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Standards and Codes

NEC Article 250, Section 250-81


BURNDY® HYGROUNDTM vs. Exothermic Welding

Less equipment. No more than four to seven tools and accessories are required to make an average grid installation. Range-taking. Accommodate a broad range of conductor sizes and configurations that significantly reduce the number of installation components required. Compatible. Since some competitors' connectors, tools, and die designs are based on the HYGROUND system, compatibilities do exist in certain areas. Minimal space limitations. The rotatable-head feature on some BURNDY compression tool models further reduces any possible space constraints. Longer shelf life. Simple storage precautions maintain functional performance for prolonged periods. Severe space restrictions. Making exothermic connections in confined spaces is severely limited because of mold size and clamp restrictions. Shelf life/storage issues. Shelf life of exothermic powder and molds is potentially very short. Dampness and moisture can adversely affect the performance of the powder and molds by hindering the ignition sequence. Handle with care. Graphite molds are fragile and require care in handling. More equipment. Multiple tools and accessories are required to make an average grid installation. Non-range-taking. Each application requires a different mold and appropriate accessories for each conductor combination and configuration.


If you would like to contact one of the BURNDY® HYGROUNDTM users noted in this section, please call our Marketing Department at 1-800-346-4175 and we'll put you in touch.

BURNDY® HYGROUNDTM Quick Reference Guide

"It shall be permitted to splice the grounding electrode conductor by means of irreversible compression-type connectors listed for the purpose or by the exothermic welding process."

The BURNDY HYGROUND compression system also meets or exceeds the grounding standards set by all of the electrical industry's overseeing bodies:

System Standards

National Fire Protection Association · National Electrical Code · NFPA 780-92 Lightning Protection Code · NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces

Telecommunications The booming wireless industry is a perfect candidate for the BURNDY HYGROUND system. With experts predicting that wireless base stations will dot the landscape at the rate of one every six miles, HYGROUND offers the only grounding system that installs quickly and easily, regardless of the weather. "Traditional" phone companies have been HYGROUND users for many years.

Mass Transit With the modernization and electrification of the nation's railroads underway and the unstable cost of oil, BURNDY HYGROUND is proud to be playing a role in the revitalization of this industry.

Architectural and Construction Engineers An easy call to make -- Your base station construction won't face any delays with BURNDY HYGROUND -- the only grounding system that installs quickly and easily, regardless of the weather. Consultant engineering firms -- the specifiers -- appreciate the benefits of having a sound, proven grounding system that's easy to install. Including BURNDY HYGROUND on your standards will save on labor costs and job-site injuries and reduces the chance of work delays. BURNDY's available D.X.F. files are importable into AutoCadTM 10 or higher for easy drafting, drawing, and specification writing.

Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers · IEEE 80-86 Guide for Safety in Substation Grounding (Worldwide) · IEEE 142-921 Grounding of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems · IEEE 1100-92 Powering and Grounding Sensitive Electronic Equipment · T1E1 (U.S., Canada) T1E1-37 Grounding and Bonding of Network Telecommunications Equipment

Durable. Strip sealing of connectors and the heavy-duty tool construction add further protection to BURNDY's compression system.

Utilities Much of the success of BURNDY HYGROUND can be attributed to the many utility companies that have installed the system for a number of applications. While grounding is important in any industry, the utility industry is especially susceptible to fault currents and may have the most at risk in terms of the services it provides to the public. BURNDY HYGROUND connectors meet and exceed all industry specifications for system standards and performance.

REA Utilities The Rural Electrification Association (REA) represents more than 1,000 rural electric systems that own and maintain nearly half of the nation's poles and powerlines, and many are protected by BURNDY HYGROUND. BURNDY has obtained REA listing for its YGL HYGRIDTM cross-grid connector to meet the requirements of this market.

Tool life. BURNDY's quick-charge batteries provide peace of mind in remote areas, and its tools have been life-cycle tested to over 100,000 cycles without failure. Safety. Making a compression connection using the BURNDY HYGROUND system is an inherently safe process. There are no potentially hazardous by-products, and permits use in any location. Weather or not. HYGROUND connections may be made even in wet and other inclement conditions. Inspection. HYGROUND compression connections can be easily inspected dimensionally and visually with conclusive results. Installation. Connections can be made even in the most severe site and/or weather conditions to keep jobs on schedule and man-hours to a minimum. Costs. User-friendly, all-weather installation cuts labor costs significantly.

Mold life. The weld reaction process and normal handling cause the mold openings and mating surfaces to wear and break, rendering the mold inoperative, normal life expectancy is 50 to 75 connections per mold. Safety. Making an exothermic connection requires adherence to strict installation procedures, including fire safety. This may restrict the use of where equipment can be used. Weather restrictions. Exothermic connections can be made under dry conditions only.

Federal Government · FAA 019B-85 Airport Grounding · Occupational Safety Hazard Association

Army Corps of Engineers While the Army Corps of Engineers has not adopted one central standard for below-grade grounding, BURNDY HYGROUND has been included in several major projects of the Armed Forces and is also approved for use by other federal agencies including the FAA and OSHA.

International Firms Many international firms are having difficulty in obtaining export and import licenses for exothermic material. Current world conditions are forcing some governments to consider exothermic powder an explosive. Care and shipment of this material are other problems, as is proper training for overseas installers. None of these inherent problems exist with BURNDY HYGROUND materials.

Distributors Unlike exothermic materials, distributors can stock BURNDY HYGROUND connectors without fear of any safety issues or fear of any inventoried product becoming damp and inoperable. By stocking relatively few HYGROUND items, a distributor can easily service the majority of enduser requirements. And BURNDY's customer service and sales departments are well regarded within the industry.

Petrochemical Plants At petrochemical plants, safety is a primary concern. Proper grounding is a large part of safety as managers look to protect their people, plants, and equipment. Your facility can realize huge cost savings -- and great peace of mind -- by using the BURNDY HYGROUND compression system that can be safely installed in areas containing hazardous chemicals or gases.

Underwriters Laboratories · UL-96A Installation Requirements for LP Systems

Inspection. It is very difficult to properly field inspect an exothermic welded connection.

47 East Industrial Park Drive, Manchester, NH 03108

Installation. A typical exothermic installation takes fives times longer than a comparable BURNDY HYGROUND installation. Poor weather will further delay the job by days -- not hours. Costs. In most cases, high labor costs far outrun any material savings that may have been realized.

In the U.S. call: 1-800-346-4175 International: 1-603-647-5000 Ontario, Atlantic & Western Canada:

Performance Standards

· IEEE Standard 837-89 Standard for Qualifying Permanent Connections Used in Substation Grounding · UL-467 and CSA C22.2 No. 41 Grounding and Bonding Equipment · UL-96 Standard for Connectors for Lightning Protection


Quebec & Eastern Ontario:


BURNDY HYGROUND is looking for contractors and engineers who want to make themselves and their companies more competitive and attractive to customers through increased work efficiencies, better attention to safety, and greater cost awareness. It's these individuals who are primed to become users of the BURNDY HYGROUND compression grounding system. Our unique system of cross-grid, tap, splice, cable to ground rod, ground plate, and termination connections is the safest, most cost-effective, and most time-efficient grounding method available today. Add in its corrosion-resistant properties and inspectability and you have a grounding system that is unmatched in its performance, durability, and ease of use.

Sample BURNDY® HYGROUNDTM Compression Connector Grid


The connector identification letters, including conductor ranges and required installation die. After a compression connection has been made, the embossed and factorystamped die numbers should match exactly as noted here. This confirms that the correct die was used to make the grounding connection.

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"As a distributor of industrial chemicals, safety is our greatest concern and that's why we use BURNDY HYGROUND."

John Reed ChemCentral/ Chicago Bedford Park, IL

Meets Code Requirements! Standards and Codes

NEC® Article 250, Section 250-81

"It shall be permitted to splice the grounding electrode conductor by means of irreversible compression-type

"The time savings in installing BURNDY HYGROUND was a big factor in our changing

connectors listed for the purpose or by the exothermic welding process."

Features and Benefits

All HYGROUND compression connectors conform to all applicable sections of the NEC ® as well as UL-467. Heavy-duty connector design carries the equivalent or greater current-carrying capacity of the conductor. INo drilling, tapping, or welding required for connections to most structural steel for safer installation and lower labor costs.




Embossed number shows that the output force used to make the compression connection was correct.

from exothermic, as well as the safety concerns. BURNDY's reusable tools and dies also proved more economical than the ongoing expense of the molds."

Skip LaCoste Arc Electrical Contractors Pensacola, FL

All HYGROUND compression connectors meet IEEE Standard 837 requirements.

All compression elements are strip sealed to keep all contact surfaces clean.

Each connector is clearly marked for easy and accurate identification.

Safe and easy to install

· BURNDY HYGROUND is the safest, most cost-effective, timeefficient, and easily inspected grounding system available today. A BURNDY HYGROUND compression connection can be made in three minutes, or about one-half the time of a similar exothermic connection. · The efficiency and consistency of installing a BURNDY HYGROUND compression grid translates to tremendous labor savings. And unlike exothermic connections, compression connections can be easily removed and replaced for even greater timesaving opportunities. · With BURNDY HYGROUND you can keep your entire job-site work on schedule as compression connections can be made in even the most inclement weather conditions -- rain, wind, or snow.

Leave your hammer at home.


The inspectability of completed grounding connections is of great concern within the electrical community. A growing number of industries are demanding a higher degree of traceability to confirm the quality of an installation. This is another solid example of why the BURNDY HYGROUND compression grounding system is the clear choice. When a BURNDY HYGROUND tool and die combination makes a compression connection, it also embosses an identification code into the installed connector. This mark allows you and the electrical inspector to visually -- and quickly -- confirm that the proper connector, tool, and installation die were used and that the connector has been correctly placed. And since BURNDY HYGROUND compression tools are designed to complete the crimp before releasing, you can be further assured of the installation quality. The permanent embossment of BURNDY HYGROUND's range-taking connectors allows for proper inspection days or even weeks after the installation was completed. This method of inspection is far more reliable and less subjective than checking an exothermic connection with the tap of a hammer.

Range-taking tool and die design minimize inventory and provide for multiple connector combinations that are consistent and reliable.

Most compression elements are prefilled with our exclusive PENETROXTM compound to inhibit moisture and contaminants.

Inspection ports are provided in terminal and splice connectors to ensure proper insertion of the conductor for increased quality assurance.

Benefit Key

Safety Performance Cost savings Time savings Inspectability

Precrimp dies for ground rod connectors add mechanical strength to help the connectors withstand power installation and maintain IEEE and UL performance.

Requires no special training or complicated tooling for easy installation.

Crimping embosses the die index number on the connector, confirming consistent connections and providing for easy inspectability.

BURNDY Compression Tools · HYPRESSTM Hydraulic Tool (Y750BH) · HYPRESSTM Remote-Operated Hydraulic Tool (Y46) · BURNDY® PATRIOT® (PAT750XT) · Y-DC Series Battery-Powered Hydraulic Pump (Y700DC-1B) · EPP Series Electric/Hydraulic Pump (EPP10)

Each connection can be made in less than three minutes. All compression elements made of pure wrought copper -- the same material as the conductor.

Compression connections can be installed in all kinds of weather for better job scheduling.



HygridTM Cross Connector (YGL-C)

· Designed for cross connections as well as "ells" and "tees." · Rotating elements facilitate positioning prior to crimp. · Conductor range #6 through 500 kcmil.


GridlokTM Ground Rod to Grid Connector (YGLR-C)

· Provides high torque connection to ground rod. · Rotating elements facilitate installation. · Conductor range #2 through 500 kcmil. · Ground rod sizes 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1".


Figure "6" HytapTM Connector (YGHP-C)

· Can be used as tap connector or a lap splice connector. · Conductor range #8 through 500 kcmil. · Ground rod 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4".


Figure "C" Hytap Connector (YGHC-C)

· Can be used for tap or cross connections. · "C"-shaped opening permits placing two parallel cables into conductor groove. · Conductor range #6 through 500 kcmil.


HytailTM Ground Rod Tap Connector (YGHR-C)

· Provides tap or pigtailtype connection from ground rods to grounding counterpoise or grid. · Conductor range #2 through 500 kcmil. · Ground rod sizes 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4".


Hytap Ground Electrode Tap Connector (YGHP-C)

· A ground rod connector with open groove for both continuous run and tapping applications (second groove for tap only). · "Third hand" constrains conductors while installer completes crimp.


Double H-Tap Connector (YSHG)

· Can be used on any secondary splice or tap application. · Conductor range #14 through 500 kcmil. · Ground rod sizes 3/4" and 1". · Rebar sizes #6, #8, and #9.


HylugTM Heavy-Duty Terminals (YGHA)

· Designed to carry shortcircuit load and withstand high mechanical stress. · Inspection hole ensures proper cable insertion. · Conductor range #2 through 500 kcmil.


HylugTM Terminals (YGA)

· Designed for ground applications. · Inspection hole ensures proper cable insertion. · Standard NEMA hole spacing. · Conductor range #8 through 500 kcmil.


HylinkTM Heavy-Duty Splice (YGHS)

· Designed to carry shortcircuit load and withstand high mechanical stress. · Inspection hole and center stop ensure proper cable insertion. · Conductor range #2 through 500 kcmil.


Hylink® Splice (YGS)

· Designed to carry shortcircuit load and withstand high mechanical stress. · Inspection hole and center stop ensure proper cable insertion. · Conductor range #2 through 500 kcmil.


Grounding Plate (YGF)

· Withstands the rigors of concrete construction. · Pretapped two- or fourhole NEMA spacing. · Tapped hole on underside for ease of repositioning. · Holes plugged to keep dirt out. · Conductor range #2 through 500 kcmil.


GroundLinkTM Connector (YGIB)

· Patented design allows for ground attachment to structural steel. · Available for straight or angled steel. · Includes thread protection studs to prevent hole deformation.


Static Grounding Receptacle (YGT and YTTAG)

· Connects to ground grid and finished flush. · YTTAG for aircraft applications.


VersitailTM Structural Steel Connector (GSTUD-HY)

· Welds to steel surfaces quickly with regular equipment. · Eliminates costly disk grinding. · Knurled area copper plated for excellent gripping and electrical integrity.


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