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Description of Machine Operation The Pro-Chopper is designed to chop and blow a bale of hay or straw to be used as mulch on a freshly prepared seedbed. The Pro-Chopper is a dry application machine that can sow grass seed at the same time you are applying the mulch. Time Table The Pro-Chopper will chop and blow a bale in less than a minute. The Pro-Chopper is shipped with approximately 15 minutes of assembly. (There are instructions included for assembly with every machine.) Machine Support Each Pro-Chopper is shipped with an owner's manual for the machine itself and also for the engine. Each Pro-Chopper comes with an Operators Instruction Video that covers the Operation, Safety Features, and Maintenance Procedures of the machine. Weights The Pro-Chopper weighs 520 pounds and has carrying handles on each end that will allow 4 people to load the machine by hand and 1" square tubing on each side for lifting with a set of forks. The shipping weight of the Pro-Chopper is 600 pounds. (You will need a forklift to unload the machine.) Hose The Pro-Chopper is shipped with 33 feet of hose and the material will blow 10 to 15 feet past the end of the hose. (Some owners have used 50 to 60 foot sections of hose on their machines with good success, as long as they keep the hose fairly straight. This is done to reach the bottom of an embankment.) Strings You can place the bail in "twine and all" as long as you have the regular hemp twine. Once the machine cuts the twine, it is recommended that you pull it back Pro Series Products 208 N. Armstrong Street . Crothersville, Indiana 47229 Toll Free: (800) 365-2467 . Email: [email protected]

out, so it doesn't wrap around the cutter shaft. If you have plastic twine or wire, it is necessary to cut the bale open on the floor of the vehicle and then fill the tub full with the bale to be chopped. History/Location Pro-Choppers are in 47 states, Canada and Australia Pro-Choppers have been manufactured by Pro Series Products since 1986. Parts All replacement parts can be ordered from the factory. Dimensions The Pro-Chopper measures 31 1/2" x 48" x 54" tall. The tub measures 27 1/2" across the diameter and 17 inches between the internal flanges. (The flanges are what rotate the bale.) Pro Series Products has the equipment to help you protect the environment. Gain credibility as a construction firm concerned about the environmental impact of your job site, and enjoy the financial rewards when your green lot is sold.

Pro Series Products 208 N. Armstrong Street . Crothersville, Indiana 47229 Toll Free: (800) 365-2467 . Email: [email protected]

Pro-Chopper Specifications

Machine weighs 520 pounds Machine footprint is 31 1/2" deep x 48" wide x 54" tall Available with either a 13 horsepower Honda or a 15 horsepower Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine Comes complete as shown with only 15 minutes assembly 33', 6" diameter plastic, non-perforated field tile discharge hose Heavy gauge metal construction 31 replaceable cutter teeth Electric start, low oil protection and 2-year warranty on either engine Will chop a bale in less than ONE minute 2 people can cover an acre of ground in 90 minutes time With a Pro-Chopper, you will use 1/3 less straw than by the shaking by hand method

Pro Series Products 208 N. Armstrong Street . Crothersville, Indiana 47229 Toll Free: (800) 365-2467 . Email: [email protected]


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