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Finding An Agent That's Right For You 19, 2013 May

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"Be interested and you'll be interesting. "Flattery is like cotton candy -- sweet, but not very nourishing."

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Sundays: 9:00AM Bible Classes For All 10:00AM Worship Assembly 5:00PM Worship Assembly Wednesdays: 5:40PM Family Dinner 7:00PM Bible Classes For All

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"I went for my morning walk. Two little dogs came to the back fence where I passed by, barking furiously. The next morning, they hardly barked at all. Our conscience is like that. If you allow it to get used to sin, first thing you know it won't bark at you anymore." "If you can't thank God for it, you better not do it."

"For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword..." Heb. 4:12


<<< May 19, 2013 >>>

Thank you for coming today. At Priceville Church of Christ, we strive to be simply Christians -- people who live and worship in the spirit and truth of Jesus Christ. We hope you find our family friendly, our worship meaningful, and our teaching real and relevant for daily life.


Camouflage: -- "A means of concealment that creates the effect of being part of the natural surroundings." Someone recently wrote, "This is an age of camouflage. The world is full of pretense. From pink-tea politeness to imitation pearls and complexions, things are not what they seem. Almost everything is adulterated. We have adulterated food and clothes, synthetic tires and artificial flowers, to say nothing about teeth and hair. Butter is now so artistically made it would deceive a cow." This is another way to deal with hypocrisy. Hypocrisy comes from a Greek word, hupocrisis, It means, "The feigning of beliefs, feelings and virtues that one does not possess." Jesus left no doubt as to the eternal destiny of those guilty of hypocrisy. The only instance of it in the Old Testament is in Isaiah 32:6 where it is translated practicing profaneness.. Jesus warned his disciples to beware of the "leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy" (Luke 12:1). This was at a time when throngs of people followed him. Luke says there were so many that they were trampling on each other (NIV). But for some reason, he gave the warning "first of all to his disciples." With the exception of Judas, I always think of the disciples Jesus chose as pretty good people. If he felt they needed this warning about hypocrisy, I am sure we need it now. Wasn't it Shakespeare who wrote, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts." We can all wish no hypocrisy exists among us. But, unfortunately, that is not true. To pretend to be a genuine child of God while living a life that is a discredit to our Lord, is hypocrisy and sin. Once in a while, while talking to someone about becoming a member of Christ's church, we hear, "There are too many hypocrites in that church." I don't know about the number of hypocrites, but I sure can't deny it. One is tempted to say, "Well come on in, there's room for one more" -- but not actually say it. It certainly behooves every member of the church to think about this. I don't want to hinder anyone from coming to salvation. "May those who hope in you not be disgraced because of me, O Lord, the LORD Almighty; may those who seek you not be put to shame because of me, O God of Israel" (Psalm 69:6). Via Bulletin Fodder

Welcome Home.

We're glad you're here! STAFF:

Let's Get Acquainted!

Name(s): Address:

143 Robinson Street Decatur, AL 35603

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Check All That Apply: First time visitor Returning visitor New Resident Would like a visit Would like to know more about this church Would like to know more about becoming a Christian Invited By: ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

Mike Rhodes David McCollum

(256) 318-0984 (256) 508-3146

[email protected] [email protected]

City: __________________ State: ________ Zip: ________ Phone: _____________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Age Group: 13-18 19-25 26-39 40-55 56-64 66+ Children in household: Name: ____________________ Age: ______ Name: ____________________ Age: ______ Name: ____________________ Age: ______ Name: ____________________ Age: ______

If you are visiting today, please fill this out, tear it off, and place it in the collection tray when it is passed. Thank you for visiting Priceville Church of Christ.

set the stage >>>

This Week:

Prayers For Our Church Family:

Tony Morgan has improved following surgery. Milton Hollis had another vein surgery this past Tuesday. Barbara Hollis has had much back pain lately. Pauline Johnston is in Dallas to help care for her Sister (Shirley Avina). Travis Weaver, part of our youth group, was injured in football practice Wednesday. David McCollum

had medical tests this week. Ongoing Health Problems:

Bob & Connie Dickinson, Vera Pirtle, Jim & Maud Brooks, Jody Cunningham, Dottie Folette

The Terrace At Priceville: Sybil Woodruff (alzheimers) is confined to bed. Affarine Holsonback, Hazel Tanks-

ley, Sybil Swafford, Ross & Judy Williams, Evelyn Rowe

News & Events...

Steve Johnson will be speaking this morning. He is a candidate for the Youth Minister position. Make sure to make Brother Steve feel at home! Please join us after this morning's service for lunch to honor our graduates... Alex Beck & Lauren Smith. There will be a bridal shower for Joy Crawford on June 9. Joy is registered at Kohl's, Target, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Come out to the Terrace today at 330PM if you can. Lately, only two or three from PCC have been coming. Can you spare 30-35 minutes this afternoon to encourage our brethren at the Terrace? Youth Group -- you are welcome at the Terrace, too!

3 Steps To Become Dull

1) Don't fill your mind with new things: allow your knowledge & talents to stagnate. 2) Don't ever say, "I don't know." Always pretend you do, no matter the circumstance. 3) Always be the star of the conversation. Don't listen to what others say, but get ready to fire another shot as soon as you can.

Prayers For Our Extended Family:

New & Updated Prayer Needs: Allison Martin (14yo from Hatton CoC) continues to fight despite severe brain injuries suffered in a wreck. Her parents, Matt & Tara Martin, need prayers too. Teresa Lee had surgery to remove a cyst on Friday. Helen Gatlin (Barb M. sister-in-law) has been in ICU due to fluid on heart & lungs. Missy Sparkman (Jamie's daughter-inlaw) recovering from tonsillectomy. Juanita Crow (Vicki S. Mother) is recovering from back surgery. Shirley Avina (Pauline J sister) is in rehab in Dallas. Other Ongoing Prayer Requests:

Molly Bower-infant w/ spina bifida Jan Burden Chris Roche - Several Health Difficulties, Rhonda Sharp Steve Basham - Cancer Wilma Johnston Mary Wilbanks - Post-Polio Syndrome Ben Poole Lois Michalesko - Alzheimer's Disease Ronnie Richardson Dorinda Pierunek - Multiple Sclerosis Billy Stout Guy Cannon - Cancer Clark Holladay Mike & Rebecca MacMacken Kay Patterson Keira Jones Ryder Thompson Michelle Burcham's Address: Jackson Memorial Hospital, Rehab Building Rm #222, 1611 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33136. Send Michelle a card to encourage her! Condolence: Chuck Cannon passed away last Sunday afternoon. Please keep the Cannon family in your prayers. Chuck's father, Guy Cannon, also is struggling with cancer.

Do these things regularly, and your dullness will be evident to all!

Privileged To Serve >>>

TODAY (May 19) Singing: Todd Smith Bible Reading: Loyd Johnston Devo Prayer: William Gerstman Announcements: Bob Dickinson Opening Prayer: Henry Speegle Communion (Preside): Milton Hollis Serve (PM): Greg Sweatmon Serve: Austin Barrera Serve: Alberto Barrera Closing Prayer: Bill Hughes Pick Up Cups: Layla Martin Parking Lot: Milton Hollis Sheets & Towels: Annie Walker PM Singing: David McCollum PM Prayer: William Gerstman PM Closing Prayer: Bob Dickinson Wed Devo: Mike Rhodes Wed Singing: David McCollum Lock Building: Gilbert Springer Next Sunday (May 26) Singing: David McCollum Bible Reading: Bob Dickinson Devo Prayer: Henry Speegle Announcements: Henry Speegle Opening Prayer: Randal Standridge Communion (Preside): Austin Barrera Serve (PM): Easton Moses Serve: Phil Lowery Serve: Milton Hollis Closing Prayer: William Gerstman Pick Up Cups: Emma / Ryan Parking Lot: Greg Sweatmon Sheets & Towels: Pat Knight PM Singing: Todd Smith PM Prayer: William Gerstman PM Closing Prayer: Milton Hollis Wed Devo: David McCollum Wed Singing: Mike Rhodes Lock Building: Gilbert Springer

Take Note >>>

Tonight at 5:00PM:


Beginning Sunday June 2, Sunday evening services will begin at 6PM while school is out for Summer. The time will change back to 5PM on Sunday, August 18. School resumes on Monday, August 19.


Making Of A Christian.


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