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Holt Biology Interactive Reader

The new Biology Interactive Reader was part of our CORE adoption for biology this year. It includes: key ideas of each chapter in an easy to read format interactive illustrations and reading questions reading checks and study tips Although we received 1 copy of this per student it is most useful as a tool for differentiation. It is a consumable! We would advise checking it out only to students who need help understanding the text and use it to differentiate reading and response assignments for them. The excess can be stored in your textbook room for use in future years. Teachers and students also have digital access to the interactive reader through the Teacher and Student One Stop CDs. Teacher registration online is required and then their students get passwords for the next 6 years. When your school has consumed all its copies they will be available from the Print Shop by request. There will be a voluntary professional development session on December 20, 2007 addressing best practices for the use of the Biology Interactive Reader. This will be a paid PD. More specific information will be published soon.


Holt Biology Interactive Reader

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