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Panasonic Malaysia Launches New Smart VIERA TVs and Eco Refrigerators

Industry leader focus on Smart and Eco concept for the 2012 VIERA line up with 11 new plasma models, 16 LED models and 2 LCD models, plus 5 Eco Refrigerator models and 1 Eco Navi Refrigerator model - providing wider product options to Malaysian consumers

Petaling Jaya, 28 March, 2012 ­ Panasonic Malaysia today introduced the Smart and Eco concept for its flat panel TVs and Refrigerators respectively. The Smart concept is targeted at the expanded range of its VIERA Plasma, LED and LCD TVs for 2012 whilst the Eco concept is for the Refrigerators line-up this year. "Our Smart and Eco concept is our new product marketing direction for 2012. These 2 concepts represent the technology and features of our new product range that will appeal our consumers. The Smart concept for our flat panel TVs will focus on five pillars from picture quality, easy operation, networking, eco and design. The Eco concept which is not new to Panasonic exemplifies the energy efficiency, convenience and comfort in our new Refrigerator models for home appliance products," said Hiroyoshi Suga, Managing Director Panasonic Consumer Marketing Asia Pacific. For flat panel TVs, there are eleven new Plasma models ranging from 42 to 65 inches in size complete with 3D FHD display together with FHD and HD with Smart Viera features for some model series. For LED TV and LCD models there are 16 LED models and 2 LCD models with sizes ranging from 24 to 55 inches with some models complete with 3D FHD display together with FHD and HD and Smart Viera features. The 6 new series for Plasma TVs comprise of VT50, GT50, ST50, UT50, XT50 and X50. Whilst the 6 new series for LED TVs includes WT50, DT50, ET50, ET5, E5 and X50. The 2 new series for LCD TVs are U5 and C5.


"The new 2012 model line-up sees our outstanding Smart Viera technology extended to include a wide range of interactive applications, upgraded networking features, easy operations through smartphones, as well as more screen size options, on top of our renowned picture quality offerings. Combined with our cloud-based networking service, these new models exceed the escalating demands of TV viewers today, introducing a completely unique and integrated TV experience. Stunning 3D playback, unmatched 2D image quality, device linking, web content and online communication can all be enjoyed in the living room on a large screen of VIERA flat-panel TV or LED TV. Our flagship models this year are the VT50 series for Plasma and WT series for LED TVs," said Jeff Lee, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia. . According to Harry Sasaki, Marketing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, noteworthy to mention that a prestigious gadget writer for HD Guru site, Gary Merson reviewed our top range 2012 LED TH-L55WT50 model and concluded with comments that this model sets new performance benchmarks against every other HDTV. In addition to its fresh styling, svelte form factor, and many Internet features, this model makes it a worthy contender for best LED LCD TV of the year. "These new models again demonstrate the company's commitment to provide consumers with entertainment options of the highest quality, with respect to Plasma, LED and LCD TVs. It also combines eco sensibility with superior product performance and enhanced networking functionality in a slim profile with extremely attractive glass and metal designs." "Our aim is to be No. 1 position in the 46" and above flat panel TV sales and to further promote our new LED TVs. Currently our market share for Plasma is above 45% and LED & LCD 15%. With this launch we hope to maintain 45% market share for Plasma, and more than 20% for both LED and LCD. added Sasaki. Our current market share for total flat TV business is close to 20% and we hope to achieve a sales growth of 3% from this launch,


For Eco Refrigerators, the new line for 2012 are seven models comprising of 1 model for EcoNavi series and 5 models with top freezer and 1 model for Inverter series with bottom freezer with net capacity ranging from 234 liters to 400 liters. For the EcoNavi series model is NR-BW465XS, top freezer series, the models are NR-BK345MS, NR-BK345SN, NR-BK305MS, NR-BK305SN, NR-BK265SN; whilst the models for bottom freezer Inverter series is NR-BW415VN "Our focus this year for refrigerators is the top freezer models, which from our consumer survey showed a high demand for top freezer 2-Door models especially for Malaysian market. To fulfill these demands, our new models are equipped with not only large top freezer compartments but also large compartment for vegetables in addition to the eco offerings from high efficiency compressor," said Harry Sasaki, Marketing Director of Panasonic Malaysia. "Currently we have 19 models and with the additional 7 new models for this year, we hope to sell 135,000 units this year compared to last year 125,000 units and to achieve market share of 24% this year compared to last year at 22%," added Sasaki.

Plasma TV Models

Models TH-P65VT50 TH-P55VT50 TH-P50GT50 TH-P42GT50 TH-P65ST50 TH-P50ST50 TH-P42ST50 TH-P50UT50 TH-P50XT50 TH-P50X50 TH-P42X50 3D YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NO NO Smart VIERA YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NO NO FHD YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES HD READY HD READY HD READY Screen (Inches) 65 55 50 42 65 50 42 50 50 50 42 Price (RM) TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC 5,099 TBC 4,099 3,199 2,699 1,699


LED TV models

Models TH-L55WT50 TH-L47DT50 TH-L42DT50 TH-L47ET50 TH-L42ET50 TH-L55ET5 TH-L47ET5 TH-L42ET5 TH-L47E5 TH-L42E5 TH-L32E5 TH-L39EM5 TH-L32EM5 TH-L32X50 TH-L24X5 TH-L32XM5 3D YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Smart VIERA YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO FHD YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NO NO NO Screen (Inches) 55 47 42 47 42 55 47 42 47 42 32 39 32 32 24 32 Price (RM) TBC TBC TBC TBC 4,999 TBC TBC TBC 4,499 2,899 2,099 TBC 1,599 1,499 TBC TBC

LCD TV models

Models TH-L42U5 TH-L32C5 3D NO NO Smart VIERA NO NO FHD YES NO Screen (Inches) 42 32 Price (RM) TBC TBC


Refrigerator models ­ Top Freezer Inverter

Models NR-BK345MS NR-BK345SN NR-BK305MS NR-BK305SN NR-BK265SN Gross Capacity (Litre) 333 333 296 296 262 Availability Jun 2012 Jun 2012 May 2012 May 2012 Jun 2012 Price (RM) 1,499 1,449 1,299 1,249 1,159

Refrigerator model ­ Bottom Freezer Inverter



Gross Capacity (Litre) 407

Availability Apr 2012

Price (RM) 1,999

Refrigerator model ­ EcoNavi



Gross Capacity (Litre) 450

Availability Apr 2012

Price (RM) 2,499

*Refer to accompanying releases for more information on the products.

About Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a sales, service and marketing company for the Panasonic brand of electrical and electronic products ranging from audio visuals, home appliances, air conditioners, digital and video cameras, professional broadcasting equipment, business systems, telecommunications, health and beauty care to batteries and lightings. All Panasonic products are available through our authorized dealers nationwide. For more information on Panasonic brand and products, visit our website at or call our Customer Care Centre at 03-5543 7600. For press members, download press release and photos at Media Contact: Azizah Wahid General Manager, Corporate Communications & Branding Tel: 03 7809 7876 Fax: 03 7955 1857 Mobile: 019 217 2730 Email: [email protected] ###



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