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Leading the way in procedure documentation and coding

Pain Management

Inbound Scheduling Inbound Demographic Outbound Results

Comprehensive Medical Content

CPT/ICD Codes/CCI Edits Driven By Medical Content

Outbound Charges/Codes Medical and Imaging Device Interface


Facet Rhizotomy Facet Block Sympathetic Block Medial Branch Block Epidural Steroid Nerve Root Injection Nerve Block Nerve Destruction Intradisc Electrotherm

Dorsal Root Ganglion Ablation Epidural Blood Patch Sacro-Iliac Joint Injection Shoulder Arthrogram Hip/Bursa Arthrogram Ankle Arthogram Knee Arthogram Piriformis Injection Head and Neck Injection

Trigger Point Injection Drug Infusion Pump Discography Abdominal Paracentesis Illioinguinal Block Neurostimulator Vertebroplasty Kyphoplasty Percutaneous Disc Decompression

Mapped to more than 100 CPT-4 and more than 475 ICD-9 Codes

Pain Management

Instantly and automatically prepares Patient Letters, Referring MD Letters, CC: Letters, Post-Op Orders and Patient Instructions

Interfaces with fluoroscopes, X-ray and other image capture equipment for instant inclusion of image in note

Creates a single, complete and easily retrieved electronic note for each procedure

Comprehensive medical content built by ProVation's in-house physician team

"Preferences" feature allows surgeons to save menus of selections for commonly performed procedures for faster documentation

Based on physician entries, CPT-4 and ICD-9 codes and CCI edits are automatically generated

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