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George Antone

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The black Jaguar screeched unto the front driveway of the $4 million mansion I was buying in Northern California. The Hard Money Lender jumped out with two private lenders. They were there to look at one of my shortsale deals I was requesting the loans for. I was shocked to discover who these 2 private lenders were. I immediately recognized them since they were periodically in the news ­ they were executives of Fortune 500 companies, and here they were wearing jeans and casual shirts looking at my property! We hit it off so well, joking around while I showed the property. We eventually did the deal and we all profited. Four years later, we still talk on a regular basis, and they taught me a lot about private lending, and how they make their money! Amazing Stuff! I am living proof this stuff works!!! In private lending, there are three ways to structure a payment plan: 1) Debt financing is based on having the borrower paying a fixed interest rate to you, the lender. This is the most common and what most people associate with private lending 2) Equity financing is based on taking part of the profit of the deal, without any regular payment. For example, split 50/50 with the borrower. This is similar to "equity sharing" except you are not a partner and you are not on title. You are a lender, and you avoid all liabilities of being a partner. This can be very profitable. 3) "Combo" is simply a combination of the above two. It is a combination of a lower interest rate along with an equity share of the deal. This is great for people that use lines of credit to lend out. For example, 8% interest rate with 25% of the profit. Let me share with you a sample deal I worked on that can help you understand how to make money. It was 2AM as I was surfing for borrowers. I then found an investor looking to borrow $30,000 for a shortsale deal against a property in Milwaukee, in first position. The property was worth $90,000. I emailed him immediately. He called back the next day wanting $30,000 per deal, and he had 2 such deals. I funded the deal while securely protecting my interests and receiving all the documents I had requested. Since he had 2 deals, I ended up funding $60,000 from my line of credit. We agreed to do an equity financing deal (50/50 split). Several months later, he paid me off. I was wired my original $60,000 along with $30,000 of profit.


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How many deals like that do you need to make $150,000? Not much. 10 deals a year with $15,000 profit per deal. How much work must YOU do? To answer that, you have to change the way you have been taught by other "gurus" that you must do the work. Here is how you want to position yourself to make $150,000 or more. As a private lender, position yourself to fund other investors that are "in the game" and looking for money. Find various investors that do preforeclosures, rehab, or anything they are experts in doing. You fund them, and let them do all the work and you collect the money! Remember, as a private lender, you have four things to concentrate on: 1) ALWAYS do secure deals (attend the Private Lending Mastery Course for that ­ visit 2) ALWAYS be building Lines of Credit. 3) ALWAYS be looking for borrowers (attend the Private Lending Mastery Course ­ visit 4) Figure out what to do with your spare time while the borrowers are working hard to make you money! In the Private Lending Mastery Course (, we even show you how to automate the whole system so that borrowers come to you and you have someone else build these lines of credit for you. You simply concentrate on doing SECURE loans! So you partner with other investors that do all the work, and you collect part of their profit. You did not have to raise a hammer, find motivated sellers, or deal with anything else except the money. So while one of your investors might do four deals a year, you are doing many times more because you have multiple investors you are working with doing all the work. So you could be potentially collecting from a lot more investors. Oh by the way, don't think for a second you need YOUR MONEY to be a private lender!

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