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IXARO Paging system

1.1 Description of the IXARO System

IXARO is a small and uncomplicated paging system that consists of a personal computer with IXARO Software, an IXARO transmitter and a number of paging receivers. You can send messages from the PC to all people that wear such a receiver within the range of transmitter.

Besides this application as a typical paging system the IXARO transmitters can be used as a stand alone alarm device. IXARO transmitters have digital inputs which can be activated by an alarm switch or relay contact. Each input is assigned a predefined message that is sent upon activation of the input. A typical application is calling of a technician equipped with a pager when a machine needs service.


Pager types

IXARO transmitters use the wide spread POCSAG protocol to encode the information sent. This means that you have the choice among a vast amount of pager models. There are three classes of pagers:

Tone only pagers: The classical form of a pager, when addressed it gives an audible alert (beep) to inform the person that the head office is calling. Some of this pagers have different combinations of short and long beeps to indicate different messages.

Numeric pagers: They display a number that can be interpreted either as a phone number to call back or as a code number for the required action.

Alphanumeric pagers: The most advanced form of a pager. They can display text messages. Most of them can receive numeric messages and several tone messages as well. The maximum length of a messages depends on the pager model. Most pagers can receive at least 80 characters per message. Some can receive several hundred or even thousand characters in a single message.

Many pagers can indicate an incoming message by vibration and a blinking light as an alternative or in combination with the acoustic alert. Messages are stored in the pagers memory and can be read later.

Pagers typically store between 10 and 40 messages before the oldest messages is deleted in favour of a new one.


IXARO transmitters

There are several IXARO paging transmitters with different range available:

Model Output power Frequency Range* Antenna

IXARO 10 10 mW (LPD) 433.075-434,750MHz 600m Fixed

IXARO 500 0.5 Watt

IXARO 10000 1-20 Watt adjustable

433.075-434,750 MHz 430-470 MHz 2Km Fixed or external 5Km-10Km Fixed or external

*Range depends very much on the area and antenna placement, values are typical for a rural area and 10m Antenna height. The paging receivers sensitivity influences range as well.

The IXARO 10 transmitter is a so called Low Power Device (LPD) that can be operated without a licence within the European Community. The more powerful models require a permit and frequency assignment from the local authority for telecommunication.

2. 2.1

Hardware installation Antenna placement

If the area you want to cover with your paging system is small compared to the maximum range of your transmitter it may be sufficient to put the transmitter beneath your PC. If your area or building is nearly as big as the maximum range of your transmitter you have to find a favourable location for the antenna. Massive obstacles like concrete buildings or hills or metal constructions can not be

penetrated by the UHF radiation of your transmitter.

Less massive walls, wood and particularly

windows can be penetrated. On the other hand reflections from other objects may help to reach regions that are shaded by obstacles. Therefore the range of a paging system depends very much on the environment. If you want to reach people working outside buildings for example in agriculture the best antenna placement is as high as possible and outside the building. Mounting the antenna on the roof top is the best solution. The use of high quality antenna cable with low power loss is recommended. If your transmitter has a fixed antenna (IXARO10) place it behind a window if you want to contact people working outside.

If you want to contact people working in a building the situation can be much more complicated. If the building is a huge hall like a supermarket the best location would be in the centre of the hall. In a long floor with adjacent rooms the middle would also be the best position. A tall building with many storeys is the worst situation because the floors of the storeys are hard to penetrate. It is more likely to reach the rooms through the windows from an antenna on the roof or on a mast beneath the building. If the building is impossible to penetrate for the waves (an underground mine for example) it is still possible to use a paging system by installing a radiating cable. This cable guides the signal through the whole building and radiates it from the total length everywhere the cable is installed.


Connecting the transmitter

Connect the IXARO transmitters DB9 socket with a personal computer using the 9 pin serial cable. You can use any serial port that is available and has a number between one and four. The maximum recommended cable length between transmitter and personal computer is 10 meters. Use well

shielded cable. Put the transmitters power supply plug into a wall socket. The green lamp on the transmitter serves as a power indicator. The red lamp lights during transmissions.

IXARO transmitters can be used without a computer to send predefined messages by closing a switch.. The switches are connected to inputs on the transmitters DB9 socket. Every time one of the switches is closed, the message assigned to that input is sent. The following diagram shows how to connect switches:

The inputs are equipped with internal pullup resistors. No external power source is needed. Warning: Do not apply negative voltage or voltage higher than 5 Volts DC to the inputs.


Software Installation

If you got your IXARO Software on CD insert the installation-CD into your CD drive. The IXARO setup should start automatically. If not please click on ,,Start ­> Execute -> Search" , select your CD drive and launch SETUP.EXE. The software can also be installed from a set of two floppy discs. Insert disc1 and launch SETUP EXE. The setup program will guide you through the installation. Please follow the instructions from the program.

Important: If you wish to install the IXARO Software on a computer where it has been previously installed, make a copy of the file IXARO.INI from the IXARO directory first. This file contains the pager database and all settings. After installing the new version copy the file back to the IXARO directory. If you don´t make a copy all entries in the pager database will be lost.


Program configuration

Before you can use the program you need to enter some settings. Start the IXARO program now .


Setting up the serial Port

The IXARO transmitter may be connected to any of the serial ports COM1...COM4. Most PC´s only have COM1 and COM2. Laptops tend to have only one serial port. If this ports are already in use by other devices it is possible to install additional ports like serial plug in cards or USB/RS232 converters. The port the IXARO transmitter is connected with has to be entered in the "settings" box:

Click on the option button to mark this port as in use. Ports that are not available are marked grey (disabled) and can not be selected. A port is not available if it is either not existent on your PC or already in use by other equipment (mouse e.g.).


The pager database

Every pager in your paging system is addressed by a unique number, the Radio Identity Code = RIC. The RIC is a number in the range from 8 to 2097151. The RIC is either printed on the backside of your pager or shortly displayed after you switch your pager on. Some pagers display it on request after pressing a key. The pager database contains an entry for every pager that consists of the name of the person wearing that pager and the pagers RIC. The pager database is displayed as a list in the upper half of the window. The list may have several hundred entries. It is sorted alphabetically and can be scrolled by the scrollbar on the right side.


Creating new entries

Every time a pager is handed out to its owner a new entry has to be made in the pager database for that person and pager. There is an entry field below the list of pagers already in use. You have to enter the name of the owner there and the RIC of the pager. Then press the button "new entry" and the information will be automatically placed in the list in alphabetical order. information directly in the list. You can´t enter the


Modify or delete entries

To modify an entry select it from the list by clicking o it with the left mouse button. It will be transferred to the entry field where you can modify it and write it back to the list as a new entry. To delete an existing entry select it and press the button "delete entry" .


Sending messages


Sending of new messages

Before you can send a message you have to select the addressee from the pager database. Click on the desired receiver of the message. Then select the message type you want to send. You have the choice between text messages, numeric messages and one of four possible tone only messages. Mark the desired message type. The addressed pager must be capable of receiving this type of message.

To send one of the four tone only messages mark it and click on "Send immediate". If you have selected a numeric or alphanumeric message enter the information in the text field and click on "send immediate".


Sending standard messages

You can enter five frequently used message texts in the input fields of this box to store them. If you want to send one of them double click on the message. The message is transferred to the message text input field and can be sent immediately.


Assigning predefined messages to inputs

Each IXARO transmitter has a number of digital inputs which can be assigned a predefined message that is sent upon activation of that input. Thus the transmitter can work stand alone as an alarm device without a PC. You need however the PC to load that messages into the transmitter. Connect the transmitter to a PC and start the IXARO software. Select the pager which shall receive the alarm message from the pager database and enter the text that shall be sent to that pager when the input is activated. Then press either the button "Assign to input 1" or "Assign to input 2". The Information is now stored in the transmitters non volatile memory. You can disconnect the transmitter from the PC and connect it to the alarm switches.


Sending test transmissions

The purpose of test transmissions is to check the range of your paging system. This is particularly important when installing the system. When activated a test transmission is sent every ten seconds to the pager that has been selected from the pager database. Test transmissions are numbered so that you can notice the loss of transmissions when you are out of range.


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