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The ultimate cross-disciplinary research tool


A multidisciplinary collection of resources in all key subject areas

19,000 periodicals | 28 ProQuest databases | 160 subject areas

With over 19,000 periodical titles as well as thousands of dissertations, newspapers, working papers, case studies, market and industry reports, and videos, ProQuest Central is the largest aggregated online database in the market today. It combines more than 28 of our most popular databases and covers over 160 subject areas including business, science & technology, health & medicine, literature & language, society & culture, the arts, history, news, social sciences and more. This is an unparalleled multidisciplinary resource for all researchers, at all levels, and a groundbreaking collection for libraries of all types.

Glasgow Libraries first in Scotland to bring award-winning resource to the general public

"Glasgow Libraries supply a very diverse constituency with varying needs and wants, and having the option to provide a service like ProQuest Central will enable us to fulfil many of those needs from one source. The new platform is easy to use and intuitive, and it needs to be, as many of our customers will not be skilled in interrogating databases efficiently. Equally, our business and education based clientele appreciate the ability to drill deep using an expert search, uncovering unique grey material like dissertations and working papers. We are confident that by offering this excellent service remotely via library card, we will attract the widest possible customer base, and in conjunction with our other resources, be able to offer support in most disciplines. Our focus is on quality, relevance and accessibility when assessing our online resources, and ProQuest Central promises to deliver in all areas." Karen Donnelly ­ Business Information Co-ordinator, Glasgow Libraries

Content is drawn from the following databases:


ABI/INFORM Complete ProQuest Accounting & Tax DatabaseTM ProQuest Banking Information SourceTM ProQuest Asian Business and ReferenceTM ProQuest European BusinessTM Canadian Business & Current Affairs Complete (CBCA) OxResearchTM Hoovers' TM


ProQuest Newsstand Canadian Newsstand Complete

Health and Medical

ProQuest Health & Medical Complete ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source ProQuest Health Management Pharmaceutical News Index® ProQuest Psychology Journals


Science and Technology

ProQuest ComputingTM ProQuest Science JournalsTM ProQuest TelecommunicationsTM ProQuest Military ProQuest Biology Journals

Arts and Humanities

ProQuest Religion Plus more than 1,000 other journals titles in arts, culture, and humanities


Social Science and General Reference

ProQuest Research LibraryTM Criminal Justice Periodicals ProQuest Education JournalsTM ProQuest Social Science JournalsTM ProQuest Career & Technical EducationTM


Broadest range of content types gathered in one place

The content coverage in ProQuest Central is exceptionally varied, from thousands of academic journals and trade and business magazines, to international newspapers and other interesting and useful content such as dissertations, working papers and business cases.


Research Material

Periodical content: ProQuest Central features a highly international, diverse mix of scholarly as well as trade content from top university presses, scholarly societies and professional associations: Major scholarly publishers: G Emerald Publishing Group G Nature Publishing Group G Springer G Karger University presses: G Cambridge University Press G Edinburgh University Press G Johns Hopkins University Press G Curtin University of Technology G Yale University Law School Scholarly societies: G American Thoracic Society G Royal Geographic Society G Massachusetts Medical Society G Renaissance Society of America Professional associations: G American Bar Association G Canadian Medical Association G American Accounting Association G L'Association Francophone de Comptabilité

Full-text dissertations: Over 56,000 full-text dissertations covering a diverse range of subjects (exclusive to ProQuest). Working papers: Over 100,000 full-text working papers from the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) offering a glimpse of tomorrow's research today (exclusive to ProQuest). Business cases and conference proceedings: A growing collection of business cases and conference proceedings from leading collections (HBR, Ivey, Darden), enhancing the connection between library research collections and the classroom as researchers can identify cases relevant to their field of study.


Essential business content

ProQuest Central contains a vast array of content vital for serious business research including access to thousands of business publications from publishers such as:

G G G G G American Accounting Association American Economic Association Cambridge University Press Dow Jones & Company Inc. The Economist Intelligence Unit G G G G Emerald Group Publishing Financial Times Limited Incisive Media Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) G Massachusetts Institute of Technology

G Palgrave Macmillan G Springer Science & Business Media

Among these titles are almost 2,500 scholarly journals, including:

Title Journal of Economic Literature Journal of International Business Studies Journal of Business Logistics Organisation Science Brookings Papers on Economic Activity The Journal of Economic Perspectives Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM) Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science The American Economic Review The Accounting Review Supply Chain Management Journal of Economic Growth Journal of Retailing Management Science Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Marketing Science MIT Sloan Management Review The Rand Journal of Economics World Trade Review Journal of Financial Services Research The Journal of Operational Risk Journal of Derivatives Publisher American Economic Association Palgrave Macmillan Council of Logistics Management Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Brookings Institution Press American Economic Association Springer Science & Business Media Springer Science & Business Media American Economic Association American Accounting Association Emerald Group Publishing Ltd Springer Science & Business Media New York University Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology Rand Corporation Cambridge University Press Springer Science & Business Media Incisive Media PLC Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC


Who is using ProQuest Central?

Professor William De Waal ­ Management & Marketing, Business Faculty

What do I need ProQuest Central for?

I use ProQuest Central to find articles on topics that relate to my lectures and when I create recommended reading lists for my students' assignments. I look at integrating the most current scholarly information on social initiatives and (global) marketing strategies.

How I use ProQuest Central

Amongst the large amount of scholarly journals available on ProQuest Central, I often use articles from the Journal of Business Ethics and the MIT Sloan Management Review, as well as material from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Working Papers and various Conference Proceedings.

What I like about it

My Research is a great functionality on the ProQuest interface which allows me to easily build reading lists. These can be circulated to students or colleagues in a single email. Links saved to My Research are also posted on the faculty Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Our librarians make hyperlinks to ProQuest Central from the academics' reading lists too.


Industry and Market Research Data

Business Monitor International (BMI) Over 900 country-focused industry reports. Researchers can discover detailed market overviews, key economic indicators, industry forecasts, SWOT analyses, competitive data and much more. The reports average over 50 pages each, typically retailing for around $1,000. Not embargoed and most are updated monthly. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) G Country Data available in downloadable Excel spreadsheets. Includes comprehensive information with economic indicators and forecasts, covering up to 370 variables for G20 countries from 1982 to the present day. Researchers are able to select reports by country or subject. This new content allows users proficient in Microsoft Excel to acquire and review useful data for sorting, analysing, creating charts and graphs and more. Key indicators relate to GDP, imports, exports, prices, debt, wages, plus hundreds more. Sources are included with the data. Updated monthly. G Country Forecast and Country Finance summaries, selected to cover the G20 and top GDP countries. Researchers can dig deep into analysis with rich data and summary coverage loaded with financial data, market indicators, debt ratings, banking, currency and more. G World Commodity reports provide comprehensive analyses and detailed price forecasts up to two years ahead for industrial raw materials and food and feedstuffs and beverages. Provides both quarterly updates and annual reviews. G Over 280,000 ViewsWire reports cover more than 200 countries. Highlights economic, political and market developments around the world. Updated daily. First Research (Dun & Bradstreet/Hoover's) In-depth reports covering over 300 industries and businesses ranging from marinas to scrap metal recycling. Each 10-15 page report covers data on products, operations, technology, competition, indicators, finance, regulation, and news. The reports are a well-recognised brand in business research and are known for providing concise and well-formatted overviews of industries. The reports are updated regularly with some sections such as financial data, updated as frequently as every 90 days. ISI Emerging Markets: Widely regarded as the best resource available on emerging markets featuring daily, weekly and monthly reports, news, and data on over 80 markets. Oxford Economics: Macroeconomic, industry & commodity forecasts, analysis and data covering 190 countries, 85 industrial sectors, and 2,500 sub-regions and cities as well as weekly economic briefings on the U.K., U.S., Eurozone and emerging markets. Oxford Analytica: G Daily Brief Service: Over 40,000 briefs provide daily updates on developments of major significance around the world. Each report delivers consistent coverage of the event, significance, analysis and conclusion. G Country Profiles: More than 800 Country Profiles provide summary overviews for 75 countries, including graphics, maps, data and charts, and are written by leading authorities and drawn from the Oxford Analytica worldwide scholar expert network. Profiles incorporate economic, political, and geographical data, and are updated regularly. Hoover's Company Records: Featuring over 40,000 private and public company profiles, 600 industries and 225,000 key executives, Hoover's Company Records provides the latest company information on the market. Annual reports: Over 7,000 annual reports from 800 leading North American companies across a range of industries.


International News

ProQuest Central delivers more than 800 full-text newspapers online (ASCII format), with coverage of today's news plus an ever-growing back-file archive.

G Broad coverage includes international, regional and local news resources. G Updated daily so researchers always have access to current information. G Quality indexing for every title: G Indexing of top national titles is quality controlled by indexing professionals. G Index fields: personal name, corporate name, subject, title, geographic location, edition, column heading, start page, author, bibliographic information. G All titles indexed by personal name and corporate name. G All titles are abstracted.

Titles include:

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · The Guardian The Times New York Times The Wall Street Journal USA TODAY Financial Times The Hindu China Daily Globe and Mail Washington Post The Age Die Ziet LA Times El Mundo International Herald Tribune


Professional medical content exclusive to ProQuest

Nursing Cultural Competency reports: Written by CultureVision's researchers, these reports enable health service professionals to provide culturally competent patient care. Currently includes reports for 30 ethnicities and 11 regions. Updated monthly. Medical Evidence Matters: An evidence-based, user friendly search engine to help health professionals choose the best therapy options for a specific patient with a confirmed diagnosis. Provides an expert perspective on clinical guidance with a wide range of full-text research articles on treatment strategies.

Who is using ProQuest Central?

Jason McCreedy ­ Student Nurse

What do I need ProQuest Central for?

I use ProQuest Central to gain access to the Cultural Competency reports and nursing procedure video clips by selecting the ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health SourceTM database as I am mainly interested in nursing content. The video clips are very useful, as they allow me to look up procedures that I have learnt about, but have not yet seen or put into practice. The Cultural Competency reports help me to understand and treat patients from different ethnic and religious backgrounds that may have restrictions on the type of treatment and procedures they are allowed to receive.

How I use ProQuest Central

I either print off a report and highlight the relevant information for the patient and share with my friends and colleagues, or save a video clip to review at a later stage.

What I like about it

When treating tourists, and having no doctor's notes available; I have found the Cultural Competency reports very helpful in being able to look up a large range of ethnicities and religions. Search is enabled by religion or by ethnicity, so I can review a particular section relevant to a treatment that I may be planning.


Teaching Tools

Training videos for nursing from Medcom Incand HCPro (exclusive to ProQuest): 300+ videos provide visual support for more efficient and effective training and bridge the gap between theory and practice. Study paths (exclusive to ProQuest): Helps students find the best resources for their study, projects, and examination revision. Also suggests recommended reading by a board of experienced nurse educators.


Science uncovered

ProQuest's leading Agricultural Journals cover a wide range of topics, such as: G G G G G G G Animal and veterinary sciences Plant sciences Forestry Aquaculture and fisheries Farming and farming systems Agricultural economics Food and human nutrition With thousands of articles available online, ProQuest Biology Journals include some of the most popular information resources with titles such as: G Systematic Biology G Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology G Plant Cell G Bioscience ProQuest Science Journals provide a definitive resource for students studying both the applied and general sciences. Titles available from ProQuest Science Journals include: G Journal of Climate G The Journal of Nutrition G Journal of the Atmosphere Sciences

G Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology


ProQuest ComputingTM is the premium resource for those who need access to comprehensive coverage of computer topics. The database includes over 510 titles, with over 400 available in full text.

ProQuest Telecommunications is an essential resource for anyone researching the industry or its technology. It includes over 290 titles with more than 220 available in full text.

ProQuest Military CollectionTM covers topics across all government and military branches, including international relations, political science, criminology, defense, aeronautics and space flight, communications, civil engineering, and more. It includes over 600 titles, with more than 415 available in full-text.


Arts and Humanities

ProQuest Central provides comprehensive support for humanities, arts, and culture with over 1,000 titles in these subjects. Included is ProQuest Religion, a resource that provides international coverage of religions and philosophy. Literature and fine and performing arts are well covered with top journals and magazines from around the world.

Full-text titles include:

Philosophy and Public Affairs (Blackwell) Journal of Global History (Cambridge University Press) Critical Review Journal of Contemporary China (Taylor & Francis Ltd) Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy (Springer Science & Business Media) · Comparative Studies in Society and History (Cambridge University Press) · · · · ·


Social Science content is drawn from the following complete resources:

ProQuest Criminal Justice is a comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, and litigation and trends. ProQuest Education JournalsTM provides access to the full text for some 900 top educational publications, offering complete information on hundreds of education topics. ProQuest Research LibraryTM provides one-stop access to a wide range of essential academic disciplines. ProQuest Social Science JournalsTM is the most comprehensive database available with both full-text and abstract-only coverage of all disciplines comprising the social sciences.

Who is using ProQuest Central?

Vivian Lin ­ Undergraduate student, Politics & Sociology

Why I use ProQuest Central

I am using ProQuest Central to help me with coursework for one of my final year modules. Our lecturer expects us to have a really good understanding of current foreign policy and the background on a number of key issues which have been very topical in recent years relating to foreign policy. I also need to use contemporary, comparative primary source material as well as look at published research. What's really useful is that I can find all these topics on one interface. The tabbed results by content type make it so easy for me to identify the sources available and compile my research.

How I use ProQuest Central

I have been using Topic Search to narrow down into the specific research areas of the broad topic that my course covers. Just this week I had to find out the different perspectives around the globe about NATO and U.S. foreign relations. The search results I got back were from newspapers in the U.S., Russia, U.K., Poland and the Middle East on the very first page!

What I like about it

I download relevant articles and save them to RefWorks* so that I can organise my research findings and show that I have used both primary and secondary sources in my research when I hand in my assignment. I also discovered that I can set up alerts on different topics so that I can stay up-to-date with the news in this area until my assignment is due. I am confident that using ProQuest Central means that I will not miss key developments in the news and I won`t need to trawl through newspapers every day to do it!

*RefWorks provides solutions for research management, writing and collaboration.


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ProQuest Central received the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) 2010 CODiE Award for Best Online General Reference Service in the Content Products category. Highly competitive and much coveted industry prizes, CODiES are presented annually to recognise exceptionally newsworthy products and services, and are the industry's only peer-reviewed awards programme which provides member companies with a unique opportunity to earn praise from their competitors.

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