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Client Information Sheet

Who's Being Photographed Today?

Children's Names and Ages _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Parents Names _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________

Uses for Your Images

If you have an idea of how you want to use today's pictures, let us know ­ it may help us in composing the photographs. Don't worry if you don't know, though!

__Family heirlooms for wall hanging __ Gifts __ Small prints (scrapbooks, wallets) __ Digital media for sharing/printing Black and White or Color Images

__ Display portraits (mantle/desktop) __ Announcements, holiday cards __ Replace school photos __ Publishing

Photo sessions will be black and white or color or a combination, but the photo shoot as a whole will not be processed as both black and white and color.

__ Black and White Contact Information Last Name ____________________ First Name ____________________ Home Phone:__________________ Cell Phone:____________________

__ Color

Street Address _______________________________ _______________________________ City: __________________________

Email: ________________________ State/Zip: ______________________


Microsoft Word - ClInprivatesession

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Microsoft Word - ClInprivatesession
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