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EN 1317-2

With the levels of modern day traffic it is very important to be able to protect road users and those working on the roads with a safe and efficient barrier system for high containment protection. Temporary barriers are therefore an indispensable way of achieving this. The Prins Dokkum SAFEGUARD® offers you a safe and efficient solution. The SAFEGUARD® fulfils several performance classes of the European Standard EN 1317-2 and can therefore be adapted to almost every situation. SAFEGUARD®-P has been successfully tested up to level H2. The yielding qualities of steel makes the SAFEGUARD® forgiving.

SAFEGUARD®, advances the flow of traffic where necessary.

mobile barriers



EN 1317-2

SAFEGUARD® 1. is delivered pre-assembled in lengths of 12 metres and is equipped with the Easy-Fit® assembly system; 2. no anchoring is necessary and it can be put in place safely and rapidly; 3. it is an interesting alternative as a permanent solution. 4. The product program consists of special items such as tail pieces, transitions to guard rail constructions and concrete barriers, and expansion joints. The tunnel effect is never apparent owing to its slim design. The road surface drainage is not impeded and because of its light weight the SAFEGUARD® can be used on fly-overs and viaducts, and especially in situations where space is limited. Thanks to its modular construction repairs are quick and easy to carry out so that traffic delay is kept to a minimum. Spare parts are available from stock. Special options include the ability to make the SAFEGUARD® mobile with the aid of a manual or pneumatic wheel units, providing lift. This way the number of carriageways can be selected according to the traffic volume, or even an emergency crossing can be set up. The application for selecting the number of carriageways can also be supplied to operate fully automatically.





element 12 m

2x 2x





Easy-Fit® assembly system





transition for concrete

transition for guard-rail

SAFEGUARD®: tested safety level EN 1317-2

Product Performance Collision Element System width class SAFEGUARD® T3 test TB21 TB41 SAFEGUARD® SAFEGUARD® N1 H1 TB31 TB11 TB42 length 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m 12 m above/below 700/350 mm 700/350 mm 700/350 mm 700/350 mm 700/350 mm 700/350 mm 700/350 mm 490/350 mm 490/350 mm System height 815 mm 815 mm 815 mm 815 mm 815 mm 815 mm 815 mm 815 mm 815 mm WASI-

class class W2 W5 W5 W5 W8 W5 W7 W3 W3 A A A A A -

The SAFEGUARD®-P is ideal for permanent application at level H2. This variant consists of welded elements of 4 metres which are equipped with a welded footplate for anchoring to the road surface, or for mounting on a ground tube construction.



TB11 TB51


TB11 TB51

For more information or specific advice about applying road restraint systems, please call Prins Dokkum on +31 (0) 519 298 555 or mail us at [email protected] We look forward to helping you.


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