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Who Regulates Solid Waste Facilities and Operations?

There are several state and local agencies that have regulatory oversight for Solid Waste Facilities and Operations. These interests include Water Quality, Air Quality and Public Health, Safety and the Environment.


Water Quality

State Board

State Water Resources Control Board

Local Agency

Regional Water Quality Control Board (Central Valley and Lahontan) Air Pollution Control District (San Joaquin APCD and Kern County APCD) Local Enforcement Agency (Kern County Environmental Division)

Air Quality

Air Resources Board

Public Health, Safety and the Environment

California Integrated Waste Management Board

Other interested agencies are Kern County Planning Department, Kern County Waste Management Department and California Department of Toxic Substances Control. The California Integrated Waste Management Board's (CIWMB) mission is to reduce the generation and improve the management of solid wastes in California, to conserve resources, develop sustainable markets, and protect public health and safety and to the environment. CIWMB helps meet these expectations by partnering with local governments and forming Local Enforcement Agencies (LEA). LEA's are designated locally and are certified by CIWMB to implement solid waste regulations in their jurisdiction. The Environmental Health Division is the designated LEA in Kern County. The responsibilities of the LEA include the following: Solid Waste Facilities/Operations inspections Process and issue Solid Waste Facility permits Complaint investigations Closed/inactive/abandoned (CIA) Solid Waste sites Site remediation at active/closed Solid Waste sites Assist public and private operations in the permitting and compliance process Enforcement action

Solid waste disposal sites include private and public operations that are regulated by the LEA. Laws and regulations can be found in the California Public Resources Code (PRC), California Code of Regulations, Titles 14, 22 and 27. The following types of facilities and operations are regulated by the LEA: Asbestos containing waste disposal sites Ash transfer/processing operations sites Ash disposal/monofill facilities Closed disposal sites ( including illegal and abandoned) Compostable materials handling operations and facilities Construction and demolition and inert debris transfer/processing facilities and operations Disposal Facilities (Landfills) Hazardous waste disposal facilities disposing non-hazardous, non-putrescible, industrial solid waste facilities Inert debris engineered fill operations Non hazardous petroleum contaminated soil operations and facilities Transfer operations Transfer/processing facilities Waste Tire monofill facilities

In addition, the LEA acts as an agent for the State for the Waste Tire Program.


Who Regulates Solid Waste Facilities and Operations

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