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Doctors Discover 100% NATURAL Remedy That Restores Youth and Power To Your Lungs To Help You

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Allergies Asthma Colds & Flu Bronchitis Fatigue Sinus Problems Chest Congestion Emphysema Smoking Damage Shortness of Breath Heart Problems


No Drugs

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You Are Slowly Being Suffocated To Death!

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Pollution Smoke Smog Less Oxygen Bacteria Allergens

Little by little, slowly over time, all these things have been working to deprive your body of precious oxygen. They have made your lungs increasingly brittle so you get less oxygen with every breath. Eventually breathing becomes more difficult ... activities become a chore ... and eventually you need an oxygen tank and toxic medicines. But it doesn't have to be that way any more!

Research Has Discovered Natural Breakthroughs That Revitalize Your Lungs And Help You Breathe Easy Again.

Even If Breathing Is Hard Or You Suffer With Disease ...

Now You Can Breathe Easier and Live A Longer, More Active Life!

Doctors Report:

More Energy

Less Fatigue

Fewer Colds

No More Allergies

No More Dangerous Prescriptions

If you find yourself having more colds, coughs, allergies, sinus problems, shortness of breath, chest congestion and other breathing problems, you're not alone. Rates of allergies, asthma, emphysema and bronchitis have been increasing at alarming rates for the past 20 years. In fact, twice as many people

No More Shortness of Breath

The chart below clearly shows the relationship between the incidence of breathing disorders and the amount of oxygen we take in. Now You Can End Breathing Problems, Revitalize Your Lungs and End Disease Fortunately, leading researchers have discovered a safe, natural formula that dramatically reduces the problems of asthma, restores easy breathing and even reverses disease! The scientists at the internationally renowned nutriceutical company, Gero Vita Laboratories, have now combined the most effective of these ingredients into one easy-to-use tablet called LUNG SUPPORT. And the results people are getting with this 100% safe and natural supplement are nothing short of remarkable. Now You Can Enjoy Your Life More! People report that after taking

By Martin Wellner, Medical Science Editor have breathing problems today as did in 1979. Deaths from emphysema continue to skyrocket even though tobacco use has dropped. Sales of bronchial inhalers have almost tripled in the same time. Evidently, the combination of a growing population and environmental pollutants are the prime culprits poisoning our air and robbing us of oxygen.

Breathing Disorders Increase As You Get Older And Your Lungs Deteriorate

90.00% 80.00% 70.00% 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% 25 35 45 Age 55 65 75

Health and breathing problems increase as oxygen levels fall.

Oxygen levels fall as we age.


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Little by little, reduction in oxygen intake is robbing you of life. If you have a lung disease like emphysema, bronchitis or asthma, your breathing problems are obvious, and you should start taking LUNG SUPPORT right away. But if you don't have these obvious diseases, this quiz will tell you if you are a potential victim of the kind of lung problems that LUNG SUPPORT can help. Yes 1. Have you noticed that you feel more sluggish than you used to? No 2. Do you find yourself fatigued and tiring easily? Yes No Yes No 3. Are you feeling generally run-down? 4. Do you get sick more often than you like? 5. Do you live in an area with bad pollution? 6. Do you work in a building without open windows?

Climb stairs effortlessly Enjoy long, leisurely walks Concentrate more easily and feel more alert Play with your grandchildren without getting tired Enjoy more stamina Eliminate coughing Feel energized Have less fatigue Have fewer colds End allergies Have no more shortness of breath This may sound too good to be true, but let me assure you it's not. Remember, your lungs are the engine of your body. If they are not operating at maximum efficiency, your health will suffer and deteriorate. When your lungs are restored with all natural LUNG SUPPORT, you will get all the energizing, life-giving oxygen you need for an active, healthy life. Breathing Is Automatic, But It's Not Easy We tend to think of breathing as simply taking in air. But that's just the first step. Your lungs also need to be able to absorb the oxygen out of the air you inhale. Thirdly, you must be able to expel the carbon dioxide from your lungs to make way for the next batch of air.

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, you could be experiencing oxygen deprivation due to subtle lung problems. This means LUNG SUPPORT can help you. There is no better, proven, 100% natural solution than LUNG SUPPORT.

LUNG SUPPORT their whole life changes. For example, A. Woldridge from Missouri writes: "LUNG SUPPORT has made a big difference. It stopped the coughing that hurt between my shoulder blades, and made it so I can sleep without almost choking from phlegm. I am really sold on LUNG SUPPORT!" O. Combs from West Virginia told us: "I sincerely feel LUNG SUPPORT has cleaned out my breathing passages. I can breathe so much easier, and I haven't had any respiratory infections, colds or flu since I've been taking it." And V.L. Scott from Tennessee adds: "I'm a smoker with borderline emphysema. Until I started

taking LUNG SUPPORT, my breathing was short and very shallow. What a big difference I feel now. This is a wonderful product." This report includes more glowing reports from many of the thousands of people for whom LUNG SUPPORT has changed their lives. But here's the point: With LUNG SUPPORT, instead of being cooped up in the house coughing, wheezing and gasping for air, you can get out and enjoy life more now ... without taking dangerous medicine! You no longer have to give up the activities you love because you are fatigued and have trouble breathing. LUNG SUPPORT ends all that! If you struggle with breathing problems, you'll be glad to know that with 100% natural LUNG SUPPORT you can ... 4

Pack-A-Day Smoker Stops Coughing

"My wife ordered LUNG SUPPORT for me because I smoke over a pack a day. I was always congested and coughing. Well, I'm still smoking, but it sure stopped the congestion and coughing. Thanks." -- A. Almgren, Georgia

When any of these steps breaks down, breathing trouble begins. You will cough, choke, wheeze, gasp, develop asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and will eventually die. Breathing Problems Affect Your Whole Body And Health When your lungs are not functioning at peak capacity and you have trouble breathing, you either cannot expel carbon dioxide or deliver the optimal amount of oxygen to your body. This can cause your whole body to shut down. Nowhere is this more obvious than with your brain. If your brain does not get 100% of the oxygen it needs, it cannot function properly. Since the brain controls all other functions in your body, even a small lack of oxygen to your brain can result in problems with almost every bodily function. In other words, reduction in oxygen to brain cells is directly responsible for a reduction in the functions of the heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, joints, digestion, and sex drive. The Air We Breathe Is Slowly Suffocating You Many health professionals believe the current rise in breathing problems is linked to pollution. And it is slowly robbing you of a healthy active life. Think about what your body and your lungs are exposed to every day. You are continually bombarded with cigarette smoke, pollution, automotive exhaust, fumes, pollen, chemicals and even animal dander. This is why breathing becomes more difficult for you as you get older -- even if you do not suffer 5 from disease. And if you do have disease, the effects are aggravated and made even worse. For example: ASTHMA -- If you suffer from asthma, you are particularly sensitive to particles of pollution and gases in the air. These cause your bronchial tubes to narrow, and a layer of choking mucus to build up. According to the American Lung Association, the number of people who died from asthma almost doubled since 1979. COLDS, ALLERGIES, SINUS PROBLEMS -- If you suffer from colds, allergies and sinus problems, your nasal mucus membranes have become inflamed and swollen. Over time, with repeated exposure, your mucus membranes become overwhelmed and result in chronic sinus problems. The number of people experiencing sinus problems has skyrocketed to 35 million according to the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. EMPHYSEMA -- Most people think only smokers or coal miners get emphysema. But due to the

"LUNG SUPPORT contains

all the known ingredients that can be used for this purpose. I highly recommend it."

-- Douglas Hunt, M.D.

"We have a long way to go before our air is clean again, and the incidence of respiratory illness will continue to increase, unless we begin taking protective measures now. Thankfully, nature has provided several substances we can use for protection as well as rehabilitation of our lungs. LUNG SUPPORT contains all the known ingredients that can be used for this purpose. I highly recommend it." -- Douglas Hunt, M.D. is boardcertified in family practice and former clinical faculty instructor at USC.

From One Cold After Another ... But Now ... Not Even A Hint Of A Cold With LUNG SUPPORT

"I used to finish one cold, and a few weeks later, start another. I hated life because it seemed that I was always sneezing, coughing and had difficulty breathing with a congested chest. Since I began using LUNG SUPPORT, there hasn't been even a hint of a cold. Thank God, and thank you." - E. Sawan, Oregon

daily bombardment your lungs take every day, EVERYONE is susceptible to emphysema ... and the risk increases as you age. If you suffer from emphysema your problem is not in taking air in ... it's in getting the carbon dioxide out. With lungs still full of carbon dioxide, you cannot take in fresh, life-giving oxygen. Think of your lungs as a rubber balloon. When healthy, they fill up with air, and if you don't close the opening, the elasticity of the balloon forces the air back out. Emphysema lungs are like a balloon with no elasticity left. You fill it with air, and it just stays there. Studies show that deaths from emphysema are skyrocketing. BRONCHITIS -- If you suffer from bronchitis your bronchial tubes have become irritated and inflamed. Air pollution and cigarette smoke are the primary causes of bronchitis. Sales of bronchial inhalers have almost tripled since 1979 Secret To Breathing Disorders Unlocked Everyone knows -- and has even come to accept -- that with6 out intervention, we get sicker as we age. But only recently has the role of breathing and oxygen in that cycle become clear. We get sick as we age because the older we are, the more polluted air we've breathed. Over time this damages our lungs and prevents the optimal amount of life-giving oxygen from reaching our vital organs. In fact, it is likely that many breathing disorders like asthma, emphysema and bronchitis; plus many of the illnesses we've been told are the "normal" result of aging, like cancer, age spots, wrinkling, heart disease, kidney problems, high blood pressure and more ... can be attributed to lung problems and insufficient oxygen. Simply put, the older we get, the less oxygen our damaged lungs can absorb; the less oxygen we get, the more health problems we have. Today's Medicine Is Very Bad and Harmful To Your Health The current medical treatments for breathing disorders like asthma, bronchitis and emphysema are dangerous steroid-type drugs and albuterol inhalers. Steroids in any form are dangerous. They shut down the immune system making you more

WARNING: Bronchial Inhalers May Cause Cataracts, Glaucoma and Blindness

Relieves Asthma ... Less Chest Congestion ... Coughs Much Less

"I have asthma, and since I started using LUNG SUPPORT, I can breathe a lot easier. Also, I cough much less. My chest doesn't seem as congested." -- D.E. Thornton, Arizona

susceptible to disease over time. Recent studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of The American Medical Association suggest that inhaled steroids may cause cataracts, glaucoma and even blindness. And while these drugs alleviate symptoms, they do nothing to cure the underlying causes of breathing difficulties. Once you start on these medicines, you will be on them for life ... or until they harm you. What's worse, if you experience occasional trouble breathing but don't yet have a full-blown disease, your doctor will be of no help whatsoever. Researchers Discover Natural Remedies That Restore Youth and Power To Your Lungs Fortunately, you do NOT have to endure a life of suffering and inactivity. No longer do you need to use your strength to take in each new breath. Just like you can exercise a muscle to make it stronger, researchers have recently discovered several nutrients that make your bronchials and lungs stronger physically, PLUS make them less sensitive to air particles, allergies and disease. Breathe Easy With Restored Strength And Elasticity In Your Lungs Your lungs contain many air sacs called alveoli which expand and contract to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Pollution and chemicals inhaled into your lungs produce a substance called elastase which destroys the alveoli's ability to expand and contract. Recently three substances have been found that combine to work in 3 unique ways to destroy elastase and restore strength and elasticity to the alveoli. They are: retinoic acid, frutus forsythiae and salviae miltiorrhizae. Even Emphysema Can Be Reversed Now Doctors Gloria and Donald Massaro at the Georgetown University School of Medicine reported in the medical journal Nature Medicine that they were actually able to reverse emphysema with a simple vitamin-type substance called retinoic acid. Around the same time, Dr. Li Changeheng of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences found that a natural extract from a certain Forsythia bush, frutus forsythiae, also stops elastase damage and restores lung elasticity. 7 Further investigations by Dr. Changeheng also revealed that a natural extract from a flower, salviae miltiorrhizae, protects the alveoli from elastase damage and dilates the arteries between the lungs and the heart so they can carry more oxygen. Stop Coughing, Spasms and Inflammation The bronchials are the tubes that deliver oxygen from the throat to all parts of your lungs. "Whether a person has lung problems or not, I think they should be taking LUNG SUPPORT daily." - Dr. Hans Kugler

"No one can escape air pollutants, which steadily erode the membranes of the respiratory system. Fortunately, scientists have found natural substances that protect the delicate membranes of the lungs and help rejuvenate them. LUNG SUPPORT has all the ingredients that have been proven useful for this purpose. Whether a person has lung problems or not, I think they should be taking LUNG SUPPORT daily." -- Dr. Hans Kugler, Ph.D., author of the best-seller, Slowing Down the Aging Process.

Breathes Easier, Feels Stronger and Doesn't Cough Any More

"Since I've been using LUNG SUPPORT, I can breathe easier and don't tire as I did before. I really feel stronger and don't cough any more. I am very thankful that I found LUNG SUPPORT" - W. H. Payton, Louisiana

This is where most breathing problems begin. For example, in asthmatics, the bronchials spasm and become narrow, constricting off the flow of oxygen. In bronchitis, they become inflamed and swell. Dr. Li Yu at the Hunan Medical University discovered that an extract from a caterpillar fungus called cordyceps sinenis dramatically assists the immune system to naturally stop bronchial spasms, inflammation and chronic coughing. "Good" Side-Effects While cordyceps sinenis helps make the respiratory system stronger, helping it fight off pollutants, allergens and disease, it also has some additional benefits. Unlike drugs which often have dangerous side-effects, this natural nutrient offers many benefits to your whole body, including lowering cholesterol, helping to regulate heart rhythm and stimulating your sex drive. End Bronchial Disease Dr. D. T. Chu of the University of Texas Cancer Center conducted studies with a natural extract from the root of the milkvetch weed called astragalus membranaceus. Dr. Chu was so amazed by what he found, he wrote in his report that astragalus membranaceus had "remarkable immunopotentiating activity" on the respiratory system. In other words, it strengthens the respiratory system, accelerates the healing in the bronchial tubes and makes the body resistant to the foreign particles and bacteria that invade our air. With this nutrient, bronchial disease can be a thing of 8 the past! Stop Wheezing And Coughing The two most common breathing disorders you may experience are wheezing and coughing. Wheezing is caused by trying to "suck" air through restricted or obstructed bronchial tubes. Coughing is caused by irritation or inflammation of the bronchials. Scientists have discovered four plant extracts that work particularly well at alleviating both wheezing and coughing. Prunus armeniaca, from the seed of the apricot, and morus alba, from the bark of the mulberry tree end coughing by soothing and relaxing the bronchial tubes. Ophiopogon japonicus, an extract from the root of the lilyturf plant breaks up heavy phlegm and moistens the lungs. And an extract from the root of the cynachum plant helps you eliminate sputum that obstructs the bronchial passageways. These four natural nutrients are a vital part of the LUNG SUPPORT formula as they work synergistically to stop wheezing and coughing. Wipe Out Sickness Pollution, foreign particles and gasses in the air all combine in

"I sincerely recommend LUNG

SUPPORT to all those with asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and allergies."

-- Joseph Weissman, M.D.

"I've seen lung problems totally destroy patients' enthusiasm for life. When the blood is not properly oxygenated, all organs in the body suffer, and the quality of life degenerates drastically. LUNG SUPPORT is the first formula that offers scientifically proven ingredients to rejuvenate the important lung functions. I sincerely recommend it to all those with asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and allergies." -- Joseph Weissman, M.D. is a boardcertified immunologist and author of the best-seller, Choose to Live.

Breathing Improved 75% -Even With Emphysema

"Due to emphysema, I had severe shortness of breath. Since I've been taking LUNG SUPPORT, my breathing has improved at least 75%. I will never be without this product. It is simply marvelous. Thank You." -- E. Barrett, California

your body to create cell-killers called free radical oxidizers (FRO). These FROs work aggressively to destroy cells in your lungs and respiratory system. They have been identified as one of the most significant factors for the huge increase in asthmatic deaths over the past several years. Two all natural substances have been discovered to work especially effectively in the lungs at destroying FROs and actually helping to build new cells. Dr. C. X. Liu at the chinese Academy of Medical Sciences proved that an extract from the root of the panax ginseng plant not only destroyed FROs in the lungs, but fortified the entire respiratory immune system against bacteria, infections and pollutants. This important discovery was further reinforced in a huge study of 1,500 factory workers. Those taking the panax extract daily had significantly fewer incidences of colds, flu, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments. Similarly, Dr. I. Maitra at the University of California, and many other scientists have shown that gingko biloba extract is a powerful cell-builder and FRO killer, particularly in the respiratory system. It helps wipe out disease by reducing asthma-stimulating allergens and airborne bacteria. Prevent Asthma And Other Respiratory Problems Sometimes the simplest and easiest cures are right under our noses all the time. This is true of the mineral magnesium. Magnesium is critical to good lung function. In fact, Dr. John Britton has shown that magnesium may protect against the development of asthma and chronic respiratory problems. It does this in two ways. First, magnesium acts as a bronchial dilator which opens the bronchial tubes and prevents dangerous spasms and constrictions. Second, it makes the act of inhaling and exhaling much easier by helping to strengthen and produce energy for the muscles of the chest and diaphragm. This was proven by Dr. E. M. Brunner in a double-blind, placebo controlled study of patients with bronchial asthma. Those taking magnesium had much less trouble breathing and significantly more energy when measured on breath test machines and treadmills. Unfortunately, most of us don't get enough magnesium in our 9 diets due to processing and refining. LUNG SUPPORT includes the optimum amount of magnesium for maximum respiratory health. LUNG SUPPORT Will Let You Breathe Easy Again -- Even If You Have Asthma, Allergies, Bronchitis or Emphysema No other single source gives you so much proven lung support. Every one of the most effective known lung supporting nutrients, including those reviewed in this report are included together in each LUNG SUPPORT tablet. "I highly recommend LUNG SUPPORT as the advanced formula for relieving heart and lung ailments."

- Dr. Lawrence Taylor

"Heart problems can be caused by respiratory disorders because the heart and lungs are so intimately connected. I highly recommend LUNG SUPPORT as the advanced formula for relieving heart and lung ailments." -- Lawrence Taylor, M.D., specialist in cancer prevention research.

Stopped His Shortness of Breath

"I've used LUNG SUPPORT for two months and have noticed a definite improvement in my ability to climb stairs and take long walks without running out of breath. As soon as I stopped taking it, my shortness of breath came back. That really convinced me. Thanks!" - R.M. Smith, New York

As you have seen, these safe, natural ingredients in LUNG SUPPORT have ben tested and proven effective by doctors and researchers. Most importantly, it has earned praise and support from thousands of users all around the world! To live a longer more active life ... To breathe easier ... To be free of many diseases, allergies, colds, flu and coughs ... LUNG SUPPORT is all you need. LUNG SUPPORT is proven in clinical studies and by thousands of users all over the world to help you live longer and END ... Allergies Asthma Colds & Flu Bronchitis Sinus Problems Chest Congestion Emphysema Smoking Damage Shortness of Breath You will notice a dramatic improvement in your overall health and ease of breathing within just a few days of regular use of LUNG SUPPORT. Limited Supply of LUNG SUPPORT Gero Vita International distributes health products in 33 countries and has been awarded the exclusive distribution rights to LUNG SUPPORT in the United States. It will be a while before full retail distribution nationwide is under way. However, a limited supply of LUNG SUPPORT may be purchased directly from Gero Vita by mail or phone. Use the order form on page 11, or call them directly Toll-Free at 800547-4319.

Try LUNG SUPPORT Absolutely FREE Of Any Risk

With so much to gain by ordering, and so much to lose by passing this chance by, I trust you'll use the order form on the next page to mail or call for your riskfree supply of LUNG SUPPORT right now.

SOURCES OF RESEARCH Brookes, T. (1994). Catching My Breath: An Asthmatic Explores His Illness. New York, NY: Times Books. Chen, G.Z. et al. (1991). "Effects of Cordyceps sinensis on murine T lymphocyte subsets." Chinese Medical Journal; 104(1): 4-8. Chu, D. et al. (1988) "Immunotherapy with Chinese medicinal herbs I. Immune restoration of local xenogeneic graft-versus-host reaction in cancer patients by fractionated Astragalus membranaceus in vitro." Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Immunology; 25: 11923. Kako, M. et al. (1995). "Hypoglycemic effect of the rhizomes of Othiopogonis tuber in normal and diabetic mice." Biol Pharm Bulletin; 18(5): 785-7. Xu, R et al. (1992) "Effects of Cordyceps sinensis on natural killer activity and colony formation of B 16 melanoma." Chinese Medical Journal; 105(2): 97-101. Yuan, W. et al. (1990). "Effect of Astragalus membranaceus on electric activities of cultured rat beating heart cells infected with Cossackie B-2 virus." Chinese Medical Journal; 103(3): 177-82. Zhao, X. et al. (1993). "Cordyceps sinensis in protection of the kidney from cyclosporine A nephrotoxicity." Chung Hua I Hsueh Tsa Chih; 73(7): 410-2, 447. Zhao, K.S. et al. (1990). "Enhancement of the immune response in mice by Astragalus membranaceus extracts." Immunopharmacology; 20: 225-34. Zhou, D. H. et al. (1995). "Effects of Jinshuibao capsule on the immunological function of 36 patients with advanced cancer. Chung Kuo Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih; 15(8): 476-8.

Send or call for a supply of LUNG SUPPORT today. Gero Vita offers this 100% SATISFACTION, RISK-FREE GUARANTEE to you: If after 30 days, you don't breathe easier, have more energy, less fatigue and notice your health problems coming to an end, you will receive a prompt and full refund. No questions asked. You risk nothing. With LUNG SUPPORT's proven record of results, plus this unconditional money-back guarantee, the only risk you take is if you DON'T try LUNG SUPPORT right now. 10

LUNG SUPPORT Discount Order Form

YES! I want to breathe easier than I ever have -- even if I have allergies, bronchitis, asthma or emphysema! I want fewer colds. I want more energy. I want to fortify my lungs to end and prevent breathing diseases!

Please rush the 100% natural LUNG SUPPORT marked below under your unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee. I understand I may return any unused portion within 30 days for a full refund if I am not 100% thrilled for any reason.




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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not pleased, you may return the unused portion within 30 days for a quick refund of your full purchase price -- no questions asked.

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Trust GVL For Life

Specialists in Ailment-Targeted Natural Formulas

All Gero-Vita formulas are based on successful double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical tests by independent, prominent scientists throughout the world. Triple-Checked Quality Control

Gero Vita Laboratories

Rigidly controlled laboratories guarantee microscopically clean pharmaceutical quality formulating conditions.

Doctors' 100% Natural Discovery Helps End

Allergies Asthma Colds & Flu Bronchitis Fatigue Sinus Problems Chest Heart Problems Congestion Emphysema Smoking Damage Shortness of Breath

No Cough ... No Shortness of Breath ... No Colds or Flu ... "I recommend LUNG SUPPORT to everyone!"

"Thanks to LUNG SUPPORT, I don't have that awful cough any more. I can breathe easier and no longer have shortness of breath. I haven't had any colds or flu, and feel so much better. I forgot to reorder and ran out for a while. Boy, could I feel the difference. I recommend LUNG SUPPORT to everyone!" -- F. Homan, OH "LUNG SUPPORT has seemed to put an end to my regular colds. I no longer experience shortness of breath, which gives me freedom to do a lot more things. Thank you for a wonderful product." -- D. Siconowfi, NY "I used to be tired all the time, until I started taking LUNG SUPPORT. My breathing is definitely easier, and I have a lot more energy. I also noticed that I haven't had a cold since I began LUNG SUPPORT. this is a great product." -- S. Matzen, CA

Ends Coughing & Choking

"Since I began using LUNG SUPPORT, I don't wake up with those awful choking spells. Also, I don't cough with such severity anymore. Thank you." -- F. Sharp, CA

Helped When Doctors Couldn't

"I get respiratory infections often that doctors can't help because I'm allergic to all antibiotics. LUNG SUPPORT really rescued me. I'm so healthy now. I will never be without LUNG SUPPORT." -- G. Murphy, KY

Lungs Cleared Up

"I have found that LUNG SUPPORT is very beneficial to my health. My lungs have cleared up considerably, and I feel much better. Thanks. I will continue to use your fine product." -- M. Bosk, CA

No More Shortness of Breath

"LUNG SUPPORT put a quick end to my shortness of breath. I'm very thankful for that, and I haven't had any colds or other respiratory infections either. Great product!" -- B. Blevins, AZ


130A Denison Street Markham, Ontario L3R 1B6 CANADA






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