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Forms contained in Legal Forms and Worksheets produced by The Florida Bar.

Legal Forms and Worksheets

Business Organizations

ATTORNEY-CLIENT 1-10 New Client Information Form 1-15 Entity Information Form 1-20 Letter to Prospective Client Declining Representation 1-25 New Client Letter 1-30 Attorney Fee Letter Agreement 1-35 Attorney Fee Agreement for Hourly Clients (Short Form) CORPORATIONS 3-01 Articles of Incorporation 3-02 Certificate of Designation - Registered Agent and Office (Corporation) 3-03 Articles of Amendment - FS 607 0602 (Corporation) 3-03a Articles of Amendment - General - FS 607 1006 (Corporation) 3-04 Statement of Change - Registered Agent-Office-Both (Corporation) 3-05 Resignation of Registered Agent (Corporation) 3-06 Application to Transact Business in Florida (Foreign Corporation) 3-07 Application - Registration of Foreign Corporate Name 3-08 Renewal Application for Foreign Name Registration (Foreign Corporation) 3-09 Amendment - Application to Do Business in Florida (Foreign Corporation) 3-10 Articles of Dissolution by Incorporators or Directors (Corporation) 3-11 Articles of Dissolution - Corp has Issued Shares or Commenced Business 3-12 Bylaws (Corporation) 3-13 Resolution Issuing Shares 3-14 Resolution Declaring Share Dividend PARTNERSHIPS 5-01 Basic General Partnership Agreement 5-02 Partnership Registration Statement 5-03 Amendment to Partnership Registration 5-04 Cancellation of Partnership Registration 5-05 Statement of Partnership Authority 5-06 Statement of Dissociation for Partnership 1-40 1-45 1-50 1-55 1-60 Receipt for Client Documents Letter to Client Indicating Decision to Form Entity Organization Checklist Letter Identifying Client Client Satisfaction and Acknowledgment Form

3-15 3-16 3-17 3-18 3-19 3-20 3-21 3-22 3-23 3-24 3-25 3-26 3-27 3-28

Dividend Resolution Subscription Agreement Agreement Among Shareholders - Right of First Refusal Agreement Among Shareholders - Sale Required on Death-Disability Legend Indicating Voting - Shareholders' Agreement Voting Trust Agreement Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders Waiver of Notice-Special Meeting of Shareholders Statement of Consent to Action (Corporation) Notice of Meeting of Board of Directors Waiver of Notice of Meeting of Board of Directors Unanimous Written Consent in lieu of First Mtg of Bd of Dir Directors' Written Consent to Action

5-07 5-08 5-09 5-10 5-11

Statement of Dissolution for Partnership Statement of Denial for General Partnership Statement of Partnership Merger Amendment to Partnership Statement Cancellation of Partnership Statement

LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS 5-12 Limited Partnership Agreement 5-16 5-13 Certificate of Limited Partnership 5-17 5-14 Affidavit of Capital Contributions (Florida LP) 5-18 5-15 Supplemental Affidavit - Capital Contributions (Florida LP) FOREIGN LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS 5-19 Application for Certificate of Authority to Transact Business (Foreign LP) 5-20 Application to Obtain Amended Certificate of Authority (Foreign LP) 5-21 Affidavit of Capital Contributions (Foreign LP) REGISTERED LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIPS 5-24 Statement of Qualification - Florida Registered LLP LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES 11-01 Articles of Organization (LLC) 11-02 Certificate of Registered Agent-Office (LLC) 11-03 Transmittal Letter - Resignation of Registered Agent (LLC) 11-04 Change of Registered Agent-Office-Both (LLC) 11-05 Resignation of Registered Agent (LLC) 11-06 Articles of Amendment to Articles of Organization (LLC) 11-07 Articles of Dissolution (LLC) 11-08 Articles of Revocation of Dissolution (LLC) 11-09 Application for Authorization to Transact Business (Foreign LLC) 11-10 Application to File Amendment to Applic to Transact Business (Foreign LLC) 11-11 Application for Withdrawal of Authority to Transact Business (Foreign LLC) 5-22 5-23

Statement of Change - Registered Agent-Office-Both (Florida LP) Amendment of Certificate of Limited Partnership Certificate of Dissolution (Florida LP)

Supplemental Affidavit - Capital Contributions (Foreign LP) Notice of Cancellation (Foreign LP)

5-25 11-12 11-13 11-14 11-16 11-16i 11-20 11-25 11-30 11-35 11-40 11-45

Statement of Qualification - Foreign Registered LLP Certificate of Merger Articles of Correction (LLC) Certificate of Conversion Limited Liability Company Reinstatement Limited Liability Company Reinstatement - Instructions Operating Agreement (Company Agreement) (LLC) Resignation of Member, Managing Member or Manager Transmittal Letter - Articles of Organization (LLC) Transmittal Letter - Articles of Amendment (LLC) Transmittal Letter - Articles of Dissolution (LLC) Transmittal Letter - Other (LLC)


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Homestead Exemption

10-1 10-2 10-3 10-4 Notice of Designation of Homestead Real Property by Owner before Levy Notice of Homestead Real Property by Owner Before Sale Notice of Claim of Homestead Real Property by Owner after Levy Plaintiff's Request for Survey 10-5 10-6 10-7 10-8 Affidavit & Inventory of Personal Property and Designated Exemptions Declaration of Domicile and Citizenship in Florida Plaintiff's Objection to Inventory of Personal Property Motion for Determination of Homestead Property

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Landlord and Tenant

***** Commercial ***** 4-1 Verified Complaint for Distress for Rent 4-2 Distress Bond 4-3 Distress Writ 4-4 Affidavit of Non-Military Service 4-5 Plaintiff's Motion for Default and Default 4-6 Plaintiff's Motion for Final Judgment After Default 4-7 Plaintiff's Motion for Attorney's Fees and Taxing of Costs 4-8 Affidavits of Reasonable Attorney's Fees and Costs 4-9 Final Judgment After Default 4-10 Writ of Execution 4-11 Satisfaction of Judgment 4-12 Plaintiff's Motion for Discharge of Distress Bond 4-13 Stipulation for Dismissal 4-14 Order of Dismissal 4-15 Complaint for Unlawful Detainer and Forcible Entry 4-16 Final Judgment after Default and Order for Levy 4-17 Writ of Possession (Commercial) ***** Residential ***** 4-18 Three-Day Notice to Holdover Tenant 4-19 Letter Landlord - Cease Desist Self-Help Eviction 4-20 Three-Day Notice Pay Rent or Vacate 4-21 Seven-Day Notice Incurable Violations 4-22 Seven-Day Notice Re Curable Violations 4-23 Seven-Day Notice Tenant Intent to Terminate 4-24 Tenant Notice Landlord Failure to Cure 4-25 Tenant Notice - Intent to Withhold Rent 4-26 Tenant Notice - Rent Withheld 4-27 Complaint for Simple Eviction 4-28 Complaint for Eviction and Past Due Rent 4-29 Defendant's Motion to Determine Amount of Rent 4-30 Motion for Default on Possession Count/Clk Default 4-48 Plaintiff's Motion for Tenant Removal 4-49 Order for Tenant Removal 4-50 Plaintiff Motion Final Money Judgment by Default 4-51 Final Money Judgment 4-52 Writ of Possession (Residential) 4-53 Notice - Intent Impose Claim Security Deposit 4-54 Notice - Objection to Claim on Security Deposit 4-55 Notice - Right to Reclaim Abandoned Property 4-56 Tenant Notice - Termination by Member of the Armed Forces ***** Answers & Affirmative Defenses ***** 4-31 Answer and Affirmative Defenses w/Mtn to Dismiss ***** Leases ***** 4-57 Commercial Lease 4-58 Residential Lease


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Mortgage Foreclosure

***** Background & Support Materials ***** 13-1 Instruction Letter 13-2 Engagement Letter 13-2A Mortgage Foreclosure Worksheet 13-3 Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure 13-4 Grantor's Affidavit of Intent, Consid. & Solvency 13-5 Forbearance Agreement 13-6 Demand Letter 13-7 Letter to Title Company ***** Intital Filings ***** 13-8 Complaint 13-9 Exhibit "D" - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 13-11 Order Appointing Receiver 13-12 Notice of Lis Pendens 13-13 Affidavit of Compliance with 28 USC Section 2410 ***** Default & Due Diligence ***** 13-14 Request to Post Office for Address Information 13-15 Division of Motor Vehicles Address Info Request 13-16 Affidavit for Service of Process by Publication 13-17 Plaintiff's Motion for Default 13-18 Plaintiff's Motion for Appointment of Ad Litem 13-19 Order Appointing Atty/Guard./Admin. Ad Litem 13-20 Oath of Atty/Guard./Admin. Ad Litem 13-21 Answer of Atty/Guard./Admin. Ad Litem ***** Summary Judgment ***** 13-22 Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Final Judgment 13-23 Plaintiff's Affidavit of Defendant's Indebtedness 13-24 Plaintiff's Affidavit of Costs 13-25 Plaintiff's Affidavit of Attorneys' Time 13-26 Plaintiff's Affidavit of Attorneys' Fees 13-27 Plaintiff's Affidavit of Non-Military Service 13-28 Final Judgment of Foreclosure ***** Foreclosure Sale & Judgment ***** 13-29 Clerk's Notice of Sale Under F.S. Chapter 45 13-30 Clerk's Certificate of Sale 13-31 Clerk's Certificate of Title 13-32 Clerk's Certificate of Disbursements 13-33 Order to Show Cause for Entry of Final Judgment 13-34 Order to Show Cause for Order to Make Pymts or Vacate

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***** Husband's ***** 15-01 Durable Power of Attorney 15-03 Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian 15-04 Designation of Health Care Surrogate 15-05 HIPAA Release 15-06 Living Will 15-08 Uniform Donor Card 15-09 Separate Writing for Tangible Personal Property 15-10 Simple Will (Outright to spouse and children) 15-11 Trust Will (Outright to spouse & trust for minors) 15-12 Revocable Trust Agreement 15-13 Pour-over Will ***** Wife's ***** 15-01A Durable Power of Attorney 15-03A Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian 15-04A Designation of Health Care Surrogate 15-05A HIPAA Release 15-06A Living Will 15-08A Uniform Donor Card 15-09A Separate Writing for Tangible Personal Property 15-10A Simple Will (Outright to spouse and children) 15-11A Trust Will (Outright to spouse & trust for minors) 15-12A Revocable Trust Agreement 15-13A Pour-over Will ***** Individual's ***** 15-01B Durable Power of Attorney 15-03B Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian 15-04B Designation of Health Care Surrogate 15-05B HIPAA Release 15-06B Living Will 15-08B Uniform Donor Card 15-09B Separate Writing for Tangible Personal Property 15-10B Simple Will 15-11B Trust Will (outright-beneficiary & trust-children) 15-12B Revocable Trust Agreement 15-13B Pour-over Will ***** Minor Children ***** 15-02 Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian for Minor 15-02B Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian for Minor (Single Parent) ***** Miscellaneous ***** 15-07 Conflict Representation Letter 15-20 Information Fact Sheet 15-30 Info Sheet with Advance Directives


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