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Aalborg Industries Japan

Marine boilers, thermal fluid heaters, heat exchangers and inert gas systems are the expertise areas of Aalborg Industries KK. Highly qualified in marine engineering, the company's commitment to detail and superior quality is the hallmark of its activities in the shipbuilding industry. For boiler service and repairs, Aalborg Industries KK is a vital link in the Aalborg Industries Group's global network of After Sales companies.

85 years of boiler engineering

Aalborg Industries is an international, market-leading developer and manufacturer of the following deck and engine room equipment: n Marine boilers n Burners n Waste heat recovery boilers after diesel engines and gas turbines n Thermal fluid heating systems n Heat exchangers n Inert gas systems The Group offers a full range of services, from development and engineering of trend-setting products to delivery and commissioning. The Aalborg Industries constitutes a network of service companies in 15 countries around the world, offering effective support to the international shipping community ­ from voyage repair squads, to spare parts, pre-bent tubes, retrofitting and complete conversions.

Aalborg Industries also carries out After Sales service on equipment supplied by Aalborg Industries as well as on boiler plants and related equipment supplied by previous licensees or other boiler manufacturers. Aalborg Industries has own manufacturing facilities for maritime equipment in Denmark, China, Indonesia and Brazil. All Group companies maintain the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and can deliver according to any recognised quality classification. The mission of Aalborg Industries is to fulfil the need for high quality heat and steam generating solutions, including maintenance and related accessories. After Sales is an integral part of all business activities. The Aalborg Industries Group strives to be the boiler industry's trend-setter in terms of solutions and services.

The R&D and engineering team at Aalborg Industries KK co-operates closely with its sister companies to develop trend-setting solutions.

Boiler installation onboard is finetuned to provide maximum output.


50 years in Japan




Hong Kong

United Arab Emirates




Aalborg Industries KK, the Japanese member of the Aalborg Industries Group, can trace its roots back to 1954. Since 1995, the company is a member of the Aalborg Industries Group. Aalborg Industries KK is strategically well placed in the world's shipbuilding centre around the Sea of Japan. The company plays an important role in maintaining and strengthening the Group's position as the world's leading marine boiler and inert gas systems supplier and international boiler servicing company. As a member of a worldwide group of companies, Aalborg Industries KK offers its customers effective local presence, technological leadership, high quality products and the market's best investment alternative. With its Japanese headquarters close to the Kobe container port, and with a sales office in Tokyo near the port of Yokohama, Aalborg Industries KK is the

Group's product centre with regard to inert gas system solutions. Typical market areas are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, assisted by sister companies in Busan, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Denmark. The products engineered and sold by Aalborg Industries KK is manufactured under strict quality control at the Group's factories in China and Denmark. Based on decades of experience and proprietary design ­ enhanced by an innovative approach to novel and lasting solutions ­ the company offers flexibility and reliably operating equipment. In a commitment to adding real value to its customers' business, Aalborg Industries can always offer advice on the optimal solutions.

Kobe office. The Aframax tanker "Tempera" built at Sumitomo Heavy Industries is equipped with 2 x 12.5 t/h oil-fired MISSIONTM OM boilers with KBSA steam atomizing burners and 4 x PT11 exhaust gas economizers.


Boilers, burners, heaters and control systems

Aalborg Industries KK offers its customers a full range of original steam/hot-water boilers and thermal fluid heating systems from the Aalborg Industries Group. Oil/gas-fired boilers are available in capacities from 0.7 to 120 t/h as well as in composite oil/exhaust gas fired boilers complete with burners and control systems.

MISSIONTM OM is an 8-45 t/h oil-fired boiler in a modular design, equipped with either rotary cup or steam atomising KBTM burner and an integrated control panel.

Combustion and combustion control are key knowledge areas of Aalborg Industries. KBTM is the company's own brand of rotary cup, steam atomising and pressure jet burners. Aalborg Industries delivers custom-made control panels for its boiler plants.

A company with a MISSIONTM

The MISSIONTM brand implies a trendsetting modular designed, unit-supplied product that is fully standardised and documented to enable fast engineering and delivery of reliable products ­ ready to plug in. The first MISSIONTM boiler was launched in 1996. Boilers marketed under the SUNRODTM, GADELIUSTM and WIESLOCHTM brands are gradually being phased out and replaced by the novel, state-of-the-art MISSIONTM brand.

Exhaust gas economisers and waste heat recovery boilers are available tailor-made. While most of the boilers are for installation after diesel engines, the MISSIONTM WHR-GT is designed for installation after gas turbines. Thermal fluid heating systems can be designed in capacities from 100 to 20,000 kW. The systems are tailor-made for each individual vessel according to customer specifications.


Additional deck and engine room equipment

Inert gas system Scrubber for inert gas system

Inert gas generator

N2 generator

VESTATM MX oil preheater

PRIMAVAC ® pump priming system

IGS ­ Inert gas systems

Since 1970, Aalborg Industries KK has engineered and marketed inert gas systems for oil tankers. Inert gas ­ a mixture of N2 and CO2 ­ is used to counter the risk of explosions in cargo tanks on VLCCs, etc. This is mandatory equipment according to IMO regulations. The AALBORG INDUSTRIESTM flue gas type inert gas system was developed by Aalborg Industries KK engineers in 1996.

Heat exchangers

The full range of shell and tube type heat exchangers is available from Aalborg Industries ­ ranging from electric heaters, oil and feedwater preheaters, to cargo heaters, immersion heaters, coolers and condensers in materials such as mild steel, CuNi and stainless steel. The Aalborg Industries Group's expertise in heating surface technology and thermo-dynamics goes back to 1914.

The `fire triangle' illustrates the factors that are kept in check by an inert gas system to prevent explosion in the storage tanks onboard an oil tanker.

PRIMAVAC® pump priming system IGG ­ Inert gas generators

Aalborg Industries KK is regional distributor in Japan and Taiwan of the inert gas generators of Smit Gas Systems BV, the Netherlands. Gas carriers such as LPG tankers and LNG ships need very clean and dry inert gas, and this is where the Smit IGG excels. To save fuel oil, the small-size Gin500-0.15BU IGG can be used for inert gas topping-up on large tankers. The IGG can be supplied together with an inert gas system. Aalborg Industries KK is a licensed manufacturer of the PRIMAVAC® automatic pump priming system from the PENCO division of Maritime Tanksystems International, USA. The PRIMAVAC® system can turn any centrifugal pump into a fully automatic, vacuum creating, self-priming pump. The system aids discharge operations on tankers and enables any conventional centrifugal pump to completely strip the cargo tanks.


World-wide After Sales network

The Aalborg Industries Group is strongly committed to offering its customers professional and qualified After Sales service ­ whenever and wherever they need it. The entire organisation is dedicated to ensuring that customers enjoy the best possible return on their investment and a long service life of their equipment.

service technicians whenever the need arises. Genuine, original (OEM) spare parts and equipment are used in the Group's boilers, and the correct parts are therefore available from stocks around the world.

Professional service

Supervisors, technicians and boilermakers are factory trained and ready for the challenges of any service or repair task onboard all types of ships. The company's expert staff are on call around the clock for trouble-shooting and emergency service. The engineering staffs of Aalborg Industries assist in estimating and planning conversion and repair jobs. They are able to quickly work out modified designs and calculate viable solutions that match specific situations. We plan and carry out boiler service, repairs and conversions onboard all types of vessels including FPSOs, FSOs and FSUs.

Commissioning and training

With subsidiaries in 15 major ports world-wide, Aalborg Industries is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When Aalborg Industries equipment is installed onboard, experienced marine engineers are at hand to commission the equipment and train staff in its proper use and maintenance. The service package can also include subsequent training sessions for new ship's staff, as well as in connection with upgrades and conversion of installations.

OEM spare parts and materials

Aalborg Industries companies are located in the main port cities around the world, ready to supply spare parts or 6

Manufacturing to the highest quality standards

Aalborg Industries Ltd., Qingdao, China Aalborg Industries A/S, Aalborg, Denmark

Boilers, heaters and inert gas systems supplied by Aalborg Industries KK are generally manufactured at the Group's production companies in China or in Japan. All Aalborg Industries factories have ISO 9001:2000 and factory/shop approvals from a wide range of classification societies and manufacture equipment according to any local and international quality standard.

ment, the factory has its own quality control function and receives engineering from Aalborg companies in among others Denmark, Japan, Korea and Sweden. Accessories such as burners and control panels are delivered from Denmark.

Aalborg Industries A/S, Denmark

Marine boiler production at Aalborg Industries in Denmark began in 1919, and all types of marine and industrial boilers, heat exchangers, burners and thermal fluid heaters are manufactured in the 20,000 sq. m factory. ISO 9001 certification was acquired in 1989. The average number of marine boilers delivered from the factory exceeds 300 sets a year.

The Qingdao factory in China has spacious, modern production facilities. It was the first Chinese boiler factory to obtain ISO 9001 approval from a foreign classification society.

Aalborg Industries Ltd., China

The factory was established in 1974. Located in modern 18,400 sq. m facilities near Qingdao, the company manufactures the entire marine boiler range of Aalborg Industries. The average number of marine boilers delivered from the factory is 500 sets annually. Held to high quality standards, Aalborg Industries' Chinese factory has performed according to the ISO 9001 quality system for many years and the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System since its introduction. Under Danish production manage-

Other Aalborg Industries factories

The Aalborg Industries Group also has heat exchanger and marine boiler factories in Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam (the latter from 2005). 7

Your Preferred Partner

The vision of Aalborg Industries is to be the preferred partner of its customers and stake-holders, hence the "Your Preferred Partner" slogan. We are your your local supplier ­ a partner who is familiar with your needs and anticipates your requirements for tomorrow. With a network of offices around the world, Aalborg Industries is a close connection to shipyards in need of engineering expertise and fast delivery, as well as to shipowners in need of highquality equipment solutions and readily available service.

Aalborg Industries KK supplied an inert gas system and two 25 t/h MISSIONTM OM boilers for Aframax tanker "LITA" built by Namura Shipbuilding Co., Japan, for shipowners Livanos S. Hellas, Greece.

Located in one of the world's leading shipbuilding nations, Aalborg Industries KK's 40+ staff is Your Preferred Partner when it comes to first rate products and service from a truly global company.

Parent company:


Aalborg Industries A/S Gasvaerksvej 24, P.O. Box 844 9100 Aalborg, Denmark Tel.: +45 9930 4000 +45 9816 8316

Aalborg Industries KK Kobe Isuzu Recruit Bldg. 2-2, 4-chome, Kumoi-dori Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0096, Japan Tel.: Fax: +81 78 271 5720 +81 78 271 5741

Aalborg Industries KK (branch) No. 9 Kowa Bldg., Bekkan 6-7, 1-chome, Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan Tel.: Fax: +81 3 3584 8351 +81 3 3584 8378


E-mail: [email protected] International contacts: n China: Tel. +86 21 6302 4077 n Korea: Tel. +82 51 703 6162 n Singapore: Tel. +65 6261 9898

Your Preferred Partner

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E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]



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