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Vanbreda International appoints new Head of Provider Relations

Joris Smets will focus on optimising international network of health care providers

Antwerp, Belgium, 31 March 2009 ­ Vanbreda International, a market leading provider of international health insurance and employee benefits has appointed Joris Smets as the new Head of its Provider Relations department. Joris will become responsible for managing, extending and improving the company's network of in- and outpatient health care providers. He will continue to raise the company's awareness with in-network as well as out-of-network providers and will focus on optimising its network by constantly adapting it to the needs of existing and new clients. Through its proprietary network of health care providers Vanbreda International offers health insurance plan members an easy, hassle free and affordable access to quality health care worldwide. Prior to assuming the position of Head of Provider Relations, he was Account Manager in charge of sales and distribution of ExpatPlus, as well as Vanbreda International's customised employee benefits plans offering for a designated client portfolio. Before joining Vanbreda International, Joris worked for a NonGovernmental Organisation in West-Africa. Customer driven network with worldwide coverage Over the past decades, Vanbreda International set up a leading proprietary health care provider network with a worldwide coverage. The network counts over 10,000 in- and outpatient providers, and keeps growing based on clients' input and preferences, their location and an analysis of plan members' visits to health care providers. In the U.S., Vanbreda International works with Preferred Provider Organizations to provide similar access to the broadest and best performing provider networks. Thanks to an international network of more than 140 medical correspondents as well as local representatives with in-depth knowledge of specific countries and regions, Vanbreda International manages to select the right providers and monitor the quality of the network. Network key in monitoring and controlling plan costs and premium levels The Vanbreda International network plays a major role in the company's efforts to manage and control costs for its clients and plan members. By concluding tariff agreements and through a daily analysis of tariffs and expenses, Vanbreda International helps employers to keep the costs of their employee benefits programmes under control. Also plan members benefit from these efforts as it lowers their out-of-pocket expenses. Inpatient bills directly settled by Vanbreda International Thanks to direct billing arrangements with inpatient providers, Vanbreda International settles invoices with hospitals directly. This way plan members benefit from not having to advance medical costs which are covered by their health insurance plan and claim reimbursement afterwards. As far as outpatient providers are concerned, the company is setting up more and more direct billing arrangements with providers in areas with large concentrations of clients. Increased visibility, patients and revenues for in-network providers By joining the Vanbreda International network, hospitals and doctors see their business and income grow as Vanbreda International plan members are inclined to choose in-network providers to benefit from direct billing and tariff agreements. Through simple administration, easy communication as well as clear and efficient processing of invoices, Vanbreda International contributes to the health care providers comfort and trust in working with the company and its clients.

About Vanbreda International Vanbreda International ( has over 50 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing cross-border medical insurance and employee benefits programmes and products for international organisations, multinational corporations and their international workforce. With 379 employees, the company has offices and sales representatives in Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Switzerland), the Middle East (UAE), Asia (China, Singapore and Malaysia) and the U.S. Vanbreda International serves over 330,000 plan members on a 24/7 basis across 192 countries. In 2008 the company processed 3.6 million medical bills, totalling 410 million EUR in reimbursements. Press relations contacts Wouter Reggers, COO, Vanbreda International ­ Tel. + 32 3 217 57 60 ­ E-mail: [email protected]


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