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Name ___________________________________ Dinosaurs Travel

Multiple Choice Spelling worksheet Directions: Look at each answer choice and circle the one that is spelled correctly.

1. rooteen 2. threwgh 3. yoo 4. soop 5. groop 6. woond 7. kupon 8. yewth 9. threwwaye 10. threwout

routeen throug you sewp grewp wound cewpon yout throughway throoout

rewtine through yaew soup group wewend kewpon youth throuway throughout

routine throo ywe soupe groupe wooend coupon yoth throoway thoughout

Circle the correct word and write it on the line.


12. 13. 14. 15.

Her ____________ weighed more than her. ( youth



The ________________ will be repaired. (childhood relative throughway ) They _____________ call all members. The ______________ will all be invited.

(should (wound

relative wound) group cassette)

His dogs were his only daily ________________.

( childhood



wound )

My ___________ is here for two weeks. (through able relative)


Dinosaur spell pretest 2011 PDF

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Dinosaur spell pretest 2011 PDF