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REVISION DATE: September 23, 2010

PERSONAL INFORMATION BORN: PRESENT ADDRESS: NATIONALITY: PRESENT POSITIONS: March 19, 1946 Møllefaret 46C, 0750 Oslo, NORWAY, Phone: +47 924 84 479 e-mail: [email protected] Norwegian Senior Scientist Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Research & Development Department, P.O. Box 43 Blindern, N-0313 Oslo, NORWAY Phone: +47 2296 3310, Telefax: +47 2296 3050 E-mail: [email protected] Adjunct Professor University of Oslo, Department of Geosciences, Meteorology and Oceanography Section, Postboks 1022 Blindern, N-0315 OSLO, NORWAY Phone: +47 2285 5828, Telefax: +47 2285 5269 E-mail: [email protected] LANGUAGES: ACADEMIC ATTAINMENT: Norwegian and English (fluent), some German 1979: Dr. Philos. (Ph.D), Physical Oceanography, University of Oslo 1972: Cand. Real. (M.Sc), Geophys. Fluid Dyn., University of Oslo 1968: Cand. Mag. (B.Sc), Physics and Mathematics, University of Oslo

CV Lars Petter Røed


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: More than 38 years working experience in all aspects of physical oceanography. Of these more than 31 years within Universities and/or governmental research institutions, and 7 years in industrial research institutions. Author and coauthor of more than 150 scientific papers and technical reports of which 40 are papers published/accepted in international peer reviewed journals and/or books. Experience include: · Development and use of numerical and analytical geophysical models, including storm surge models, fully three-dimensional, baroclinic ocean models (isopycnic as well as terrain-following models), dynamic-thermodynamic ice models, water quality models, surface gravity wave models, coupled ice-ocean models, and coupled atmosphere-iceocean models. · Development of advanced innovative methods in numerical modeling of geophysical phenomena, e.g., open boundary conditions · Studies of mesoscale ocean variability (eddies, meanders, jets, and filaments) including · Development of an innovative energy diagnostic scheme for terrain following ocean models · Investigations of future wind, storm surge and wave climate in Norwegian waters · Development of a novel high resolution current profiler based on coherent acoustic Doppler techniques · Teaching (undergraduate and graduate level), including supervision of Master and Ph.D. students. · Project and line management.

CV Lars Petter Røed


RESEARCH POSITIONS AND ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS: 1970-72 Teaching Assistant (timelærer), University of Oslo, Institute of Mathematics, Department of Mechanics, Oslo, Norway 1972-73 Research Assistant (vit.ass.), University of Bergen, Geophysical Institute (Oceanography), Bergen, Norway 1974-76 Research Assistant (vit.ass.), University of Oslo, Institute of Mathematics, Department of Mechanics, Oslo, Norway 1976-79 Research Associate (Stip., GARP), University of Bergen, Geophysical Institute (Oceanography), Bergen, Norway 1979-80 Research Associate (Forsker), Norwegian Meteorological Institute (, Environmental Data Center, Oslo and Bergen, Norway 1980-81 Visiting Professor, The Florida State University, Meteorology Department, Mesoscale Air-Sea Interaction Group (now Center for Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction Studies), Tallahassee, Florida, USA 1981-83 Associate Research Professor (førsteaman.), Department of Geophysics, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway 1983-90 Various positions within Det norske Veritas, starting at Senior Research Engineer level. Promoted to Principal Research Engineer in 1984 and to Chief Oceanographer and Principal Research Engineer in 1987, Oslo, Norway 1987Adjunct Professor of Oceanography, Department of Geosciences, Meteorology and Oceanography Section, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway 1990-94 Research Director and Head of Oslo Office, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC), Oslo and Bergen, Norway 1994Senior Scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (, Research and Development Department, Oslo, Norway. Served as Head, Section Oceanography, from 1996-2002 and from 2006-2010.

CV Lars Petter Røed


SUPERVISION and TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Master students: 1996 Helene Hanken, Cand. Scient (M.Sc.). Thesis entitled "Data assimilation in a reduced gravity model - a sensitivity study (in Norwegian)". Final exam August 1996 2008 Ann Kristin Sperrevik, M.Sc., Thesis entitled: "The effect of increased freshwater flux on the meriodinal overturning circulation of the North Atlantic: A numerical study". 2010 Helene B. Erlandsen. Thesis entitled "Sensitivity of modeled Arctic sea-ice extent and thickness to changes in various parameterizations" + Nils Melsom Kristensen. Thesis entitled "Weather routing: Sensitivity to ensemble wind and current input." Current Lars Grinde. Working title of thesis:"Validation of the numerical ocean weather prediction (NOWP) model for the Oslofjord " Current John Erik Chiarello Skogtvedt. Working title of thesis:"The role of eddies in the meridional heat transport in the world oceans." PhD students: 1998 Xiao Bing Shi, Ph.D. Thesis entitled "A numerical study of the instability of fronts", defended May 28, 1998. 2005 Ingerid Fossum, Ph.D. Thesis entitled: "Ocean eddies off southern Norway", defended June 10, 2005. 2006 Jon Albretsen, Ph.D. Thesis entitled: "The Skagerrak circulation's sensitivity to external forcing", defended June 22, 2006. Teaching experience: 1973 Taught the Batchelor level course "Methods in Geophysics" based on Lecture notes by C. L. Godske at the University of Bergen. 1974-1976 Help teach varios Batchelor level courses in applied mathematics/hydrodynamics based on Lecture notes by E. Høiland at the University of Oslo. 1987-05 Established and taught the Master level course "Numerical Methods to Solve Oceanographic Problems" once a year at the University of Oslo. Also taught at the University of Gothenburg (1990) and University of Bergen (1992). Includes writing of Lecture notes and Computer problems 2006Established and teaches the Master level course "Fundamentals of Atmospheres and Oceans on Computers" at the University of Oslo. Includes writing of Lecture notes 2008Established and teaches the PhD level course "Oceans on Computers" at the University of Oslo. Includes writing of Lecture notes

CV Lars Petter Røed


PROFESSIONAL AND ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: Academic activities: 1975 Fellow, NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Modeling and Prediction of the Upper Layer of the Ocean", Urbino, Italy (2 weeks). 1976 Fellow, Summer Study Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics on "Global Climatology", Woods Hole, USA (3 months). 1981 Fellow, NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Air-Sea-Ice Interaction", Maretea, Italy (2 weeks) 1985 Invited Lecturer, NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Advanced Physical Oceanographic Numerical Modelling", Banyuls-sur-Mer, France (2 weeks). 1995 Invited Lecturer, Bornø Summer School on "Non-linear dynamics" 2001 Invited Lecturer, Alpine Summer School, Course IX on "The Fluid Dynamics of Coastal Seas, Closed Basins and Lakes", ( 1980- Project manager of more than 10 research project funded by the Reseach Council of Norway. 1990- Project participant in various projects funded by EU commision through the Framework Programmes. The most recent is the MyOcean project ( and PhD 1984 1988 1990 1991 1992 1997 1999 1999 2000 2003 2010 2010 2010 examiner : Sirpa Hakkinen, Florida State University, USA. Committee member. Karin Boren¨s, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Rapporteur. a Kjell Arild Orvik, University of Bergen, Norway. Principal Examiner Vigdis Tverberg, University of Bergen, Norway. Principal Examiner Johan Rodhe, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Principal Examiner Bo Gustafsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Examiner. Maria Valdivieso da Costa, L'Universite de Bretagne Occidentale, France. Rapporteur. Petter M. Haugan, University of Bergen, Norway. Principal Examiner. Ole Krarup Leth, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Examiner. Anna Nikolopoulos, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Principal Examiner. Jon Bergh, University of Bergen, Norway. Examiner. Yuehua Lin, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. Principal Examiner. Vidar S. Lien, University of Bergen, Norway. Principal Examiner.

CV Lars Petter Røed Services: 1977-79 Treasurer, Bergen Geophysical Society. 1987-90 Board Member, Oslo Geophysical Society. 1991-98 Member of the Steering Committee for the Program on Climate and Ozone Research, within the Research Council of Norway (NFR). 1992-94 Member of the European Committee on Ocean and Polar Sciences (ECOPS), Coastal Zone Steering Group (CZSG) established by the CEC DG XII and European Science Foundation (ESF). 1992-93 Member of the Evaluation Board of the Marine Science and Technology Program II (MAST-II) established by CEC DGXII 1992-93 Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal "The AtmosphereOcean System" 1995-96 Member of the Steering Committee for the Marine Resources and Marine Environment Research Program appointed by the Research Council of Norway (NFR). 1995-00 Member of the Norwegian Board of Councillors for the EU MAST Research Program appointed by the Research Council of Norway (NFR). 1995-97 Member of the SFT Expert Group to assess eutrophication in fjords and coastal waters appointed by the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT). 1996-98 Member of the EU/MAST Modelling Coordination Committee established by CEC DGXII. 2000-02 Member of the Scientific Steering Group (SSG) for the national collobarative NFR funded project "Norwegian Ocean Climate Project (NOClim)" involving seven collaborating institutions. Reviewer : - Continental Shelf Research - Deep Sea Research - Environmental Modelling - Environmental Fluid Mechanics - Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics - International Journal of Climatology - Journal of Climate - Journal of Fluid Mechanics - Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans - Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmosphere - Journal of Marine Research - Journal of Physical Oceanography - Ocean Modeling - Ocean Dynamics - Polar Research - The Atmosphere-Ocean System - Tellus


CV Lars Petter Røed


Oceanographic Field Experience: 1977 Two week cruise Nov./Dec., North of Svalbard with "Polarbjørn". Project: Upwelling at Ice Edges. Activities: planning, deck watch, data acquisition, data analysis. 1982 Two week cruise Jul./Aug., Fram Strait and Greenland Sea with "Lance". Project: Heat and Mass Balance of the Arctic Ocean. Activities: planning, deck watch, data acquisition of both ice and oceanic parameters, data analysis. 1986-87 Miscellaneous cruises in the Oslofjord with "Trygve Braarud". Project: Bottom Stress Experiment (BSEX), development of a new current profiler. Activities: To test a prototype of the High Resolution Current Profiler (HRCP).

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