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Asian Compressor Technology Services Co., Ltd.


R.O.C. 1, Industrial 3rd Road, Kuanyin Industrial Park, Taoyuan County 32853, Taiwan,

Website Contact Mr. Dev Rudra

Management Team Telephone Email

Nai-Hsiang Chang 03-4832310 ext. 221

Taiwan Aviation Maintenance Industry Maintenance Capability Database

[email protected]

Brief History

ACTS, established in 1996, is a joint venture by Pratt & Whitney (USA), SIA Engineering Company (Singapore) and China Airlines (Taiwan). Originally focusing on the maintenance of PW4000 HPC Stator, however through technology transfer and accumulated experience, ACTS is gradually expanding to component overhaul business for PW2000, CF6 and CFM56 engines. In 2005, ACTS was presented "ACE GOLD" award by UTC/P&W, and was the only maintenance plant in Asia to win this award in addition to Japan. This award shows that ACTS is good enough to compete with other major players in terms of operation, overhaul technology, customer satisfaction, pricing and delivery.


NT$500 Million

Major Business:

GSE Equipment & Commercial Vehicles Processing, production and maintenance of HPC Stator for commercial aero engines

Research and development of aero engines Import of parts and materials for above items

.116 Taiwan Aviation Maintenance Industry

Powerplant Maintenance Industary


By Civil Aviation Authorities CAA (Taiwn) FAA (USA) CAAS (Singapore) DCA (Malaysia) EASA (EU) CAAC (China) By ROC Military MND/Air Force: component overhaul for F100, TFE1042 engine By OEMs Vane Replacement & Brazing Feltmetal Replacement & Brazing Honeycomb Replacement & Brazing Laser Holography Plasma Coating


Total Number of Employees

NDI Inspection 9 Mechanic certified by


Number of Employees obtaining certification

CAA: 5 FAA: 3


Total Facility Area

Land area 5075 square meter

Maintenance Capability Database


Plant area 2797 square meter

Specail Equipment

M a ch i n e r y


Test ing

Super Abrasive Machine (SAM) Vertical Turret Lathe (VTL) Plasma Spray Coating Equipment Ram Electric Discharge Machine (REDM) X-Ray Inspection Equipment Vacuum Furnace System (VFS) Laser Holography Equipment

Taiwan Aviation Maintenance Industry Maintenance Capability Database

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) Equipment Vertical Machining Center (VMC) Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding Machine Electric Ni-Brush Plating Equipment Silicon Rubber Air Seal Repair Equipment

Maintenance Track Record

PW4000 HPC Stators overhaul PW4000 HPC Outer Air Seals overhaul PW4000 HPC Inner Shrouds overhaul PW4000 HPC Slide-in Honeycomb overhaul PW2000 HPC Shrouds overhaul PW2000 LPC Stators overhaul CF6-80 Shrouds and Seals overhaul CFM56 HPC Shrouds overhaul

.118 Taiwan Aviation Maintenance Industry

Powerplant Maintenance Industary


Future Capability Investment

Plan to invest about NT$200 Million in future capacity expansion, including 150 Million in machinery equipment and 50 Million in plant facility Keep developing component overhaul capability for PW4000, PW2000, CF6, CFM56, V2500, F100, and TFE1042 engines

Maintenance Capability Database




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