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Community Safety Precinct Committee


Meeting Wednesday 27 May 2009 3:00pm ­ 4:30pm Campsie Local Area Command, 58 Campsie Street, Campsie NSW 2194 Chairperson: Superintendent Peter Lennon, Commander, Campsie LAC



NAME The Honourable Linda Burney The Honourable Robert Furolo Clr Fadwa Kebbe Clr Linda Eisler Gerard Allison Omar Yassine Peter Asquith Fatima Kourach Sarah McKean LSC Ibrahim LSC Silvestro

ORGAINSATION State Member for Canterbury State Member for Lakemba Mayor, Canterbury City Council Canterbury City Council Canterbury City Council A/Crime Manager President, Lakemba Chamber of Commerce President, Belfield Chamber of Commerce Community Representative Community Safety Officer, Canterbury City Council Campsie LAC, DVLO Campsie LAC, Licensing Officer



Superintendent Lennon explained the role and purpose of the CSOC




Superintendent Lennon explained that the State average for Police to respond to an incident is 9 minutes and twenty-two seconds. Campsie LAC response time is 4 minutes and six seconds. The Command strength is 167 sworn officers. An internal review of Customer Service had been conducted and the Command has been nominated for a Customer Service Award. In relation to `Proactive Policing' statistical figures have increased. More controlled operations are being conducted throughout the LAC and Region. Superintendent displayed and discussed crime statistics for: Break and Enter Stolen Vehicles Assault ­ non domestic related Domestic Violence ­ strategies Robbery ­ Has reduced due to successful operations and planning Domestic Violence and strategies to address DV Assaults ­ non DV related



Controlled maps of all crime categories were displayed on an overhead PowerPoint presentation. Superintendent Lennon explained all crime categories and how the statistics compared to the SWM Region.



Superintendent Lennon explained that the main problem currently facing the Command is stolen vehicles. He explained how several operations had been conducted in relation to stolen vehicles and that this crime category was a priority for the Command.

6. 1.

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS Mayor Furolo asked if the stolen vehicles was linked to demand for scrap metal Supt Lennon stated that he due to the number of low `recovered' vehicles, it would suggest that yes, a large number of vehicles are being stolen/processed for scrap metal



Omar Yassine, President, Lakemba Chamber of Commerce stated that the next Chamber meeting is on Wednesday, 3rd June 2009 at Lakemba Community Centre Cr Linda Eisler commented on increase in graffiti and the link between graffiti and increase in young offenders Superintendent commented on the Yong Offenders Act, 1997.



Mayor Furolo asked if Campsie LAC was mentioned in the top 48 licensed premises as having problems LSC Silvestro stated that Campsie LAC was not mentioned in the top 100.


Mr Peter Asquith, President, Belfield Chamber of Commerce commented that all is quiet at Belfield and nil concerns have been forwarded to him. Mayor Furolo asked if children aged 7 years and under are permitted to sit in the front seat of a vehicle Superintendent Lennon stated that he would report back with this information.



Ms Linda Burney MP asked if Campsie LAC was number 29 in the state for Domestic Violence Superintendent Lennon responded that Campsie LAC is number 29 in the state


Mayor Furolo enquired about criminal activity in/around railway Stations. Superintendent Lennon advised the Mayor that Safety Audits have been conducted on Campsie, Lakemba, Belmore, Punchbowl, and Wiley Park RWS. The audits were conducted by Police, Council Staff and State Rail representatives.


Cr Linda Eisler asked about activity in Shadforth Street, Wiley Park as residents have made complaints. Superintendent Lennon advised that Cst Sonda (CPO) and Council's Safety Officer have conducted a Safety Audit of the area and the identified issues have been resolved.


Cr Fadwa Kebbe suggested that a Muslim Youth Network be established in the Canterbury LGA. She will continue to work on this model.



Mr Peter Asquith enquired if gun ownership has increased in the area. He was advised that it has not.


FUTURE ACTIONS/STRATEGIES Superintendent Lennon has launched a Community Outreach Program and is hosting two large morning teas for community leaders. The first was hosted in late 2008 and the second on Tuesday, 13th October 2009. A series of Community Newsletters are distributed to all community leaders and community organisations outlining information on Campsie LAC Policing issues. A `My Community' Mudle has been established and holds about 150 addresses on the distribution list.

A range of controlled operations have been conducted to address stolen vehicles, drugs, and licensed premises. All operations have been highly successful. Superintendent Lennon is liaisoning with local media to distribute `positive' media stories about Policing and community initiatives. His concern is that only negative stories are being published.

Meeting closed at 4:30pm Next Date TBC



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