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Eltek GMT Distribution

Low Profile 48V and 24V Fuse panels

Eltek's low profile GMT fuse panel provides power distribution and over current protection for loads up to 15A. These panels are only 1U (1.75") high, only 3" deep, and 19" wide for mounting in either 19" or 23" racks. These panels will accept either 24 or 48 VDC input, and are available in three configurations: 10 fuses, 10A/10B fuses, or 20A/20B fuses. GMT fuses are available from 0.18 to 15 Amps. Maximum input current rating for the panel is 60 Amps. Panels with A and B sides have two, independent 60 Amp input busses.

Remote alarm (form C contacts) and a visual alarm (red LED) are provided for any fuse failure A green LED indicates that input power is present. The panel's wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for most indoor and outdoor applications. Applications ·Point of Presence (POPs) ·Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) ·Fiber Repeater ·E911 (Public Safety) ·Small Microwave ·Cellular base stations ·3G ·Data Center ·Co-location Approvals ·UL-recognized UL 1801 ·NEBS Level 3 certified Mechanical Information · Single 44mm (1.75") mounting height (1U) · Reversible brackets for 482mm (19") and, 584mm (23") rack mounting · Panel Depth 76mm (3")

Document # 1503155 Rev. 2



INPUT DC Input Voltage Panel Versions 10 position 10A / 10B 20A / 20B Cable Terminations OUTPUT 10 position 24VDC, or 48VDC Single input 60A max Dual input 60A max each Input connectors accept up to a 6 AWG wire

OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Operation V +24 / -48 VDC operating voltage Operation A 60 amps maximum per side Indicator LED power indicator (green) LED alarm indicator (red) ALARM OUTPUTS Major / Minor Form "C" standard contacts Alarm Capable Minor Alarm Indicates any one GMT fuse fail Major Alarm Indicates 2 or more GMT fuses fail Alarm Single set of contacts for the 10Connections position panel. Two independent sets of alarm contacts for split panels MECHANICAL LAYOUT Construction Lightweight aluminum frame Weight 1 lb. to 2 lbs. Dimensions 19" w x 1 -3/4" h x 3" d rack mount APPLICABLE STANDARDS UL 1801 UL File Number E139536 NEBS NEBS Level 3 Certified

15A max per position 60A Total capability 10A / 10B 15A max per position 120A Total capability 20A / 20B 15A max per position 120A Total capability Cable Output connectors accept up to Terminations a 14 AWG wire ENVIRONMENTAL -40°C to +85°C Temperature

Rear View:

Shown with Set Screw input type.

Part numbers - GMT Fuse Panels Part Number Description Input Type

506714 506716 506717 503590 503068 506715 503591 10 GMT Fuse 10A / 10B Fuse 20A / 20B Fuse 10 GMT Fuse 10A / 10B Fuse 20 GMT Fuse 20A / 20B Fuse Comp Lug Comp Lug Comp Lug Set Screw Set Screw Set Screw Set Screw

Output Type

Set Screw Set Screw Set Screw Set Screw Set Screw Set Screw Set Screw

Part Numbers - GMT Fuses Part Rating Part Number Number

1125230618 1125230625 1125230650 1125230675 1125230010 1125230013 1125230000 0.18A 1125230020 0.25A 1125230030 0.50A 1125230050 0.75A 1125230075 1.0A 1125230110 1.3A 1125230115 Dummy GMT Fuse


2.0A 3.0A 5.0A 7.5A 10.0A 15.0A

Location Norway Americas Asia/Pacific China Europe Middle East

Company Eltek Energy AS Eltek Energy, LLC Eltek Energy Pte Ltd. Eltek Energy Ltd. Eltek Energy UK Ltd. Eltek Middle East

Telephone +47 32 20 32 00 +1 815 459 9100 +65 6 7732326 +852 28982689 +44 1442 219355 +971 4 887 1176

Fax +47 32 20 32 10 +1 815 459 9118 +65 6 7753602 +852 28983189 +44 1442 245894 +971 4 887 1175 Document # 1503155 Rev. 2


Eltek GMT Distribution Datasheet-Rev 2.PDF

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Eltek GMT Distribution Datasheet-Rev 2.PDF