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Please Note: Only the first name of each J Resolution will be listed. J-Resolutions Site Service Provided content framework and standards overview professional development for participants in the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program. Design a peer-tutoring handbook for Peers working with included students. Name Black, A. Burke, J. Levin, K. Kearney, A. Miller, J. Siech, G. Swett, D. Amt Apr#

$1936.03 Position #19041 158JA


$250 Sawchuck, Cindy Position #19049 181JA


Tabor-Beck, L. Teachers will serve as a Blanchard, J. $1,925 committee to reShiskin, R.M. George Washington structure Special Lanier, C. H.S. Education Delivery Position Bertulucci, I. model for RSP #19050 Nedeau, J. Programs. Christianson, M. Teacher will provide $1,977 plus hourly service as a tutor benefits L. Burbank, J.Lick, before and after school Candia, Vic Balboa & Marshall as a part of the GEAR Position UP Grant at Luther #19072 Burbank. J-Resolution Amendments




Service Amend: 850JA




Fiesta Gardens School

There is an additional participant. Furthermore, the amount of stipend for each participant has Olympia, Jennifer changed.

-$400 162JA Position #19058

Addition: Jennifer Olympia Decreases: Claudia Macias; Tracy Miller K-Resolutions Site McKinley E.S. Luther Burbank M.S. Citywide Tutorial Program Sites Monroe E.S. Bryant E.S. Santa Sabina Retreat Center, San Rafael Benjamin Franklin M.S. Benjamin Franklin M.S. New Traditions E.S. Mission H.S. Mission H.S. Lakeshore E.S. Vis. Valley E.S. Monroe E.S. Name San Francisco Arts Educ. Project Robin Schmidt Maxine Brown Devereaux Dr. Tom Bye M. Sharon Dennis Motion Calif. Reading & Literature Proj. Julia (Jules) Olaso Baunnie Espinocilla Megan Murphy Laura Harriet Silberstein Edwana Oritiz Maria Wilson Lily Kai Amount $7,000 $6,800 $7,875 $8,000 $5,600 $5,000 $1,200 $1,800 $3,998 $750 $300 $6,375 $800 $5,500 Res# 302KA 303KA 304KA 309KA 311KA 313KA 319KA 320KA 324KA 326KA 327KA 335KA 351KA 352KA

Tule Elk Park CDC

Heidi Tzortzis



K-Resolution Amendments Site Name Consultant will be providing additional services. Amend: 157KA Ianna Frisby Change dates of service. Marshall E.S. Amend: 25KA Dr. Howard Knoff No add'l cost 356KA Amount Res#

Ulloa E.S.




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