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KIREN A CHAUDHRY Associate Professor of Political Science Department of Women's Studies 210 Barrows Hall University of California, Berkeley 94720 510 . 541.1602 EDUCATION Harvard University, Ph.D. Government Harvard University, M.A. Government Middlebury College, Arabic Language Program University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, B.A. summa cum laude and high distinction Political Science & English Literature HONORS AND AWARDS 2005-2007 2003, 2004 Sultan Research Fellowship, CMES, University of California, Berkeley. Competitive Research Fellowships, Committee on Research, University of California, Berkeley. 2002 Sultan Research Fellowship, CMES, University of California, Berkeley. 2001-2003 MacArthur Foundation Peace and Security Fellowship. 2001-2002 IREX Black and Caspian Sea Collaborative Research Grant. 1998 Winner, Albert Hourani Award for Best Book, Middle East Studies Association of America. 1997, 1998 Committee on Research Competitive Research Grant. 1996-1998 SSRC-MacArthur International Peace and Security Fellowship. 1994-1997 Mellon Grant for Colloquium on the Moral Economy of Islam. 1995 Ford Lecture, M.I.T., "Redrawing the Borders of Economic Community." 1993 Prytanean Alumnae Faculty Award, University of California. 1993 Social Science Research Council/ACLS Comparative & Transnational Grant. 1992-93 Mellon Grant, Center for Middle East Studies, U.C. Berkeley. 1991-1992 Junior Faculty Research Grant, University of California, Berkeley. 1990-1991 Institute for International Studies Research Fellowship, U. C. Berkeley. 1988-1990 Kukin Fellow, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies. 1988-1989 Social Science Research Council Advanced Research Fellowship. 1987 Social Science Research Council Writing Support Fellowship. 1985-1987 Social Science Research Council Dissertation Research Fellowship. 1985-1987 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship. Summer 1985 Social Science Research Council Language Preparation Grant. 1983-1985 Graduate Associate, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University. 1980 Honors Council Research Award for Best Senior Honors Thesis, 1980, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 1978-1980 Class Honors, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. March 1990 May, 1983 August, 1985 May, 1980

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 2 PUBLICATIONS Books The Price of Wealth: Economies and Institutions in the Middle East, Cornell University Press, 1997. (Co-Recipient, Albert Hourani Prize, given by the Middle East Association of America for best book on the Middle East. 1998) Trauma and Memory in Istanbul, (final edit stage) Articles and book chapters "The Regional Economy Write Large: New and Recurring Forms of Poverty and Inequality in the Arab World," Leonard Binder, ed., Devastated Economies, (UC Press, 2007) "New and Recurring Forms of Poverty and Inequality in MENA," APSA Presidential Task Force on Poverty and Inequality in the Developing World, (Washington: The American Political Science Association, 2005) "Consuming Interests: Market Failure and the Social Foundations of Iraqi Etatisme,"in Kamil A. Mahdi, ed., Iraq's Economic Predicament, (Reading, UK : Ithaca Press, 2002), Exeter Arab and Islamic Studies Series. "Visions of Redemption, Templates of Despair", Harvard University Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Occasional Paper Series, Harvard University, 2003. "Prices and Politics: Two Oil Exporters in the World Economy," Business and Politics, (Winter 2000) "Fictitious Universalism and Substantive Equality: A Comment," Citizenship Studies (Vol.3, No. 3, 1999) "The Middle East and the Political Economy of Development," Items, vol. 48, no. 2/3, July/September, 1994. *"Economic Liberalization and the Lineages of the Rentier State," Comparative Politics, October 1994. ***"The Myths of the Market and the Common History of Late Developers," Politics and Society, vol. 21, no. 3, September, 1993. "Economic Liberalization in Oil Exporters: Saudi Arabia and Iraq," Eliya Harik and Dennis Sullivan, eds., Privatization and Economic Liberalization in the Middle East, Indiana University Press, 1992.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 3 (Publications, continued) "On the Way to the Market: Economic Liberalization and the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait," Middle East Report, vol.21, no.3, May/June 1991. **"The Price of Wealth: Business and State in Labor Remittance and Oil Economies," International Organization, vol. 43, no. 1, Winter, 1989. "Ekonomisk liberalisering bakum Iraks invasion" Swedish translation of "On the Way to the Market", Reprinted in kommentar, no. 5, 1991 (Stockholm, Sweden). With Peter McDonough, "State, Society and Sin: The Political Beliefs of University Students in Pakistan," Economic Development and Cultural Change, vol. 13, no. 1, November, 1983. *Also reprinted in Nicholas Hopkins, ed., Arab Society: Contemporary Views, (Cairo: American University in Cairo Press), a collection of required texts for AUC students. Oxford University Press, 2008. *Also reprinted in Politics of the Modern Arab World: Critical Concepts in the Modern Politics of the Arab World, Rutledge, 2009. ** Also reprinted in Tim Niblock, The Political Economy of the Middle East, (Exeter, 1998). *** Reprinted in Steven Vogel, ed., The Political Economy Reader, Markets as Institutions, (Rutledge, Taylor &Francis, 2007). Also republished in Russian and Chinese. BOOK REVIEWS "A Question of Interest: The Paralysis of Saudi Banking," by Peter W. Wilson, (Boulder, CO: Westview, 1991), in Middle East Journal, vol. 46, No. 1, Winter, 1992, pp.116-117. "The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality?" by John L. Esposito. New York, Oxford University Press, 1992. for Political Science Quarterly (spring 1993). Manuscript Reviews: Columbia University Press, Princeton University Press, Yale University Press, Cornell University Press, Comparative Politics, World Politics, International Organization, Comparative Studies in History and Society, Comparative Political Studies, Studies in Comparative International Organization, Cultural Anthropology. WORK IN PROGRESS Economies and Identities (Book Manuscript) "Dism(re)mbering \pä-ki- stän\" (submitted for review)

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 4 TEACHING UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley 2008 2001 Dissertation Writing Seminar Change and Continuity in the International Economy (with Beth Simmons), Graduate Seminar What is the International Economy? Graduate Seminar Economies and Identities. Graduate Seminar. Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa. Undergraduate lecture. Topics in the Political Economy of the Middle East. Graduate Seminar.


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1991, 1992, 1994 Theory and Method in Political and Economic Development. 1995, 1996, 1999 Graduate Seminar. 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008 1991, 1992, 2001 1993, 1994, 1997 2004, 2007, 2008 1993, 2001, 2003 2004 1993, 1995, 1996 1999,2003, 2004 2005, 2008, 2009 2005, 2008, 2009 Violence, Order and Belief: Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa. Undergraduate lecture. Development and Underdevelopment in the Middle East and North Africa Undergraduate lecture. Political Economies of Development Undergraduate lecture.

Post-Fordism: Production, Time and Meaning in Contemporary Capitalism Graduate Seminar Post-Fordism Undergraduate seminar

2008, 2009, 2010

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 5 HARVARD UNIVERSITY 1985 & 1988 Instructor for Junior Honors Tutorial, Social Studies Department Violence, Order and Belief: Comparative State-Building in Western Europe and the Middle East. Senior Thesis Advisor, Government Department Head Teaching Fellow, Development and Underdevelopment (for David Landes) Teaching Fellow, International Relations. Teaching Fellow, Comparative Politics. BOGAZICI UNIVERSITISI, Department of Political Science International Political Economy

1983-1988 1983, 1984, 1987 1983 1983 Summer 2001

CONFERENCE PAPERS AND PRESENTATIONS "Fortune-teller: Reflections on the Future of Arts, Education and Economy in the Middle East," Conference Series, "Romanticide: Love, Loss, and Co-dependency in Contemporary Art and Cultural Politics," NYU Abu Dhabi, April 7, 2010. (upcoming) "The Fragmentation of Labor, the Centralization of Finance: Reflections on the Global Economic Crisis," Conference, "Return of Alternatives: Towards a Political Economy of the Future," International Conference organized by the Polytechnic Museum of the Republic of Russia, Moscow, September 11-12, 2009. Berkeley-Stanford Comparative Politics, Graduate Student Conference, Faculty Discussant. "When Niche Parties go Mainstream: The Case of the Islamist AKP in Turkey," presented by Avital Livny, Stanford. April 18, 2009. "Politics and Institutions", Political Economy of Oil Revenue Management in the Middle East," Oxford Center for Islamic Studies Conference, December 10, 2008. "Analysis of Resource Rich Economies," Oxford University, Department of Economics Department, December 11, 2008. " Revenue Watch Working Group," Oxford University, Economics Department, December 12, 2008. "Moralities in the Islamic World," Yale Law School Middle East Legal Studies Conference. "Morality and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa," Istanbul, Turkey, 2007.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 6 (Conference Papers and Presentations, continued) "The Middle East and Terrorism Today," Conference on "Prosecuting Terrorism: The Global Challenge," The Center for Law and Security (NYU Law), Villa La Pietra, Florence, Italy, May 25-27, 2006. "Poverty in the Middle East" Yale Law School Middle East Legal Studies Conference "Law and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa," Yale Law School Middle East Legal Studies Conference, Yale University, 2006. "The New World Order," The Harvard Academy of International and Area Studies, Harvard University, Fall 2006. "Redrawing the Borders of Economic Community," Ford Lecture, MIT, 2005. "The 'Uncanny' Writ Regional: New and Recurring Forms of Poverty and Inequality in the Arab World," Workshop on Devastated Economies, UCLA, February 4-5, 2005 "Difference and Inequality in Developing Societies: The Middle East," American Political Science Association, Conference organized by APSA President's Task Force. September 2, 2004. "Challenges in Iraq," Presentation to City Commons Club, Berkeley, California, April 30, 2004. "Saudi Arabia: A New Kind of Revolution," Paper presented at the Workshop on "AntiAmericanism," Cornell University, March 2004. "The Regional Consequences of The Third Gulf War," Presentation at University of California, San Diego, March 7, 2003. "The IBRD 2000 Arab Human Development Report," Presentation at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, June 14, 2003. "The Economic Future of Iraq," Presentation to HSBC, San Francisco, April 16, 2003. "Devolution and Decentralization in Pakistan," World Bank conference on Devolution and Democracy, Islamabad, June 28, 2003. "Understanding Saudi Arabia," Presentation to the World Affairs Council, San Francisco, April 9, 2002 "War?" Presentation, Mount Diablo College, 12 October, 2001.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 7 (Conference Papers and Presentations, continued) "Economies and Identities: Turkey and India in an Era of Liberalization", Presentation at University of Virginia, Charlottesville, March 3, 2000. "The Social Cost of Economic Liberalization in the Middle East and North Africa," Presentation at conference on Economics and Security in the Middle East, Rabat, June 1999, sponsored by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London. "The Relative Autonomy of the Grape," book chapter, Economies and Institutions, presented at Department of Politics, Princeton University May 1999. --- The Multi-Disciplinary Lecture Series, Institute for International Studies and the Center for Middle East Studies, Berkeley, May 1999. "Community, Identity, Universalism: Arab Debates at the Millennium," Harvard Academy conference on "Conflict or Convergence: Global Perspectives on War, Peace, and International Order," Cambridge, November 13-15, 1997. "The Political Origins of Market Institutions," Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1997 (with David Woodruff). Discussant, "Nations and their Boundaries: Economy, Identity and Language Conflicts in Developing Countries" Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1997. Discussant, "U.S.-Arab Relations and the Challenge of Globalization," Conference organized by the Foundation on Democratization and Political Change in the Middle East and Le Centre D'Etudes De L'Orient Contemporain, Casablanca, February 14-16, 1997. Discussant, "Nations and their Boundaries: Economy, Identity and Language Conflicts in Developing Countries," Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1997. "Consuming Interests: Economic Liberalization and the Social Base of Iraqi Etatisme," Center for Arab Gulf Studies, University of Exeter, England. Discussant, "Women, Citizenship and Identity in Muslim Societies," University of California, Davis, June 1997. Discussant, "U.S.-Arab Relations and the Challenge of Globalization," Foundation for Democratization and Political Change in the Middle East and Le Centre D'Etudes De L'Orient Contemporain, Casablanca, February 14-16, 1997.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 8 (Conference Papers and Presentations, continued) "History and Causality in Today's Methodological Wars," Workshop on "Studying the International System at the End of the Millennium," Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, May 11, 1996. Invited Participant, "Winners and Losers in the Neo-Liberal Experiment," SSRCMacArthurConference held at Princeton University, December 1995 (could not attend due to illness).

"Redrawing the Borders of Economic Community: Religious Parties in Secular States," Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, August 1995. Discussant, "Market Institutions in Post Socialist States," Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, 1995. "Redrawing the Borders of Economic Community," Ford Lecture, Delivered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for International Studies, October 1995. "How the Global Economy Structures Community," Global Paradigms: The Impact of Cultures on Trade and Diplomacy, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, February 15-17, 1995. (Other participants included Frances Fukuyama, Samuel Huntington, James Fallows. "The Making and Unmaking of National Developmentalism: Junctures in the Political Economy of Algeria and Iraq," Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association Meeting, New York, August, 1994. "After the Deluge: Trends in the Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa," paper presented at authors meeting for special issue of Middle East Journal, Cornell University, October, 1993. (Declined editor's terms). The Aftermath of Desert Storm: Policy and Reality, Invited lecture, Peace and Security Lecture Series, March 15, U.C. Santa Cruz, 1993 "Reflections on Research in the Arabian Peninsula", Homecoming Week Lecture, Prytanean Alumnae Society, 24 April, U.C. Berkeley, 1993. Discussant, Conference on "Markets, States & Democracy", Center for German and European Studies, February 12-13, 1993, U. C. Berkeley, 1993. "Myths of the Market: Economic Liberalization in Oil Exporters," The American Political Science Association Meeting, San Francisco, August 1990.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 9 (Conference Papers and Presentations, continued) "Business and Labor in the Making of the Rentier State: Libya, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Iraq Compared", Conference on "Oil Revenues and State Strategies in the Middle East, Harvard University, November 20-22, 1992. "Internationalization and the Domestic Politics of Liberalization in the Middle East and North Africa", Paper presented at the conference on "Internationalization and Domestic Politics", Oxnard, California, November 12-14, 1992. "The Political Effects of Economic Liberalism", lecture presented at the "Winds of Change: Islam in a Post-Modern World" program, sponsored by the U.C. Berkeley, Development Office. The Cornell Club, New York City, March 16, 1992. Discussant, Papers presented at conference on "State, Society and War", SSRC Joint Committee on the Near and Middle East, Rabbat, Morocco, March 27-29, 1992. "The Political Economy of Saudi Labor Regulations" ILO (International Labor Organization), Regional Meeting of Asian Labor Attaches, Cairo, January 1992. "Gaining Access to Saudi Private and Public Sector Decision Makers", ILO (International Labor Organization) Regional Meeting of Asian Labor Attaches, Cairo, January 1992. "Saudi Arabia: Island of Stasis in the Post Cold War Disorder", Workshop on "New Orders in the Middle East: The Role of U.S. Policy", The Center of International Studies, Princeton University, May 18-19, 1991. "Forces of Social and Political Change in the Gulf", paper presented at the Middle East Institute Conference on "The Future of the Persian Gulf: Political and Economic Issues", The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C. June 13, 1991. "The Political Economy of Islamic `Fundamentalism'", paper presented at the Alumni Colloquium, "Winds of Change: The Force of Post-Modern Islam", organized by Center for Middle Eastern Studies. International House, U.C. Berkeley, March 1, 1991. "Technology Transfer and the Gulf War", December 2, 1991 Colloquium, College of Chemistry, U.C. Berkeley. "Economic Liberalization in Comparative Perspective", paper presented to the Berkeley Colloquium on Markets and Democracy, March 1991.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 10 (Conference Papers and Presentations, continued) "Distribution, the Creation of a Landed Elite and the Crisis of Traditional Agriculture in Saudi Arabia", Harvard Seminar on Resource Windfalls, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, March 1990. "Economic Liberalization and Economic Collapse in Iraq", Paper presented to the Conference on Privatization in Egypt and the Middle East, Boston, April 1990. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITY 2003-2004 2003 2000-2002 1998-1999 1999 19981997 1995-1996 19991999 1998-1999 1994-1997 1995-1996 1992FLAS Committee, Center for Middle East Studies Haas Scholars, Faculty Advisor Chair, Faculty Senate Committee on Student Affairs Search Committee for Political Theory, member Department of History, Search Committee for Middle East History Advisory Committee, Middle East Center Ad Hoc Committee service Chancellors Committee on the Status of Women Member, Arab Studies Steering Committee Haas Committee on Undergraduate Education, Member Grants Committee, Center for Middle East Studies Executive Committee, Center for South Asia Studies Chair, Grants Committee, Center for Middle East Studies SSRC International Pre-dissertation Fellowships, advisor to Dean of International and Area Studies for grant applicants for the Near and Middle East. Steering Committee, Peace and Conflict Studies, U.C. Berkeley. Executive Committee, Center for Middle East Studies. Fulbright Committee, University of California, Berkeley. Search Committee for Middle East & North Africa, Department of History. 1 Faculty Steering Committee, Political Economy of Industrial Societies Program.

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PROFESSIONAL SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITY Organized Semester-long Lecture Series on Contemporary Turkey, University of California, February-May, 2005. "The Brand New War in the Gulf", presentation for UCB Alumni on Homecoming Week, September 29, 2004. Teach In: (With Michael Watts, Joel Beinin and Robin Einhorn) University of California, Berkeley, October 25, 2001.

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Kiren Chaudhry, page 11 (Professional Service to the University, continued) "Why `They' Hate Us," presentation for UCB Alumni on Homecoming Week, September 30, 2001. Teach In: "After 9-11, What?," University of California, October 3, 2001. Speaker, "What Isn't the Press Covering?" School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley, October 8, 2001. Organizer and Discussant, "Liberalization's Discontents? The Contemporary Political Economy of India", 2000 Principle Investigator, Mellon Colloquium on the Moral Economy of Islam, 1995-1997. Co-Organizer, lecture series on "Maghrebi Modernities" Middle East Studies Center, University of California, Berkeley, 1996 Organized lecture series on "The Moral Economy of Islam", Center for Middle East Studies, University of California, Berkeley. 1992-1995. Guest speaker, Regent's and Chancellor's Scholarships Program Luncheon, March 20, 1992. Faculty, U.C. Berkeley Graduate Workshop on the "Political Economy of Development," Sponsored by International and Area Studies, April 29-May 2. Speaker, Lodestar Fellows Program Panel on "Themes from the Middle East", February 25, 1992, International House, U. C. Berkeley. Guest Lecture, "Colonialism, State-Building and the Roots of Instability in the Modern Middle East", Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies 55B, "World Civilization since 1500", taught by Professor Herr (History). April 20, 1992. Lecture on the Gulf Crisis to Undergraduate Political Science Association, U.C. Berkeley, 25 October, 1990. Haas School of Business, Third Annual Faculty Alumni Colloquium, Lecture on "The Economic Sources of Military Aggression: Iraqi Market Reforms and the Invasion of Kuwait", U.C. Berkeley, November 3, 1990. U. C. Berkeley Public Education Program, "The Gulf Crisis and Regional Responses", Public Lecture, for Panel sponsored by the Middle East Center, U. C. Berkeley, "Understanding the Gulf Crisis", September 21, 1990.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 12 (Professional Service to the University, continued) U.C. Alumni program on the Middle East, Public Lecture, "U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East"; Sponsored by the Middle East Institute, U. C. Berkeley, October 3, 1990. Boalt Hall, Panel Discussion on the Gulf War with Richard Buxbaum, David Karon and Steve Weber, February 1, 1991. Panel discussion of U.C. faculty organized by the Chancellor's Office: "Perspectives on the Gulf Crisis", Zellerbach Auditorium, January 22, 1991. "The Aftermath of the War", Informal discussion group of concerned students and faculty of the Political Science Department, U.C. Berkeley, March 13, 1991. CONFERENCES & WORKSHOPS ORGANIZED 1997 "After Socialism: Islam and the Market in Algeria", Conference organized under the auspices of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar on the Moral Economy of Islam, May 23-24, University of California, Berkeley. "Islamism and Organized Labor in Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt," Workshop organized under the auspices of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar on the Moral Economy of Islam, April 25-26, University of California, Berkeley. "Radical Islamism and the Crisis of the Algerian State," Conference organized under the auspices of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar on the Moral Economy of Islam, May 6-7, University of California, Berkeley. Round-table discussion on "Moral Economy Approaches to Social Movements," with James Scott, Peter Sahlins, Aihwa Ong and Michael Watts, March 8, University of California, Berkeley. Inter-disciplinary, cross-regional workshop, From the Global to the Local: Liberal Economics, Illiberal Politics, funded by the SSRC Comparative and Transnational Studies Program, a competitive grant, Sonoma, California. Designed graduate student workshops to promote political economy approaches to the study of the Middle East and North Africa among students at American universities. Funded by the board of the Social Science Research Council and the Joint Committee on the Near and Middle East. U. C. Berkeley, February, 1994.






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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 13 (Conferences Organized, continued) 1991 1991. 1991 Assisted in organization of conference on "The Gulf Crisis and the Media: A Closer Look," the Graduate School of Journalism, U. C. Berkeley, May 3-4, 1991. Conducted workshops for graduate students in the social sciences on writing successful grant applications. Invited participant, "Bridging the Divide", Workshops sponsored by the SSRC/ACLS, Comparative and Transnational Committee in Lyon, France. 1 "Comparative studies on Business-government relations: Taiwan and Japan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen", led workshop (with Greg Noble) for "Bridging the Divide: Comparative approaches to State-Society Relations", SSRC. Workshop on Political Economy and Comparative Sociology at the University of Chicago to discuss my paper, "The Price of Wealth: Business and State in Labor Remittance and Oil Economies". Study Group on Privatization, Center for Business and Government, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University Harvard-MIT Joint Seminar on "Institutional Perspectives on the State in Third World Development." Harvard-MIT Joint Seminar on Political Development. International conference on The Middle Classes and Entrepreneurial Elites of the Middle East, University of California, Berkeley, May 13-17,





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ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE TO THE DEPARTMENT 1995Chair, Middle East Qualifying Exam Committee 1992, 1994, 1998-9 Comparative Exam Committee, Department of Political Science. 2003, 2005, 1993 Graduate Admissions Committee, Department of Political Science 1994, 2001,2003 1993 Undergraduate Committee, Department of Political Science.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 14 PROFESSIONAL SERVICE TO THE ACADEMIC COMMUNITY 2000-2005 20022003-2004 Board Member, Studies in Comparative International Development Board Member, Journal of Gulf Studies Division Chair, Politics of Developing Countries, APSA Annual Meeting, 2004 Publications Committee, APSA, Member President's Task Force on Poverty and Inequality, APSA Evaluator, MacArthur Foundation Peace and Security Grants President's nominating Committee, Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. Faculty for SSRC-Sponsored Workshop of Middle East based doctoral research fellows. Convener, organizer and faculty for SSRC-sponsored workshop to encourage political economy approaches to the Study of the Middle East and North Africa. Social Science Research Council and American Academy of Learned Societies, Joint Committee on Near and Middle East, member. Council on Foreign Relations, New York, term member. Planning meeting for The Political Economy of Development, Social Science Research Council, New York, 1993. Planning Committee meeting of the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies, Social Science Research Council.

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1991-1995 1991-1996 1992


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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 15 SURVEY & LIBRARY RESEARCH AND FIELD WORK 2009 1999-2009 Pakistan Research on "The State and the Insurgency" Turkey (multiple trips) Research for Economies and Identities and Trauma and Memory in Istanbul India (multiple trips) Research for Economies and Identities

Sept. 1997Dec. 2006

June-August 1994 Saudi Arabia Dec.-August 1995 Follow-up research. July-August 1993 Algeria Research on changes in Algeria's economic liberalization program. Conducted interviews with cabinet members, bureaucrats, central bank officials, industrialists, foreign company managers, UGTA labor leaders and state sector managers. Gathered reports, statistical information and published monographs on the economy and established contacts for future research and academic exchange. December 1991January 1992 Yemen Republic Research on the causes of the collapse of the socialist economy in the PDRY and on the economic effects of the Yemeni unification on the socialist south. Collected documents and conducted extensive interviews with businessmen, farmers, bureaucrats, Socialist Party leaders and opposition leaders on the privatization of nationalized and confiscated agricultural lands, industries and urban housing. Iraq Week long visit to study the effects of economic sanctions on Iraqi consumers and on the political climate in Iraq. Informal interviews with previous contacts in business community and with personal acquaintances. Formal interviews with several state officials. Iraq Field work for larger project on economic reform and privatization in socialist and oil producing countries in the Middle East. Interviewed industrialists, businessmen, contractors, bankers, labor leaders and bureaucrats in Baghdad, including the ministers of finance, industry, trade and planning. Visited privatized industries in services, food processing, dairy and agribusiness sectors. Gathered government data on economic reforms and the performance of state industries.

January 1991

September 1989November 1989

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 16 (Survey & Library Research and Field Work, continued) August 1989 London, United Kingdom Archive research on the Iraqi economy, labor relations, foreign companies and economic regulation in Saudi Arabia and Yemen from 1920-1958. British Public Record Office. Sept. 1985-1986 June 1987 Saudi Arabia Dissertation field research on the effects of oil revenue and labor remittances on state and private financial institutions, taxation, bureaucratic development, urban and rural investment, formal and informal banking and the history of the business class. Conducted extensive interviews with contractors, bankers, industrialists, importers, migrants, bureaucrats, remittance agents, money exchangers and legal experts. Collected internal documents and memoranda from the Finance, Justice, Labor and Commerce ministries, Chambers of Commerce, central banks and other relevant government agencies. Archival research Al M'had Idara al `Ammah (national archive of Saudi Arabia housed at the Institute for Public Administration, Riyadh.) Arab Republic of Yemen Dissertation field research on labor remittances. Studied impact of remittance earnings in Ta'iz, Hujarriyah, Hodeidah, San'a and Ma'rib. Conducted extensive interviews with informal bankers, migrants, businessmen, government officials, labor brokers and rural cooperatives.

Sept. 1996-1997

JulyAugust 1985

London, United Kingdom Studied at the British Public Record Office and the Foreign Office archives on historical material on Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Examined currency markets, commerce, trade, banking, and commercial dispute records. Read British correspondence with Ibn Saud and Sherif Hussain of Mecca. United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Preliminary research for dissertation field work. Center for International and Strategic Studies, Georgetown University Researched and wrote paper on ethno-nationalist movements in Baluchistan and Pushtunistan, assessing implications for Soviet and American policy in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

. 1985

Summer 1982

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 17 (Survey & Library Research and Field Work, continued) 1979 Survey Research in Pakistan University of Michigan Honors Council Conducted survey of political and religious attitudes of university students in Pakistan for honors thesis. Analyzed the relationship between religiosity and opinions on economic, social and political issues. Prepared and administered questionnaire to 600 respondents; undertook all aspects of data processing and analysis. Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Researcher 1980 presidential election study.


PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS 1991-1995 Societies, Joint 1991-1996 19901994-1998 LANGUAGES Social Science Research Council and American Academy of Learned Committee on Near and Middle East, member. Council on Foreign Relations, New York, term member. American Political Science Association Middle East Studies Association Urdu/Hindi, Punjabi (native) Arabic Elementary French (reading only) Elementary spoken Turkish

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 18 PUBLIC SPEAKING AND MEDIA APPEARANCES (Partial and Selective) NPR, WBUR, Boston, "On Point", "The Oils of War" Hour long debate on post-occupation Iraq, June 29, 2004. NPR, WBUR, Boston, "On Point", "Rebuilding the Iraqi Economy," Hour long debate with Peter McPhearson (architect of post-occupation laws of Iraq) on the new economic laws of Iraq, October 10, 2003. KPFA/Pacifica News Network, "Saudi Arabia at the Cross-Roads" in monthly program Voices of the Middle East and North Africa, hour long radio interview, June 23, 2004. Mosaic Television, Interview with Dennis Bernstein, February 15, 2003. World Link Television, "Iraq: Perspectives from the Middle East," 9 December 2002. (Hour long interview) National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education, Taped interview: "Geography, Demography and Resources in the Arab World." ( KALW, City Lights, Interview, 22 October, 2002. The Panetta Institute, Monterey, Public debate on "US Global Role" with Dennis Ross, William Perry, and Leon Panetta, 7 December, 2001. Foreign Affairs Council, Speaker, "The Future of US-Saudi Relations," 9 April, 2002. KPFA, Voices from the Middle East, hour-long interview on Saudi Arabia, aired October 1, 2003. World Affairs Council, Marin, "Pakistani-US Relations since 9-11," 21 February, 2002. NPR/KSUP Radio, hour long interview on Afghan War, 13 November 2001. NPR, hour long interview with Laura Flanders on Working Assets Radio, 22 October, 2001. BBC World Service, Interview on Afghan War, 26 October, 2001. KPFA, Flashpoints, Interview on "911 and Saudi Arabia," aired October 5, 2001.

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Kiren Chaudhry, Page 19 (Public Speaking and Media Appearances, continued) KTVU, Interview with John Fowler on 9-11 and U.S. foreign policy, October 2, 2001. KRON, Television interview with Roland Post on Islamism following U.S. bombing of Afghanistan and Sudan, 23 August, 1997. KPFA, The Eccentrics, broadcast on U.S. attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan, 19 August, 1998. KQED, World Affairs Council, hour-long program on South Asia, June 1, 1998. KPFA, The Eccentrics broadcast on "India's Bomb," June 5, 1998. KPFA, Flashpoints, Interview on "Nuclear South Asia," May 29, 1998. KQED, World Affairs Council broadcast on "Islamism," February 3, 1997. KQED Forum, Hour-long program on "Political Islam," June 9, 1997. KQED Forum, Interview on "Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait," August 22, 1990. TASS News Agency, Interview, August 29, 1990. Time Magazine, Interview with Robert Ajemian, September 5, 1990. KPFA, Interview, September 16, 1990. League of California Cities, "Alternatives in the Gulf", Annual meeting of the East Bay, Walnut Creek, November 15, 1990. World Affairs Council of Northern California, Televised panel Discussion on Gulf Crisis, San Francisco, December 12, 1990. The New York Times, Interview, December, 1990. KQED, hour long interview on Gulf War, December 17, 1990. KQED, Panel Discussion on Gulf Conflict, January 10, 1991. National Public Radio, "Market Place", Interview: "The Effects of Economic Sanctions on Iraq". January 11, 1991. Reed College Alumni Association of the Bay Area: Panel Discussion on "The Crisis in the Gulf", January 26, 1991. KRON, News Commentary on the Gulf War, January - February, 1991. KQED, "Commentary" with Sasha Fenton, Radio Interview, February 7, 1991.

Chaudhry, page 20

Kiren Chaudhry, Page 20 (Public Speaking and Media Appearances, continued) KCBS, San Francisco, Interview on "The Historical Background of the Gulf Crisis," February 9, 1991. KPFA, Radio Interview, February 14, 1991. National Organization for Women, San Francisco Chapter, Lecture on the Gulf War, February 19, 1991. KFAB Nebraska, Radio Interview, February 21, 1991. CNN International, Panel Discussion on Gulf War, February 22, 1991. NPR, "All Things Considered", Radio Interview, February 26, 1991. KCBS, Television interview, March 14, 1991. World Affairs Council, "The Gulf Crisis: Origins and Implications", Monterey, April 6, 1991. PUBLISHED INTERVIEWS September 27, 1990, Interview, "Q & A" with William Rodarmor for Berkeley Magazine. September 23, 1990, "Sand Trap?" Image Magazine, Interview. Interview with Laura Hager, "The View from Baghdad", published in the East Bay Express, The City Paper (Washington, D.C.), and The Chicago Reader (Chicago, Illinois), etc.



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