Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2011 February 13 Held at Red Deer Public Library, Red Deer, AB Present: David Hongisto Thomas Hargreaves Blaine Barody George Lucki David Macpherson None received


The meeting was called to order at 2:10 PM. The agenda was circulated and adopted. Previous Minutes Membership Reports President: - George gave a cheque to Thomas for $40, which was received from National to replace a cheque for $30 that was never cashed plus $10 for reconciliation of membership dues. Another cheque for $378 was received as an advance for 2011 membership revenue. - Decline in overall National membership. - Heraldry In Canada publication very popular - Membership dues for the Prairie Branch are at the low end compared to other branches. - Many National members are not members of any Branch. - The new Governor General will be invited to become Patron of the RHSC. - The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada will become the Vice Patron of the RHSC. - Bruce Patterson has just been appointed the Deputy Chief Herald. - A new Atlantic Branch of the RHSC has been established. They are not yet charging any membership fees in order to build membership numbers - A review of the National conference expenses has revealed that the conferences almost always run a deficit. The review also indicated that the business meeting expenses of the society are the major source of Total of 39 Prairie Branch members. Blaine reports the latest membership list from national dated 2010 DEC 31 indicates thirty eight branch members renewed via national. One person renewed directly via the Prairie Branch. ACTION ITEM: Blaine will email the latest membership list to those in attendance. Minutes of the AGM 2009 DEC 12 were discussed.

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National has also agreed to provide a $2000 for an advance to assist with booking and planning. They will be sending a cheque.

Vice President: - David M. reports the website has been neglected for some time. - ACTION ITEM: Within the following week David M. will post details for the next meeting date on the website along with latest meeting minutes. - ACTION ITEM: Once the meeting minutes have been approved, Blaine will provide the minutes and financial reports as one PDF file to David M. for posting to the Prairie Branch website. Treasurer: - Thomas presented a financial report for the period ended 2009 DEC 31. - Thomas presented a financial report as at 2010 DEC 31. - Overall very little financial activity other than bank fees. - Current balance is $1,541.62 - Thomas moved that the reports be accepted as presented. Seconded by David H. and carried unanimously. Secretary: - Blaine recently obtained the Prairie Branch membership list from National and reports no other correspondence. Prairie Tressure Arms in Progress Blaine reported the Letters Patent have been received for Alberta Health Services badge and flag for Emergency Medical Services. The flag is currently being produced by William Scully Ltd (QC). A formal presentation ceremony may be planned for SEP 2011, perhaps to coincide with the RHSC National Conference. None discussed Patron: see President's report. 2011 National Conference will be held in Edmonton, AB on SEP 23-25th. George is looking into booking the Edmonton Public Library for meeting rooms for the business meetings. Costs are approx $75 per day per room. City Hall also has a meeting room available for rental, although a bit smaller. The Prairie Tressure has not been produced in over two years. A discussion took place regarding physical production of a colour newsletter David M. volunteered to fill the role of Production Editor. Thomas volunteered to fill the role of Content Editor. A tentative date for a new issue was not set.

Old Business New Business -

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Show & Tell Next Meeting Adjournment Amendment -

Space can be rented for a display in the main lobby of City Hall. The display would need to be manned at all times. Costs to ship the display from BC and return would be approx $500. Several hotel options will be made available for conference participants, thus eliminating the expense of block booking rooms. Options for location of the dinner were discussed. Petroleum Club, A ticket price range of approx $65 to $85 was discussed. Two lectures are associated with the conference. The Friday Beley Lecture and the Saturday Wilkes Lecture. A speaker from the Canadian Heraldic Authority will not incur any expense. A topic by the CHA could be about the new Diamond Jubilee Medal or historic Canadian Military unit badges. George also suggested David Appleton, from the United States, to present early American Arms. Guy Sylvestre, from New Jersey, a leading expert on Church heraldry. Joe McMillan, Director of Education with the American Heraldry Society, perhaps present Arms of American Presidents. Christopher McCreery, from Nova Scotia, could speak about the Canadian Honours System. Lt. Governor Ethel could be invited to speak about the importance of symbols. Speakers would likely not require honourarium but would need travel and expenses covered. ACTION ITEM: George will approach the potential speakers starting with the Canadian content. Blaine presented a copy of the Letters Patent for the AHS EMS grant. Blaine presented the Arms of the Cooperative EMT's of Quebec, including a Coat of Arms, badge, colour and flag. George presented a version of his arms painted by Thomas Steifer. George presented the book Heraldry in Scotland by J.H. Stevenson. George presented a book of Polish arms Herbarz Polski, by Tadeusa Gajl. A date was set for the next meeting: 2011 APR 17th in Red Deer at 1330h. The location will be the Red Deer Public Library meeting room. ACTION ITEM: Blaine will mail meeting notification to Branch members that reside in Alberta. ACTION ITEM: David M. will post the details for the next meeting on the Branch website ACTION ITEM: George will book the Red Deer Public Library meeting room. The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM. Following the meeting Thomas requested via email that the minutes reflect that the current branch executive will remain in place for 2011.

George Lucki, President

Blaine Barody, Secretary

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