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Please Note: Only the first name of each J Resolution will be listed. J-Resolutions Site Service Name Ritson, P. Caughman, A, Lauter, D. Contreras, E. Philipp, M. Grady, J. Sherill, S. Jacobs, R. Abdolhosseini, J. Acosta, P. Bickel, M. Blanc, A. Breen, M. Chu, C. Criss, M. Daley, M. Frank, P. D. Estonina, A. Derderian, J. Goot, J. Kwok, M. Lee, J. Lee, V. Macdevitt, J. Martel, P. Rudnick, H. Tam, M. Vasquez, C. Vasquez, J. Hipon, J.Y. Ho, A. Amt Apr#

Teachers will create web-based treasure hunts lessons in their George Washington curriculum areas and H.S. follow-up activities that extend beyond the classroom.

$585.76 Position #19694 565JA

Extended hours for teachers who will work George Moscone ES with targeted 3rd and 4th grade students in an after school tutorial.

$1,151 + benefits 569JA Position #19681

Marina Middle

To provide 3-day

$3,137.93 +



intensive classes to ELLs during Spring Recess.

Lau, S. Ma, G. Tse, T. Beltran, M. Duhl, B. Guevara, L. Guzman, M. Hart, C. Holsen, R. Nickels, C. Salazar, D. Starr, D. Taggart, K. Volken, T. Woodard, L.

benefits Position #19493

Horace Mann M.S.

Professional Development

$2,039.70 + benefits 583JA Position #19686

Horace Mann M.S.

Horace Mann M.S.

Horace Mann M.S.

Teacher Knowledge Proj. is a group that meets after school at H. Watson, Mann once a month for Susan two hrs. 8 teachers study and practice a reflective cycle together. Duhl, B. Eigl, G. Farruggia, E. Goldstein, M. Hart, C. After-School Prof. Dev. Johnson, C. sessions for H. Mann's Jolly, N. Strategic Literacy Lahr, E. Initiative (SLI) Team Medel, A. Members. Starr, D. Schmidt, S. Snow, A. Taggart, K. Watson, S. Woodard, L. Science Dept. at the Alfieri, M. school has planned Farruggia, E. three professional Guzman, M. development sessions Guffey, R. to assist science Rivera, J. teachers at the site and Salazar, D. at all 3 grade levels with Snow, A.

$209.19 + benefits 584JA Position #19686

$1,725.90 + benefits 585JA Position #19686

$1,908.95 + benefits 586JA Position #19686

reading and math literacy strategies.

Taggart, K.

Horace Mann M.S.

Horace Mann M.S.

Alfieri, M. Duhl, B. After-School Prof. Dev. Eigl, G. training on the new Flores, D. reading program, Goldstein, M. REWARDS Plus: ApHart, C. plication to Social Starr, D. Studies. Watson,S. SchmidtWenzel, S. After-School Prof. Dev. Alfieri, M. and Curricular Support Chesterton, for 6th and 7th grade M. Math Teachers using Farruggia, E. the newly-adopted Guffey, R. Foundations for Algebra Medel, A. math curriculum. Snow, A. J-Resolution Amendments

$339.95 + benefits 587JA Position #19686

$941.40 + benefits 589JA Position #19686


Service Amend 388JA




Deletion of ELL teachers James Lick who did not attend prof. M.S. development workshop and addition of one teacher who attended.

Cuellar, Juan Carlos



K-Resolutions Site Sanchez E.S. Sanchez E.S. Name Mark Garcia Kelvin Arenas Amount $250 $250 Res# 894KA 895KA

K-Resolution Amendments Site Bryant E.S. Name Amount Consultant's services need to be extended for $1,600 an additional month Res# 901KA

through March 31, 2003. Amend 311KA M. Sharon Dennis


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