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Issue 4




The World News about P2

The long-awaited DVCPRO HD P2 handheld camera-recorder is coming soon ­ and with it come exciting new possibilities in news gathering and program production.


features needed for news gathering, plus the advanced imaging functions needed for cinema-style production. In other words, it is an outstanding handheld solution to virtually all your image recording needs.


Two years after it turned industry heads with its stunning debut, Panasonic's P2 system is ready to rock the industry again. This time the excitement centers around the world's first DVCPRO HD P2 handheld camera-recorder. Panasonic unveiled the AG-HVX200 at NAB 2005 in Las Vegas. Development of the AG-HVX200 represents the culmination of a vision Panasonic has held since NAB 2003 when it first introduced the P2 concept as a highly mobile, incredibly integrated solution for news gathering. The AG-HVX200 debuts as much more than just another handy camcorder. It's the first P2 model to feature the DVCPRO HD format and the first to provide HD/SD multiformat recording. It records 60i as well as 24p/30p progressive video (50i/25p for PAL). It incorporates the variable frame rate function that made Panasonic's VariCam system a popular favorite for cinema-like production. All this horsepower is housed all this in a compact, lightweight body based on the AG-DVX100A, a camera-recorder that's still a huge hit with image producers around the world. The AG-HVX200 gives you great mobility, incredible flexibility and operational

The AG-HVX200 inherits many of the qualities that have helped Panasonic DVCPRO HD VTRs earn a reputation among both broadcasters and cinema producers for superior reliability and image quality. This new P2 model employs the same 100 Mbps DVCPRO HD codec (video bit rate:) to create optimal intraframe compression. Since each frame stands on its own, reliable and proven nonlinear solutions make for easy and predictable editing. It combines an HD progressive 3CCD imaging system with a Leica Dicomar wide-angle lens. In the DVCPRO HD format the AG-HVX200 supports both 1080i and 720p HD acquisition. It can also record in DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO, and DV formats with their 480i signals. The AGHVX200 uniquely supports migration across the entire DVCPRO family, and all the 1080, 720, and 480


P2 Gear up

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The World News about P2

signals support 24p and 30p frame rates(25p for PAL). This makes the AG-HVX200 the world's first handheld camera to provide HD 24p recording. It also delivers outstanding results in everything from news gathering in HD or SD format to the production of TV programs, commercials, video-based cinema, and movies. Add this up, and it is clear that the AG-HVX200 makes high-image-quality HD production both much simpler and more economical. No wonder Panasonic is so excited about the possibilities for this new model.


P2 solid-state memory helps make the AG-HVX200 a perfect answer to news gathering needs. Because P2 media needs no drive mechanism, its resistance to impact, vibration and temperature change is outstanding -- and that means exceptional reliability. Even in the harshest conditions, you can take the P2 handheld into the field with full confidence. The AG-HVX200 records clips as MXF files and displays them on the LCD as thumbnails. You can preview and mark or delete clips right away, right on the spot. Building these features into a handheld model that's small, light and easy to use, Panasonic has made huge strides in camera-recorder mobility. The AGHVX200 delivers everything needed for successful shooting, and all at a relatively affordable cost. The AG-HVX200 comes equipped with two P2 slots and offers both hot swapping and prerecord functions. After recording, you can insert the P2 card into a nonlinear editing system or upload the contents to a server. There's no need for digitizing, so post-production is smooth and fast. With P2 and the AG-HVX200, Panasonic is bringing information technology further into news gathering and production, making the process quicker, easier and more

responsive -- an innovation frequently referred to as ING, or IT news gathering.


Panasonic's VariCam HD camera-recorder broke new ground in the industry, giving producers the power to create video content with the warm, familiar look and feel of film. The key to this VariCam's variable frame rate function ­ has been incorporated in the new P2 handheld. The AG-HVX200 debuts as the first handheld camerarecorder able to reproduce the slow-motion and quickmotion shooting techniques of film cameras. Combining 24p/30p progressive video (25p for PAL) with cine-like gamma curves, the AG-HVX200 takes the video resemblance to film to the highest level yet. Team an AG-HVX200 with a DVCPRO HD-compatible nonlinear editing system, and you've got everything you need to produce video content with the sophisticated imaging and expressivity that used to require an expensive, complicated production system. Other AG-HVX200 features that cater to professional needs are the cam-driven manual zoom, focus ring and convenient iris control. It records up to 4 channels of uncompressed digital audio, and it comes with a host of interfaces, including IEEE 1394, USB2.0, XLR audio (+48 V) input, and D4 component video output.

to HD


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The World News about P2


DVCPRO P2 to Team with DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO HD Equipment to Deliver Standard and High Definition Coverage of 2006 Olympic Games

The host broadcaster for the Torino Olympic Games has selected Panasonic as its supplier of standard and high definition recording equipment for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. According to the agreement between the Organizing Committee of XX Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006, TOBO (Torino Olympic Broadcasting Organization) Division and Panasonic, Panasonic DVCPRO P2 solid-state memory as well as DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO50 recording equipment will be used for the Torino Games. Since they have no moving parts and record on solid-state P2 cards, Panasonic DVCPRO P2 camcorders are extremely reliable and resistant to extreme weather, which make them an ideal choice for the possible severe weather of the

P2 cam in

Winter Games. The Panasonic's video equipment will be used during the 2006 Games at the International Broadcasting Centre and throughout the various athletic venues. Panasonic supplied broadcast video equipment and maintenance support to the host broadcaster during the Barcelona'92, Atlanta'96, Nagano'98, Sydney 2000, Salt Lake City 2002 and has provided similar services for the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece last summer. For the Athens Games, Panasonic's 4:2:2, 50Mbps DVCPRO50 equipment was the official video recording format. Panasonic's DVCPRO50 VTRs as well as new "P2" camcorders and decks covered over 3,200 hours of live sporting competitions during 17 days, from August 13 to 29, of the Olympic Games.

es ter Gam ano Win g O in Na DVCPR

Athens O lympic


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The World News about P2




U.S.A. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Entravision Station Group KALB-TV (Media General), Alexandria, LA KCBD-TV (Liberty Corp.), Lubbock, TX KFOX-TV (COX), El Paso, TX KFTV-TV (Univision), Fresno, CA KIRO- TV (COX), Seattle, WA KNTV-TV (NBC), Las Vegas, NV KRON-TV (Young), San Francisco, CA KTRE-TV Lufkin, TX KTVI-TV (FOX), St. Louis, MO KTVU-TV (COX), Oakland, CA KWCH (Media General), Wichita, KS KXLN-TV (Univision), Houston, TX New York 1(Time Warner Cable), New York, NY WBNS-TV, Pittsburgh, PA WDEF-TV (Media General), Chattanooga, TN WEWS-TV (Scripps), Cleveland, OH WFLA-TV (Media General), Columbus, OH WFTV- TV (COX), Orlando, FL WHIO-TV (COX), Dayton, OH WJBF-TV (Media General), Augusta, GA WKRG-TV (Media General), Mobile, AL WLOX-TV, Biloxi, MS WNYO-TV (Sinclair), Buffalo, NY WNYW-TV (FOX), New York, NY WPXI-TV (COX), Pittsburgh, PA WSOC-TV (COX), Charlotte, NC WTOV-TV (Scripps), Steubenville, OH WTVQ-TV (Media General), Lexington, KY WWOR-TV (UPN/FOX), Secaucus, NJ

France · RFO (Reseau France Outre-mer) Italy · DigitalAdnKronos · RTV38 Spain · Television de Galicia, Televisio de Catalunya (TV3) Turkey · FBTV China · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


New Zealand · TV3 and many others....

Canada · CHRO-TV, Ottawa, ON Brazil · TV Bandeirantes Denmark · DR(Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Germany · ZDF · MDR · SWR (SUDWESTRUNDFUNK)

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The World News about P2


FBTV (Turkey)

Mr. Ihsan TOPALOGLU General Manager

Fenerbahce which has more than 25 million fun is one of the the biggest club in turkey. When we establish FBTV as first sport club TV in Turkey. We thought that we have to serve very good quality to our supporters. That is why we chose Panasonic DV and DVCPRO equipments. We believe that P2 is the next step for us to serve fast and quality news to our supporters. We have ordered P2 camera and P2 drive. Our adoption of P2 will enhance our operation and reduce our operational and maintenance cost.


24p software for AJ-SPX800

New options for the AJ-SPX800 include 24p frame rate recording and proxy video recording with three selectable quality levels. Panasonic is the industry leader in 24p professional camcorders with its highly popular AJ-HDC27 VariCam® variable-frame-rate HD, AJ-SDX900 DVCPRO50 and AG-DVX100A Mini-DV models that produce video that truly emulates the rich look of film. The software upgrade allows the AJ-SPX800 2/3" DVCPRO P2 camcorder to capture film-like 24p images as well as 30p and 60i.The 24p software upgrade will be available in April in the AJ-SPX800.

AJ-DVD850 DVD-RAM-R drive

The new option for the AJSPD850 is an optical disc back-up, the AJ-DVD850 4.7GB DVD-RAM/DVD-R recordable drive. The drive easily installs in the available 5.25" bay in the AJ-SPD850. At less than $2 per DVD-R disc, the AJ-DVD850 is an economical solution for backing up and archiving DVCPRO or DVCPRO50 native video as a file. The AJ-DVD850 DVDRAM-R drive will be available in April.

AJ-PCS060 portable hard disk unit "P2 store"

The 2.5" 60GB hard disk drive can hold the contents of up to 15 4GB P2 cards, and the entire contents of a 4GB P2 card can be transferred to the internal hard disk drive in approximately four minutes. After the P2 content has been transferred, the P2 store can connect to an NLE or Server Ingest PC via a USB 2.0 interface and appears as an external disk drive. In the field, the AJ-PCS060 serves as an aggregation and transport device, storing the contents of P2 cards and minimizing the number of P2 cards needed. Back at the studio, it serves as a high-speed drive for transferring video into a station's Local Area Network (LAN) or nonlinear editing system to speed access to the recorded content. For quick and easy operation, the AJ-PCS060 simply has a large start button. The drive also includes LED indicators for copy status, drive capacity and battery life remaining. Its highly rugged design adds additional protection to the AJPCS060 against shock, vibration and external elements. The drive supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. It is powered by a 7.2V DC battery or a 7.9V AC adaptor. The AJ-PCS060 will be available in the Third Quarter 2005.

AJ-YAX800 proxy video encoder card

The new proxy video option (AJ-YAX800G) permits the AJSPX800 to record a lowresolution video copy for rapid viewing on a laptop or desktop PC and on a PDA, and in an emergency situation, for transfer by connecting to an ubiquitous cable modem, DLP or dial-up connection. With proxy video, a low-res MPEG-4 quality copy of the video (with audio) is recorded onto a postage stamp-size SD memory card at the same time as the high-resolution 25Mbps DVCPRO or 50Mbps DVCPRO50 video. Proxy video can be used for rapid browsing and scripting or for transferring onto a PC. With Panasonic's proxy video option, users can select from three quality levels -- 1.5Mbps quality for on-air playback, 768kbps quality to transfer in almost real-time over a TCP/IP network, or 196kbps quality to transfer via a dial-up connection to the internet. The AJ-YAX800 proxy video option will be available in May.

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Information: P2 Support Program 2005

P2 Support Program

Panasonic has won the customers' confidence for outstanding DVCPRO Service around the world. As the P2 Series leads the Workflow Innovation from ENG to ING (IT News Gathering), DVCPRO Service is now evolving to take advantage of IT technology. The P2 Support Program will blossom fully into an `ING' style providing GLOBAL, LOW-COST, and RAPID Service.

Panasonic's P2 repair centers, equipped with special tools and skills, will target to complete repairs typically within 48 hours.

P2 Support Desk (P2 Support Web Site)

Panasonic opens the `P2 Support Desk' in the Panasonic support web site. The `P2 Support Desk' provides support information like FAQ as well as P2's latest firmware (Optional). You can download the latest firmware from the `P2 Support Desk' to an SD card, put it into a P2 equipment and updating is done by a simple menu operation. Thus your P2 can always be up to date.

P2 Support Program

Panasonic has won the customers' confidence for outstanding DVCPRO Service around the world. As the P2 Series leads the Workflow Innovation from ENG to ING (IT-Based News Gathering), DVCPRO Service is now evolving to take advantage of IT technology. The P2 Support Program will blossom fully into an `ING' style providing GLOBAL, LOW-COST, and RAPID Service.

P2 Global Support Network

Panasonic presents the P2 Global Support Network. Fifty-one (51) support locations are ready to support P2 products as of April 2005. Thirty-nine (39) will be established in 2005. In addition, (6) six of these locations are capable of supporting both NTSC and PAL systems and will provide `ING' news crews support around the globe. For example, when you travel to Germany with NTSC equipment and require service, the support center in Germany can provide a backup unit. The crews in other countries will be supported by local support locations cooperated with the above 6 locations.

P2 E-learning (Option)

Panasonic has held DVCPRO Web Based E-learning courses since 2001. The newly-offered P2 course will help your smooth transition to an ING environment. Panasonic staffs directly answer to your questions by e-mail. · Course Contents: Features, Operation, Basic Technology, Circuit Description. · Order Number: VVCS203A1KIT

P2 Low Running cost & 48 Hour Repair

Unlike conventional VTRs, the P2 series doesn't require mechanism maintenance such as cleaning video heads, or replacing worn parts. Furthermore, with it's `No tape' mechanism the P2 design eliminates most adjustments and provides for speedy and low-cost repair.

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P2 Partners


Panasonic has followed an "Open Market" concept in developing nonlinear editing and servers, stressing the need for interoperability with products from many other companies. This springs from our understanding that users will benefit more from being able to continue using their present hardware and software, or being able to select from a broad range of solution providers than they would faced with a closed system limited to fewer choices or only Panasonic products. As we created the P2 system, we actively provided information to other manufacturers and solicited their input. The companies (and products) listed on the page to the right either already support or are in the process of implementing support for P2. We call them Panasonic P2 Partners. There were four P2 partners at the beginning of 2004, and today there are 15 manufacturers. We continue to inform our industry colleagues about P2 technology, and we feel confident that this number will continue to grow as more and more manufacturers and suppliers join the P2 partnership.

P2 Partners

· CleanEdit

· Final Cut Pro

· DV Conversion Suite

· Liquid Broadcast · Liquid Chrome HD · Liquid Blue

· NewsCutter® XP · NewsCutter® AdrenalineTM FX · Media Composer® AdrenalineTM

· sQ Edit Plus


· FlipFactory · MAP · Launch

Products Supporting P2 · Nexio NewsFlash · Nexio NewsFash FX

· D3-Edit · DP-Edit

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P2 Partners "We look forward to continuing our relationship with Panasonic on P2"

For example, with a laptop installed with Avid NewsCutter® XP software, Avid users can access the P2-acquired material directly, without importing into the Avid interface and begin editing immediately. This process eliminates the need to move or ingest the media, and to shuttle from the beginning to the end of a tape. In the studio or a broadcast facility, P2 cards support very fast transfers, which means that media can be moved quickly into a shared storage environment such as Avid UnityTM, where everybody can have simultaneous access to that material. It is easy to see how the P2 technology fits into Avid's workflow: from field editing, to shared storage, to asset management and playout. Avid and Panasonic will continue to build on interoperability that will further benefit customers with improved workflows and reduced costs. P2-compatible editing products from Avid - NewsCutter, and Media Composer® AdrenalineTM - are available to customers now. Avid Xpress® Pro HD is expected to be compatible with P2 in Q2 of 2005.

Avid, Avid Unity, NewsCutter, Avid Xpress, Media Composer and Adrenaline are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

Mr. Kirk Paulsen Sr. Director Professional Applications Marketing Apple

"Apple has enjoyed a long collaborative relationship with Panasonic which has delivered many industry firsts such as bringing FireWire technology to their DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO HD tape decks, and real-time, native support for DVCPRO HD in our Emmy award-winning Final Cut Pro video editing software. We're now working with Panasonic to usher in the new era of lightning fast tapeless SD and HD workflows. Final Cut Pro HD includes native support for P2 which allows editors faster than real-time ingest whether they're in the field working on a PowerBook G4 or back in the edit bay. The combination of Final Cut Pro HD and P2 brings new levels of flexibility, reliability and performance to our broadcast customers' workflow. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Panasonic on P2 to seamlessly bring the next generation of production workflows to our customers."

"We look forward for P2 to be accepted as a standard for the new IT based studio and system environment."

Mr. Hiroshi Yamada Chairman & CEO Canopus

"It is easy to see how the P2 technology fits into Avid's workflow"

Mr. David Schleifer Vice President Broadcast and Workgroups Avid Technology

"Panasonic's P2 format ­ combined with Avid® editing solutions ­ is transforming the industry and how customers approach media acquisition. The benefits that can be achieved once material is acquired in a new medium like P2 are tremendous. Since Avid users can read media directly from a P2 card, they are able to use material in Avid timelines and work directly with that material ­ saving precious time and money. 10 Beyond/Issue 4.

"At this year's NAB, Canopus proudly presents support for P2, the next generation of advanced video recording. Our editing application EDIUS will support direct editing from the P2 card, and it dramatically improves the current nonlinear editing workflow that has always had a "digitizing" phase that captured video content to the hard drive. By supporting the MXF metadata used inside P2, the file contents can be shared between systems that are connected within a network, without using video cables for data transfer. The partnership between Panasonic and Canopus started more than two years ago when Canopus HD nonlinear systems added support for DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO 50 formats for real-time HD resolution editing. At last year's NAB, Canopus announced the HQ video codec for HD realtime editing, which supports variable bit rate encoding in order to maintain high image quality while lowering the data bandwidth for better realtime editing performance. In addition, our EDIUS editing solution, with its realtime multi-format mix of editing support for HD/SD resolution files, has received acclaims from many broadcast stations around the world. EDIUS, together with our

P2 Partners

HD editing hardware, will allow realtime editing of P2 format clips together with realtime preview of the project on an HD monitor, via an HD-SDI output. Now, many users anticipate P2 equipment that will support the DVCPRO HD format. Those P2 cameras and decks that support the DVCPRO HD format, together with Canopus editing systems, will allow broadcast stations to mix tape contents and P2 contents, in both HD and SD resolutions and frame rates, and edit in realtime, all in one project. We look forward for P2 to be accepted as a standard for the new IT based studio and system environment."

Upload Time = 0, Makes the Perfect for Editing

Dalet works to fully leverage the benefits offered by P2

Mr.Yao Wei President Dayang

Mr. Tom McDonald Director of Business Development Dalet Digital Media Systems

"Dalet, a developer of enterprise wide news production and automation solutions, works closely with Panasonic to fully leverage the benefits offered by their P2 technology. The faster-thanreal-time transfer of field content offered by Panasonic's P2 acquisition products conquers one of the remaining bottlenecks in getting news to air. Combine this cutting edge technology with the integrated, `log-on-anywhere' capability of Dalet's news production and automation tools, Panasonic and Dalet offer broadcasters a true "next-generation" news production environment. Further, P2's support for metadata acquisition perfectly compliments Dalet's integrated video browse and archive tools, allowing for the effective cataloguing and fast retrieval of broadcasters' growing library of digital video assets."

· High efficient news capture/ edit/delivery · Fully digital platform · New technology couples AV and IT · Offers the highest stability, security, and performance · Virtually unlimited potential for the future Dayang Technology Development Inc (www.dayang. com), China's leading developer of broadcast-quality digital solutions for video editing, archiving and networking has announced it's latest NLE product: D3-Edit series. D3-Edit is an infinite layers, multi-format, title, animation and real-time post production compositing solution. D3-Edit offers broadcast image quality, advanced tools and high performance, all within a transparent database structure designed specifically for the individual producer, professional editor, and the large broadcaster who concerns about image quality and workflow efficiency. Dayang, Panasonic and Central China TV have signed an agreement selecting P2 Technology and Dayang products for the development of the CCTV Economy Channel. In this Olympic Games at Athens, BTV chose to use Dayang products and Panasonic P2 products successfully for the daily shows on Olympic reporting. We believe P2 will be a true revolution for the video recording technology in the broadcasting field.


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P2 Partners "If you have NEWS now, then get it to air NOW! (don't let it turn into history...)" "As the professional video industry moves toward tapeless acquisition"

Mr. Henry Alexander General Sales Manager EVS Broadcast Equipment

Mr. Matthew McEwen Product Manger Acquisition Products Focus Enhancements

"EVS is delighted to be working with Panasonic towards television production solutions that meet the operators' speed of thought. P2 is a perfect companion for CleanEdit, the nonlinear production system for news and sports. And we will also ensure P2 compatibility and interoperability with our live production servers as we proceed. CleanEdit is very much designed as a dual resolution system and can thus take full advantage of the proxy options available for P2 acquisition tools. Making, in fact, the ingest process nonlinear as well. The P2 drive easily connects to any workstation within the CleanEdit network. A simple mouse movement is all it needs to copy the media and metadata into the server. New content is declared into the database automatically, the assembly of edits can begin immediately. There is no need to wait for ingest to finish and P2 acquired content can be mixed with, for example, long-GOP MPEG2 sequences captured from satellite. CleanEdit delivers a complete suite of nonlinear production applications from ingest to playout. The CleanEdit concept is largely based on the implementation of professional editing in a standard IT infrastructure, allowing multiple users (journalists, editors, etc.) to share content and projects, instantly. The P2 system also is a fusion of AV technology and IT in very much the same spirit. Journalists and editors are now capable of getting breaking news to air within a flash. And with P2 being "HD-ready", we are truly ready for the future..."

"Focus Enhancements offers solutions for the entire video production workflow including acquisition, conversion, production, processing, play-out, and digital asset management. The FireStore family of Direct To Edit (DTE) recording and conversion products offers the industry's most comprehensive support of multiple DV formats. In our ongoing effort to support new file formats, we are pleased to announce that our DV Conversion Suite Software application now supports the Panasonic P2 file format. This utility gives P2 owners the ability to quickly and easily import and export P2 MXF content between the most popular native NLE application file formats. Seamless conversion between P2 MXF and other native NLE file formats allows Panasonic P2 equipment to interface with a wider variety of applications. Our goal is to extend this workflow flexibility to our entire family of FireStore Direct To Edit products. As the professional video industry moves toward tapeless acquisition, Focus Enhancements, like Panasonic, has a firm commitment to promote equipment and application interoperability that provides customers with expanded flexibility."

"Leitch is very pleased to be partnering with Panasonic to add support for P2 systems"

Mr. Tim Slate Director of Product Marketing Video Server Division Leitch Technology

"Leitch is very pleased to be partnering with Panasonic to add support for its popular P2 tapeless acquisition systems and MXF OP Atom format. The P2 and MXF initiatives are an integral part of functionality on our advanced NEXIO shared storage video server 12 Beyond/Issue 4.

P2 Partners

family and NewsFlash and NewsFlash FX non-linear editors for news. In fast-paced news operations, the ability to quickly acquire, edit and play-to-air is of paramount importance in maintaining market leadership. P2 integrates the workflow by enabling field content to be quickly moved into NEXIO shared storage for either further repurposing or direct play-to-air. Once content is in the NEXIO system, it can be edited and played out without copying or moving content from the common storage system. Panasonic's use of MXF fits perfectly with Leitch philosophy of supporting open standards, which benefit both end-users and manufacturers, by allowing content to be easily interchanged. Manufacturers can devote their efforts to providing features that differentiate their product, rather than invent proprietary interchange formats, while users can select best-in-class solution without worrying whether content is compatible.

The Microsoft Connected Services Framework for broadcast enables dynamic workflows for the creation, management, and delivery of digital content, while taking advantage of existing IT investments. By connecting Panasonic's P2 with Microsoft Connected Services Framework for broadcast, customers can now automatically connect content captured and logged in the field and integrate with back-end applications, saving them significant time and money.

"Omneon looks forward to playing a key role in the revolutionary workflow enhancements enabled by P2"

"The combined strength of P2 and Microsoft's Connected Services Framework allows broadcasters to realize 'seamless integration' "


Mr. Lawrence Kaplan Executive Chairman Omneon Video Networks

Ms. Kimberly Till Vice President Worldwide Media and Entertainment Group Microsoft

The evolving landscape of the broadcast industry is driving a revolution in the way broadcasters do business. Today, broadcasters have access to more delivery channels, require more delivery outputs, and understand that digital media will soon be the norm. To successfully address these changes, broadcast companies are looking for cost-effective ways to streamline the creation, delivery, and management of content. Over the years, Microsoft and Panasonic have worked together to solve the problems faced by the industry with innovative and interoperable technology that allows broadcasters to boost operational efficiencies and increase revenues. The combined strength of Panasonic's P2 and Microsoft's Connected Services Framework allows broadcasters to realize the promise of 'seamless integration' by leveraging powerful Web services and industry standards such as XML to connect once-disconnected islands of information and enable an all-digital content workflow.

As the leading provider of cost-effective and flexible networked media servers, Omneon is excited to support Panasonic and the P2 community. Utilization of the MXF format for acquisition is a significant step in bringing the full promise of seamless workflow to broadcast operations. Omneon has embraced MXF, and enhanced the Omneon Spectrum system to capture, store and playout MXF files natively. Designed from inception to be format independent, the Omneon file system requires no changes in order to support this common format. Files which are ingested over IP as MXF files are simply stored on the file system like any other file. Omneon looks forward to playing a key role in the revolutionary workflow enhancements enabled by P2. In the near term, that means receiving files directly from MXF edit systems such as the Avid Newscutter and the Apple Final Cut Pro. It also means seamlessly integrating with the Telestream FlipFactory in direct convert mode for pristine and faster-than-realtime transfers. And in the future, broadcasters will be able to transfer native P2 files into the Omneon media server for direct playout to air.


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P2 Partners "Pinnacle deliver Liquid broadcast editing solutions with native P2 support" "Quantel takes great pride in collaborating with Panasonic"

Mr. Matthew Danilowicz Vice President and General Manager Broadcast Business Pinnacle Systems

"Pinnacle Systems is pleased to continue our relationship with Panasonic and deliver Pinnacle Liquid broadcast editing solutions with native P2 support. Pinnacle is dedicated to providing the television industry with powerful production solutions that help broadcasters build their brands and effectively compete. Pinnacle's leading real-time graphics, editing and content delivery products work together to help broadcasters craft their unique visual identity and efficiently deliver highly competitive programming. All of the new broadcast configurations of Liquid version 6 include native support for P2. Liquid supports high-speed ingest from P2 media, as well as editing directly on the P2 media itself. Liquid also supports direct writing of edited video footage back to P2 media. Liquid's "SmartEDIT" technology allows P2's MXF / DV / DVCPRO 25/50 based video format to be edited natively, without the time-consuming and quality-deteriorating transcoding steps required by other editing systems. When combined with Liquid's new real-time CPU and GPU-based effects technology, advanced audio processing engine and seamless networking capabilities, broadcast editors benefit from a "frictionless" environment in which less time is spent waiting, and more time is spent actually editing. Liquid integrates the entire editing process, including ingest, video editing and compositing, audio editing, titling and DVD authoring into a single application, and does not force users to learn and shuttle content between additional external software applications. Liquid's redesigned interface also includes Windows-standard menus and simple import and export wizards. Broadcast configurations of Liquid version 6 with native P2 support, including Liquid Broadcast, Liquid Chrome HD and Liquid Blue, are now available."

Mr. Joe Torelli Director Broadcast Applications Quantel

"Quantel views the development and implementation of Panasonic P2 as a primary catalyst to breaking through the tapeless acquisition barrier. The solid state nature of P2 has tremendous advantages both in the everchanging demands of capturing in the field, but more importantly in accelerating the process back at home base when it comes time to edit and get the material to air. The Quantel news and sports production system is at the forefront in speed to air. The addition of P2 into the workflow only adds to the efficiency of the system. From the recently announced "NewsBox"tm turnkey news production server system, all the way up to the double and triple digit port sQServer systems with thousands of hours of HD and SD online, Quantel takes great pride in collaborating with Panasonic in the streamlined process of implementing P2 media."

"Panasonic is a best of breed partner, fully supportive and professional in their partnership"

Mr. Christopher Golson Senior director Media Industry Marketing SGI

SGI and Panasonic have been developing products and solutions for the broadcast market together for a long time. SGI offers IT infrastructure capabilities and professional services for the broadcast market, in particular

14 Beyond/Issue 4.

P2 Partners

in the news area where speed to air and content management are key demands. SGI offers central storage and archiving solutions which correspond to customer workflow. Broadcasters demand the best of breed partner offerings, such as Panasonic P2 for news SGI solutions. SGI is working to integrate P2 in workflow solutions for customers all over the world. In particular, the OP-Atom (P2) capability adds significant benefit for editing and workgroup control as SGI integrates this smoothly into a SGI suitable archiving and transport mechanism employing Op 1-a. SGI is developing MXF file conversion capabilities to offer customers. Panasonic is a best of breed partner, fully supportive and professional in their partnership. Panasonic understands the value of partnership for customer solutions.

Panasonic's P2 solutions bring reliable, tapeless, high-capacity and high-speed data transfer to broadcast news acquisition. Adding Telestream's MAPone IP media delivery software application to the mix, gives news organizations an efficient IPbased transmission solution. The end result is a completely media-less, automated workflow from news acquisition to remote laptop editing and ingest to newsroom systems at the central facility."

"One that works as fast as you do. And one ..."

"P2 solutions bring reliable, tapeless, high-capacity and high-speed data transfer to broadcast news acquisition"

Mr. Michael Cronk Vice President Server and Digital News Production Thomson/GrassValley

Mr. David Heppe Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Telestream

"Telestream is pleased to be partnering with Panasonic to add support for its popular P2 media-less acquisition systems and MXF OP Atom format to our industry-leading FlipFactory transcoding automation software solutions and MAP media access solutions. MXF OP Atom allows for instant access to video and audio streams and facilitates easy editing. Until now the industry has lacked a file-based solution for direct transfer of Panasonic P2 content into networked editing environments like the Avid Unity. Telestream's FlipFactory automatically converts and transfers media and metadata files between virtually all the leading digital formats and professional devices. As we continually strive to stay at the forefront of new developments, we are excited to be adding Panasonic P2 support to our extensive arsenal of existing FlipFactory workflow automation solutions. This integration enables instant, high-speed file-based access to Panasonic P2 content by a wide range of systems, including nonlinear editing systems, media servers, and storage devices.

Thomson and its full range of Grass Valley products offer the most comprehensive, multiformat solutions for acquisition, production, storage and playback -- and a strong foundation for centralized, proactive status and activity monitoring. As part of this broad capability, the Grass Valley Digital News Production solution touches the entire news production process, from field and studio editing, including capture from the P2 card and playback and trimming to local disk at the journalist's laptop or desktop, through lowresolution edit decision list creation, to flexible and reliable server playout of finished material. Newsrooms are using this functionality right now: editing directly from P2 cards using NewsEdit version 5.1. Grass Valley offers a solution that addresses the entire news production process. One that works as fast as you do. One that can get stories on air quickly and efficiently. One that can increase the production value of your content. And one that is more economical than tape-based solutions.


Beyond/Issue 4. 15

P2 Takes You to the Beyond

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Systems Business Group 2-15 Matsuba-cho, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8503 Japan Tel. +81 6 6905 4650 Fax. +81 6 6908 5969

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company A Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America 1 Panasonic Way 4E-7, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Tel. +1 201 348 5300

Panasonic Broadcast Europe A Division of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Hagenauer Str. 43 65203 Wiesbaden, Germany Tel. +49 (0)611 235 481

Panasonic Broadcast China A division of Matsushita Electric Industrial (China) Co.,Ltd. 8/F Tower C, He Qiao Building, No. 8, Guanghua Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing, 100026 Tel: (010) 6583-2361/2362/2363 Panasonic Singapore A Division Comapny of Matsushita Electric Asia Pte Ltd 2 Jalan Kilang Barat, Panasonic Building Singapore 159346 Tel. +65 6270 0110

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