. These must be facts that are obscure little bits of information about you. Do not use obvious facts that we may already know about you. Five sentences will be compound sentences and five sentences will be complex. We'll go over what these types of sentences look like during class time and you will find the definitions and examples on your worksheet that was completed in class.

Project 2: Description of Me Retype on bordered paper and answer the following questions: 1. Date of Birth: 2. Age: 3. Height: 4. Other Family Members Include: 5. My name means: 6. My parents would describe me as........ 7. Something most people don't know about me is....... Remember that you must use complete sentences and question five and six must be written in paragraph format. Clue: A paragraph contains an opening sentence five to six supporting sentences and a closing sentence. Title this page "Description of Me" and place the information on bordered paper. Also, your descriptions of how your parents would describe you should contain vivid verbs and be very descriptive.

Project 3: Self Portrait Draw a self-portrait of yourself. You may use markers, colored pencil, or crayons. Your self-portrait must be an original signed by you. It should be drawn on an 8" X 10" piece of paper that contains a border. Your portrait should be a reflection of how you see yourself.

Project 4: Five Mementos of Your Middle School Years Over the years, we save items that remind us of special times. These are called mementos. Attach five mementos from your middle school years to bordered paper and explain in paragraph format why they are so special. These can include special awards you have received, invitations to parties, movie tickets, sports programs, etc.

Project 5: My Life Now (In Class Project) Write a five-paragraph essay that describes your life now. You can include information about your life as an 8th grader, being part of your family, or anything that pertains to your life as it is now. Be sure you use complete sentences and correct paragraph format.

Project 6: Favorites List

Complete the following favorites list. Retype the list and title it "Favorites."

Music Group: Television Show: Movie: Song: Actor: Singer: Color: Food: Place to Eat: Sport: Animal: Fruit: Vegetable: Soda: Candy: Hideaway: Commercial: Kind of Music: Heart Throb: Fast Food Restaurant: Athlete: Team: Teacher: Adult: Favorite Holiday: Pizza: Friend: Hobby: Shoes:

Remember that you must re-type this on bordered paper before it can go into your scrapbook.

Project 7: Travel (In Class Project)

Everyone has places that they would like to travel. Select two places in the United States that you would like to travel and two countries outside of the United States that you would like to travel. Write a six paragraph that explains why you would enjoy visiting these areas. You should have an opening paragraph, one paragraph for each place you want to visit, and a closing paragraph in this essay. Project 8: Ten Things To Do/Not Do As An Adult: List ten things you should do as an adult and ten things you should not do as an adult. Be sure to number and use complete sentences to complete your lists. Your sentences should be compound or complex sentences. Project 9: Personal Alphabet Remember those alphabet books you used to read when you were small? It's time to update them. What would you put in an alphabet book made just for you, at just this time in your life? For example:


is for anchovies, my favorite pizza topping.

is for boys, my new pastime.

is for cats, my favorite animal.

Create a personal alphabet for yourself. Note that all of these sentences are complex sentences. Using creative fonts and adjusting the letter size, print yours up and place it in your scrapbook. Project 10: Ten Best/Worst Things of the Year "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....." was the first line of Charles Dicken's book, A Tale of Two Cities. I would like for you to list the ten best times in 8th grade and the ten worst times in 8th grade. Don't forget to use complete sentences.

Project 11: Two Memorable Events Select two events from the previous list and write one paragraph about each of

your choices. Be sure to add detail to your choices and describe each event fully.

Project 12: Three News Articles and Summaries (1st Article will be done in class) Select three news articles and summarize them in a paragraph. Then write a oneparagraph reflection that tells me what you think of the article. You must clip the article and tape it to your entry above your summary. Be sure you tell who, when, what, where, why, and how, in regards to your article. Project 13: Map and Directions from School to Home Draw a map and provide a detailed description from the front door of the school to your front door at home. Be sure to provide exact details, such as landmarks, that would help the reader make a successful trip from school to your home. You may not use Map Quest. Project 14: Class Schedule/Teacher At the beginning of the year each of you are provided with a copy of your schedule for the year. Word-process your schedule onto your bordered paper and place it in your scrapbook titled, "Class Schedule." Project 15: Favorite Song Lyrics Word-process on your bordered paper the lyrics to your favorite song. Be sure to title your song and credit your writer and singer.

Project 16:Biopoem

To write a bio-poem follow the following instructions:

Line 1: (Character's first name) Line 2: "Relative of..." or Friend of..." (List 3 or 4 relatives or friends) Line 3: (List 4 character traits that would describe this person or his personality Line 4: (Position or job) Line 5: "Lover of..." (3 things, people, activities, etc.) Line 6: "Who felt..." (3 emotions and explanations) Line 7: "Who has been..." (3 places or events this character has been) Line 8: "Who needed..." (3 descriptions of things this character may have needed) Line 9: "Who feared..." (3 descriptions of things this character may have feared) Line 10: "Who gave..." (3 descriptions of what this character has given to family, friends, the world, etc.) Line 11: "Who longed for..." (3 descriptions) Line 12: "Who would like to have seen..." (3 descriptions of things the character may have wanted to have seen in his lifetime) Line 13: (Synonym - one profound word that describes the character) Line 14: "Resident of..." (description of place, dates, location, etc.) Line 15: (Character's last name)

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie Cheerful, optimistic, loyal, 'a bear of very little brain' Friend of Piglet, Christopher Robin, Eeyore and Tigger Whose job is to be a Teddy bear, friend, confidante and honey hunter Lover of honey, impromptu songs and hums, honey and more honey Who feels adventurous on expeditions, fearful of Woozles and protective of Piglet Who fell out of a tree, got pulled into the air by a kite, and walked in the 100 Acre Wood Who needed advice from Christopher Robin, occasional mothering from Kanga and a 'little something' at 11:00 Who feared empty honey pots, Tigger's bounces and bees Who gave Eeyore the house he already had, the game of Pooh-Sticks to his friends, and unlimited love to Christopher Robin Who longed for more honey, to look like a cloud, and fly Who would like to have seen Christopher Robin remain a child forever, the return of 'small,' and Eeyore happy Loveable Resident of 100 Acre Wood and Christopher Robin's imagination The Pooh

Project 17: Top 20 Qualities of a Dream Spouse

Make a list of the top 20 qualities that you would like your dream spouse to possess. List them in order of importance from most important to the least important. You do not need to use complete sentences to create this list but may use bullets. Project 18: Letter to your Future Spouse (In Class Project) Write a friendly letter to your future spouse. Share with them some of your dreams and expectations. This should be at least one page. We will work in this during class and I will share with you the process for writing a friendly letter. Project 19: 10 Strengths and Weaknesses Everyone perceives himself or herself to have areas in their lives that they excel in and areas that need work. List your top ten strengths and weaknesses. These do not have to be written in complete sentences, you may use bullets to express these. Project 20: 10 Years From Now Have you ever stopped to think about where you will be ten years from now? Just for fun, make a list of 10 things you think you will be doing 10 years from now. When I created my scrapbook I titled my page "10 Years From Now" and used bullets to present my thoughts. You may use bullets or simply number your thoughts on paper and list them on paper. Project 21: In My Opinion (In Class Project) Select a topic that you have a strong opinion about. Write a letter to the editor of your school newspaper that expresses your opinion about the topic of your choice. We will work on this during class and I will share with you the correct format for writing an opinion letter. Project 22: Collage On an 8"X10" sheet of paper, create a collage of you. Your collage must have a quote to live by in the center of the page surrounded by pictures of your choice. You might include pictures of friends, pets, parents, siblings, important events, etc. Be creative! Most importantly, check with mom and dad before you utilize any pictures.

Activity 23: Treasured People

Make a list of people that you treasure. The list must have a minimum of 10 people on it. Write a few sentences that explain why these people are so treasured by you next to their names. Activity 24: Letter to Grandparents (In Class Project) Write a thank you letter to your grandparents expressing your thanks for all the wonderful qualities that they instilled in your parents. Be sure to specify the qualities your parents show and how those qualities are helpful to you. Each letter must have at least 4 qualities. Activity 25: Quotes To Live By List 10 quotes that you really believe in. Be sure to use quotation marks and to cite the author of the quote. Activity 26: What If? Answer the following "What If?" questions, in paragraph format: You are at the car wash late at night. No one else is there except you. You walk to the coin machine and find $100.00 cash lying on the ground. What would you do? You have a sixteen-year-old child with an eagerness to get his/her own car. Due to finances, you are unable to purchase him/her a car. You have a gut feeling that when you are away, your child drives your car without permission. You're wiser than your teenager, so you write down the mileage before you leave the house. You return several hours later and notice that your car has an extra 35 miles on it. What do you do? Your parents are tired of you being a couch potato during the summer and find a summer job for you. They give you the choice of working at the local McDonald's for $6.00 per hour for 20 hours a week or sitting with an elderly person that needs companionship, meals prepared, and light weight housework done. This job pays $5.80 per hour for 22 hours per week. Which job would you take and why? BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL THREE QUESTIONS IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT. Be sure these are word processed and placed on bordered paper.

Activity 27: Parent Response Form

Take your completed scrapbook home and share it with your parents. Have your mom or dad complete the attached form and place it in the back of your scrapbook. Isn't it nice when parents have homework!

Parent Response Form

My first impression of this scrapbook was

As I read the pieces in this scrapbook, I was interested to learn

After talking over some of the pieces, I began to understand

I observed growth in his/her ability to

I think he/she could use some help in

As I looked through the scrapbook, I had the following questions:

I would like you to know that _______________________has a special interest in

____________ Date

__________________ Parent Signature


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