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IEC MV Switchgear & Motor Control Centers

Type 298


Powell Electrical Group's extensive range of products and services includes the in-house design and manufacture of IEC switchgear and motor control centers from its European factory in Bradford, U.K. The Type 298 range of Medium Voltage Switchgear and Motor Control Centers, designed to reflect IEC standards, provide the highest levels of operational safety and reliability. All Type 298 MV switchgear design and manufacturing activities are backed by the company's ISO 9001:2000 accreditation and an unrivalled program of type testing and certification by the independent, international test and certification bodies ASTA and KEMA. Type 298 offers maximum customer choice even down to the fundamental issue of vacuum or SF6 as the switching device insulating medium.

IEC 62271-200 AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear Modular LSC2B-PM Construction Circuit Breakers and Contactors Rated to 4000A, 13.8kV, 50kA 3 seconds 50kA 1 second Arc Fault Containment BIL to 95kV, Power Frequency Withstand to 38kV


Our commitment to ensuring the highest levels of operational safety and reliability is evident in all aspects of the Type 298 MV Switchgear design, which is fully certified to the following standards. · · · · IEC 62271-100 High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers IEC 62271-200 AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear and Controlgear for Voltages 1kV to 52kV IEC 60470 High Voltage AC Contactors and Contactor-based Motor Starters IEC 60694 Common Specifications for High Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Standards

Design and testing of the Type 298 range to Annex A of IEC 62271-200 ensures all areas within the switchgear have been comprehensively tested to minimize the risk of injury or damage from internal arcing faults, the most destructive and the most potentially dangerous. Type 298 assemblies, with an IAC of up to BFLR and prospective fault current of up to 50kA for 1 second, meet all test criteria, (i.e. 1-5).

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The busbar system is housed in a totally segregated chamber within the cubicle assembly and all components are fully insulated. Busbar earthing is provided by a fully interlocked, withdrawable, earthing truck for insertion into a purpose-built cubicle, a circuit breaker cubicle once the circuit breaker has been removed, or a bus transition section, and is used to apply an earth to the association section of busbar.

Maximum Rating 50kA 400A 7.2kV

Maximum Rating 34.5kA 1250A 12kV

Maximum Rating 50kA 1600A 12kV

Maximum Rating 50kA 4000A 15kV

Cubicle Sizes and Ratings: All dimensions are in millimeters (mm).

Voltage Transformers are mounted in a dedicated section at the bottom of the cubicle, mounted on a withdrawable truck.

Circuit breakers are racked from the Service to the Test/Disconnected position behind a closed door. They can then be removed using the service trolley.

The slimline Contactor Truck is racked from the Service to the Test/Disconnected position behind a closed door. It can then be removed.

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IEC MV Switchgear and Motor Control Centers

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