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Low Cost CAN I/O High Speed Remote I/O B&R Compact PLC/PCC Systems


Modularity A flexible, expandable system demands modularity ... the B&R 2003 system satisfies these demands with inexpensive, modular I/O and controller modules designed for a wide range of industrial applications. This new I/O system provides the flexibility of open communications connections and modular DIN-rail mounted I/O for PLCs, PCs and industrial workstations. These compact systems offer high density I/O points where they are needed ... out on the machine and process. In addition to remote I/O, many of todays automation applications also require distributed intelligence. The choice is yours - the 2003 system offers centralized or distributed processing with local and/or remote I/O. Mix and Match I/O B&Rs mix-and-match I/O modules are so modular and flexible that they can provide I/O selections down to the individual point. Digital input and output options consist of 24VDC, 120/230VAC and relay outputs. Analog modules have a uniform interface that allows the user to mix voltage and current inputs and outputs plus thermocouple and RTD inputs. Other modules are currently being developed so consult B&R before you start your application. Flexibility By simply changing communications/processor modules, the B&R 2003 System actually provides three different system implementations. All three systems are modular and use the same plug-in I/O modules and DIN rail base plates. Each system node can be expanded up to 80 digital I/O and 32 analog I/O. CAN I/O - for low cost applications. The CAN I/O module provides each node with a CAN interface for communications with the B&R PLC family, B&R Industrial PLC family and our modular PANELWARE operator interface family. B&R Remote I/O - for higher performance applications. This provides a remote I/O interface for our system 2000 PLC/PCC family with a fast data transfer rate of two million bits per second. Remote I/ O response time (reading a digital input and setting a digital output) can be less than three milliseconds.

B&R 2003 Systems with three or five module slots

B&R Intelligent I/O - for applications requiring PLC intelligence at each node. A full system 2000 based processor module including the CAN interface is available. This provides total PLC/PCC capability at each node with communications over CANbus. Open Communications Standard CAN (Controller Area Network) is an international standard (ISO 11898) device network that offers high speed transmissions, high communications reliability and low connection costs per station. CAN is particularly well-suited to connect intelligent I/O devices as well as sensors and actuators within a machine, process or plant. A single communication cable replaces the need to wire each device back to the main controller rack. This means that significantly less wire and wiring labor is used - reducing wiring errors and cost. B&R can now offer you the benefits of distributed I/O systems using our PLCs, PCs, and PANELWARE MMI since all of these products offer built-in CAN interfaces for simple, low cost connections to the B&R 2003 I/O family. Application Considerations In addition to modularity, flexibility, and open communications; the B&R 2003 I/O family offers many other benefits to consider in your next automation project. Ease of Installation: I/O terminal blocks that snap into place; ejection levers to pop them out; termination for each sensor/actuator wire; no intermediate terminal blocks required; CAN connectors with screw terminals & builtin termination resistors. Low Maintenance: modular for quick replacements; always open for future field bus advancements; upward compatibility for easy expansion. Less Stock: same I/O modules for remote, CAN, PLC systems; unused digital outputs can be used as inputs.

B&R 2003 Analog Module


B&R 2005 as RIO-Master

2 MBit/sec. data transfer RIO response time of < 3msec Intelligent Slave ONLINE Configuration Programmable with PG2000 Distances of up to 1200m (without repeater) B&R 2003, 2005 and 2010 Systems can be combined

Up to 31 RIO-Slave-Stations


Modern Control Technology Application Memory > 200 kBytes Modular Hardware and Software Reaction Time in the msec Range Multifunctional Inputs/Outputs Pulse width Modulated Outputs Pulse Counter and Measurement

Demanding Jobs - One System Analog and Digital Servo Control Electronic Drum Sequencer Stepper Motor Control Closed Loop Control

Decentral Intelligence Input Voltage 24VDC or 120/230VAC Modular I/O-Concept Standard Field Bus Protocol Galvanic Isolation from Field Bus Multitasking Modern Programming

CAN - Controller Input Voltage 24VDC or 120/230VAC Modular I/O-Concept Galvanic Isolation from Field Bus Automatic Initialization

REMOTE I/O Controller Input Voltage 24VDC or 120/230VAC Master/Slave Principle 2 MBit Data Transfer Up to 31 Slave-Stations Distances up to 1200m

Analog I/O Modules 4 Single Channel Modules 1Channel Modularity

Digital I/O Modules Galvanic Isolation from Field Bus Wiring 8 Channel Modules Digital Input: Inputs for Sink or Source Operation 8 Digital Inputs 24VDC 120/230VAC Digital Output: 8 Digital Relay Outputs 8 Digital Transistor Outputs 24VDC/2A with Individual Channel Diagnosis

Analog Input: ±10V or 0-20mA PT100 Thermocouple with Integrated Linearization to deg C Fe-CuNi Typ(J) Ni Cr-Ni Typ(K) Pt Rh-Pt T yp(S) Analog Output: ±10V or 0-20mA

Uniform two and three wire connections Eject mechanism to remove terminal blocks from the I/O modules

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PCC/PLC, Distributed I/O Systems, Industrial Computers, Operator Interface Panels, Visualization Terminals, Industrial Workstations, Positioning and CNC.

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