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TABLE OF CONTENTS Page SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS................ INSTALLATION....................... RUNNING THE SYSTEM................. SETUP.............................. GETTING STARTED.................... USING CRIMINAL COMPLAINT/AFFIDAVIT. CRIMES CODES GUIDES................ TEMPLATES.......................... SUBPOENA LISTS..................... DELETING AN ENTRY.................. SPELL CHECKING..................... IMPORT/EXPORT UTILITY.............. CHANGING CRIMES CODES.............. SEARCH WARRANT..................... GENERAL INFORMATION................ DOCUMENT APPROVALS................. SUPPORT and COPYRIGHT INFORMATION.. MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.... APPENDIX........................... SEX CODES RACE CODES CHECK BOXES YES/NO BOXES WINDOWS DESKTOP 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 8


This program is menu driven and is very user friendly. options on the screen.

Just follow the

If you make a mistake, you can change, add, or delete any information that you want. Your information is stored until you delete it. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Hardware Requirements 386 Computer 25 MHz (50 MHz recommended) 4 Meg. RAM (8 Meg. recommended) 12 Meg. Hard Disk Space Software Requirements DOS 5.0 or higher Operating Environments DOS, OS/2, Win 9x, NT, 2000, XP INSTALLATION: The installation process will start when you insert the CD. Follow the instructions on the screen. The systems will be installed in C:\Program Files\WINPRS unless you change the location during the installation. If you have a network we highly suggest you install the program in a shared drive. NOTES: If running Novell Netware insure that users have Erase rights in the PRS directory. If you have problems printing, check your CAPTURE for the options: NT NFF TI=15 AUTOENDCAP RUNNING THE SYSTEM: Click on the icon and follow the screens. SETUP: At the first menu in the program, the following options appear: Police Reporting Systems Main Menu

Crash Reporting System Criminal Complaint/Affidavit System Juvenile Complaint System Search Warrant System Edit Police Dept. & D.J. Name File Utilities Quit

FIRST: You will need to take the "Edit Police Dept. & D.J. Name File" option to enter your police department's name and the district justices in your region. (This option is password protected.) Using the down arrow key, go to the "Edit Police Dept. & D.J. File" option and press "Enter". You will be asked to enter a password.


We have set the password to "password"

for you. Type in "password" and press "Enter". Enter the information required for your department. (NOTE: Please enter your area code and phone number on the third line of the address after the zip code.) Enter District Justices (up to three)and the county you are in. The last entry is for your personal password. change this information in the future. You will need this password to

Please make sure you remember this password as you will be unable to change this information without it. Enter your password and press "Enter" - or if you do not wish to change the password, just press "Enter". The next screen is to edit the Crimes Codes. An 'N' will appear as an option. Press "Enter"to exit at this time. Once you become familiar with the Complaint System you can return to this program to edit the Crimes Codes we provide or add additional Codes. See the section on "Changing Crimes Codes" for information on using this capability. GETTING STARTED: Now that you have completed the "set up" for the program, you are ready to get started. Using the mouse or the "up arrow" and "down arrow" keys choose the programs and options you want from the menus. Type the information in the blocks. Press "Enter" to take you to the next block or if you wish to leave a block blank, just press "Enter". If you want to go back to a previous block, press the up arrow. There is ample room in all the narratives to enter as much information as you wish. USING THE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT/AFFIDAVIT SYSTEM: If you are arresting more than one person for the same offense, complete one CRIMINAL COMPLAINT/AFFIDAVIT, bring it back up on the screen and change the name and necessary information for the next defendant. It will keep the original one and create a new one. There's no need to enter the same information repeatedly. If you are arresting the same person on multiple charges and need more than one COMPLAINT, complete one, bring it back up to the screen and change the necessary information. However, avoid entering two records with the exact same name and incident number as only the last one entered will be saved. As you build records, you may want to determine if a subject has a prior entry by "Listing" them first. You can edit an existing record and save time. As long as the incident number is different, the original one will be saved and you will create a new one. Before you create a Criminal Complaint, we have some easy options for you. CRIMES CODES GUIDES: We have provided some of the most used Crimes Codes for your use. At the Complaint Program narrative section a menu of these Crimes Codes will be displayed. Using the up and down arrow keys, highlight the Crime Code you want to select and press "Enter". Select as many as you need. Pressing "F10" will allow you to see the Crimes Code without selecting it. Use "Page Up" and "Page Down" to see additional codes or previous codes. Once you have finished selecting the Crimes Codes press "Esc". If you do not want any of the Crimes Codes listed, press


"Esc" without selecting. Some Crimes Codes will have multiple SubSections in the narrative. You will need to add or delete information for your specific needs. *** NOTE *** These Crimes Codes are samples taken from the Crimes Codes Manual. They are meant as a guide only. Please review them carefully. TEMPLATES: You can design you own templates for Criminal Complaints and Affidavits if you choose to. Simply take the "Add\Change" option and when it asks for the Incident No. and Name enter something meaningful in the Incident No., such as "BURGLARY" or "ARSON", enter "TEMPLATE" in the Name field and fill in the information that you would apply to all of these Complaints/Affidavits. The program will save that information. When you need to use the template, ie: for a Burglary, take the "Add/Change" option, enter "BURGLARY" in the Incident No. and "TEMPLATE" in the Name. Now change the Incident No. or Name and your information as required for your Complaint/Affidavit. Changing the Incident No. or Name will save your original template for another use and create another Complaint/Affidavit for this incident. (If you do not change the Incident No. or Name the original template will be destroyed.) SUBPOENA LIST: When you have completed entering a Criminal Complaint, you will be prompted for an option; "Do you want to create a subpoena list?". In some areas, a District Attorney may be requested to be present at a hearing. There is a prompt for this to be added to the list. The Incident Number, Defendant's Name, District Justice and Officer will automatically be entered onto the subpoena list for you. Up to twelve (12) names may be added to this list, including the employer's information, if you like. There is also a narrative section on the subpoena list for information to be added to subpoena records and other information. If you choose not to do the subpoena list at the time you do the Criminal Complaint, you may do the subpoena list later, by searching for the defendant or incident, bringing it to the screen, press "Esc" until you are prompted to do a subpoena list. DELETING AN ENTRY: You may delete old records by taking the "Delete Reports" option at the menu. The program will ask for a date. All records entered prior to this date will be deleted. Criminal Complaint/Affidavit records with the name "TEMPLATE" will not be deleted. To delete an individual report use the "List Reports to Screen" option from the appropriate program. Hi-light the report to be deleted and press "Enter". Then hi-light the "Delete Report" option and press "Enter". You will be asked to verify that you want to delete this record. If you want to delete it press "Y" otherwise press "N". Then press "Enter". Records are flagged to be deleted and will remain on file until you run the "Delete Reports" option for that system. Occasionally you should run the "Utilities" option to "Compress Files". will further compress the databases and reclaim disk space used by them. We recommend that you run this utility once a month to conserve disk space. Note: Backup your PRS directory before you run this. This

SPELL CHECKING: The narrative section of each report has the ability to run the Spell Checker. Once you have completed entering the narrative press the right mouse


button and the spell checker options will appear. IMPORT/EXPORT UTILITY: Utilities are provided for users of laptop computers or multiple computers not connected to a LAN. You can input data on one computer then move the reports to another computer for printing or storage. Use the Export feature to move the reports off of a hard drive onto a diskette. Then use the Import feature to load the reports onto another computer. The Export program will ask for the exact reports to export. Once on the diskette the Import will import all the reports on that diskette. When using more than one computer to enter reports, one problem may exist. The Incident Number may not yet be known by the person entering the data. To cope with this problem a Report Numbering utility is also included. This program will allow you to change an Incident Number on Criminal Complaint and Accident reports. As reports are entered on the laptop we suggest using an Incident Number that can be controlled by the person entering the data and unique from other reports. One possible solution could be as follows: 2 digits for the Officers badge no. 2 digits for the month 2 digits for the day 2 digits for a sequential report number for that day or shift. Example for badge number 4 on July, 02. Incident Number = 04070201 for the first report he enters. At the end of the shift, the officer should export his reports onto a diskette. This diskette is then imported onto the main computer. At this time, the person responsible for assigning Incident Numbers, can use the Number Reports Utility to assign the correct Incident Numbers to these reports. When completed numbering reports, press "Esc" to exit this program. CHANGING CRIMES CODES: Take the "Edit Police Dept. & D.J. Names File" option. After you have you have completed the department name and D.J. names and possibly changed your password, an option appears to change the Crimes Codes. Enter a "Y" for this option. The first screen will allow you to add New Crimes Codes. Enter the Section and/or sub-Section for the new Code you wish to add. (If you attempt to add a code that already exists, a message will appear on the screen indicating you should edit the existing code.) The next prompt will ask if you want to copy an existing Crimes Code allowing you to create one similar to an existing one. To do this, enter a "Y" and then the number of the code you wish to copy and edit. If you reply 'N' you a screen will appear to enter a new Crimes Code. The narrative section can be added using the same commands used in the Criminal Complaint narratives. If you press "Esc", or "Enter" without adding a new Crimes Code, all the Crimes Codes will be listed on the screen including any you just added. At this time you can edit any Crimes Code by highlighting it and pressing "Enter". SEARCH WARRANT: The page numbers on the Search Warrant are not printed from the program. This allows you to print portions of the Search Warrant as you enter the information and allows you to make changes or additions without reprinting the entire document. Each document can be created and printed in any order. To retrieve an existing document in this module, use the `List Reports to Screen' option and enter incident number (or portion thereof).


GENERAL INFORMATION: If you attempt to locate an entry and you are unable to find it: Entries are tracked by incident number and by name. Names are not "case sensitive" however incident numbers are. A search for an existing record may be by Name and/or Incident No. If you attempt to print or bring an entry to the screen and a message is displayed "not found", it was probably entered differently. We have included an option to "LIST" records to the screen, showing how they were entered. DOCUMENT APPROVALS: All documents have been approved as follows: Complaint/Affidavit by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts Crash Report by The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation SUPPORT and COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Purchase price includes software, telephone support and upgrades to forms required by approval agencies, for one year. If on-site support is required for installation or training, a fee will be charged at the current hourly rate. Additional programming will also be billed at the same hourly rate. Upgrades to software will be charged accordingly. This software is owned by Personalized Computer Help. You may make one copy of the software for use as a backup. The software may only be installed on systems owned by the purchaser. Duplication of the software or distribution to other business entities is illegal. MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: - I have blank spaces in the narrative when I print it. - Lines are split, separated by blanks. Do not use the return key at the end of a line or at the end of the screen, only at the end of a paragraph. Words will wrap automatically as you type them. - A blank second page printed. When moving and inserting words into a narrative, make sure there are no extra "returns" (blank lines) at the end. You can check this by using the down arrow key; if it goes beyond the last line, use "Ctrl Y" at each blank line and it will delete those lines. The important thing to remember is the narrative does not show on the screen exactly as it prints out on the document. Unless you want a new line or paragraph, allow the computer to send you to a new line automatically. This software is designed to know exactly how to print your narrative so that it will fit onto the form correctly. - I cannot find a report that was just entered. Save the agony of trying to remember how it was entered, especially if typographical errors may have occurred. Use the "List Reports to the Screen" option in the menu. Just entering the first couple letters of a name will display your entry and all those after it in alphabetical order. However, after entering a new report, you must go to the menu again to have that report added to the new list. - I did a Criminal Complaint, then Affidavit but the one was there and not the other one.


Two possibilities. Again, use the "List Reports to the Screen" option. A minor typographical error will create two different reports. Another possibility is to create two records with the same name and incident number by changing an existing one to another number that already existed. Again, working from the list of files will assist in determining which one you need and allowing you to delete any you created in error. - Reports are printed with funny characters on them. If you are running on a Novell LAN, check your CAPTURE command and ensure it has NT on it. Other things to look at: Check your printer to make sure it is emulating an HP Laser Jet Printer. Some printers emulate several different makes. - Reports don't print until after you've gotten out of the program. If running on a Novell LAN, ensure that your CAPTURE command has the "AUTOENDCAP" option on it. - When printing reports, all terminals on the LAN slow down. Add the following statement to your autoexec.bat: SET CLIPPER=//SWAPPATH:'C:\' This will use your local C: drive for swapping work files.

APPENDIX Race Codes: W - White B - Black I - American Indian A - Asian or Pacific Islander U - Unknown Sex Codes: M - Male F - Female U - Unknown Check Boxes: Certain boxes are set to just be checked. Enter an X or a space in these. Yes/No Boxes: Certain blocks require a Yes or No as a response. Enter a Y or N in these.




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