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Reading French Psychoanalysis


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Edited by dana birksted-breen, sara Flanders, and alain Gibeault Page 4

Partners in Thought

Working with Unformulated Experience, Dissociation, and Enactment donnel b. stern Page 9


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The Zen Impulse and the Psychoanalytic Encounter

Paul C. Cooper Page 21

Exploring in Security

Towards an AttachmentInformed Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Jeremy holmes Page 26

The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Approaches Second Edition Edited by Monica Lanyado and ann horne Page 27

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Growing Old

A Journey of Self-Discovery danielle Quinodoz Page 29

Please Select Your Gender

From the Invention of Hysteria to the Democratizing of Transgenderism Patricia Gherovici Page 30





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Bromberg: Standing in the Spaces: Essays on Clinical Process, Trauma and Dissociation

Pb: 978-0-88163-356-6: 2001: 376pp. £29.95/$49.95


Bromberg: Awakening the Dreamer: Clinical Journeys

Hb: 978-0-88163-441-9: 2006: 240pp. £36.50/$55.00

Rosenbaum: Dare to Be Human: A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Journey

Hb: 978-0-415-99797-3: 2009: 248pp. £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99798-0: 2009: 248pp. £21.99/$34.95 Relational Perspectives Book Series

· AmericanPsychoanalyticAssociation(APsaA)National Meeting 13-17 January 2010, New York, USA APsaA's 2010 National Meeting features exceptional scientific sessions open to all psychoanalysts, mental health professionals, and students as well as to others interested in psychoanalysis. Meeting registrants have found APsaA's meetings are one of the best ways to build their clinical practices. · InternationalAssociationforRelationalPsychoanalysisand Psychotherapy(IARPP)AnnualCongress 25-28 February 2010, San Francisco, USA Expanding the Relational Context: Sex, Desire, Politics, Economics, Aesthetics, Technologies. This conference is intended for psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, marriage and family counselors, and clinical professional counselors. The conference is organized to facilitate maximum opportunity for questions, comments and dialogue between the audience and the presenters, allowing clinicians to engage in an extensive variety of topics relevant to the field. · 23rdEuropeanPsychoanalyticalFederation(EPF)Annual Conference 25-28 March 2010, London, UK The chosen theme for the 23rd annual EPF conference will be: Passion, Love and Sexuality in Psychoanalysis. · APADivisionofPsychoanalysis(39),30thAnnualSpring Meeting 21-25 April 2010, Chicago, USA The 2010 Chicago conference will explore the idea of wildness in our work both as a source of energy and a demarcation of limits. What is too turbulent, unruly, outrageous, or "edgy?" What dangers lie at this frontier, and what untapped opportunities emerge in pushing the limits of technique and relationship? They invite proposals drawing on theoretical considerations, clinical and empirical knowledge, scientific research and technique, and/ or the artistic sensibility.

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Mitchell/Aron, Eds.: Relational Psychoanalysis: The Emergence of a Tradition

Pb: 978-0-88163-270-5: 1999: 534pp. £34.50/$57.95 Relational Perspectives Book Series

Stolorow: Trauma and Human Existence: Autobiographical, Psychoanalytic, and Philosophical Reflections

Pb: 978-0-88163-467-9: 2007: 62pp. £12.50/$19.95 Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series

Winnicott: Playing and Reality, Second Edition

Pb: 978-0-415-34546-0: 2005: 240pp. £14.99/$27.50 Series: Routledge Classics

Bowlby: A Secure Base

Pb: 978-0-415-35527-8: 2005: 212pp. £11.50/$19.95 Series: Routledge Classics

Bowlby: The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds

Pb: 978-0-415-35481-3: 2005: 224pp. £9.99/$19.95 Series: Routledge Classics

Bollas: The Evocative Object World

Hb: 978-0-415-47393-4: 2008: 136pp. £42.50/$79.95 Pb: 978-0-415-47394-1: 2008: 136pp. £13.50/$24.95

Bollas: The Infinite Question

Hb: 978-0-415-47391-0: 2008: 208pp. £42.50/$79.95 Pb: 978-0-415-47392-7: 2008: 208pp. £13.50/$24.95


In this book, Dana Birksted-Breen and Sara Flanders of the British Psychoanalytical Society, and Alain Gibeault of the Paris Psychoanalytical Society provide an overview of how French psychoanalysis has developed since Lacan. Focusing primarily on the work of psychoanalysts from the French Psychoanalytical Association and from the Paris Psychoanalytical Society, the two British psychoanalysts view the evolution of theory as it appears to them from the outside, while the French psychoanalyst explains and elaborates from inside the French psychoanalytic discourse.

Reading French Psychoanalysis Edited by Dana Birksted-Breen, Sara Flanders, and Alain Gibeault 2009: 840pp. Hb: 978-0-415-48502-9: £100.00/$160.00 Pb: 978-0-415-48503-6: £39.95/$64.95 The New Library of Psychoanalysis Teaching Series Page 4

This book builds a key clinical bridge between attachment theory and psychoanalysis, deploying Holmes' unique capacity to weld empirical evidence, psychoanalytic theory and consulting room experience into a coherent and convincing whole. Starting from the theory­ practice gap in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, the book demonstrates how attachment theory can help practitioners better understand what they intuitively do in the consulting room, how this benefits clients, and informs evidence-based practice.

Exploring in Security Towards an Attachment-Informed Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Jeremy Holmes 2009: 216pp. Hb: 978-0-415-55414-5: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-55415-2: £21.99/$34.95 Page 26

In this book psychoanalyst Danielle Quinodoz highlights the value of old age and the fact that although many elderly people have suffered losses, either of their own good health or through bereavement, most have managed to retain the most important thing ­ their sense of self. Quinodoz argues that growing old provides us with the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and instead of facing it with dread, it should be celebrated.

Growing Old A Journey of Self-Discovery Danielle Quinodoz 2009: 232pp. Hb: 978-0-415-54565-5: £52.50/$95.00 Pb: 978-0-415-54566-2: £14.99/$27.50 Page 29



The New Library of Psychoanalysis Teaching Series

Series Editor: Dana Birksted-Breen Assistant Editor: Alessandra Lemma

Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series

Series Editor: Joseph D. Lichtenberg

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Teaching Series extends the aims and achievements of The New Library of Psychoanalysis to those studying psychoanalysis and related fields such as the social sciences, philosophy, literature and the arts. Each text provides a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the central subjects in psychoanalysis, expressing even the most complex psychoanalytic concepts in clear and simple language whilst avoiding over simplification. Page 4

Home to foundational studies in self psychology, motivation theory, and intersubjectivity theory, the Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series continues to publish Post-Freudian books that integrate the psychoanalytic endeavor with recent empirical and clinical findings. Recent volumes in the series explore the theoretical and clinical implications of infancy research, developmental psychology, and systems theory, in particular. Page 12

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

Series Editor: Dana Birksted-Breen Assistant Editor: Alessandra Lemma

Relational Perspectives Book Series

Series Editors: Lewis Aron and Adrienne Harris

The New Library of Psychoanalysis is published by Routledge in association with the Institute of Psychoanalysis, london. Its purpose is to facilitate a greater and more widespread appreciation of what psychoanalysis is really about and to provide a forum for increasing mutual understanding between psychoanalysts and those in other disciplines such as linguistics, literature, medicine, philosophy, psychology, and the social sciences. The series also aims to make some of the work of Continental and other non-English speaking analysts more readily available to English-speaking readers, and to increase the interchange of ideas between British and American analysts. Page 5

The Relational Perspectives Book Series publishes books that grow out of the relational tradition in contemporary psychoanalysis. Various tributaries ­ interpersonal psychoanalysis, object relations theory, self psychology, empirical infancy research, and certain currents of contemporary Freudian thought ­ flow into this tradition, which understands relational configurations between self and others, real and fantasied, as the primary subject of psychoanalytic investigation. Page 14

Routledge Classics Series Psychological Issues Series

Series Editor: David Wolitzky

Psychological Issues is a monograph series that was begun by G. S. Klein in the 1950s. The first manuscript was published in 1959. The editors since Klein's death have been Herbert Schlesinger, Stuart Hauser, Morris Eagle, and currently David Wolitzky. The mission of Psychological Issues is to publish intellectually challenging and significant manuscripts that are of interest to the psychoanalytic community as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, students, and interested lay people. Page 9

Routledge Classics contains the very best of Routledge publishing over the past century or so, books that have, by popular consent, become established as classics in their field. Drawing on a fantastic heritage of innovative writing published by Routledge and its associated imprints, this series makes available in attractive, affordable form some of the most important works of modern times. Page 19

Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

Series Editor: Donnel B. Stern

Makers of Modern Psychotherapy Series

Series Editor: Laurence Spurling

The "new key" in which volumes in this series are written is an intentional focus on innovative and unsettling clinical thinking that, while contributing to the Interpersonal and Relational psychoanalytic traditions, grows from sources not usually tapped in the psychoanalytic literature. The series encompasses ideas from other fields, such as trauma theory or literary criticism, and topics that are typically excluded from formal psychoanalytic discourse. Page 9

This series of introductory, critical texts looks at the work and thought of key contributors to the development of psychodynamic psychotherapy. Each book includes examples of how the theories examined affect clinical practice, biographical material and a complete bibliography of the contributor's work. Page 20


The New Library of Psychoanalysis Teaching Series


Reading Klein

MargaretRustin, Head of Child Psychotherapy, Tavistock Clinic, London, UK, and MichaelRustin,University of East London, UK This book provides a biographical, chronological and thematic exploration of Klein's writings. Topics of discussion include: · the psychological development of children · the concept of unconscious phantasy · the development of the superego. Providing a clear and accessible guide to Klein's ideas and significance, this book will be essential reading to all those studying psychoanalysis on undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses.

December 2010: 288pp. Hb: 978-0-415-45293-9: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-45294-6: £22.99/$36.95

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Teaching Series

Reading French Psychoanalysis




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Narcissistic Aspects of the Analytic Situation (1977). de M'Uzan, The Uncanny or `I Am Not Who You Think I Am' (2007). Viderman, The Role of the Countertransference (1982). Neyraut, Countertransference and Psychoanalytic Thought (1974). Laplanche, Transference: Its Provocation by the Analyst (1992). Rolland, Speaking and Renouncing (2008). PartIV:PhantasyandRepresentation.Lebovici, Object Relationships in Children (1961). Laplanche, Pontalis, Fantasy and the Origins of Sexuality (1964). Fain, The Prelude to Fantasmatic Life (1971). Green, The Work of the Negative (1986). Negative Hallucination (1993). Botella, Botella, Working as a Double (1995). Torok, The Illness of Mourning and the Fantasy of the Exquisite Corpse (1968). Faimberg, Listening to the Telescoping of Generations: The Psychoanalytic Pertinence of the Concept (1988). Kristeva, `Speech in Psychoanalysis': From Symbols to the Flesh and Back (2007). PartV:TheBodyand theDrives.Marty, de M'Uzan, Operational Thinking (1963). Marty, Essential Depression (1968). Aisenstein, Psychosomatic Solution or Somatic Outcome: The Man from Burma ­ Psychotherapy of a Case of Haemorrhagic Rectocolitis (1993). Anzieu Functions of the Skin Ego (1985). Green, The Death Drive: Meaning, Objections, Substitutes (2007). Rosenberg, (Erotogenic) Masochism and the Pleasure Principle (1982). Roussillon, Sexualisation and Desexualisation in Psychoanalysis (2004). Diatkine, The Croatian Cravat: The Narcissism of Small Differences and the Process of Civilisation (1993). PartVI:Masculine andFeminineSexuality.Chasseguet-Smirgel, Feminine Guilt and the Oedipus Complex (1964). Cournut, Poor Men ­ Or Why Men are Afraid of Women (1998). Cournut-Janin, The Feminine and Femininity (1998). Denis, Primary Homosexuality: A Foundation of Contradictions (1982). David, The Beautiful Differences (1973). McDougall, Plea for a Measure of Abnormality (1978).PartVII:Psychosis.Pasche, The Shield of Perseus or Psychosis and Reality (1971). Kestemberg, The Fetishistic Object-relationship: Some Observations (1978). Racamier, Suffering and Surviving in Paradoxes (1991). Aulagnier, Retreat into Hallucination: An Equivalent of the Autistic Retreat? (1985). Gibeault, Schizophrenia and Psychodrama: Psychoanalytic Psychodrama with `John', the Man `Saddled with That/the Id' (2008). 2009: 840pp. Hb: 978-0-415-48502-9: £100.00/$160.00 Pb: 978-0-415-48503-6: £39.95/$64.95


Edited by DanaBirksted-Breen, and SaraFlanders,both Training and Supervising Psychoanalysts, British Psychoanalytical Society, UK, and AlainGibeault,Training and Supervising Analyst, Paris Psychoanalytical Society, France In this book, Dana Birksted-Breen and Sara Flanders of the British Psychoanalytical Society, and Alain Gibeault of the Paris Psychoanalytical Society provide an overview of how French psychoanalysis has developed since Lacan. Focusing primarily on the work of psychoanalysts from the French Psychoanalytical Association and from the Paris Psychoanalytical Society, the two British psychoanalysts view the evolution of theory as it appears to them from the outside, while the French psychoanalyst explains and elaborates from inside the French psychoanalytic discourse. Seminal and representative papers have been chosen to illuminate what is special about French thinking. A substantial general introduction argues in favour of the specificity of 'French psychoanalysis', tracing its early influences and highlighting specific contemporary developments.

CoNTENTS: Birksted-Breen, Flanders, General Introduction. PartI:


The New Library of Psychoanalysis Teaching Series

Listening to Hanna Segal

Her Contribution to Psychoanalysis

Jean-MichelQuinodoz, in private practice, Geneva, Switzerland

"... Quinodoz is superb, probing, discursive and illuminating. What I was left with at the end of the book was a very clear sense of Segal as a person, an analyst and a thinker, and a sense that one had indeed encountered her in a multitude of ways."

-MaggieMcAlister,Journal of Analytical Psychology 2007: 184pp. Hb: 978-0-415-44493-4: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-44085-1: £19.95/$37.50


The New Library of Psychoanalysis Teaching Series

Reading Freud

A Chronological Exploration of Freud's Writings

Jean-MichelQuinodoz,in private practice, Geneva, Switzerland

"Reading Freud is a significant contribution to the psychoanalytic literature. It is a work that reaffirms the continued value of Freudian thought in an era in which psychoanalytic ideas are under attack. It belongs on the bookshelf of both beginning candidates and experienced psychoanalysts." -GlenGabbard,Training Psychoanalyst of

the American Psychoanalytic Association, Houston, USA 2005: 320pp. Hb: 978-1-58391-746-6: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-747-3: £21.95/$39.95

HistoryofPsychoanalysisinFrance. de Mijolla, Some Distinctive Features of the History of Psychoanalysis in France (2004). Widlöcher, What Has Become of the Lines of Advance in Psychoanalysis? The Evolution of Practices in France (2001). PartII:ThePioneersand TheirLegacy.Lacan, The Mirror Stage as Formative of the Function of the I as Revealed in Psychoanalytic Experience (1949). Bouvet, Technical Variation and the Concept of Distance (1958). Nacht, The Non-verbal Relationship in Psycho-Analytic Treatment (1957). PartIII:TheSetting andtheProcessofPsychoanalysis. Donnet, From the Fundamental Rule to the Analysing Situation (2001). Diatkine, Preliminary Remarks on the Present State of Psychoanalysis of Children (1972). Grunberger,

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Teaching Series


10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series


a wide, professional, national and international audience and will become essential reading for junior psychiatrists and nursing staff in particular." - CarineMinne, From the Preface The Psychotic Wavelength provides a psychoanalytical framework for clinicians to use in everyday general psychiatric practice and discusses how psychoanalytic ideas can be of great value when used in the treatment of seriously disturbed and disturbing psychiatric patients with psychoses, including both schizophrenia and the affective disorders. In this book, Richard Lucas suggests that when clinicians are faced with psychotic patients, the primary concern should be to make sense of what is happening during their breakdown. He refers to this as tuning into the psychotic wavelength, a process that allows clinicians to distinguish between, and appropriately address, the psychotic and non-psychotic parts of the personality. He argues that if clinicians can find and identify the psychotic wavelength, they can more effectively help the patient to come to terms with the realities of living with a psychotic disorder.

CoNTENTS: Minne, Preface. PartI:MakingtheCasefora


Initiating Psychoanalysis

Edited by BernardReith, in private practice, Geneva, Switzerland, SvenLagerlof,in private practice, Stockholm, Sweden, Penelope Crick, London Clinic of Psychoanalysis, UK, MetteMøller, Training Analyst, Danish Psychoanalytic Society, and Elisabeth Skale,President, Vienna Psychoanalytical Society This book looks at psychoanalytic consultation and the decision to begin psychoanalysis. Chapters from a wide range of expert contributors offer different psychoanalytic approaches, from Freud to modern psychoanalysis, and focus on the first meeting with a new patient and the possibility of making an offer of psychoanalysis.

December 2010: 288pp. Hb: 978-0-415-55497-8: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-55498-5: £22.99/$36.95

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series


Bion Today

Edited by ChrisMawson,Training and supervising analyst, British Psychoanalytical Society, UK Bion Today introduces distinctive psychoanalytic contributions to show the ways in which distinguished analysts have explored and developed the ideas of Wilfred Bion. Contributors demonstrate the ways in which they make use of Bion's ideas in their clinical work and areas of discussion include: · Bion's critical approach to psychoanalysis · Bion's transformations: art and psychoanalysis · learning from Bion's legacy to groups. This book will be of interest to all psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, as well as those with an interest in Bion's work.

August 2010: 352pp. Hb: 978-0-415-57071-8: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-57072-5: £22.99/$36.95

PsychoanalyticPerspectiveonPsychosis. Introduction. The Medical Model. Controversial Issues in Psychosis. PartII:Psychoanalytic TheoriesaboutPsychosis:ASelectiveReview.Freud's Contributions to Psychosis. The Kleinian Contribution to Psychosis. Bion and Psychosis. A Contemporary Freudian Perspective on Psychosis. The Psychoanalytic Treatment of Schizophrenia: Lessons from Chestnut Lodge. The Divided Self: Evaluating R. D. Laing's Contribution to Thinking about Psychosis. PartIII:TuningintoThePsychoticWavelength. Differentiating Psychotic Processes from Psychotic Disorders. The Psychotic Wavelength. Dreams and Delusions. Utilising the Countertransference in Psychosis. PartIV:ThePsychoticWavelengthinAffectiveDisorders. Why the Cycle in a Clinical Psychosis? Puerperal Psychosis: Vulnerability and Aftermath. Managing Depression ­ Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Antidepressants or Both? PartV:ImplicationsforManagementand Education. Developing an Exoskeleton. Destructive Attacks on Reality and the Self. The Role of Psychotherapy in Reducing the Risk of Suicide in Affective Disorders: A Case Study. Education in Psychosis. Psychoanalytic Attitudes to General Psychiatry and Psychosis. 2009: 360pp. Hb: 978-0-415-48468-8: £60.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-48469-5: £22.99/$36.95

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

Melanie Klein in Berlin

Her First Psychoanalyses of Children

ClaudiaFrank,psychoanalyst, in private practice, Stuttgart, Germany Edited and with a Preface by Elizabeth Spillius,Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst, British Psychoanalytical Society, UK Translated bySophieLeighton,and SueYoung "This book is the work of a true scholar. And we all have much reason to thank Claudia for making us aware of the results of her meticulous comparison of Klein's published papers, her unpublished papers and her clinical treatment notes." -ElizabethSpillius, From the Preface In this book Claudia Frank discusses how Melanie Klein began to develop her psychoanalysis of children. Melanie Klein in Berlin: Her First Psychoanalyses of Children offers a detailed comparative analysis of both published and unpublished material from the Melanie Klein Archives. By using previously unpublished studies, Frank demonstrates how Klein enriched the concept of negative transference and 5

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

The Psychotic Wavelength

A Psychoanalytic Perspective for Psychiatry

RichardLucas, was a consultant psychiatrist at St. Ann's Hospital, London, UK, and a member of the British Psychoanalytical Society "In this admirably lucid book Dr Richard Lucas demonstrates that psychoanalysis has much to contribute to the treatment of seriously disturbed and disturbing psychiatric patients... I sincerely hope it will be read by

FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20

laid the basis for the innovations on both technique and theory that eventually led not only to changes in child analysis, but also to changes in the analysis of adults. Frank also uncovers the influence that this had on Klein's later theories of the paranoidschizoid and depressive positions, and on her understanding of psychotic anxieties. The first seven chapters in the book provide an explanation of the essence of Klein's approach to child psychoanalysis. Part II provides a translation of Klein's unpublished notes on the treatments of four of the children she analysed in Berlin: 7-year-old Grete, 2-year-old Rita, 7-year-old Inge and 6-year-old Erna.

Psychoanalytic Clinical Work in Berlin. Grete: One of Melanie Klein's Very First Little Girl Patients in Berlin. Rita: Klein's Youngest Patient. The Beginning of the Play Technique: Inge and, Perhaps, Ernst? Erna: The Most Extensive Child Analysis of the Berlin Years. Conclusion. PartII: Notes tothisEdition.Treatment Notes on Grete. Treatment Notes on Rita. Treatment Notes on Inge. Treatment Notes on Erna. 2009: 504pp. Hb: 978-0-415-48497-8: £70.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-48498-5: £24.99/$39.95

CoNTENTS: Spillius, Preface. PartI: Introduction.Melanie Klein's

Mind Works

Technique and Creativity in Psychoanalysis

AntoninoFerro, in private practice, Pavia, Italy "... an exceptional achievement." - MarcoConci, International Forum of


In Mind Works Antonino Ferro uses clinical material such as detailed reports of sessions, together with client's analytic histories, to develop Bion's original findings and illustrate complex concepts in the field of psychoanalytic technique. Mind Works: Technique and Creativity in Psychoanalysis also suggests that dreaming is a fundamental moment in analytic work, and Ferro discusses how dreams can go beyond the present to become a continuous act of the mind in the waking state, allowing internal and external stimuli to be transformed into thoughts and emotions. Focusing on how the minds of the analyst and the analysand work in psychoanalysis, this book will appeal to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists and will be helpful in psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic work on a day-to-day basis.

2008: 240pp. Hb: 978-0-415-42991-7: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-42992-4: £23.95/$42.50

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

Doubt, Conviction and the Analytic Process

Selected Papers of Michael Feldman

MichaelFeldman,Training Analyst, British Psychoanalytical Society, UK Edited by BettyJoseph In this profound and subtle study, a practising psychoanalyst explores the dynamics of the interaction between the patient and the analyst. Michael Feldman draws the reader into experiencing how the clinical interaction unfolds within a session. In doing so, he develops some of the implications of the important pioneering work of such analysts as Klein, Rosenfeld and Joseph, showing in fine detail some of the ways in which the patient feels driven to communicate to the analyst, not only in order to be understood by him, but also in order to affect him. The author's detailed descriptions of the clinical process allow the reader to follow the actual process that enables the patient to get into contact with thoughts and feelings of which he or she was previously unconscious or only vaguely aware. Feldman makes the reader aware of the constant dynamic interaction between the patient and the analyst, each affecting the other. He shows how the analyst has to find a balance between doubt, uncertainty and confusion in himself and through this process may arrive at an understanding of what is happening, and by formulating this understanding the analyst can make a significant contribution to the process of psychic change.

CoNTENTS: Schafer, Preface. Joseph, Introduction. Feldman, The Oedipus Complex: Manifestations in the Inner World and the Therapeutic Situation. Splitting and Projective Identification. Projective Identification: The Analyst's Involvement. The Dynamics of Reassurance. The Illumination of History. Manifestation of the Death Instinct in the Consulting Room. Envy and the Negative Therapeutic Reaction. Addressing Parts of the Self. `I Was Thinking....' The Defensive Use of Compliance. Grievance: The Underlying Oedipal Configuration. Filled with Doubt. The Problem of Conviction in the Session.

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

Also by Antonino Ferro

Winner of the 2007 Sigourney Award!

Psychoanalysis as Therapy and Storytelling

Hb: 978-0-415-37204-6: 2006: 160pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-37205-3: 2006: 160pp. £22.95/$42.50

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

Seeds of Illness, Seeds of Recovery

The Genesis of Suffering and the Role of Psychoanalysis

Hb: 978-1-58391-828-9: 2004: 144pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-829-6: 2004: 144pp. £22.95/$42.50


The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

The Bi-Personal Field

Experiences in Child Analysis

Introduction by ElizabethBottSpillius

Pb: 978-0-415-21180-2: 1999: 232pp. £22.95/$42.50

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

In the Analyst's Consulting Room

Translated byPhilipSlotkin

Pb: 978-1-58391-222-5: 2002: 176pp. £21.99/$39.95

2009: 288pp. Hb: 978-0-415-47934-9: £60.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-47935-6: £22.99/$36.95

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series 6 10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w

Rediscovering Psychoanalysis

Thinking and Dreaming, Learning and Forgetting

ThomasH.ogden, Director, Center for the Advanced Study of the Psychoses, San Francisco, USA Rediscovering Psychoanalysis demonstrates how, by attending to one's own idiosyncratic ways of thinking, feeling, and responding to patients, the psychoanalyst can develop a "style" of his or her own, a way of practicing that is a living process originating, to a large degree, from the personality and experience of the analyst. This book approaches rediscovering psychoanalysis from four vantage points derived from the author's experience as a clinician, a supervisor, a teacher, and a reader of psychoanalysis. Thomas Ogden begins by presenting his experience of creating psychoanalysis freshly in the form of "talking-as-dreaming" in the analytic session; this is followed by an exploration of supervising and teaching psychoanalysis in a way that is distinctly one's own and unique to each supervisee and seminar group. Ogden goes on to rediscover psychoanalysis in this book as he continues his series of close readings of seminal analytic works. Here, he makes original theoretical contributions through the exploration, explication, and extension of the work of Bion, Loewald, and Searles.

2008: 184pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46862-6: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46863-3: £23.95/$42.50

Throughout this text, Perelberg draws together connections between time, mental space, and phantasy showing how time is constantly reshaped in the light of new events and experiences.

2008: 248pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46321-8: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46322-5: £23.95/$42.50


The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

Also by Rosine Jozef Perelberg

Perelberg:Psychoanalytic Understanding of Violence and Suicide

Pb: 978-0-415-19932-2: 1998: 208pp: £23.95/$42.50

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series Perelberg,Ed.:Freud: A Modern Reader

Pb: 978-0-415-95246-0: 2005: 200pp. $43.95

Only available for sale in the US/Canada

David Tuckett Winner of the 2007 Sigourney Award!

Psychoanalysis Comparable and Incomparable

The Evolution of a Method to Describe and Compare Psychoanalytic Approaches

DavidTuckett,RobertoBasile,DanaBirksted-Breen, TomasBohm,PaulDenis,AntoninoFerro,HelmutHinz, ArneJemstedt,PaolaMariotti,and JohanSchubert "This extraordinary volume describes the enormous progress made by an ongoing international scientific effort to help analysts identify a core of the psychoanalytic process that is compatible with the variety of theories and techniques that now exists in the international community... I know of no project more important than this one for the future of psychoanalysis." - ArnoldM.Cooper, Weill Cornell

Medical College, USA

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

Also by Thomas H. Ogden

This Art of Psychoanalysis

Dreaming Undreamt Dreams and Interrupted Cries

Hb: 978-0-415-37288-6: 2005: 152pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-37289-3: 2005: 152pp. £22.95/$42.50

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series

Time, Space and Phantasy

RosineJozefPerelberg,Training and Supervising Analyst, British Psychoanalytical Society, UK "Time, Space and Phantasy is a tour de force of psychoanalytic and anthropological scholarship and clinical acumen. I highly recommend it to all those who want to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of psychoanalysis."

-DonaldCampbell,Past President of the British Psychoanalytical Society

Psychoanalysis Comparable and Incomparable describes the rationale and ongoing development of a six year programme of highly original meetings conducted by the European Psychoanalytic Federation Working Party on Comparative Clinical Methods. The project comprises over seventy cases discussed by more than five hundred experienced psychoanalysts over the course of sixty workshops. Authored by a group of leading European psychoanalysts, this book explores ways for psychoanalysts using different approaches to learn from each other when they present their work to fellow psychoanalysts, and provides tools for the individual practitioner to examine and improve his or her own approach. As described in detail in its pages, sticking to the task led to some surprising experiences, raising fundamental questions about the way clinical discussion and supervision are conducted in psychoanalysis.

2008: 320pp. Hb: 978-0-415-45142-0: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-45143-7: £23.95/$42.50

Time, Space, and Phantasy examines the connections between time, space, phantasy and sexuality in clinical practice. It explores the subtleties of the encounter between patient and analyst, addressing how aspects of the patient's unconscious past are actualised in the present, producing new meanings that can be re-translated to the past.

The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series 7

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The New Library of Psychoanalysis Series ­ Backlist

Anderson,Ed.:Clinical Lectures on Klein

and Bion Pb: 978-0-415-06993-9: 1991: 160pp. £22.95/$42.50

Gaddini:Limentani,Ed.:A Psychoanalytic Theory of Infantile Experience Pb: 978-0-415-07435-3: 1992: 240pp. £23.95/$42.50 Geissmann,C./Geissmann,P.:A History of

Child Psychoanalysis Pb: 978-0-415-11296-3: 1997: 368pp. £32.50/$59.95

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a Page Hb: 978-1-58391-264-5: 2002: 120pp. £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-265-2: 2002: 120pp. £22.95/$42.50 Pb: 978-0-415-09154-1: 1993: 224pp. £23.95/$42.50

Green:Key Ideas for a Contemporary

Psychoanalysis Hb: 978-1-58391-838-8: 2005: 344pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-839-5: 2005: 344pp. £23.95/$42.50

Quinodoz,J.M.:The Taming of Solitude Rayner:Unconscious Logic

Pb: 978-0-415-12726-4: 1995: 192pp. £23.95/$42.50

Green:The Fabric of Affect in the

Aulagnier:The Violence of Interpretation

Pb: 978-0-415-23676-8: 2001: 280pp. £23.95/$42.50

Psychoanalytic Discourse Hb: 978-0-415-11524-7: 1999: 400pp. £85.00/$155.00 Pb: 978-0-415-11525-4: 1999: 400pp. £32.50/$59.95 Late Freud Pb: 978-0-415-14844-3: 1997: 136pp. £22.95/$42.50 of Psychic Change Hb: 978-1-58391-822-7: 2004: 224pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-823-4: 2004: 224pp. £23.95/$42.50

Resnik:Glacial Times

Hb: 978-1-58391-716-9: 2005: 136pp. £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-717-6: 2005: 136pp. £22.95/$42.50

Birksted-Breen,Ed.:The Gender

Conundrum Pb: 978-0-415-09164-0: 1993: 312pp. £23.95/$42.50 in the 21st Century Hb: 978-0-415-37943-4: 2006: 288pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-37944-1: 2006: 288pp. £23.95/$42.50

Grubrich-Simitis:Early Freud and

Resnik:The Theatre of the Dream

Pb: 978-0-415-21486-5: 1987: 218pp. £23.95/$42.50 Bearing Unbearable States of Mind Pb: 978-0-415-20519-1: 1999: 216pp. £23.99/$42.50

Riesenberg-Malcolm:Roth,Ed.:On Roith:The Riddle of Freud

Black,Ed.:Psychoanalysis and Religion

Hargreaves/Varchevker,Eds.:In Pursuit

Pb: 978-0-415-21487-2: 1987: 207pp. £23.95/$42.50

Psychic Figurability Hb: 978-1-58391-814-2: 2004: 240pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-815-9: 2004: 240pp. £23.95/$42.50

Botella,C./Botella,S.:The Work of

Heimann:Tonnesmann,Ed.:About Kennedy:The Many Voices of

Rosenfeld:Impasse and Interpretation

Pb: 978-0-415-01012-2: 1987: 336pp. £23.95/$42.50

Children and Children-No-Longer Pb: 978-0-415-04119-5: 1990: 377pp. £23.95/$42.50

Sabbadini,Ed.:Projected Shadows

Hb: 978-0-415-42816-3: 2007: 216pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-42817-0: 2007: 216pp. £23.95/$42.50

BottSpillius,Ed.:Melanie Klein Today, BottSpillius,Ed.:Melanie Klein Today,

Volume 1: Mainly Theory Pb: 978-0-415-00676-7: 1988: 368pp. £23.95/$42.50 Volume 2: Mainly Practice Pb: 978-0-415-01045-0: 1988: 336pp. £23.95/$42.50 the Lost Good Object Hb: 978-0-415-40922-3: 2006: 224pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-40923-0: 2006: 224pp. £23.95/$42.50

Psychoanalysis Hb: 978-0-415-41176-9: 2007: 312pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-41177-6: 2007: 312pp. £23.95/$42.50 Controversies 1941-45 Pb: 978-0-415-08274-7: 1992: 996pp. £47.50/$85.00

Sabbadini,Ed.:The Couch and the Silver

King/Steiner,Eds.:The Freud-Klein Kohon,Ed.:The Dead Mother

Screen Hb: 978-1-58391-951-4: 2003: 280pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-952-1: 2003: 280pp. £23.95/$42.50 Want? Pb: 978-0-415-13515-3: 1995: 160pp. £23.95/$42.50

Brenman:FornariSpoto,Ed.:Recovery of

Sandler/Dreher:What Do Psychoanalysts Segal:Dream, Phantasy and Art

Pb: 978-0-415-01798-5: 1990: 144pp. £22.95/$42.50

Pb: 978-0-415-16529-7: 1999: 248pp. £23.95/$42.50

Mahony:Psychoanalysis and Discourse

Pb: 978-1-58391-185-3: 1987: 259pp. £23.95/$42.50


Britton:Belief and Imagination

Pb: 978-0-415-19438-9: 1998: 240pp. £23.95/$42.50

Mancia:Feeling the Words

Hb: 978-0-415-39096-5: 2007: 272pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-39097-2: 2007: 272pp. £23.95/$42.50


Caper:A Mind of One's Own

Pb: 978-0-415-19912-4: 1998: 176pp. £22.95/$42.50

Literature and War Pb: 978-0-415-15329-4: 1997: 192pp. £22.95/$42.50

Chianese:Constructions and the

Matte-Blanco:Thinking, Feeling,

Analytic Field Hb: 978-0-415-38404-9: 2007: 248pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-38405-6: 2007: 248pp. £23.95/$42.50 Revolution in American Psychoanalysis Hb: 978-1-58391-891-3: 2004: 288pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-892-0: 2004: 288pp. £23.95/$42.50

and Being Pb: 978-0-415-00678-1: 1988: 360pp. £23.95/$42.50 Men Pb: 978-0-415-03673-3: 1987: 320pp. £23.95/$42.50

Milner:The Suppressed Madness of Sane Mitrani:Ordinary People and ExtraOrdinary Protections Pb: 978-0-415-24165-6: 2001: 200pp. £23.95/$42.50 Parsons:The Dove that Returns,

The Dove that Vanishes Hb: 978-0-415-21181-9: 2000: 224pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-21182-6: 2000: 224pp. £23.95/$42.50

Segal:Abel-Hirsch,Ed.:Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Hb: 978-0-415-41573-6: 2007: 304pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-41574-3: 2007: 304pp. £23.95/$42.50 Sinason,Ed.:Life, Sex and Death Pb: 978-0-415-12805-6: 1995: 224pp. £23.95/$42.50 Spillius:Roth/Rusbridger,Eds.:Encounters with Melanie Klein Hb: 978-0-415-41998-7: 2007: 264pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-41999-4: 2007: 264pp. £23.95/$42.50 Steiner:Psychic Retreats

Pb: 978-0-415-09924-0: 1993: 176pp. £22.95/$42.50

Cooper:Auchincloss,Ed.: The Quiet

Faimberg:The Telescoping of Generations Pb: 978-1-58391-753-4: 2005: 168pp. £22.95/$42.50 Feldman/BottSpillius,Eds.:Psychic

Equilibrium and Psychic Change Pb: 978-0-415-04117-1: 1989: 240pp. £23.95/$42.50

Perlow:Understanding Mental Objects

Pb: 978-0-415-12179-8: 1995: 224pp. £23.95/$42.50

Stewart:Michael Balint Pb: 978-0-415-14466-7: 1996: 160pp. £23.95/$42.50 Stewart:Psychic Experience and Problems of Technique Pb: 978-0-415-05975-6: 1991: 176pp. £23.95/$42.50 Trowell/Etchegoyen:The Importance of

Fathers Pb: 978-1-58391-174-7: 2001: 272pp. £23.95/$42.50

Flanders:The Dream Discourse Today

Pb: 978-0-415-09355-2: 1993: 248pp. £23.95/$42.50

Piontelli:From Fetus to Child

Pb: 978-0-415-07437-7: 1992: 272pp. £23.95/$42.50


on the Move Pb: 978-0-415-20549-8: 1999: 256pp. £23.95/$42.50


Pb: 978-0-415-12177-4: 1996: 128pp. £23.95/$42.50


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Psychological Issues Series


Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

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Memory, Myth, and Seduction

Unconscious Fantasy and the Interpretive Process

JeanGeorgesSchimek Edited by DeborahBrowning,New York University, USA A practicing psychoanalyst and consummate Freud scholar, JeanGeorges Schimek sought to clarify Freud's concepts and theories and disentangle complexities borne of inconsistencies in his assumptions and expositions. This collection of published and unpublished papers, skillfully arranged and edited by Deborah Browning, reveals the development and evolution of Schimek's thinking on unconscious fantasy and the interpretive process.

CoNTENTS: Browning, Preface. Bass, Foreword. PartI:ontheAnalytic


Partners in Thought



Working with Unformulated Experience, Dissociation, and Enactment

DonnelB.Stern, William Alanson White Institute, New York, USA "Partners in Thought, in its remarkable ability to perform in the writing the experiences it describes, does something all too rare in psychoanalytic writing: it adds to the stock of available and interesting reality... As this book makes abundantly clear, with his own plain and subtle eloquence Stern is in the process of writing some of the most useful and inspiring psychoanalysis around."

-AdamPhillips,author, Going Sane and Side Effects





Relationship.Psychoanalysis and Transference: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. The Construction of the Transference: The Relativity of the "Here and Now" and the "There and Then." Transference and Psychic Reality: Ideas about the Timeless Past in Psychoanalysis. Intersubjectivity and the Analytic Relationship. On the Resolution of the Positive Transference: Suggestion, Identification, and Action. Some Thoughts on the Contemporary Analytic Relationship.PartII:onFreud'sSeduction Theory. Fact and Fantasy in the Seduction Theory: A Historical Review. Interpretations of the Past: Childhood Trauma, Psychical Reality, and Historical Truth.PartIII:onUnconsciousFantasy.Unconscious Fantasy: Interpretive Construct and Developmental Phenomenon. A Critical Reexamination of Unconscious Mental Representation. On Reflective Awareness and Freud's Theory of Consciousness. Notes on Affective Schemas: Toward a Structural View of Cognition and Affect. Signorelli: The Parapraxis Specimen of Psychoanalysis. The Interpretation of Dreams Revisited: Interpretation, Primary Process, and Language. november 2010: 224pp. Hb: 978-0-415-87393-2: £24.99/$39.95

Series: Psychological Issues

Building on the innovative work of Unformulated Experience, Donnel B. Stern continues his exploration of the creation of meaning in clinical psychoanalysis with Partners in Thought. The chapters in this fascinating book are undergirded by the concept that the meanings which arise from unformulated experience are catalyzed by the states of relatedness in which the meanings emerge. Enactment, which Stern theorizes as the interpersonalization of dissociation, interrupts this crucial kind of exchange, and the eventual breach of enactments frees analyst and patient to resume it. Later chapters compare his views to the ideas of others, considering mentalization theory and the work of the Boston Change Process Study Group.

The Conversation and its Interruptions. The Fusion of Horizons: Dissociation, Enactment, and Understanding. The Eye Sees Itself: Dissociation, Enactment, and the Achievement of Conflict. Partners in Thought: A Clinical Process Theory of Narrative. Shall the Twain Meet? Metaphor, Dissociation, and Co-occurrence. Opening What Has Been Closed, Relaxing What Has Been Clenched: Dissociation and Enactment Over Time in Committed Relationships. Enactment in Dissociation Theory and Mentalization Theory: A Clinical Comparison." One Never Knows, Does One?" Thoughts on the Work of the Boston Change Process Study Group. 2009: 256pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99969-4: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99970-0: £21.99/$34.95

CoNTENTS:Introduction: The Embodiment of Meaning in Relatedness.


A Critical Evaluation of the Fundamentals of Psychoanalysis

From Classical to Contemporary Theory and Practice

MorrisN.Eagle,Derner Institute, Adelphi University, New York, USA The landscape of psychoanalysis has changed, at times dramatically, in the hundred or so years since Freud first began to think and write about it. Freudian theory and concepts have risen, fallen, and evolved in the hands and minds of analysts the world over, leaving us with a theoretically pluralistic (yet threateningly multifarious) diffusion of psychoanalytic viewpoints. To help make sense of it all, Morris Eagle sets out to critically reevaluate fundamental psychoanalytic concepts of theory and practice.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. PartI:BasicParadigmofFreudianTheory. Freudian Conception of Mind. Freudian Conception of Object Relations. Freudian Conception of Psychopathology. Freudian Conception of Treatment. PartII:ContemporaryConceptionsofMind. Contemporary Conceptions of Object Relations. Contemporary Conceptions of Psychopathology. Contemporary Conceptions of Treatment. PartIII: overview:ConvergenceandIntegration. October 2010: 272pp. Hb: 978-0-415-87161-7: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-87162-4: £22.99/$36.95

Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

Also by Donnel B. Stern

Unformulated Experience

From Dissociation to Imagination in Psychoanalysis

Pb: 978-0-88163-405-1: 2003: 312pp. £28.00/$45.00

Relational Perspectives Book Series

for further books in this series see page 14

Series: Psychological Issues FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20 9

Heterosexual Masculinities

Contemporary Perspectives from Psychoanalytic Gender Theory

Edited by BruceReis,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA, and RobertGrossmark, City University of New York, USA "The time has come when men can stop complaining that psychoanalysis sells them short. This erudite, compassionate and beautifully edited collection is going to be a benchmark for the engagement of psychoanalysis with the masculinities."

-AndrewSamuels,University of Essex, UK

reflections on the changes that have occurred during that time period, both within the scope of society at large as well as in his personal experiences inside and outside of the therapeutic setting

CoNTENTS: PartI:Psychoanalysis,Sexuality,andPrejudice. Homosexuality and the Rorschach Test. Psychoanalysis In and Out of the Closet. The Experience of Hating and Being Hated. Homophobia in Psychoanalytic Writing and Practice: A Comment on Trop and Stolorow (1992) and Hanna (1992). The Interaction of Societal Prejudice with Psychodiagnosis and Treatment Aims. The Closeting of History. Selective Inattention and Bigotry: A Discussion of the Film Trembling Before G-d. PartII:Sex,Gender,andtheGoodLife. Maleness and Masculinity. Disgust, Desire, and Fascination: Psychoanalytic, Cultural, Historical, and Neurobiological Perspectives. The Gay Harry Stack Sullivan: Interactions Between His Life, Clinical Work, and Theory. AIDS. Intimacy, Pleasure, Risk, and Safety. Love, Sex, Romance, and Psychoanalytic Goals. Polymorphous Without Perversity: A Queer View of Desire. Erotic and Anti-erotic Transference. The Political is Psychoanalytic: On Same-sex Marriage.

2009: 192pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99434-7: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99435-4: £21.99/$34.95

Heterosexual Masculinities rethinks a psychoanalytic tradition that has long thought masculinity as a sort of brittle defense against femininity, softness, and emotionality. Reflecting current trends in psychoanalytic thinking, this book seeks to understand heterosexual masculinity as fluid, multiple, and emergent. The contributors to this insightful volume take new perspectives on relations between men, men's positions as fathers in relation to their sons and daughters, the clinical encounter with heterosexual men, the social contexts of masculinity, and the multiplicity of heterosexual masculine subjectivities.

CoNTENTS:Person, Masculinities, Plural. Diamond, Masculinity and its Discontents: Making Room for the "Mother" Inside the Male ­ An Essential Achievement for the Healthy Male Gender Identity. Reis, Names of the Father. Grossmark, Two Men Talking: The Emergence of Multiple Masculinities in Psychoanalytic Treatment. Hirsch, Imperfect Love, Imperfect Lives: Making Love, Making Sex, Making Moral Judgments. Kaftal, On Intimacy Between Men. Cornell, An Eruption of Erotic Vitality Between a Male Analyst and a Male Patient. Rozmarin, David and Jonathan. Adams, Psychotherapy with Poor African-American Men: Challenges Around the Construction of Masculinities. Harris,"Fathers" and "Daughters." Rothschild, Finding a Father: Repetition, Difference, and Fantasy in Finding Nemo. Fogel, Interiority and Inner Genital Space in Men: What Else Can be Lost in Castration?

Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

Also by Mark J. Blechner

The Dream Frontier

2001: 328pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-224-8: £37.50/$59.95

The Consulting Room and Beyond

Psychoanalytic Work and Its Reverberations in the Analyst's Life

ThereseRagen,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA Foreword by DonnelStern "Ragen's ability to seamlessly integrate the deeply felt rhythms of her internal life with those of her patients and the larger psychoanalytic community will resonate with seasoned and novice therapists, alike." -LewisAron, Director, NYU

Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA

2009: 240pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-501-0: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-502-7: £21.99/$34.95

Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

Sex Changes

Transformations in Society and Psychoanalysis


MarkJ.Blechner,William Alanson White Institute, New York, USA "With Sex Changes, Mark Blechner... blends an intimate, deeply moving biographical account with a theoretically sophisticated, scholarly, jargon-free narrative. All practicing therapists should read this book ­ who knows where it

will lead?" -LewisAron,Director, NYU Postdoctoral Program in

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA

In the 1950s, ambitious women were often seen as psychopathological and were told by psychoanalysts that they had penis envy that needed treatment; today, a woman has campaigned for President of the United States. Mark Blechner has lived and worked through these startling changes in society, and Sex Changes collects papers he has written over the last 45 years on sex, gender, and sexuality. Interspersed with these papers are 10

The Consulting Room and Beyond is not a typical example of clinical writing in the field of psychoanalysis. Therese Ragen, pushing the boundaries of the genre, thoughtfully explores in a very immediate way the intersubjective nature of psychoanalysis, particularly looking at the role of the psychoanalyst's subjectivity, both how it influences and is influenced by the psychoanalytic relationship. The profound ways in which analyst and patient affect each other are captured as the author moves from a moment with a patient, to one of her own memories, to a dream, to a professional consultation and back to the session with the patient.

CoNTENTS: Stern, Foreword. Legacy. September 11, 2001. Longing.

Ferenczi and the Case of Matt. Harold and Uncle Frank. Success. Kate. 2008: 168pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-471-6: £50.00/$80.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-472-3: £18.99/$29.95

Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

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Winner of the 2009 Gradiva Award for Outstanding Psychoanalytic Publication!

Coasting in the Countertransference

Conflicts of Self Interest between Analyst and Patient

IrwinHirsch, NYU Postdoctoral Program, USA "Hirsch is candid to a fault as he delves into several categories of analytic pitfalls. His observations will be challenging and thought-provoking for all readers. I came away with great respect for his analytic acumen and his capacity for relentless self-scrutiny... his book is full of clinical gems, and all analysts will benefit from reading it." -RichardM.Waugaman,Journal of the American Psychoanalytic



Making a Difference in Patients' Lives

Emotional Experience in the Therapeutic Setting

SandraBuechler,William Alanson White Institute, New York, USA "Sandra Buechler breaks the mold with Making a Difference in Patients' Lives. Aimed at teaching and inspiring those who do clinical work, Dr. Buechler has produced an instructive clinical book that is both practical and poetic." -KarenJ.Maroda,Medical College of

Wisconsin, USA

Within the title of her book, Making a Difference in Patients' Lives, Sandra Buechler echoes the hope of all clinicians. But, she counters, experience soon convinces most of us that insight, on its own, is often not powerful enough to have a significant impact on how a life is actually lived. Many clinicians and therapists have turned toward emotional experience, within and outside the treatment setting, as a resource. In clear, jargon-free prose that utilizes both clinical vignettes and excerpts from poetry, art, and literature, Buechler explores how the power to feel can become the power to change. Through an active empathic engagement with the patient and an awareness of the healing potential inherent in each of our fundamental emotions, the clinician can make a substantial difference in the patient's capacity to embrace life.

Assumptions About Human Emotions. Empathic Recovery of Emotional Balance. Empathic Responses to Shame. Facing Painful Regret. Joy as a Universal Antidote. Grief. Empowering and Disorienting Anger. Special Section ­ Training: Nurturing the Capacity to Make a Difference. Thinking Analytically. Emotional Preparation for Practicing Psychoanalysis. Developing the Personal Strengths of a Psychoanalyst in Sum: Making a Difference. 2008: 336pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-443-3: £56.50/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-494-5: £21.99/$34.95

CoNTENTS: Introduction: Meaningfully Impacting Patients' Lives. Basic

Irwin Hirsch asserts that countertransference experience always has the potential to be used productively to benefit patients. However, he also observes that it is not unusual for analysts to `coast' in their countertransferences, and to not use this experience to help treatment progress toward reaching patients' and analysts' stated analytic goals. He believes that it is quite common that analysts who have some conscious awareness of a problematic aspect of countertransference participation, or of a mutual enactment, nevertheless do nothing to change that participation and to use their awareness to move the therapy forward. This `coasting' is emblematic of what Hirsch believes to be an ever present (and rarely addressed) conflict between analysts' self-interest and pursuit of comfortable equilibrium, and what may be ideal for patients' achievement of analytic aims.

CoNTENTS:Coasting in the Countertransference: Analysts' Pursuit of Self-interest. The Influence of Situational Factors, in Analysts' Lives and Preferred Relational States, on Analytic Participation. Analysts' Character Structure and the Wish for Emotional Equilibrium. Preferred Patients, Preferred Relational Configurations. Psychoanalytic Theory and its Unexamined Comforts. Baldness. Money and the Therapeutic Frame. Money and the Ongoing Therapeutic Relationship. 2008: 240pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-455-6: £56.50/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-480-8: £21.99/$34.95

Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

Also in the Series

Boulanger:Wounded By Reality:

Understanding and Treating Adult Onset Trauma

Hb: 978-0-88163-430-3: 2007: 250pp. £24.95/$39.95

Also by Sandra Buechler

Clinical Values

Emotions That Guide Psychoanalytic Treatment

Pb: 978-0-88163-377-1: 2004: 206pp. £22.00/$34.95

Stein:Prologue to Violence: Child

Abuse, Dissociation, and Crime

Hb: 978-0-88163-416-7: 2006: 168pp. £20.99/$31.95

Psychoanalysis in a New Key Book Series

Brown,Ed.:What Do Mothers Want?:

Developmental Perspectives, Clinical Challenges

Hb: 978-0-88163-400-6: 2005: 304pp. £37.50/$59.95

Levenson:The Fallacy of Understanding

and The Ambiguity of Change

Pb: 978-0-88163-452-5: 2005: 416pp. £31.00/$49.95

Tauber/Green:Prelogical Experience:

An Inquiry into Dreams and Other Creative Processes

Pb: 978-0-88163-450-1: 2005: 216pp. £22.50/$36.00

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Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series


in Worldly Context. Fosshage, Individuality within a Systems World. Lachmann, My Individuality, My Self. Slavin, The Ongoing Challenge of Human Individuality: An Evolutionary Biological Perspective. Orange, Beyond Individualism. Stolorow, Individuality in Context: The Relationality of Finitude. Coburn, Recontextualizing Individuality in Psychoanalysis. September 2010: 200pp. Hb: 978-0-415-87143-3: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-87144-0: £21.99/$34.95

Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series

Hope and Cure

Controversies, Challenges, and Clinical Findings in the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Adults Who Experienced Incest

Edited by DavidDietrich, and MarvinMargolis, both at Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, Ann Arbor, USA In Hope and Cure, David Dietrich and Marvin Margolis assemble the detailed case studies of leading analysts in order to examine the efficacy of psychoanalytic treatment for victims of parent/ child incest. Each case is a qualitative report of psychoanalytic research that focuses on the treatment as a whole, not merely one or two aspects of it. However, what is perhaps the most important element of these studies is the rich post-analytic follow-up material that the contributors have obtained, which provides insights into the lives of the patients in the years subsequent to their treatment and hence the efficacy of the treatments themselves.

CoNTENTS: Dietrich, Margolis, Emerging Controversies in the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Men and Women Who Experienced Parent-child Incest. McCarthy, "They'll Never Believe Me": Core Issues for Incest Survivors. Twemlow, Gabbard, The Role of Mother-son Incest in the Pathogenesis of a Case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Hadge, An Unusual Case of Incest Between a Mother and Daughter. Dietrich, The Tortured Analysand: Reflections on Incest, Soul Murder, Mourning, and Termination. Silber, Some Life-long Sequelae of Early Mother-son Incest. Margolis, An Unusual Case of Consummated Mother-son Incest. Rudominer, Mother-son Incest: An Analytic Case Study. Margolis, Dietrich, Epilogue: Concluding Reflections.


Toward an Emancipatory Psychoanalysis

Brandchaft's Intersubjective Vision

BernardBrandchaft,Training and Supervising Analyst, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute, USA, Shelley Doctors,and DorienneSorter,both at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, New York, USA Best known for his contributions to the development of contemporary intersubjectivity theory, Bernard Brandchaft has dedicated a career to the advancement of psychoanalytic theory and practice. Seemingly always one step ahead of the crowd, he moved beyond self psychology, constantly reforming his ideas about and investigations into the intersubjective nature of human experience. These papers, many of which are unpublished, articulate the evolution of his thinking along the road toward an emancipatory psychoanalysis. Moreover, commentary from Shelley Doctors and Dorienne Sorter ­ in addition to Bernard Brandchaft himself ­ examines the clinical implications of the theoretical shifts that he advocated and provides a contemporary context for the case material and conclusions each paper presents.

CoNTENTS: Encountering Brandchaft. Toward an Emancipatory Psychoanalysis. Reconsiderations of Psychoanalytic Listening. Theoretical Considerations. A Case of Intractable Depression. Bonds that Shackle, Ties that Free. Whose Self is it Anyway? Codetermination and Change in Psychoanalysis. To Free the Spirit from its Cell. The Self and its Objects in Developmental Trauma. Obsessional Disorders: A Developmental Systems Perspective. Systems of Pathological Accommodation in Psychoanalysis. Reflections on the Unconscious. Brandchaft's Intersubjective Vision.

October 2010: 264pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99939-7: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99940-3: £21.99/$34.95

Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series


The Challenge of Individuality

New Perspectives in Psychoanalytic Contextualism

Edited by RogerFrie, Long Island University, USA, and WilliamJ.Coburn,Supervising and Training Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, USA In contemporary forms of psychoanalysis, the turn toward contextualism has permitted the development of new ways of thinking and practice that have dispensed with the notion of isolated individuality, and the recognition that all human experience is fundamentally immersed in the world makes the question of individuality seem confusing, even anachronistic. This volume of original essays seeks to give the issue of individuality its due, without losing sight of the importance of contextualized experience. Drawing on a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, the contributors address the tension that exists between the individual and the emergence of contextualism, providing unique insights into the role and place of individuality within the clinical setting and beyond.

CoNTENTS: Frie, Coburn, Introduction. Frie, Psychoanalysis and Individuality in Sociocultural Contexts. Martin, Sugarman, Persons Acting

May 2010: 272pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99783-6: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99784-3: £22.99/$35.95

Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series


From Psychoanalytic Narrative to Empirical Single Case Research

Implications for Psychoanalytic Practice

HorstKächele,University of Ulm, Germany, JosephSchachter,Columbia University, New York, USA, and Helmut Thomä,University of Ulm, Germany "It is not only a tremendous academic achievement in the service of psychoanalysis itself. It is also vitally necessary in respect of the stressed position of our profession within the current societal


10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w

situation. We need the approval of the environment in which we live and practice. This kind of scientific presentation... can help us to receive a better appreciation." -AxelTriebel,International Forum of



Also in the Series

Brothers: Toward a Psychology of


Hb: 978-0-88163-477-8: 2007: 224pp. £56.50/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-478-5: 2007: 224pp. £21.99/$34.95

From Psychoanalytic Narrative to Empirical Single Case Research revivifies the experimental potential of psychoanalysis by focusing a number of structured research methods on a single case study. Drs. Kächele, Schachter, and Thomä, in tandem with the Ulm Psychoanalytic Process Research Study Group, bring their formidable tools and knowledge to bear on Amalia X, a former patient of Dr. Thomä's, whose case history is welldocumented, preserved and available for formal empirical study. After providing an intensive review of the problematic aspects of clinical psychoanalytic research and an exegesis on the use of the case study itself, the specific case history of Amalia X, which dominates and centers the remainder of the book, is thoroughly examined.

2008: 496pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-488-4: £65.50/$105.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-489-1: £29.99/$44.95

Busch/Sandberg:Psychotherapy and


Hb: 978-0-88163-451-8: 2007: 177pp. £25.00/$39.95


Diamondetal.,Eds.:Attachment and

Hb: 978-0-88163-466-2: 2007: 288pp. £26.00/$41.95

Jones:Affects as Process

Hb: 978-0-88163-125-8: 1995: 296pp. £34.50/$54.95

Lachmann:Transforming Narcissism

Hb: 978-0-88163-468-6: 2007: 272pp. £56.50/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-479-2: 2007: 272pp. £21.99/$34.95

Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series


Theoretical Considerations, Research Findings, and Clinical Implications

Edited by FredricN.Busch,Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, USA "Fredric Busch has done a masterful job in bringing together the key persons in the field in this collection of theoretical, research and clinical studies, together with overviews by Otto Kernberg, Mary Target and Busch himself. There is no more comprehensive introduction to the contemporary place of mentalization in psychoanalytic thinking."

-RobertMichels,Training and Supervising Analyst, Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, USA

Lichtenberg:Sensuality and Sexuality Across the Divide of Shame

Hb: 978-0-88163-474-7: 2007: 160pp. £56.50/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-475-4: 2007: 160pp. £22.00/$34.95

Lichtenberg:Craft and Spirit

Pb: 978-0-88163-433-4: 2005: 216pp. £29.95/$47.50

Lichtenbergetal.: A Spirit of Inquiry

Pb: 978-0-88163-364-1: 2002: 216pp. £29.95/$45.00


Lichtenberg:Psychoanalysis and Infant

Pb: 978-0-88163-145-6: 1991: 280pp. £26.00/$41.95


Lichtenberg:Psychoanalysis and

Pb: 978-0-88163-358-0: 2001: 432pp. £34.50/$54.95

Mentalization is the capacity to perceive and interpret behavior in terms of intentional mental states, to imagine what others are thinking and feeling, and is a concept that has taken the psychological and psychoanalytic worlds by storm. This collection of papers, carefully edited by Fredric Busch, clarifies its import as an essential perspective for understanding the human psyche and interpersonal relationships. Readers of this volume will find their clinical work to be more productive and their view of the human psyche broadened.

Approach to Social Development. Gergely, Unoka, The Development of the Unreflective Self. Bouchard, Lecours, Contemporary Approaches to Mentalization in the Light of Freud's Project. PartII:Research.H. Steele, M. Steele, On the Origins of Reflective Functioning. Yeomans, Clarkin, Diamond, Levy, An Object Relations Treatment of Borderline Patients with Reflective Functioning as the Mechanism of Change. PartIII:Clinical. Rudden, Milrod, Aronson, Target, Reflective Functioning in Panic Disorder Patients: Clinical Observations and Research Design. Slade, Working with Parents in Child Psychotherapy: Engaging the Reflective Function. Diamond, Kernberg, Discussion. Target, Commentary. 2008: 320pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-484-6: £56.50/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-485-3: £21.99/$34.95

CoNTENTS:PartI:Theory.Fonagy, The Mentalization-focused


Lichtenbergetal.:Self and Motivational

Hb: 978-0-88163-154-8: 1992: 264pp. £31.50/$50.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-359-7: 2001: 264pp. £26.00/$41.95


Lichtenbergetal.: The Clinical

Pb: 978-0-88163-363-4: 2001: 272pp. £27.95/$39.95

orangeetal.:Working Intersubjectively

Pb: 978-0-88163-360-3: 2001: 112pp. £17.00/$27.50

Sander:Amadei/Bianchi,Eds.:Living Systems, Evolving Consciousness, and the Emerging Person

Hb: 978-0-88163-464-8: 2007: 296pp. £31.50/$50.00

Stolorow:Trauma and Human Existence

Pb: 978-0-88163-467-9: 2007: 62pp. £12.50/$19.95

Teicholz:Kohut, Loewald and the


Pb: 978-0-88163-369-6: 2001: 312pp. £25.00/$39.95

Wurmser/Jarass,Eds.:Jealousy and Envy

Hb: 978-0-88163-470-9: 2007: 204pp. £25.00/$39.95

Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series

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Relational Perspectives Book Series



A Disturbance in the Field

Essays in TransferenceCountertransference Engagement

StevenH.Cooper, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, Brookline, USA Eventually, the rigorous work of psychoanalysis will arrive at an entanglement or, perhaps more often, a palpable rift in the interpersonal matrix ­ a disturbance in the relational field. How best to proceed when such tricky yet altogether common therapeutic situations arise, and what aspects of transference and countertransference should be explored in the service of continued, productive analysis? These are two of the questions that Steven Cooper unravels in this collection of essays on potentially thorny areas of the craft.

CoNTENTS: Introduction: The Romance and Melancholia of Loving Psychoanalysis. The Grandiosity of Self-loathing: Transference/ Countertransference Dimensions. Privacy, Reverie, and the Analyst's Ethical Imagination. A Disturbance in the Field: Negotiating Internal and Dyadic Versions of Psychic Catastrophe. Good Enough Vulnerability, Victimization, and Responsibility: Why One- and Two-person Models Need One Another. The New Bad Object and the Therapeutic Action of Psychoanalysis. Franz Alexander's Corrective Emotional Experience Reconsidered. Psychoanalytic Process: The Analyst's Countertransference to the Psychoanalytic Method. Familiar and Unfamiliar Forms of Interaction in the Ending Phases of Analysis.

The Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder

A Relational Approach

ElizabethF.Howell, International Society for the Study of Dissociation, USA Howell explicates a multifaceted approach to the treatment of DID, which involves the partitioning of the personality into part-selves that remain aware of one another. She begins with the identification and diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder before outlining a phase-oriented treatment plan, which includes facilitating a multileveled coconstructed therapeutic relationship, emphasizing the multiplicity of transferences, countertransferences, and kinds of potential enactments.

SELECTEDCoNTENTS:Introduction. Part I: About DID. Part II: Treatment.

Part III: DID as the Template for Understanding Other Classifications of Problems in Living. December 2010: 256pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99496-5: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99497-2: £21.99/$34.95

July 2010: 224pp. Hb: 978-0-415-80628-2: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-80629-9: £21.99/$34.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series

Relational Perspectives Book Series

for a further book by Elizabeth Howell please see page 31 Forthcoming!


Uprooted Minds

Surviving the Politics of Terror in the Americas

NancyCaroHollander,California State University, USA In our post-9/11 environment, our sense of relative security and stability as privileged subjects living in the heart of Empire has been profoundly shaken. Hollander explores the forces that have brought us to this critical juncture, analyzing the role played by the neoliberal economic paradigm and conservative political agenda that emerged in the West over the past four decades with devastating consequences for the hemisphere's citizens. Narrative testimonies of progressive U.S. and Latin American psychoanalysts illuminate the psychological meanings of living under authoritarian political conditions and show how a psychoanalysis "beyond the couch" contributes to social struggles on behalf of human rights and redistributive justice.

CoNTENTS:Scared Stiff: Social Trauma and Post-9/11 Political Culture. Political Culture and Psychoanalysis in the Southern Cone: Coming Attractions of the Dirty Wars. A Psychoanalysis for Tumultuous Times: The Psyche and Social Revolution. The Psychodynamics of State Terror. The Culture of Fear and Social Trauma. Exile: Paradoxes of Loss and Creativity. Neoliberal Democracy in Latin America: Impunity and Economic Meltdown. U.S. Neoliberal/Neoconservative Democracy: Psychoanalysis without the Couch. Impunity and Resistance: Saving Democracy in the Heart of Empire. The Future's Uprooted Minds.

First Do No Harm

The Paradoxical Encounters of Psychoanalysis, Warmaking, and Resistance

Edited by AdrienneHarris, New York University, USA, and StevenBotticelli, City University of New York, USA While psychoanalysis can be used as much for the justifications of warfare and propaganda as it can be for the defiance of and resistance to those same things, it is in the investigation of the motives and methods behind these choices that it proves its greatest strength and value. To wit, this edited collection presents published and unpublished chapters by analysts, writers, and activists who have been working at the front lines of psychic life and war from various vantage points. Set at a point of tension and contradiction, they illustrate the paradoxical relation of psychoanalysis as both a site of resistance and healing as well as a necessary aspect of warmaking, propaganda, and militarism.

CoNTENTS:Botticelli, Harris, Introduction. PartI:Psychoanalysisand AntiwarWork:Healing.McGoldrick, Where is the "Post" in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? First Impressions Working with Iraq and Afghanistan Soldiers. Gaudilliere, Men Learn from History that Men Learn Nothing from History. Boulanger, The Psychoanalytic Politics of Catastrophe. Thomas, Whose Truth? Inevitable Tensions in Testimony and the Search for Repair. PartII:TheParadox:Psychology'sMilitarism.Soldz, Psychologists Defy Torture: The Challenge and the Path Ahead. Reisner, From Resistance to Resistance: A Narrative of Psychoanalytic Activism. Altman, Torture and the American Psychological Association: A One-person Play. Summers, Violence and American Foreign Policy: A Psychoanalytic Approach. PartIII:WarandMilitarismDeconstructed. Zaretsky, Psychoanalysis, Vulnerability, and War. Davoine, Casus Belli. Grand, Combat Speaks: Grief


July 2010: 288pp. HB: 978-0-88163-490-7: £60.00/ $95.00 PB: 978-0-88163-491-4: £22.99/ $36.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series


10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w elational-perspectives

and Tragic Memory. Moss, War Stories. Stein, Notes on Mind Control: The Malevolent Use of Emotion as a Dark Mirror of the Therapeutic Process. Hollander, The Gendering of Human Rights: Women and the Latin American Terrorist State. PartIV:Resistance. Rozmarin, Living in the Plural. Botticelli, The Politics of Identification: Resistance to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Harris, Dread is Just Memory in the Future Tense. Layton, Resistance to Resistance. May 2010: 384pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99648-8: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99649-5: £24.99/$36.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series


As the title suggests, the unifying thread of these papers is the investigation of serious mental disturbance, often characterized by the presence of intrusive and invasive thoughts and fantasies that originate in a traumatic past but which can colonize and destroy the rational mind. The diverse papers are grouped into two related sections. Part I is comprised of papers with a clinical orientation. In Part II, applied psychoanalytic thinking is integrated with Williams' other professional passion, anthropology, in a paper that exemplifies generative thought through art, poetry, and tribal masks. Other papers in this section include a short essay that takes Freud-bashers to task, a reappraisal of the Rat Man, and a lively discussion of André Green's "central phobic position" in borderline thinking.

CoNTENTS: Gabbard, Foreword. PartI:ClinicalPapers.Incorporation of an Invasive Object. Some Difficulties in the Analysis of a Withdrawn Patient. Psychotic Developments in a Sexually Abused Borderline Patient. Making Time, Killing Time. The Psychoanalytic Therapy of "Cluster A" Personality Disorders: Paranoid, Schizoid, and Schizotypal.The Beautiful Mind of John Nash: Notes Toward a Psychoanalytic Reading. PartII: AppliedPapers.Madness in Society. The Worm that Flies in the Night. "The Central Phobic Position": Notes on Andre Green's "New Formulation of the Free Association Method" and the Analysis of Borderline States. Freud-baiting. Notes on "Notes Upon a Case of Obsessional Neurosis" (Freud, 1909). Unimaginable Storms: Introduction and Conclusion.


Good Enough Endings

Breaks, Interruptions, and Terminations from Contemporary Relational Perspectives

Edited by JillSalberg, NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA In the relational literature, the subject of termination ­ the ending of an analysis ­ has received scant attention, and traditional Freudian or ego-psychological criteria are not always enough to assess the readiness to terminate therapy in the coconstructed, intersubjective analytic relationship. Good Enough Endings seeks to remedy this gap, bringing together contributions from contemporary relational thinkers, while at the same time engaging with ideas from other psychoanalytic perspectives.

CoNTENTS: Salberg, Introduction. PartI:Termination:Theoriesand Positions. Salberg, Historical Overview. Bergmann, Termination: The Achilles Heel of Psychoanalytic Technique. Britton, There is No End of the Line: Terminating the Interminable. Bernstein, Beyond the Bedrock. Holmes, Termination in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: An Attachment Perspective. Davies, Transformation of Desire and Despair: Reflections on the Termination Process from a Relational Perspective. PartII:onthe ClinicalFrontier. Salberg, How We End: Taking Leave. Grand, Termination as Necessary Madness. Cooper, The Changing Firmament: Familiar and Unfamiliar Forms of Engagement During Termination. Silverman, Will You Remember Me? Termination and Continuity. Layton, Maternal Resistance. PartIII:MusingsontheMultipleMeaningsofEnding.Reis, Afterwardness and Termination. Skolnick, Termination in Psychoanalysis: It's About Time. Goldman, Parting Ways. Glennon, Relational Analyses: Are They More Difficult to Terminate? Bass, "It Ain't Over Till It's Over": Infinite Conversations, Imperfect Endings, and the Elusive Nature of Termination.

February 2010: 272pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99546-7: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99547-4: £22.99/$35.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series


Sabert Basescu

Selected Papers on Human Nature and Psychoanalysis

Edited by GeorgeGoldstein,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA and Helen Golden,Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA "This landmark volume is a gift to therapist's everywhere. The combination of Sabert Basescu's highly original and profoundly important essays and the illuminating commentaries of the discussants has created a book that is a treasure of clinical wisdom. By bringing Basescu's contributions to a wider audience, the editors have done an invaluable service for our field." -TheodoreJacobs,

Training and Supervising Analyst, NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA

March 2010: 336pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99452-1: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99453-8: £22.99/$35.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series


Invasive Objects

Minds Under Siege

PaulWilliams,Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland "In this remarkable book, Paul Williams assembles a wide-ranging array of essays that derive from his experience as a psychoanalyst, anthropologist, and writer... The breadth and depth of Williams' writing will ensure a wide readership of this unusual and important work." -MurrayJackson,Maudsley Hospital

and Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK

An influential part of the New York psychoanalytic scene for more than 50 years, Sabert "Sabe" Basescu is regarded as an outstanding analyst and a significant proponent of the integration of existentialism and phenomenology into psychoanalytic theory and practice. Existential themes serve as a central hub, a crossroads or meeting place for a variety of contemporary psychoanalytic approaches. Basescu was ahead of his time in anticipating these current trends ­ his teaching and writing were significant in the genesis of the relational turn as well as the ongoing development of the interpersonal tradition, thus it seems fitting that contemporary analysts remember him now. To that end, this book comprises a selection of seven of Sabe's articles, written across his career and exploring such issues as self-disclosure in the therapy session, the origins of creativity, and even his own anxieties as an analyst.

CoNTENTS: Goldstein, Golden, Preface. Katz, Introduction: Existentialism

and Phenomenology. Hoffman, Anxieties in the Analyst: An

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Autobiographical Account (1977). Aron, Behind the "Seens": The Inner Experience of at Least One Psychoanalyst (1987). Hirsch, The Therapeutic Process (1988). Menaker, Battered, Bothered and Bewildered: The Daily Life of an Analyst (1995). Orfanos, Creativity and the Dimensions of Consciousness (1967). Stern, Human Nature and Psychotherapy (1961). Adler, Farber, Skolnick, Whitson, Tools of the Trade: The Use of the Self in Psychotherapy (1990). Glennon, Afterword. Bibliography of Sabert Basescu. 2009: 221pp. Hb: 978-0-415-87167-9: £50.00/$80.00 Pb: 978-0-415-87168-6: £18.99/$29.99

The Analyst in the Inner City

Race, Class, and Culture Through a Psychoanalytic Lens

Second Edition

NeilAltman, NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA "Altman's second edition of The Analyst in the Inner City is much more than a revision of the first. This text, like its predecessor, will undoubtedly lay claim as a seminal reference for its breadth and depth... This book is compelling reading for the serious novice and the senior clinician." -KirklandC.Vaughans,Editor, Journal of Infant, Child,

and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Relational Perspectives Book Series

The Hero in the Mirror

From Fear to Fortitude

SueGrand,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA "Wide-ranging and thought-provoking, The Hero in the Mirror is a book for our time... From the most personal to the most political, from childhood fantasies to psychoanalytic impasses, Grand redefines what it means to be heroic. This is a hopeful book." -Ghislaine

Boulanger,author, Wounded by Reality: Understanding and Treating Adult Onset Trauma

Utilizing examples from the clinically personal to the globally political, Sue Grand deconstructs the myth of the Hero ­ an externalized, larger-than-life personality who has the power to assuage our suffering while at the same time relieving us of the burdens of personal responsibility and social justice. In its place, she argues for the recognition of an ordinary hero, one who shares our fear and our flaws as well as our fortitude. As she grounds her thesis in clinical work, we meet combat veterans and children with imaginary saviors, the analyst who fails to discover her own personal hero and the patient with whom she reclaims it. But she also reaches out to the wider world, critiquing the Hero's relation to war, terrorism, state-sponsored terror and genocide.

CoNTENTS: The Hero in the Mirror. PartI:HeroesandWarriors. Combat Speaks I: Heroic Performance, Civilian Desire. Combat Speaks II: Grief and Tragic Memory. PartII:ChildhoodandtheHeroicImagination. Fantastic Dangers: Reality Meets the Edge of the World. Strange Bodies in Strange Encounters: Transfiguration and Inquiry. PartIII:Analytic Heroes:FindingCourage. False Courage, Analytic Lies. Intrepid Subjects: Rescuing Lost Generations. PartIV:ResistingDemonicHeroes. Restoring Reverence to Sacrificial Bodies: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, Torture. Dignifying the Abject: Genocide and State Terror.

In 1995, Neil Altman did what few psychoanalysts did or even dared to do: He brought the theory and practice of psychoanalysis out of the cozy confines of the consulting room and into the realms of the marginalized, to the very individuals whom this theory and practice often overlooked. In doing so, he brought together psychoanalytic and social theory, and examined how divisions of race, class and culture reflect and influence splits in the developing self. Much like the original, this second edition of The Analyst in the Inner City opens up with updated, detailed clinical vignettes and case presentations, which illustrate the challenges of working within this clinical milieu.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. PartI:Background. Clinical Experiences from a Public Clinic. Theoretical, Historical, and Sociological Background. PartII:Race,Class,andCulture. Social Class. Whiteness. Psychoanalysis in Black and White. Culture, Ethnicity, and Psychoanalysis. PartIII: ThinkingSystematicallyandPsychoanalyticallyattheSameTime. A Psychoanalytic Look at the Bifurcation of Public and Private Practice. Thinking Systematically and Psychoanalytically at the Same Time: Psychoanalyzing the Context. Toward Overcoming the Split between the Psychic and the Social: Bringing Psychoanalysis to Community-based Clinical Work. A Psychoanalytic-systemic Perspective on Psychotherapy with Children and Families. PartIV:PsychoanalysisandSociety.Manic Society: Toward the Depressive Position. Psychoanalysis in the Political World: The Case of the American Psychological Association and Torture. Psychoanalysis in the Political World: Suicide Bombing. Psychoanalysis as a Potential Force for Social Change.

2009: 400pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-499-0: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-500-3: £22.99/$36.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series

2009: 226pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-437-2: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-482-2: £21.99/$34.95

Dare to Be Human

A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Journey

MichaelShoshaniRosenbaum, Bar-Ilan University School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Israel "I found the book to be moving and skillful, well-written and thought out, or in a nutshell an excellent analysis and an extremely useful clinical analysis that illuminates many contemporary relational


Relational Perspectives Book Series

Also by Sue Grand

The Reproduction of Evil

A Clinical and Cultural Perspective

2002: 208pp. Pb: 978-0-88163-385-6: £22.95/$36.00

Relational Perspectives Book Series

concepts and practices." -JessicaBenjamin,Supervising and

Training Analyst, NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA

Quite simply, this book is an unprecedented achievement, taking the reader into actual psychoanalytic sessions and sharing with 16 10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w elational-perspectives

the reader Michael Shoshani's dialogues with Daniel, vividly illustrating his pain and struggle to transcend his existential plight. Furthermore, as the author of two sections of the book, Daniel himself provides a rare, insightful view from the other side of the couch, illuminating the challenge and change experienced within the other half of the therapeutic relationship.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. Daniel's Subterranean Bunker. From Liquid to Solid. From "Togetherness of One" to "Togetherness of Two." Overcoming Perceived Betrayals: Escape from the Symbiotic Prison. From Immortal to Mortal. Ending and Separation. Epilogue, Part I and II. Theoretical Discussion: Thoughts on Insides and Outsides.

Relational Psychoanalysis

New Voices Volume 3

Edited by MelanieSuchet,in private practice, New York, USA, Adrienne Harris,New York University, USA, and LewisAron,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA "Relational Psychoanalysis, Volume 3: New Voices is one of those books where a group of pioneering clinicians and theoreticians... sparks the reader's imagination in new directions... This book, Volume 3 of the Relational Psychoanalysis series, will stand proudly with the first two volumes."

-PhilipBromberg, author, Awakening the Dreamer: Clinical Journeys

2007: 330pp. Pb: 978-0-88163-456-3: £25.00/$39.95


2009: 248pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99797-3: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99798-0: £21.99/$34.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series

Gender as Soft Assembly

AdrienneHarris,New York University, USA "In this dazzling tour de force, Adrienne Harris reminds us why she is a leading relational thinker and theorist of gender... Harris's range is breathtaking... throughout we find a profoundly humane, brave, and gifted analyst at work." -NancyJ.

Chodorow,San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute, USA

Relational Perspectives Book Series

Relational Psychoanalysis

Innovation and Expansion Volume 2

Edited by LewisAron,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA, and AdrienneHarris, New York University, USA "The papers published in Volume 2 reflect an important aspect of psychoanalytic evolution and indicate some of the pathways that relational authors have been pursuing... I consider this collection an important contribution to our field." -ArnoldD.Richards, Journal of

the American Psychoanalytic Association

2005: 512pp. Pb: 978-0-88163-407-5: £39.95/$62.95

Gender as Soft Assembly weaves together insights from different disciplinary domains to open up new vistas of clinical understanding of what it means to inhabit, to perform, and to be, gendered. Opposing the traditional notion of development as the linear unfolding of predictable stages, Adrienne Harris argues that children become gendered in multiply configured contexts.

2008: 320pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-370-2: 2004: £40.50/$65.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-498-3: £23.00/$36.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series

Relational Perspectives Book Series

Relational Psychoanalysis

The Emergence of a Tradition

Edited by StephenA.Mitchell,New York, USA, and LewisAron,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA Relational Psychoanalysis: The Emergence of a Tradition brings together for the first time the seminal papers of the major authors within this tradition. Each paper is accompanied by an introduction, in which the editors place it in its historical context, and a new afterword.

1999: 534pp. Pb: 978-0-88163-270-5: £34.50/$57.95

Repair of the Soul

Metaphors of Transformation in Jewish Mysticism and Psychoanalysis

KarenE.Starr, The City University of New York, USA Foreword by LewisAron "An exciting interaction of sparks between psychoanalysis and Kabbalah, showing how fruitful it is when diverse dimensions of psyche and spirit meet." -MichaelEigen,author of Feeling Matters Repair of the Soul examines transformation from the perspective of Jewish mysticism and psychoanalysis, addressing the question of how one achieves self-understanding that leads not only to insight but also to meaningful change. In this beautifully written and thought-provoking book, Karen Starr draws upon a contemporary relational approach to psychoanalysis to explore the spiritual dimension of psychic change within the context of the psychoanalytic relationship.

2008: 160pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-486-0: £50.00/$80.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-487-7: £18.99/$29.95

Relational Perspectives Book Series

Relational Psychoanalysis

3 Volume Set

This 3 volume set includes Relational Psychoanalysis: The Emergence of a Tradition, Relational Psychoanalysis, Volume 2: Innovation and Expansion and Relational Psychoanalysis, Volume 3: New Voices

Pb: 978-0-88163-483-9: 2007: £62.00/$99.00

Relational Perspectives Book Series FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20 17

Relational Perspectives Book Series ­ Backlist

Aron:A Meeting of Minds: Mutuality in Psychoanalysis

Pb: 978-0-88163-371-9: 2001: 304pp. £28.00/$44.95

Kainer:The Collapse of the Self and its Therapeutic Restoration Hb: 978-0-88163-317-7: 1999: 224pp. £28.50/$42.50 Knafo/Feiner:Unconscious Fantasies and the

Relational World Hb: 978-0-88163-420-4: 2005: 232pp. £31.50/$50.00

Maroda:Seduction, Surrender, and Transformation:

Emotional Engagement in the Analytic Process Pb: 978-0-88163-397-9: 2002: 216pp. £21.95 /$34.50

Aron/Anderson,Eds.:Relational Perspectives

on the Body Pb: 978-0-88163-343-6: 2000: 352pp. £28.00/$44.95 Dimension Hb: 978-0-88163-448-8: 2007: 281pp. £27.95/$47.50

McCleary:Conversing With Uncertainty: Practicing

Psychotherapy in a Hospital Setting Hb: 978-0-88163-148-7: 1992: 160pp. £25.00/$40.00

Anderson,Ed.:Bodies in Treatment: The Unspoken

McLaughlin:Cornell,Ed.:The Healer's Bent

Hb: 978-0-88163-436-5: 2005: 256pp. £33.50/$49.95

Bach:Getting From Here to There: Analytic Love,

Analytic Process Hb: 978-0-88163-439-6: 2006: 168pp. £24.95/$37.50

Mitchell:Influence and Autonomy in Psychoanalysis Pb: 978-0-88163-449-5: 1997: 306pp. £27.50/$44.00 Mitchell:Relationality: From Attachment to Intersubjectivity Pb: 978-0-88163-417-4: 2003: 200pp. £23.95/$39.95 Pizer:Building Bridges: The Negotiation of Paradox in

Psychoanalysis Hb: 978-0-88163-170-8: 1998: 248pp. £33.50/$49.95

Berman: Impossible Training: A Relational View of Psychoanalytic Education Pb: 978-0-88163-275-0: 2004: 288pp. £26.50/$41.95

Readings Hb: 978-0-88163-461-7: 2007: 377pp. £37.50/$59.95

Browning,Ed.:Adolescent Identities: A Collection of

Santostefano:Child Therapy in the Great Outdoors:

A Relational View Pb: 978-0-88163-426-6: 2004: 256pp. £25.00/$39.95 Hb: 978-0-88163-262-0: 1998: 320pp. £37.50/$60.00

and the Problem of Value in Psychoanalysis Hb: 978-0-88163-324-5: 2001: 432pp. £43.50/$69.95 Bonds Hb: 978-0-88163-381-8: 2003: 304pp. £37.50/$60.00

Carnochan: Looking for Ground: Countertransference

Skolnick/Scharff,Eds.:Fairbairn, Then and Now Slochower:Holding and Psychoanalysis: A Relational Perspective Pb: 978-0-88163-427-3: 2004: 200pp. £21.95/$34.00 Sorenson: Minding Spirituality

Hb: 978-0-88163-344-3: 2004: 200pp. £26.50/$39.95

Coatesetal.,Eds.:September 11: Trauma and Human

Cooper:Objects of Hope: Exploring Possibility and


Limit in Psychoanalysis Hb: 978-0-88163-271-2: 2000: 344pp. £34.50/$54.95

Dimen: Sexuality, Intimacy, Power

Hb: 978-0-88163-368-9: 2003: 336pp. £40.50/$65.00

Spezzano:Affect in Psychoanalysis: A Clinical

Synthesis Pb: 978-0-88163-398-6: 2003: 264pp. £26.50/$39.95

Frank:Psychoanalytic Participation: Action,

Interaction, and Integration Hb: 978-0-88163-273-6: 1999: 312pp. £37.50/$59.95

Spezzano/Gargiulo,Eds.:Soul on the Couch:

Gentile:Creating Bodies: Eating Disorders as SelfDestructive Survival Pb: 978-0-88163-438-9: 2006: 216pp. £26.50/$39.95

Spirituality, Religion, and Morality in Contemporary Psychoanalysis Pb: 978-0-88163-406-8: 2003: 256pp. £26.50/$39.95 Contemporary Identities Hb: 978-0-88163-419-8: 2004: 224pp. £26.50/$42.50

Strenger:The Designed Self: Psychoanalysis and

Gerson,Ed.:The Therapist as a Person: Life Crises,

Life Choices, Life Experiences, and Their Effects on Treatment Pb: 978-0-88163-357-3: 2001: 328pp. £26.50/$42.50

Willock:Comparative-Integrative Psychoanalysis:

Grotstein:Who Is the Dreamer, Who Dreams the Dream? A Study of Psychic Presences Hb: 978-0-88163-305-4: 2000: 384pp. £42.50/$67.95

A Relational Perspective for the Discipline's Second Century Hb: 978-0-88163-460-0: 2007: 256pp. £28.00/$44.95


10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w elational-perspectives

Routledge Classics Series

The Ethics of Psychoanalysis

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Book VII

JacquesLacan A charismatic and controversial figure, Lacan is one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century and his work has revolutionized linguistics, philosophy, literature, psychology, cultural and media studies. He gained his reputation as a lecturer, disseminating his ideas to audiences that included Jean-Paul Sartre and Luce Irigaray amongst other hugely influential names. The Ethics of Psychoanalysis is a transcript of his most important lecture series.

2007: 432pp. Pb: 978-0-415-42361-8: £13.50/$24.95

Playing and Reality

Second Edition

D.W.Winnicott "Winnicott was the greatest British psychoanalyst who ever lived. He writes beautifully and simply about the problems of everyday life ­ and is the perfect thing to read if you want to understand yourself and other people better." -AlaindeBotton What are the origins of creativity and how can we develop it ­ whether within ourselves or in others? Not only does Playing and Reality address these questions, it also tackles many more that surround the fundamental issue of the individual self and its relationship with the outside world.

2005: 240pp. Pb: 978-0-415-34546-0: £14.99/$27.50


Series: Routledge Classics

Series: Routledge Classics

The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds

JohnBowlby Preface by RichardBowlby "These essays, spanning twenty years of Bowlby's speaking about the forming and breaking of relationships of affection, are clear and systematic... They make an excellent introduction to his thought." -BritishJournalofPsychiatry Helping both parents and psychologists to arrive at a better understanding of the inner emotional world of the infant, this selection of key lectures by Bowlby includes the seminal one that gives the volume its title.

2005: 224pp. Pb: 978-0-415-35481-3: £9.99/$19.95

Ecrits: A Selection

JacquesLacan Genius and charismatic leader of a psychoanalytic movement that in the 1950s and 1960s provided a focal point for the French intelligentsia, Jacques Lacan attracted a cult following. Ecrits is his most important work, bringing together twenty-seven articles and lectures originally published between 1936 and 1966. Following its first publication in 1966, the book gained Lacan international attention and exercised a powerful influence on contemporary intellectual life. To this day, Lacan's radical, brilliant and complex ideas continue to be highly influential in everything from film theory to art history and literary criticism.

2001: 400pp. Hb: 978-0-415-25546-2: £65.00/$115.00 Pb: 978-0-415-25392-5: £11.50/$19.95

Series: Routledge Classics

A Secure Base

JohnBowlby "One of the most influential forces in child psychiatry and psychology, Dr. Bowlby challenged basic tenets of psychoanalysis and pioneered methods of investigating the emotional life of children." -TheNew


Series: Routledge Classics

The Family and Individual Development

D.W.Winnicott The Family and Individual Development represents a decade of writing from a thinker who was at the peak of his powers as perhaps the leading post-war figure in developmental psychiatry. In these pages, Winnicott chronicles the complex inner lives of human beings, from the first encounter between mother and newborn, through the `doldrums' of adolescence, to maturity.

2006: 288pp. Pb: 978-0-415-40277-4: £13.50/$24.95

As Bowlby himself points out in his introduction to this seminal childcare book, to be a successful parent means a lot of very hard work. Giving time and attention to children means sacrificing other interests and activities, but for many people today these are unwelcome truths. Bowlby's work showed that the early interactions between infant and caregiver have a profound impact on an infant's social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

2005: 212pp. Pb: 978-0-415-35527-8: £11.50/$19.95

Series: Routledge Classics

Series: Routledge Classics FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20 19

Leonardo da Vinci

Second Edition

SigmundFreud "Freud's Leonardo changed the art of biography forever. Henceforth none would be complete without a rummage through the subject's childhood origins."


Makers of Modern Psychotherapy Series

John Bowlby and Attachment Theory

JeremyHolmes This is the first known book to appear which brings together John Bowlby and post-Bowlbian research and shows how the findings of Attachment Theory can inform the practice of psychotherapy. It also provides fascinating insights into the history of the psychoanalytic movement and looks at the ways in which Attachment Theory can help in the understanding of society and its problems.

1993: 264pp. Pb: 978-0-415-07730-9: £21.95/$39.95

This remarkable book takes as its subject one of the most outstanding men that ever lived. The ultimate prodigy, Leonardo da Vinci was an artist of great originality and power, a scientist, and a powerful thinker. According to Sigmund Freud, he was also a flawed, repressed homosexual. If you've ever wondered just what lies behind the Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile, read Freud on Leonardo. It's genius on genius.

2001: 112pp. Pb: 978-0-415-25386-4: £9.50/$17.00

Series: Routledge Classics

Totem and Taboo

Second Edition

SigmundFreud "In Totem and Taboo an unexpected sidelight is thrown on the mental processes of the great originator of psychoanalysis."


Series: Makers of Modern Psychotherapy


Widely acknowledged to be one of Freud's greatest cultural works, when Totem and Taboo was first published in 1913, it caused outrage. Thorough and thought-provoking, Totem and Taboo remains the fullest exploration of Freud's most famous themes. Family, society, religion ­ they're all put on the couch here.

2001: 224pp. Pb: 978-0-415-25387-1: £9.50/$17.95

Jacques Lacan and the Freudian Practice of Psychoanalysis

DanyNobus Jacques Lacan and the Freudian Practice of Psychoanalysis paints a completely new picture of the man and his ideas. The book suceeds in showing how ideas can become more accessible, and re-evaluates his significance within the field of psychodynamic psychotherapy.

2000: 272pp. Pb: 978-0-415-17962-1: £19.99/$37.50

Series: Routledge Classics

The Fear of Freedom

Second Edition

ErichFromm "Fear of Freedom examined the plight of man in the post existentialist world; it saw man as cut off from the homely security of the medieval paradise, driven by loneliness and fear to seek solutions to his predicament in the shelter of political tyrannies. Fromm's was a subtle exploration of the negative aspect of freedom." -TheTimes Erich Fromm sees right to the heart of our contradictory needs for community and for freedom like no other writer before or since. In The Fear of Freedom, Fromm warns that the price of community is indeed high, and it is the individual who pays.

2001: 272pp. Hb: 978-0-415-25542-4: £65.00/$130.00 Pb: 978-0-415-25388-8: £9.99/$19.95

Series: Makers of Modern Psychotherapy

Heinz Kohut and the Psychology of the Self

AllenM.Siegel "Self Psychology is a vigorous branch of psychoanalysis and should be better known and understood here... I recommend this book as an excellent introduction to the work of Heinz Kohut."



Series: Routledge Classics

Heinz Kohut's work represents an important departure from the Freudian tradition of psychoanalysis. A founder of the Self Psychology movement in America, he based his practice on the belief that narcissistic vulnerabilities play a significant part in the suffering that brings people for treatment. Written predominantly for a psychoanalytic


10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w

audience Kohut's work is often difficult to interpret. Siegel uses examples from his own practice to show how Kohut's innovative theories can be applied to other forms of treatment.

1996: 240pp. Hb: 978-0-415-08637-0: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-08638-7: £21.95/$39.95


New and Forthcoming

Read and Recommend!


The Clinical Thinking of Wilfred Bion

Joan and NevilleSymington Psychoanalysis seen through Bion's eyes is a radical departure from all conceptualizations which preceded him. In this major contribution to the series Makers of Modern Psychotherapy, Joan and Neville Symington concentrate on understanding Bion's concepts in relation to clinical practice, but their book is also accessible to the educated reader who wishes to understand the main contours of Bion's thinking.

1996: 216pp. Pb: 978-0-415-09353-8: £19.99/$37.50

cO The Zen M ME Impulse and the Psychoanalytic Encounter

PaulC.Cooper,Dean of Training, National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, USA "For me, reading this book was like being pulled into a Zen reverie and being able not only to experience the awe of it, but also to experience a new existential camera angle on psychoanalysis. This is a wonderful book about a wondrous subject." -JamesS.Grotstein,training and

supervising analyst, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute, USA


Series: Makers of Modern Psychotherapy



Series: Makers of Modern Psychotherapy

Also in the series

Analytical Psychology

Although psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism derive from theoretical and philosophical assumptions worlds apart, both experientially-based traditions share at their heart a desire for the understanding, development, and growth of the human experience. Paul Cooper utilizes detailed clinical vignettes to contextualize the implications of Zen Buddhism in the therapeutic setting to demonstrate how its practices and beliefs inform, relate to, and enhance transformative psychoanalytic practice.

CoNTENTS: Introduction: The Zen Impulse and the Psychoanalytic Encounter. Riding the Elusive Ox of Zen: Problems of Definition. First Encounters of a Distant Kind. The Zen Koan: Speaking the Unspeakable."Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature or Not?" Nihilism, Absolutism, and "Joshu's Mu."Sand in Rice: One Koan, Infinite Possibilities.Unconscious and Conscious in Zen and Psychoanalysis. The Crazy Cloud of Attention and Inattention: Meditation Review. Sense and Non-sense. The Gap Between: Being, Knowing, and the Liminal In-between. Unitive Experience and the Pervasive Object.



Astor: Michael Fordham: Innovations in

Pb: 978-0-415-09349-1: 1995: 288pp. £22.95/$42.50

Edgcumbe:Anna Freud: A View of Development, Disturbance and Therapeutic Techniques

Hb: 978-0-415-10199-8: 2000: 256pp. £52.50/$95.00 Pb: 978-0-415-10200-1: 2000: 256pp. £19.99/$37.50

EvansIII:Harry Stack Sullivan: Interpersonal Theory and Psychotherapy

Pb: 978-0-415-11973-3: 1996: 256pp. £22.95/$42.50

2009: 256pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99764-5: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99765-2: £21.99/$34.95


Kotowicz:R. D. Laing and the Paths of


Pb: 978-0-415-11611-4: 1997: 144pp. £19.99/$37.50

Spensley:Frances Tustin

Pb: 978-0-415-09263-0: 1994: 176pp. £19.99/$37.50

Contemporary Psychoanalytic Foundations

Postmodernism, Complexity, and Neuroscience

MarkLeffert, in private practice, Santa Barbara, USA "Formidable! I was very impressed, not just by Leffert's fantastic erudition but by the integration of his concept of the myriad problems surrounding the construct of consciousness... I'm going to have to read this book over and over again ­ it is as marvelous as it is useful and has answered a lot of questions I have long nursed."

-JamesS.Grotstein,Training and Supervising Analyst, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute, USA

FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20


Past scholars have tried to classify psychoanalysis as an intrinsically positivist science, with varying degrees of success. Their critics have fared little better with narrow applications of postmodern thought, which focus on smaller areas within psychoanalysis and, as a result, neglect the evolution of the discipline as a whole. In an effort to provide a ground for current psychoanalytic thought, Mark Leffert creates an interreferential schema which balances the influences of postmodernism, complexity theory, and neuroscience as its key factors. Using the heterogeneity of postmodern thought as a starting point, he traces its impact on and implications for the development of the discipline, leading into the realm of complexity theory ­ which is relatively new to the psychoanalytic literature ­ and how it informs as well as constrains certain psychoanalytic assumptions. The book then turns to neuroscience, the "hard" scientific study of the complexities of the brain, and how recent research informs psychoanalytic theory and may shed light on aspects of memory, the conscious, and the unconscious.

CoNTENTS:Introduction. Postmodernism and its Impact on Psychoanalysis. Modern and Postmodern Trends in Psychoanalysis: A Contemporary Integration. Complexity and Postmodernism in Contemporary Theory of Therapeutic Change. Neuroscience, August 2007: Memory, Mind, and Psychoanalysis. Unconsciousness: The Unconscious and the Not-conscious. Consciousness and the Self. Power and Politics in American Psychoanalysis. Not in Kansas Anymore.

Identification, Imagination: Psychoanalysis and Modern European Thought After the Postmodern Turn. Modell, Naturalizing Relational Psychoanalytic Theory. Orange, Postscript: From Postmodern Skepticism to the Search for Psychoanalytic Understanding. 2009: 256pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46687-5: £60.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46688-2: £22.99/$36.95

Thinking for Clinicians

Philosophical Resources for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and the Humanistic Psychotherapies,Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, New York, USA "This is an immensely thoughtful, clear and illuminating book that convincingly demonstrates the usefulness of philosophy for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. It shows the hermeneutic sensibility shared by philosophy and psychotherapy and shows how the light shed by the former can transform the way we see the latter, and vice versa." -SimonCritchley,New School for Social Research,

New York, USA

March 2010: 312pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-496-9: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-497-6: £22.99/$35.95

Beyond Postmodernism

New Dimensions in Clinical Theory and Practice

Edited by RogerFrie, Long Island University, USA, and Donnaorange, Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, New York, USA Beyond Postmodernism identifies ways in which psychoanalysis has moved beyond the postmodern debate and discusses how this can be applied to contemporary practice. Roger Frie and Donna Orange bring together many of the leading authorities on psychoanalytic theory and practice to provide a broad scope of psychoanalytic viewpoints and perspectives on the growing interdisciplinary discourse between psychoanalysis, continental philosophy, social theory and philosophy of mind. Beyond Postmodernism: New Dimensions in Clinical Theory and Practice provides a fresh perspective on the relationship between psychoanalysis and postmodernism and raises new issues for the future.

CoNTENTS: Frie, Introduction: Coherence or Fragmentation? Modernism,

Thinking for Clinicians provides analysts of all orientations with the tools and context for working critically within psychoanalytic theory and practice. It does this through detailed chapters on some of the philosophers whose work is especially relevant for contemporary theory and clinical writing: Emmanuel Levinas, Martin Buber, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Hans-Georg Gadamer. Orange presents the historical background for their ideas, along with clinical vignettes to help contextualize their theories, further grounding them in real-world experience.

CoNTENTS: Introduction: Psychotherapy in a Socratic Spirit. Martin Buber: The Dialogic We. Ludwig Wittgenstein: Nothing is Hidden. Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Embodied Intersubjectivity. Emmanuel Levinas: Trauma in the Face of the Other. Hans-Georg Gadamer: Understanding the Situation with the Other. Afterword.

2009: 168pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-492-1: £50.00/$80.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-493-8: £18.99/$29.99

Sacral Revolutions

Reflecting on the Work of Andrew Samuels ­ Cutting Edges in Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis

Edited by GottfriedHeuer, in private practice, West London, UK Sacral Revolutions is a unique project reflecting the contribution that Andrew Samuels has made to the general field of psychoanalysis and Jungian analysis in both clinical and academic contexts. Gottfried Heuer has brought together an international array of authors ­ friends and colleagues of Samuels ­ to honour his 60th Birthday. As a result, the collection provides a creative and cutting-edge overview of a fragmented field. The chapters demonstrate the profound sense of social responsibility of these analysts and academics whose concerns include the mysteries and hidden meanings in social and political life.

Postmodernism, and the Search for Continuity. PartI:Psychoanalytic EncounterswithPostmodernism. Eagle, Postmodern Influences on Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Frederickson, Multiplicity and Relational Psychoanalysis: A Heideggerian Response. Teicholz, A Strange Convergence: Postmodern Theory, Infant Research, and Psychoanalysis. Wilkinson, Primary Process of Deconstruction: Towards a Derridian Psychotherapy. PartII:PsychoanalysisBeyondPostmodernism. Orange, Toward the Art of the Living Dialogue: Between Constructivism and Hermeneutics in Psychoanalytic Thinking. Stolorow, Trauma and Human Existence: The Mutual Enrichment of Heidegger's Existential Analytic and a Psychoanalytic Understanding of Trauma. Frie, Reconfiguring Psychological Agency: Postmodernism, Recursivity, and the Politics of Change. Coburn, Attitudes in Psychoanalytic Complexity: An Alternative to Postmodernism in Psychoanalysis. Elliott, Identity,



10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w w.psychoanalysisar

CoNTENTS: G. Heuer, A Plural Bouquet for a Birthday Celebration in Print: Introduction. Jung, Giffard, "I Hope that We Might Find a Way." A Birthday Interview with C. G. Jung in his 80th Year. Vannoy Adams, The Sable Venus on the Middle Passage: Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Altman, Repetition and Repair: Commentary on the Film "Love and Diane" by Jennifer Dworkin. Austin, Women's Aggressive Energies, Agency and Psychological Change. Bair, Faintclews and Indirections: Jung and Biography. Beebe, The Integrity of the Supervisor and the Sins of Psychotherapy Supervision. Benjamin, Mutual Injury and Mutual Acknowledgement. P. Boechat, Violence in the Family: Challenges to the Fantasy of Shelter and Protection. W. Boechat, The Dream in Psychosomatic Patients. Cambray, How They See Us Now. Carter, Night Terrors: A Titanic Experience Considered from Science, Art and Psychology. Clark, The Embodied Counter-Transference and Recycling the Mad Matter of Symbolic Equivalence. Clarkson, Nuttall, Physis: Archetype of Nature's Soul. Dimen, Samuels, Muriel Dimen Interviewed by Andrew Samuels. Duckworth, Between Life and Death: Weaving the Remaining Spaces in the Tapestry of Life. Hauke, What's Missing? Death and the Double. B. Heuer, On Transformation: The Art and the Science of Forgiveness. G. Heuer, The Gospel of Judas: An Emerging Potential for World Peace? J. Kirsch, Community, Communitas, and Group Process Seminars in Analytic Training. T. Kirsch, Jung and the World of the Fathers. Layton, Citizenship and Subjectivity. Main, Jung as a Modern Esotericist. Nakamura, The Last Desire: A Clinical Experience of Working with a Dying Man. Orbach, Unpicking. Papadopoulos, Extending Jungian Psychology: Working with Survivors of Political Upheavals. Parker, Critical Looks: The Psychodynamics of Body Hatred. Plaut, Where is Paradise? The Mapping of a Myth. Quintaes, Pereira, Post-Jungians and In Praise of Multiplicity. Ramos, Andrew Samuels' Contributions to Analytical Psychology in Brazil. Rowan, Andrew and Me and the AHP. Rowland, Writing after Andrew Samuels: Political Forms and Symbols in Shakespeare's Macbeth. Singer, Playing the Race Card: A Cultural Complex in Action. Shearman, Gilbert, The Interface Between Jung and Humanistic Psychology: A Tribute to the Influence of Andrew Samuels. Stanton, In Praise of Wild Analysis. Stone, City Men, Mobile Phones, and Initial Engagement in the Therapeutic Process. Tacey, Extraversion, with Soul. Totton, `The Actual Clash': Analytic Arguments and the Plural Psyche. Wahba, Politics and Hypocrisy. YoungEisendrath, A Thank-you Note to Andrew Samuels. Zoja, For Andrew Samuels on His 60th Birthday.

of the unconscious. The book uses clinical examples to examine the implications that these perspectives have for the practising therapist. New modes of listening and relating that deepen analytic work and greatly facilitate transformative changes are described in easy-to-follow language that will help the therapist to find new approaches to a wide range of patients.

CoNTENTS: Beginning with Relatedness. The Creative Unconscious and the Self. The Work of Life. The Structure of Pathology. Truth and Lies. The Listening Process. Transformation.


2009: 272pp. Hb: 978-0-415-54775-8: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-54776-5: £22.99/$36.95

Containing States of Mind

Exploring Bion's `Container Model' in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

DuncanCartwright,University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa "Bion's concept of the "container and the contained" has become one of his most well-known and used ideas ­ to the point that it has become taken for granted ("saturated," in Bion's terms). Duncan Cartwright has given this concept new life, expands upon it, and integrates it with much of Bion's other work in innovative ways. The results are exciting. The author has expertly balanced profound and extensive scholarship with sound reasoning and with a reader-friendly style. A number of works on Bion have been published recently; this one is in my opinion one of the finest and most useful." -JamesGrotstein,training and

supervising analyst, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute, USA

2009: 352pp. Hb: 978-0-415-48172-4: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-55461-9: £22.99/$36.95

The Mystery of Analytical Work

Weavings From Jung and Bion

BarbaraStevensSullivan, in private practice, California and C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, USA "Sullivan explores the theories of two difficult analysts, Jung and Bion, explaining their ideas clearly and demonstrating how each of their perspectives enriches the other's. Her detailed clinical material makes her thinking come alive and should help clinicians of any perspective to deepen their work."

-MarjorieNathanson,Past President of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, and member of the IAAP Executive Committee

Wilfred Bion's insights into the analytic process have had a profound influence on how psychoanalysts and psychotherapists understand emotional change and pathological mental states. One of his most influential ideas concerns the notion that we need the minds of others to develop our own emotional and cognitive capacities. In Containing States of Mind Duncan Cartwright explores and develops some of the implications that Bion's container model has on clinical practice. He argues that the analyst or therapist best fulfils a containing function by negotiating irreconcilable internal tensions between his role as `dream object' and `proper object'. The container model is also used to illustrate different `modes of interaction' in the analytic field, the nature of particular pathological states and some of the key dilemmas faced in attempting to make unbearable mental states more bearable. As well as addressing key theoretical problems, Containing States of Mind is a clinical text that renders complex ideas accessible and useful for psychotherapeutic and analytic practice.

CoNTENTS: Encountering Unbearable States of Mind. Projective Identification, Countertransference and the Containing Function. The Analyst's Containing Mind. Polarities of the Containing Connection. Notes on Interpretation. Speculations About Proto-containing Experiences. Modes of Interaction. Idealizing the Container. Some Aspects of Beta-mentality on Mimicry and Thinking in a Technological Age. Betamentality in Violent Men. The Autistic Mode in Agoraphobic Syndrome. The Dead Alive Self in Borderline States.

This book provides an exploration of the clinical practice of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. It explores the ways psychoanalysts and other clinicians are taught to evade direct emotional connections with their patients. Sullivan, suggesting that relatedness is the basis of emotional health, examines the universal struggle between socially oriented energies that struggle toward truth and narcissistic impulses that push us to take refuge in lies. She maintains that, rather than making interpretations, it is the clinician's capacity to bring relatedness to the clinical encounter which is the crucial factor. Examining the work of both Jung and Bion, Sullivan draws on the overlap between their ideas on the psyche and the nature

2009: 288pp. Hb: 978-1-58391-878-4: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-879-1: £22.99/$36.95

FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20


Mirroring and Attunement

Self-Realization in Psychoanalysis and Art

KennethWright,in private psychoanalytic practice, Suffolk, UK "This lucidly written account of seminal concepts from Bion, Stern and Winnicott, brings them vividly to life through integrating them into an interdisciplinary work that incorporates ideas from art, poetry, and philosophy and that makes it recommended reading for practitioners and students of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy." -AnnCasement,Licensed

Psychoanalyst; Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, UK

CoNTENTS: Introduction: Japan as Screen Memory: Psychoanalysis and History. Cornyetz, Speculations of Murder: Ghostly Dreams, Poisonous Frogs, and the Return of Yokoi Shôichi. Suttmeier, Japan's Lost Decade and its Two Recoveries: On Sawaragi Noi, Japanese Neo-pop and Antiwar Activism. Cassegard, The Corporeal Principle of the National Polity: The Rhetoric of the National Polity, or, the Nation as Memory Machine. Nagahara, Penuses/Phallises: The Multiplication, Displacement and Appropriations of the Phallus. Zohar, Penisular Cartography: Topology in Nakagami Kenji's "Kishu." Cornyetz, Two Ways to Play Fort-Da: With Freud and Tanizaki in Yoshino. Long, The Double Scission of Mishima Yukio: Limits and Anxieties in the Autofictional Machine. Walker, Navigating the Inner Sea: Utsumi Bunzô's Affects in Ukigumo. Lawson, In the Flesh: The Historical Unconscious of Ishikawa Jun's "Fugen." Hayter, Sexuality and Narrative in Sôseki's "Kokoro." Vincent, Exhausted by their Battles with the World: Neuraesthenia and Civilization Critique in Early Twentieth Century Japan. Hill, Freud, Lacan and Japan.

2009: 352pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46910-4: £85.00/$145.00

Mirroring and Attunement offers a new approach to psychoanalysis, artistic creation and religion. Viewing these activities from a broadly relational perspective, Wright proposes that each provides a medium for creative dialogue: the artist discovers himself within his self-created forms, the religious person through an internal dialogue with `God', and the analysand through the inter-subjective medium of the analysis. Building on the work of Winnicott, Stern and Langer, the author argues that each activity is rooted in the infant's preverbal relationship with the mother who `holds' the emerging self in an ambience of mirroring forms, thereby providing a `place' for the self to `be'. He suggests that the need for subjective reflection persists throughout the life cycle and that psychoanalysis, artistic creation and religion can be seen as cultural attempts to provide the self with resonant containment.

Interpretation. Deep Calling unto Deep. Making Experience Sing. Bion and Beyond. Words, Things and Wittgenstein. Shaping the Inarticulate. Embodied Language. The Search for Form. The Intuition of the Sacred. Recognition and Relatedness. The Silver Mirror. 2009: 224pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46829-9: £60.00/$95.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46830-5: £22.99/$36.95

CoNTENTS: Introduction. On Being in Touch. The Poetics of

Series: Routledge Contemporary Japan

The Work of Psychoanalysts in the Public Health Sector

Edited by MaryBrownescombeHeller, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, NHS, UK, and Sheena Pollet,Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS Trust, and in private practice, UK This book provides a comprehensive insight into the ways in which psychoanalysts think and work. Mary Brownescombe Heller and Sheena Pollet bring together internationally known contributors trained at the Institute of Psychoanalysis to explore the broad range of clinical work, thinking, and teaching undertaken with children, families, adults and staff by psychoanalysts in the UK public health sector. Divided into four sections, The Work of Psychoanalysts in the Public Health Sector covers: · clinical work with parents and young children · clinical work with adults and their families · analytic thinking in health service practice · analytic support for health service staff. Experienced psychoanalysts discuss work with various client groups including parents with babies, children, adolescents who self harm, and adults with serious mental health conditions and psychosis. The book also explores how psychoanalyticallyinformed work can be used alongside other treatment methods, and how health service staff can best be trained and supported. The Work of Psychoanalysts in the Public Health Sector offers the reader a broad perspective and a clear understanding of the various analytical concepts used in clinical practice. It will be invaluable reading for anyone interested in, or already using psychoanalytic ideas and techniques in the health sector, as well as students in training.

CoNTENTS: PartI:ClinicalWorkwithParentsandChildren. Pollet,

Perversion and Modern Japan

Psychoanalysis, Literature, Culture

Edited by NinaCornyetz,and J.KeithVincent,both at New York University, USA How did nerves and neuroses take the place of ghosts and spirits in Meiji Japan? How does Natsume Soseki's canonical novel Kokoro pervert the Freudian teleology of sexual development? What do we make of Jacques Lacan's infamous claim that because of the nature of their language the Japanese people were unanalyzable? And how are we to understand the re-awakening of collective memory occasioned by the sudden appearance of a Japanese Imperial soldier stumbling out of the jungle in Guam in 1972? In addressing these and other questions, the essays collected here theorize the relation of unconscious fantasy and perversion to discourses of nation, identity, and history in Japan. Against a tradition that claims that Freud's method, as a Western discourse, makes a bad `fit'with Japan, this volume argues that psychoanalytic reading offers valuable insights into the ways in which `Japan' itself continues to function as a psychic object. 24


Making a Little Go a Long Way: Early Intervention. Trowell, Child Protection and `Looked-after Children': What Can Psychoanalytic Ideas Contribute? Anderson, Assessing the Risk of Self-Harm in Adolescents: A Psychoanalytic Perspective.PartII:ClinicalWorkwithAdultsand TheirFamilies. Heller, A Chance to Dream: Asperger's Syndrome and Symbolic Activity. Brough, Mrs ABC and the Three Uncles. Cockett, Murder in the Dark: Surviving a Murderous Pathological Organization. Martindale, Psychoanalysis, Psychosis and the NHS: Just a Pipe Dream or a New Beginning. PartIII:AnalyticThinkinginHealthServicePractice. Gore,

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A4C and the Dissemination of Anxiety. Thomas, The Impact of the Archaic in Mental Health Work. Ward, Confidentiality Matters. Phillips, Why Do a Psychoanalytic Training? O'Connor, Psychiatrist or Psychoanalyst? Do these Disciplines Combine or Conflict? Heller, `It Was an Accident Waiting to Happen'. Fonagy, Bateman, A Brief History of Mentalisation-based Treatment and its Roots in Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice. PartIV: AnalyticSupporttoHealthServiceStaff. Lucas, Relating Psychoanalysis to General Psychiatry: The Role of a Psychosis Workshop. Hale, Hudson, Doctors in Trouble. Ingham, Sedlak, Teaching a Psychoanalytic Approach to Public Sector Mental Health Workers. 2009: 232pp. Hb: 978-0-415-48428-2: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-48429-9: £22.99/$36.95

CoNTENTS: Introductory Remarks. Rethinking Internalization. The Function


of Paradox. Subjective Agency ­ And Passivity. The Problem of Entitlement. Actions and Reactions. The Question of Forgiveness. The Quest for Responsibility. Empathy and Sympathy. Self Formation and Self-Decreation. 2009: 152pp. Hb: 978-0-415-49268-3: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-49269-0: £22.99/$36.95

Everyday Mysteries

A Handbook of Existential Psychotherapy

Second Edition

EmmyvanDeurzen,Director, Dilemma Consultancy Limited, Sheffield and London, UK "Emmy van Deurzen is a leading figure in the field of existential psychology who has written a comprehensive volume that illuminates how the problems of living can be the ideal focus of psychotherapy. She demonstrates how existential therapy invites people to engage in exploring universal human struggles as a way of living fully." -GeraldCorey,Professor Emeritus of Human Services,

California State University at Fullerton, USA

Object Relations, Work and the Self

DavidP.Levine,University of Denver, USA In this book, David P. Levine applies psychoanalytic object relations theory to understanding work motivation and the meaning of work. Drawing on the writings of authors such as Donald Winnicott, Otto Kernberg and Melanie Klein, he explores three factors central to our effort to understand work: guilt, greed and the self. Special attention is paid to the factors that determine the individual's emotional capacity to do work that engages the self and its creative potential and to the related matter of impairment in that capacity. Object Relations, Work and the Self will be of interest to psychoanalysts and organizational consultants as well as anyone concerned with what determines the quality of life in the workplace.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. The Problem of Work. The Group at Play. Greed, Envy and the Search for Self. Life and Death at Work. Reparation, Empathy and the Public Good. Skill, Power and Authority. Work Identity. Work and Reality. Conclusion.

2009: 154pp. Hb: 978-0-415-47997-4: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-47998-1: £21.99/$34.95

This book provides an in-depth introduction to existential psychotherapy. Presenting a philosophical alternative to other forms of psychological treatment, it emphasises the problems of living and the human dilemmas that are often neglected by practitioners who focus on personal psychopathology. Emmy van Deurzen defines the philosophical ideas that underpin existential psychotherapy, summarising the contributions made by Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger and Sartre among others. She proposes a systemic and practical method of existential psychotherapy, illustrated with detailed case material. This expanded and updated second edition includes new chapters on the contributions of Max Scheler, Albert Camus, Gabriel Marcel and Emmanuel Levinas, as well as on feminist contributors such as Simone de Beauvoir and Hannah Arendt amongst others. In addition a new extended case discussion illustrates the approach in practice.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. PartI:PhilosophicalUnderpinnings. Sören Kierkegaard: A Very Individual Approach. Friedrich Nietzsche: With Passion and Intensity. Edmund Husserl: Phenomenology ­ A New Science of Psychology. Karl Jaspers: The Way to Wisdom. Martin Heidegger: A Blueprint for Living. Martin Buber: Human Relations Reconsidered. Max Scheler: The Human Heart and Intersubjectivity. Jean-Paul Sartre: To Be or Not to Be. Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Embodied Living. Paul Tillich: A New Spirituality. Other Philosophical Contributions. Female and Feminist Contributions. PartII:ExistentialDimensions:AMapofthe World. Worldviews, Paradoxes and Dialectics: A Copernican Revolution. The Physical Dimension: Being with Nature. The Social Dimension: Being with Others. The Personal Dimension: Being with Oneself. The Spiritual Dimension: Being with Meaning. PartIII:NewFoundationsfor Psychotherapy.Introduction to New Foundations for Psychotherapy. Karl Jaspers: Psychopathology. Eugene Minkowski: The Dimension of Time. Jacques Lacan: The Role of Language. Ludwig Binswanger: The Beginning of Existential Therapy. Medard Boss: Daseinsanalysis. Viktor Frankl: Logotherapy and the Search for Meaning. Rollo May, James Bugental, Irvin Yalom, and Others: The American Contribution. Thomas Szasz: The Social Dimension of Therapy. Ronald Laing: Anti-Psychiatry. The Contribution of the British School of Existential Analysis and Psychotherapy. Philosophical Practice: An Alternative to Therapy. PartIV:ParametersofExistential Psychotherapy.Objectives of the Existential Project. Ground Rules of Existential Work. Consciousness and the Unknown. Therapeutic Dialogue. The Dynamic, Multiple and Changing Self. PartV:Illustration. A Case Study: Rita's Grief. Conclusions.


A Psychoanalytic Inquiry

GemmaCorradiFiumara, The Third University of Rome, Italy "Rarely does a book tackle essential problems in such a fascinating and convincing way... This lucid and incisive book can be utilized at different levels of complexity. Not only are the contents of the book enriching, but its passion for the frontiers of research will enhance

the creativity of readers." -AntoninoFerro,Italian Psychoanalytic

Society, Pavia, Italy

Psychoanalytic theory frequently explains psychopathology from the perspective of either inadequate early care or as the result of environmental factors. In this book the author suggests that poor mental health can be a result of our incapacity to respond to internal and external stimuli, and indicates that spontaneity is essential in the development of many aspects of the self. Spontaneity presents an original approach to issues of agency, spontaneity and creativity in psychoanalysis by exploring issues including active internalisation, paradox, forgiveness, responsibility, empathy and self de-creation.

2009: 384pp. Hb: 978-0-415-37642-6: £65.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-37643-3: £24.99/$42.95

FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20


Exploring in Security




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Relational Trauma in Infancy

Psychoanalytic, Attachment and Neuropsychological Contributions to ParentInfant Psychotherapy

Edited by TessaBaradon,Anna Freud Centre, UK "For all those trying to address serious difficulties in early parent-infant relationships, this book will be an invaluable and timely resource. It is a work of impressive contemporary scholarship and brings a wealth of clinical experience and authority to this vitally important arena." -Peter

Toolan,Principal Child Psychotherapist, The Maudsley Perinatal Psychotherapy Service, London, UK


Towards an Attachment-Informed Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

JeremyHolmes,University of Exeter, UK This book builds a key clinical bridge between attachment theory and psychoanalysis, deploying Holmes' unique capacity to weld empirical evidence, psychoanalytic theory and consulting room experience into a coherent and convincing whole. Starting from the theory­ practice gap in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, the book demonstrates how attachment theory can help practitioners better understand what they intuitively do in the consulting room, how this benefits clients, and informs evidence-based practice. Divided into two sections, theory and practice, Exploring in Security discusses the concept of mentalising and considers three components of effective therapy ­ the therapeutic relationship, meaning making and change promotion ­ from both attachment and psychoanalytic perspectives. The second part of the book applies attachment theory to a number of clinical situations including: · working with borderline clients · suicide and deliberate self-harm · sex and sexuality · dreams · ending therapy. Throughout the book theoretical discussion is vividly illustrated with clinical material, personal experience and examples from literature and film, making this an accessible yet authoritative text for psychotherapy practitioners at all levels, including psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, mental health nurses and counsellors.

CoNTENTS: PartI:Principles.Assuming. Mentalising. Attaching. Meaning. Changing. Empowering. Repairing. Poetising. PartII: Practice. Sex and Loving. `Borderlining'. Suicide and Self-harming. Dreaming. Ending.


This book presents an interdisciplinary discussion between researchers and clinicians about trauma in the relationship between infants and their parents. It makes an innovative contribution to the field of infant mental health in bringing together previously separated paradigms of relational trauma from psychoanalysis, attachment and the neurosciences. With contributions from a range of experts, areas of discussion include: · intergenerational transmission of relational trauma and earliest intervention · the nature of the traumatising encounter between parent and infant · the therapeutic possibilities of parent-infant psychotherapy in changing the trajectory of transmitted trauma · training and supporting professionals working with traumatised parents and infants. Relational Trauma in Infancy will be of particular interest to trainee and qualified child and adult psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, child and adult psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, health care professionals and social workers.

CoNTENTS:Mayes, Introduction. Baradon, Preface. Pretorius, Genetic and Environmental Contributors to the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma and Disorganised Attachment Relationships. Schore, Relational Trauma and the Developing Right Brain: The Neurobiology of Broken Attachment Bonds. Woodhead, Trauma in the Crucible of the Parent­ Infant Relationship: The Baby's Experience. Joyce, Infantile Psychosomatic Integrity and Maternal Trauma. Jones, The Traumatic Sequelae of Pathological Defensive Processes in Parent­Infant Relationships. James, Newbury, Infants, Relational Trauma and Homelessness: Therapeutic Possibilities Through a Hostel Baby Clinic Group and Research Evaluation. Tomas-Merrills, Chakraborty, Babies Behind Bars: Working with Relational Trauma with Mothers and Babies in Prison. Dalley, Containment of Trauma: Working in the Community. Baradon, Discussion: And What About Fathers? Sleed, Fonagy, Understanding Disruptions in the Parent­ Infant Relationship: Do Actions Speak Louder than Words? Baradon, Bronfman, Contributions of, and Divergences Between, Clinical Work and Research Tools Relating to Trauma and Disorganization. Steele, Steele, Murphy, The Adult Attachment Interview and Relational Trauma: Implications for Parent­Infant Psychotherapy. Broughton, Measuring Trauma in the Primary Relationship: The Parent­Infant Relational Tool (PIRAT). Baradon, Epilogue: `Ghosts and Angels in the Nursery' ­ Windows of Opportunity and Remaining Vulnerability.

2009: 216pp. Hb: 978-0-415-55414-5: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-55415-2: £21.99/$34.95

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2009: 248pp. Hb: 978-0-415-47374-3: £60.00/$100.00 Pb: 978-0-415-47375-0: £20.99/$34.95


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From Ann Horne and Monica Lanyado

Through Assessment to Consultation

Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescents

Edited by AnnHorne,Senior Member of the British Association of Psychotherapists, UK, and Monica Lanyado, Training Supervisor at the British Association of Psychotherapists, UK "This book is a welcome addition to the clinical accounts of analytic work with children, young people and their families. The understanding provided here is a timely reminder that working indirectly to help frontline staff reflect is essential if good, objective decision making is to underpin the complex situations confronting workers in a whole range of settings in Children's services."

-JudithTrowell, University of Worcester, and Tavistock Clinic, UK

The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Approaches

Second Edition



Edited by MonicaLanyado, training supervisor at the British Association of Psychotherapists, UK, and AnnHorne,Senior member of the British Association of Psychotherapists, UK "This revised edition is a thoroughly impressive and impressively thorough achievement. The writing, the level of specialism and expertise evidenced, and the rich variety of clinical and research illustrations make it also a great read." -AnneAlvarez,

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Winnicott's description of "doing something else" or "working as a psychoanalyst" when not engaged in the actual analysis of his patients resonates with the child psychotherapist today. Individual psychotherapy is certainly a valuable part of the work but much of the time the CPT is "doing something appropriate to the occasion". Some of this time is spent in assessment work ­ for therapy, for the multi-professional team and for other agencies ­ and some in consultation to colleagues and other professional staff or in a combination of the two. Drawing from the Independent tradition in psychoanalysis, Through Assessment to Consultation explores the application of psychoanalytic thinking to this daily work, reflecting on what is actually done and why.

CoNTENTS: Horne, Lanyado, Introduction: `Appropriate to the Occasion.'

This updated edition of The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy reflects the many changes in the profession. It includes: · additional chapters on neuroscience, work with `looked after children' and with foster parents, working in schools · enlarged chapters on research, attachment theory, work with parents, and developments in child and adolescent psychotherapy around the world · chapters on areas of specialist interest including violence, sexual abuse and abusing, trauma, parent-infant psychotherapy, autism, victims of political violence, delinquency and gender dysphoria. The Handbook will be a valuable resource for all who work in allied professions where the emotional well-being of children is of concern.

of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy in Psychoanalysis. Normal Emotional Development. Contributions from Attachment Theory and Research. The Contribution from Neuroscience. Research in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: An Overview. PartII:Context. The Child Psychotherapist in the Multi-disciplinary Team. Race and Cultural Issues. The International Scene. PartIII:DiversityofTreatments andSettings. The Therapeutic Setting and Process. Individual Psychotherapy: Assessment, Intensive and Non-intensive Work. Brief Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Consultations. How Much Therapy is `Good-Enough'? Work with Parents. Parent-infant Psychotherapy. Group Psychotherapy. Working within Schools and Educational Settings. The Challenges of In-patient Work in a Therapeutic Community. Consultation within Residential Care. PartIV:Areasof SpecialistInterest. Child Psychotherapy for Children on the Autistic Spectrum. Psychotherapy with Severely Traumatised Children and Adolescents: `Far Beyond Words.' Psychotherapy for Children Looked After by Local Authorities. Working with Foster Carers. Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abusing in Childhood and Adolescence. The Roots of Violence: Theory and Implications for Technique with Children and Adolescents. Work with Children and Adolescents Exposed to Political Violence. Delinquency. Working with People with Eating Disorders: `What If I Die Without Knowing Why?' Gender Identity Dysphoria. 2009: 480pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46368-3: £60.00/$100.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46369-0: £24.99/$39.95

CoNTENTS: Introduction. PartI:TheoreticalFoundations. The Roots

PartI:Assessment. Walker, Every Assessment Matters: The Child Psychotherapist's Role in Assessment in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Settings. Dowling, Thinking Aloud: A Child Psychotherapist Assessing Families for Court. Parsons, Horne, Anxiety, Projection and the Quest for Magic Fixes: When One is Asked to Assess Risk. Alfillé-Cook, Peculiarities and Problems in Assessing Adolescents. PartII:overlaps. Onions, Infant Mental Health: A Conversation with Dilys Daws. Gibbs, Reflections on Race and Culture in Therapeutic Consultation and Assessment. Hamilton, Death in the Family: Post 9/11 at Pier 94 Manhattan. Horne, From Intimacy to Acting Out: Assessment and Consultation about a Dangerous Child. PartIII:ConsultationandBeyond. Robson, Consultation to an Under 5s' Service. Lanyado, The Impact of Listening on the Listener: Consultation to the Helping Professions who Work with Sexually Abused Young People. Vastardis, `You are Paid to be a Nuisance': Tensions in the Role of a Clinician-manager. Wilson, Beyond Consultation: Towards YoungMinds. 2009: 208pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46289-1: £55.00/$100.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46290-7: £19.99/$34.95

Series: Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescents Lanyado/Horne,Eds.:A Question of

Technique: Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescents Hb: 978-0-415-37913-7: 2006: 272pp. £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-37915-1: 2006: 272pp. £21.95/$39.95

Lanyado:The Presence of the Therapist: Treating Childhood Trauma

Hb: 978-1-58391-297-3: 2003: 160pp. £52.50/$95.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-298-0: 2003: 160pp. £19.99/$37.50

Series: Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescents FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20 27


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Child Psychotherapy and Research

New Approaches, Emerging Findings

Edited by NickMidgley,Anna Freud Centre, London, UK, JanAnderson, North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK, EveGrainger,North-East London NHS Foundation Trust, UK, TanjaNesic-Vuckovic,South Essex Partnership NHS Trust, UK, and Cathy Urwin, Tavistock Clinic, London, UK "For some time we have been aware of a need to find ways of studying the process of psychoanalytic child psychotherapy and monitoring results. This most welcome publication presents a variety of sophisticated, comprehensive and well-rounded research studies illustrating different ways of investigating this complex field. A really enlightening book!" -Anne-MarieSandler,Psychoanalyst, British

Institute of Psychoanalysis


The Journey of Child Development

Selected Papers of Joseph D. Noshpitz

Edited by BruceSklarew,in private practice, Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA, and MyraSklarew, American University, Washington, D.C., USA Collected here are a number of previously unpublished papers which demonstrate the breadth of Joseph Noshpitz's interests and the depth to which he conceived the psychic life of the child. Preceded by brief introductions which help to contemporize and contextualize the papers for the modern reader, the subject matter boasts a wide range: from ethics in child development, to feminine gender issues and the notion of the tomboy, to selfdestructiveness and negative ego-ideals in adolescents. More applied papers delve into the formative appeal of literature directed at young girls, the developmental lessons of ninja turtles, and the creative motivations behind art, music, dance, and poetry. Running throughout these papers is an unyielding advocacy for the mental health and positive development of the child as a member of society at large, perhaps nowhere more evinced than in the somewhat controversial proposal for stricter interventions in the family unit.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. Ethics in Child Development. Idealization II. Idealization and Psychopathology. Music. Visual Art. Prose and Poetry. Mime and Dance. Infantile Narcissism in the Grade School Years. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nancy Drew and The Baby-sitters Club. Gender Identity in Latency Girls. The Tomboy, Puberty, and Beyond. The Effects of Trauma on the Development of Self-destructiveness in Adolescence. Beyond School. The Ethics of Rage. Afterword.

Child Psychotherapy and Research brings together some of the most exciting and innovative research activity taking place within psychoanalytic child psychotherapy today. Drawing on the expertise of an international range of contributors, this book describes work at the cutting edge of research in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy and related areas. It presents many of the emerging findings while also illustrating a whole range of methodologies ­ both quantitative and qualitative ­ that have been developed to investigate this field. The book examines the historical and philosophical background of child psychotherapy research and shows how research illuminates different clinical phenomena, the processes of psychotherapy, its evaluation and outcome.

CoNTENTS: Hobson, Preface. Urwin, Anderson, Grainger, Midgley, Nesic-

September 2010: 320pp. Hb: 978-0-415-87664-3: £22.99/$39.95


Vuckovic, Introduction. PartI:WhatisChildPsychotherapyResearch? Editor's Introduction. Fonagy, Research in Child Psychotherapy: Progress, Problems and Possibilities? Rustin, What Do Child Psychotherapists Know? PartII:StudyingtheProcessofChildPsychotherapy. Editor's Introduction. Philps, Mapping Process in Child Psychotherapy: Steps Towards Drafting a New Method for Evaluating Psychoanalytic Case Studies. Schneider, Pruetzel-Thomas, Midgley, Discovering New Ways of Seeing and Speaking About Psychotherapy Process: The Child Psychotherapy Q-set. Moran, Fonagy, Psychoanalysis and Diabetic Control: A Single-case Study. Carlberg, Exploring Change Processes in Psychodynamic Child Psychotherapy: The Therapists' Perspective. PartIII:TheRoutineMonitoringandoutcomeofChild Psychotherapy. Editor's Introduction. Boston, Lush, Grainger, Evaluation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Fostered, Adopted and `In Care' Children. Trowell, Rhode, Joffe, Childhood Depression: An Outcome Research Project. Schacter, Target, The Adult Outcome of Child Psychoanalysis: The Anna Freud Centre Long-term Follow-up Study. Urwin, A Qualitative Framework for Evaluating Clinical Effectiveness in Child Psychotherapy: The Hopes and Expectations for Treatment Approach (HETA). PartIV:Inter-disciplinaryResearch. Editor's Introduction. Alvarez, Lee, Interpersonal Relatedness in Children With Autism: Clinical Complexity versus Scientific Simplicity? Anderson, The Mythic Significance of Risk-taking, Dangerous Behaviour. Hodges, Steele, Kaniuk, Hillman, Asquith, Narratives in Assessment and Research on the Development of Attachments in Maltreated Children. Mayes, Thomas, Social Neuroscience and Theories of Therapeutic Action: Some Implications for Child Psychotherapy. 2009: 248pp. Hb: 978-0-415-42202-4: £60.00/$100.00 Pb: 978-0-415-42203-1: £22.99/$40.00


Primitive Mental States

A Psychoanalytic Exploration of the Origins of Meaning

Edited by JaneVanBuren,in private practice, California, USA, and Shelley Alhanati, Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California, USA "This is an exceptional book... the scholarship is outstanding and the integrity of the authors and their work is evident throughout." - ThomasH.ogden,Director, Centre for the Advanced Study of the

Psychoses; Personal and Supervising Analyst, Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California, USA

Traditional psychoanalysis relies on the presence of certain meaning-making capacities in the patient for its effectiveness. Primitive Mental States examines how particular capacities including those for symbolising, fantasising, dreaming, experiencing and finding meanings in those experiences, can be taken for granted. Many of us lack these capacities in certain dimensions of our minds making traditional psychoanalysis ineffective. In this book, international contributors are brought together to consider a radical evolution in contemporary psychoanalytic theory developed from a combination of ultrasound studies, infant analysis, and observation of mothers and babies. These


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findings demonstrate how much mental life exists even before birth and considers unevolved, unborn and barely born aspects of the self such as the birth of emotion and the birth of alpha functioning. Topics covered include: · prenatal imprints on the mind and body · difficult to treat patients · non-verbal, non-symbolic, disembodied states of being · early relational and attachment trauma. Illustrated throughout with original data and extensive clinical discussions from some of the biggest names in the field, Primitive Mental States will be a useful resource for students and seasoned analysts alike.

CoNTENTS: Van Buren, Alhanati, Introduction. Grotstein, "Orphans of O"

Growing Old

A Journey of Self-Discovery



DanielleQuinodoz,Psychoanalyst, Geneva, Switzerland Translated by DavidAlcorn People react very differently to the process of ageing. Some people shy away from old age for as long as they can and eventually spend it reflecting on times when they were physically and mentally stronger and more independent. For others old age is embraced as a new adventure and something to look forward to. In this book psychoanalyst Danielle Quinodoz highlights the value of old age and the fact that although many elderly people have suffered losses, either of their own good health or through bereavement, most have managed to retain the most important thing ­ their sense of self. Quinodoz argues that growing old provides us with the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and instead of facing it with dread, it should be celebrated. Throughout Growing Old the author draws on both her clinical experience of working with the elderly, and her own personal experience of growing old. This makes it an interesting read for both practising psychoanalysts, and those who wish to gain a greater insight of the natural progression into later life.

CoNTENTS: Prologue. Reconstructing One's Own Internal Life-history.

The Negative Therapeutic Reaction and the Longing for the Childhood that Never Was. Ferro, Experiencing Emotions, Avoiding Emotions: Between Hercules and Puss-in-Boots. Williams, Incorporation of an Invasive Object. Fix Korbivcher, The Theory of Transformations and Autistic States. Autistic Transformations: A Proposal. Robinson, A Binocular View of Adhesion: From Prenatal Contiguity to Postnatal Appetite. Wilheim, The Trauma of Conception ­ Cellular Memory. Van Buren, Thoughts Without a Thinker. Gonzalez, Nothing Comes From Nothing: Failed Births, Dead Babies. Chuster, The Origins of the Unconscious: Framework of The Future Mind. Reiner, Pre-verbal Language in the Treatment of a Mother and Infant: A Clinical Exploration. Norman, Transformations of Early Infantile Experience: A 6-month old in Psychoanalysis. Salomonsson "Talk to Me Baby, Tell Me What's The Matter Now." Semiotic and Developmental Perspectives on Communication in Psychoanalytic Infant Treatment. 2009: 240pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46893-0: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46894-7: £22.99/$36.95

for a further book by Jane Van Buren please see page 39 Forthcoming!

The First Year and the Rest of Your Life

Movement, Development, and Psychotherapeutic Change

FrancesLaBarre, Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, New York, USA, and RuellaFrank,Center for Somatic Studies, New York, USA Infants command a vast array of nonverbal cues and signals. This early life in motion is the root of later verbal expression, though its importance in the child's interpersonal development is often overlooked. Observation of these fundamental movements of the infant, in interaction with the parents, can reveal coconstructed experiences that might otherwise remain unelaborated. Using the technique of foundational movement analysis, it is possible to determine areas of tension between parent and baby that interfere with optimal development. Moreover, since early movement forms the basis of future communication, such analysis can shed light on patterns of interaction in psychotherapy with adults and couples as well. Numerous clinical vignettes and detailed case reports demonstrate how an understanding of nonverbal baby/parent cocreated dialogue can be usefully applied to the relationship of patient and therapist.

CoNTENTS: The First Year and the Rest of Your Life. Why Movement? It's Where the Action Is. Fundamental Movements: When Push Comes to Shove. Movement Inclinations: Every Infant's First Point of View. Embodied History: How Did You Hold Your Mother's Hand? Parenting Not Polarizing. Expanding Movement Repertoire: Working with Individual Adults. Enhancing Embodied Experience.

One Small Second of Eternity. The Work of Remembering. The Phases of Life. Anxiety about Death. What Lies Behind the Decline of Very Old People? Losing Everything Without Losing Oneself. The Resources of Old Age. Strait is the Gate. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Older People. Psychoanalysis and Elderly People. Being a Psychoanalyst and Growing Old. Grandparents and the Difference Between Generations. The Blue Note and the Discovery of Loving. 2009: 232pp. Hb: 978-0-415-54565-5: £52.50/$95.00 Pb: 978-0-415-54566-2: £14.99/$27.50

The Embedded Self

An Integrative Psychodynamic and Systemic Perspective on Couples and Family Therapy

Second Edition

Mary-JoanGerson,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA "This was a marvelously comprehensive and integrative book when it first came out. In this new edition it is even better! It adeptly integrates new developments in fields such as attachment theory and neurobiology, thus extending its already impressive synthesis of systemic and psychodynamic thought. A powerful and important book." -PaulWachtel,City University of New York, USA First published in 1996, The Embedded Self was lauded as "a brilliant and long overdue rapprochement between psychoanalysis and family therapy conceived by a practitioner trained and experienced in both modalities of treatment." 29

September 2010: 152pp. Hb: 978-0-415-87639-1: £50.00/$80.00 Pb: 978-0-415-87640-7: £18.99/$29.99

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A dozen years later, the psychoanalytic community is more open to integrating perspectives, and the growth of analysts working with couples and families necessitates an update of the material presented in The Embedded Self. Similarly, the family therapy community has deepened its interest in individual dynamics within systemic patterning. From a new and revised perspective on the possibilities of integration, Gerson covers the latest research in neuroscience and the transmission of affect within intimate relationships, with a new chapter on attachment theory and emotionally focused therapy. Sections on narrative therapy and psychoanalytically-oriented family therapy are expanded as well.

Overview. An Orientation to Family Systems Theory. Controversies and Conundrums. Context and Culture. Family Patterns. Attachment Theory: A New Frontier. Development from a Family Perspective. Diagnosis from a Family Perspective. How to Intervene: Technique and Timing. The Therapeutic Relationship. Playfulness, Authority and Authenticity. Referrals: Who? When? Where? 2009: 304pp. Hb: 978-0-415-99241-1: £60.00/$99.00 Pb: 978-0-415-99242-8: £22.99/$35.95

CoNTENTS: Introduction: New Possibilities for Integration. Theoretical

Please Select Your Gender

From the Invention of Hysteria to the Democratizing of Transgenderism



PatriciaGherovici,Philadelphia Lacan Study Group, USA "This book is as complex and evocative as its title suggests. Drawing from her own psychoanalytic practice, Gherovici provides an intimate account of the psychological dilemmas her patients are facing... For anyone interested in the ever-evolving history of hysteria and transgender, this book is a compelling `must-read.'" -JeanneWolffBernstein,Psychoanalytic Institute

of Northern California, USA


The Gendered Unconscious

Can Gender Discourses Subvert Psychoanalysis?

LouiseGyler, in private practice, Sydney, Australia "Louise Gyler provides an excellently wellresearched, intelligently written, critical update on feminism and psychoanalysis. She systematically exposes the role of gender in the theories and clinical practice of influential psychoanalysts and explicates the gendered perspectives on psychoanalysis developed by leading feminist theorists. " -JanetSayers,University of Kent, UK Feminist interventions in psychoanalysis have often attempted either to subvert or re-frame the masculinist and phallocentric biases of Freud's psychoanalysis. This book investigates the nature of these interventions by comparing the status and treatment of women in two different psychoanalytic models: the Kleinian and the feminist psychoanalytic models. It argues that, in fact, these interventions have historically tended to reinforce such biases by collapsing the distinction between the gendered minds of individuals and theories of gender.

April 2010: 200pp. Hb: 978-0-415-40170-8: £45.00/$79.95 Pb: 978-0-415-40171-5: £14.95/$26.95

Utilizing rich clinical vignettes and elements of Lacanian theory, Patricia Gherovici demonstrates how the transgender discourse has both reoriented psychoanalytic practice and reframed debates about gender in American society at large. She traverses historical, theoretical, and clinical grounds to explore what has been termed the "democratizing of gender" ­ for what could be more democratic than the choice of one's own gender, now able to be changed on demand? Arguing for the depathologization of transgenderism, Please Select Your Gender aims to revise current notions of human sexuality in general. In doing so, it challenges the theory and practice of psychoanalysis with questions typically addressed only indirectly, but which are themselves transforming how analysis is done.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. The Imperative of Choice. The Democratizing of Transgenderism. Genealogy of Hysteria. Freud's Sex Change. Falling into Sex Like Falling in Love. Gender and Sex as Performance. Boy Girl Boy. Lacan's Transsexuals. Hysteria and Transsexualism. Writing the Sinthome: The Transsexual Body as a Written Body. Conclusion.

January 2010: 316pp. Hb: 978-0-415-80615-2: £55.00/$90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-80616-9: £22.99/$35.95

Dissociation and the Dissociative Disorders

DSM-V and Beyond

Edited by PaulF.Dell, Trauma Recovery Center, Norfolk, Virginia, USA, and JohnA.o'Neil, McGill University, Montreal, Canada "This is an excellent, integrative book about dissociation, written by outstanding leaders in the field. Ranging from astute developmental and clinical description to cutting-edge neurobiology, it accurately assesses the past and points knowledgeably to the future." -DavidSpiegel,

Stanford University School of Medicine, USA; co-editor of Traumatic Dissociation: Neurobiology and Treatment

Series: Women and Psychology

Maternal Encounters

The Ethics of Interruption nEW AnD FORTHCOMInG

LisaBaraitser "This is an extremely unusual, subtle and important book... Maternal Encounters is a remarkable achievement."-StephenFrosh,

Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Hb: 978-0-415-45500-8: 2008: 200pp. £45.00/$80.95 Pb: 978-0-415-45501-5: 2008: 200pp. £14.95/$26.95

Series: Women and Psychology


Dissociation and the Dissociative Disorders is a book that has no real predecessor in the dissociative disorders field. It reports the most recent scientific findings and conceptualizations about dissociation, defines and establishes the boundaries of current knowledge in the dissociative disorders field, identifies and

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carefully articulates the field's current points of confusion, gaps in knowledge, and conjectures, clarifies the different aspects and implications of dissociation, and sets forth a research agenda for the next decade.

2009: 898pp. Hb: 978-0-415-95785-4: £60.00/$95.00

of borderline personality disorders and how each of these requires specific communication techniques and methods. Case examples are offered throughout the text and in some cases describe the kinds of partners borderlines attract. This book offers new approaches to communicating, working with, and treating borderline personality disorders while integrating more contemporary treatment methods.

november 2010: 200pp. Hb: 978-0-415-87649-0: £23.50/$41.95


The Dissociative Mind

ElizabethF.Howell,International Society for the Study of Dissociation, USA "Howell's excellent and clearly written book covers both aspects of dissociation. Howell makes excellent use of both her emotional sensitivity and her sharp intellect... read it and discover all it has to offer."


How to Talk to a Narcissist

JoanLachkar, in private practice, California, USA This book focuses on specific communication styles in addressing patients with severe narcissistic personality pathology which can be extremely beneficial to mental health professionals, who are often inundated with technical terms rather than offered a practical guide on how to actually "talk" to a narcissist. How to Talk to a Narcissist is designed to be a guide useful to both beginning and seasoned practitioners. The book is recommended to all clinicians treating individuals, couples, groups, within the scope of various narcissistic personality disorders.

2008: 184pp. Hb: 978-0-415-95855-4: £26.95/$45.00

Drawing on the pioneering work of Janet, Freud, Sullivan, and Fairbairn and making extensive use of recent literature, Elizabeth Howell develops a comprehensive model of the dissociative mind. Elegant in conception, thoughtful in tone, broad and deep in clinical applications, Howell takes the reader from neurophysiology to attachment theory to the clinical remediation of trauma states to the reality of evil. It provides a masterful overview of a literature that extends forward to the writings of Bromberg, Stern, Ryle, and others.

2008: 328pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-408-2: 2005: £40.50/$65.00 Pb: 978-0-88163-495-2: £21.99/$34.95

for a further book by Elizabeth F. Howell please see page 14 Forthcoming!

Get the Diagnosis Right

Assessment and Treatment Selection for Mental Disorders

JeromeS.Blackman,Training and Supervising Analyst at the New York Freudian Society, Washington, D.C., USA In this remarkable book, Dr. Blackman allows all readers, from beginners through advanced analysts, to learn about the details of diagnosis of mental disturbance and specific recommendations for treatment. Get the Diagnosis Right amalgamates the most useful ideas from general psychiatry, cognitive psychology, and modern psychoanalytic theory into a compendium which serves as a helpful guide to those prescribing treatment for the mentally disturbed. It also serves a check for those people who are considering what type of mental health professional they should be consulting. Written in clear but not overly simplistic language, this book goes far beyond any of the DSMs and other diagnostic manuals.

April 2010: 256pp. HB: 978-0-415-80154-6: £61.00/$110.00 PB: 978-0-415-80155-3: £27.95/$49.95

Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Schizophrenic Psychoses

Past, Present and Future

Edited by Yrjöo.Alanen,University of Turku, Finland, ManuelGonzálezde Chávez,Complutense Madrid University, Spain, Ann-LouiseS.Silver,University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, USA, and BrianMartindale, South Tyne and Wearside, Mental Health NHS Trust, UK "I am delighted to bring to the attention of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals across the world the work reflected in this book, as I am convinced that these approaches with their humanistic core have much to offer for upgrading person-centered clinical care for people experiencing psychoses." -ProfessorJuanE.Mezzich,

President of the World Psychiatric Association


Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Schizophrenic Psychoses brings together professionals from around the world to provide an extensive overview of the treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis. Divided into three parts ­ Past, Present and Future ­ the book begins by examining the history of the treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis, with reference to Freud, Jung, Harry Stack Sullivan and Adolf Meyer, amongst others.

2009: 420pp. Hb: 978-0-415-44012-7: £65.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-44013-4: £24.99/$43.95

How to Talk to a Borderline

JoanLachkar,in private practice, California, USA In How to Talk to a Borderline, Joan Lachkar introduces Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and outlines the challenges and difficulties it presents to clinicians. She expands current understanding of BPD by outlining eight different kinds

Series: The International Society for the Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and Other Psychoses

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Selected Backlist

From CHRISTOPHER BOLLAS, Psychoanalyst, Member of the British Psychoanalytical Society, UK

"I very much enjoyed reading these books [referring to both companion volumes]. There is something in the form of Bollas's writing ­ in his character ­ that permeates these texts: a curiosity and passion for the unconscious life that never loses sight of its complexity. I wish that these books had existed while I was still in my training seminars, and I can only hope that they are going to be read both by students and experienced analysts over and over again." - AnnaSylvén,The Scandinavian Psychoanalytic Review

Moving from the fundamentals of the free associative technique, through an examination of how architecture and the built environment interact with individual and societal dream life, Bollas extends the work of psychoanalysis beyond relations with literature and culture to the actual objects which surround us. Throughout this engaging and accessible text, Bollas rejects the simplistic notion that mental life is unconsciously determined. Instead he provides a compelling study of how unconscious life is shaped by a diverse array of both internal and external factors.

2008: 136pp. Hb: 978-0-415-47393-4: £42.50/$79.95 Pb: 978-0-415-47394-1: £13.50/$24.95

The Mystery of Things

ChristopherBollas In The Mystery of Things, Christopher Bollas takes the reader right to the heart of psychotherapy, examining the mysterious aspects of the self that are revealed by analysis.

Hb: 978-0-415-21231-1: 1999: 224pp. £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-21232-8: 1999: 224pp. £16.50/$29.95

The Infinite Question

ChristopherBollas In his latest book Christopher Bollas uses detailed studies of real clinical practice to illuminate a theory of psychoanalysis which privileges the human impulse to question. From earliest childhood to the end of our lives, we are driven by this impulse in its varying forms, and The Infinite Question illustrates how Freud's free associative method provides both patient and analyst with answers and, in turn, with an ongoing interplay of further questions. At the book's core are transcripts of real analytical sessions, accompanied by parallel commentaries which highlight key aspects of the free associative method in practice. These transcripts are contextualised by further discussion of the cases themselves, as well as a wider theoretical framework which places its emphasis on Freud's theory of the logic of sequence: by learning to listen to this free associative logic, Bollas argues, we can discover a richer and more complex unconscious voice than if we rely solely on Freud's theory of repressed ideas.

2008: 208pp. Hb: 978-0-415-47391-0: £42.50/$79.95 Pb: 978-0-415-47392-7: £13.50/$24.95


ChristopherBollas In Hysteria the distinguished psychoanalyst Christopher Bollas offers an original and illuminating theory of hysteria that weaves its well-known features ­ repressed sexual ideas; indifference to conversion; over-identification with the other ­ into the hysteric form.

Pb: 978-0-415-22033-0: 1999: 208pp. £16.50/$29.95

Cracking Up

The Work of Unconscious Experience

ChristopherBollas In this original and thought-provoking book, Bollas examines how people educate one another in the idioms of their unconscious lives and considers the nature and consequences of the traumas that inhibit the freedom to do this.

Hb: 978-0-415-12242-9: 1995: 272pp. £52.50/$95.00 Pb: 978-0-415-12243-6: 1995: 272pp. £16.50/$29.95

Being a Character

Psychoanalysis and Self Experience

ChristopherBollas "Being a Character explores the subject of selfknowledge and the individuals' construction of meaning in their lives. It is always stimulating, particularly through the author's use of his own self-experience. This book is well worth reading by anyone involved in psychotherapy or related work." -PsychoanalyticPsychotherapy

Pb: 978-0-415-08815-2: 1993: 304pp. £16.50/$29.95


companion Volume to The Infinite Question!

The Evocative Object World

ChristopherBollas Containing the essay Free Association In The Evocative Object World Christopher Bollas builds on Freud's account of dream formation, combining it with perceptive clinical, theoretical and cultural insights to show how the psychoanalytical method can provide a rich understanding of what has traditionally been regarded as `the outside world'. 32

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Bridging the Gap between Neuroscience, Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry

AviPeled,Shaar-Menashe Mental Health Centre, Israel NeuroAnalysis investigates using the neural network and neural computation models to bridge the divide between psychology, psychoanalysis, and neuroscience when diagnosing mental health disorders and prescribing treatment. Avi Peled builds on Freud's early attempts to explain the neural basis of mental health by introducing neural computation as a bridging science to explain psychiatric disorders. Peled describes the brain as a complex system of interconnected units and goes on to suggest that conscious experience, feelings, and mood are emergent properties arising from these complex organisations. This model describes mental health disorders in terms of perturbation to the optimal brain organisation, and demonstrates how particular disorders can be identified through a specific breakdown pattern of the brain's organisation.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. Some Psychoanalytic Formulations. Some Computational Neuroscience Findings and Ideas. Attempting the Conceptual Leap. Implications for Diagnosis of Mental Disorders. Implications for Future Directions and Therapy. Implications of Neuroanalysis in Clinical Settings.

Awakening our Faith in the Future

The Advent of Psychological Liberalism

PeterT.Dunlap, in private practice, California, USA "In this beautifully written and challenging book, Dunlap has evolved a practical path for the integration of emotion and thought in the service of social justice by demonstrating a wide range of inspiring `learning practices' that activate creative and progressive political energies." -AndrewSamuels,University of Essex, UK Awakening our Faith in the Future investigates the avenues for creating a new branch of psychology, a transformative political psychology. In the past, political psychology has focused directly on analysis and knowledge acquisition, rather than on interventions that transform self and culture. A transformative political psychology combines the best of traditional social science with the transformative intent of clinical psychology in order to create a new political culture. Peter T. Dunlap suggests that while liberals focus intently outside of themselves on changing the world, those with psychological interests focus much more internally on changing themselves. In this book, he argues that by combining political liberalism and psychology, and encouraging psychologists to develop cultural learning practices based on ideas of self-knowledge, there is opportunity to transform our political culture.

SELECTEDCoNTENTS: Part I: Stories of Destiny. Part II: Questions of Development. Part III: Opportunities for Political Development. Part IV: A Speculative Theory of Cultural Evolution. Part V: Practices of a Political Psychologist.


2008: 160pp. Hb: 978-0-415-45132-1: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-45133-8: £21.99/$39.95

Building Out into the Dark

Theory and Observation in Science and Psychoanalysis

RobertCaper, University of California at Los Angeles, USA In this book, Robert Caper provides the reader with an introduction to psychoanalysis focusing explicitly on whether psychoanalysis is part of the sciences, and if not, where it belongs. Many psychoanalysts, beginning with Freud, have considered their discipline a science. In this book, Caper examines this claim and investigates the relationship of theory to observation in both philosophy and the experimental sciences and explores how these observations differ from those made in psychoanalytic interpretation. Building Out into the Dark offers a thoughtful consideration of the nature of psychoanalytic knowledge and how it is gained.

CoNTENTS:Introduction. Psychoanalysis and Science. Psychoanalysis and Science: Rules and Games. The Origins of Psychoanalysis in the Art of Medicine. Psychoanalytic Observation. Room for Doubt. Psychoanalytic Reasoning: Finding the Context. Terror and the Archaic Superego. Psychoanalysis, the Individual and the Group. Psychoanalytic Work.

2008: 336pp. Hb: 978-0-415-44505-4: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-44506-1: £22.95/$42.50

Shame and Sexuality

Psychoanalysis and Visual Culture

Edited by ClairePajaczkowska, Middlesex University, London, UK, and IvanWard,Freud Museum, London, UK The experience of shame is a profound, painful and universal emotion with lasting effects on many aspects of public life and human culture. Rooted in childhood experience, linked to sexuality and the cultural norms which regulate the body and its pleasures, shame is uniquely human. Shame and Sexuality explores elements of shame in human psychology and the cultures of art, film, photography and textiles. This volume is divided into two distinct sections allowing the reader to compare and contrast the psychoanalytic and the cultural writings. Part I, Psychoanalysis, provides a psychoanalytic approach to shame, using clinical examples to explore the function of unconscious fantasies, the shame shield in child sexual abuse, and the puzzling manner in which shame attaches itself to sexuality. Part II, Visual Culture, is illustrated throughout with textual analysis; contributors explore shame and sexuality in art history, politics and contemporary visual culture, including the gendering of shame, shame and abjection, and the relationship between shame and shamelessness as a strategy of resistance. 33

2008: 120pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46680-6: £52.50/$95.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46681-3: £19.50/$34.95

FR EE SHIPPI NG! Postage and packing fr ee for US, Canadian and U K online or ders over $35/£20

CoNTENTS: Pajaczkowska, Ward, Introduction: Shame, Sexuality and Visual Culture. PartI:Psychoanalysis.Mollon, The Inherent Shame of Sexuality. Yorke, A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Understanding of Shame. Rizzuto, Shame in Psychoanalysis: The Function of Unconscious Fantasies. Campbell, The Shame Shield in Child Sexual Abuse. Pines, Shame: What Psychoanalysis Does and Does Not Say. PartII:Visual Culture.Pollock, The Visual Poetics of Shame: A Feminist Reading of Freud's Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality (1905). Pajaczkowska, The Garden of Eden: Sex, Shame and Knowledge. Siopis, Shame in Three Parts at the Freud Museum. Khanna, Fabric, Skin, Honte-ologie. Malik, Shame, Disgust and Idealization in Kara Walker's Gonea Historical Romance of a Civil War as it Occurred Between the Dusky Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart (1994). Barnett, Stain. Biernoff, Shame, Disgust and the Historiography of War.

In the first part of this book, The Conference Papers: Contemporary Developments of Rosenfeld's Work, the editor brings together papers and discussions by Rosenfeld's wellknown contemporaries, Ronald Britton, Michael Feldman, Edna O'Shaughnessy, Hanna Segal and Riccardo Steiner who explore his contribution to psychoanalysis. John Steiner demonstrates the importance of Rosenfeld's classic papers, and critically surveys the more controversial developments in his later work. Part II contains four papers by Rosenfeld, chosen by his colleagues to be his most significant and original contributions.

CoNTENTS: PartI:TheConferencePapers:Contemporary DevelopmentsofRosenfeld'sWork. O'Shaughnessy, Intrusions. Feldman, Discussion of O'Shaughnessy's Paper. Britton, What Part Does Narcissism Play in Narcissistic Disorders? Segal, Discussion of Ron Britton's Paper. Steiner, Some Notes on Rosenfeld's Contribution to Psychoanalysis. Steiner, A Personal Review of Rosenfeld's Contribution to Clinical Psychoanalysis. PartII:FourPapersbyHerbertRosenfeld. Analysis of a Schizophrenic State with Depersonalization (1947). On the Psychopathology of Narcissism: A Clinical Approach (1964). A Clinical Approach to the Psychoanalytic Theory of the Life and Death Instincts: An Investigation into the Aggressive Aspects of Narcissism (1971). Contribution to the Psychopathology of Psychotic States: The Importance of Projective Identification in the Ego Structure and the Object Relations of the Psychotic Patient (1971).

2008: 256pp. Hb: 978-0-415-42011-2: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-42012-9: £19.99/$37.50

Psyche's Veil

Psychotherapy, Fractals and Complexity

TerryMarks-Tarlow, in private practice, California, USA "Terry Marks-Tarlow invites us into a new world ­ one worth diving into and relishing for its fresh and important approach that can expand how we understand our lives."

­DanielJ.Siegel,From the Foreword, author of The Mindful Brain and The Developing Mind

2008: 176pp. Hb: 978-0-415-46114-6: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-46115-3: £22.95/$42.50

What is This Thing Called Love?

A Guide to Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Couples

SarahFelsUsher, in private practice, Toronto, Canada "This book is an important contribution that will help these clinicians develop the skills necessary to work with troubled marriages. Numerous clinical case presentations bring this work to life, clearly illustrating each phase of treatment." -LewisAron, Director,

NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA

Historically, the language and concepts within clinical theory have been steeped in linear assumptions and reductionist thinking. Because the essence of psychotherapy involves change, Psyche's Veil suggests that clinical practice is inherently a nonlinear affair. In this book Terry Marks-Tarlow provides therapists with new language, models and metaphors to narrow the divide between theory and practice, while bridging the gap between psychology and the sciences. By applying contemporary perspectives of chaos theory, complexity theory and fractal geometry to clinical practice, the author discards traditional conceptions of health based on ideals of regularity, set points and normative statistics in favour of models that emphasize unique moments, variability, and irregularity. Psyche's Veil further explores philosophical and spiritual implications of contemporary science for psychotherapy.

CoNTENTS: Siegel, Foreword. The Nonlinear Paradigm. The Certainty of Uncertainty. Complexity at the Edge of Chaos. New Metaphors Arising. Riddle of the Sphinx Revisited. Riddle as Mirror. The Fractal Psyche. The Fractal Geometry of Intersubjectivity. Whole in the Part.

What is This Thing Called Love? provides a clear how-to guide for carrying out psychotherapy with couples from a psychoanalytic perspective.

2007: 176pp. Hb: 978-0-415-43383-9: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-43384-6: £19.50/$34.95

2008: 380pp. Hb: 978-0-415-45544-2: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-45545-9: £24.95/$44.95


Being in Love

Therapeutic Pathways Through Psychological Obstacles to Love

JudithPickering, in private practice, Sydney, Australia "Judith Pickering's book is a sweeping, aweinspiring, fulfilling and erudite revisioning of the most important subject we ever experience and confront... Her work is rich, extensive, profound." -JamesGrotstein,

From the Preface

Rosenfeld in Retrospect

Essays on his Clinical Influence

Edited by JohnSteiner, training analyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society, UK Rosenfeld in Retrospect presents original psychoanalytic papers showing the influence of Herbert Rosenfeld on psychoanalysis today, and reproduces some of Rosenfeld's most important clinical writings. 34

Finding true love is a journey of transformation obstructed by numerous psychological obstacles. Being in Love expands the

10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w w.psychoanalysisar

traditional field of psychoanalytic couple therapy, and explores therapeutic methods of working through the obstacles leading to true love. Becoming who we are is an inherently relational journey: we uncover our truest nature and become most authentically real through the difficult and fearful, yet transformative intersubjective crucibles of our intimate relationships. In this book, Judith Pickering draws comparisons between Bion's concept of becoming in O, and being in love. She searches for pathways that lead away from relational confusion towards the discovery of genuine transformational relationships, and works towards finding better ways of relating to one another.

2008: 288pp. Hb: 978-0-415-37160-5: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-37161-2: £22.95/$42.50

Adoption is an extremely complex and emotionally demanding process for all those involved. This book explores the emotional experience of adoption from a psychoanalytic perspective, and demonstrates how psychoanalytic understanding and treatment can contribute to thinking about and working with adopted children and their families. The Emotional Experience of Adoption explains and accounts for the emotional and psychological complexities involved for child, parents and professionals in adoption. It will be of interest and relevance to anyone involved at a personal level in the adoption process or professionals working in the fields of adoption, social work, child mental health, foster care and family support.

2008: 304pp. Hb: 978-0-415-37275-6: £88.00/$170.00 Pb: 978-0-415-37276-3: £25.99/$49.95


The Dead Father

A Psychoanalytic Inquiry

Edited by LilaJ.Kalinich,Columbia University Psychoanalytic Center, USA, and StuartW.Taylor,Columbia College, New York, USA This book constructs a much needed framework to allow psychoanalysts to consider the difficulties of a generation without a solid anchor in the Father. The Dead Father: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry provides a necessary addition to decades of work on the role of the mother in development. The editors bring together world renowned scholars to discuss current observations in their fields, in terms of the Father's changing but essential functions, both in the lives of the individual and collective.

Father. Green, The Construction of the Lost Father. Urribarri, Fatherhood Revisited: The Dead Father, Fraternal Pact and Analytic Filiation in the Work of André Green. PartII:TheFatherEmbodied. Aguirre, Introduction. Aisenstein, The Death of the Dead Father? Laurent, A New Love for the Father. Laqueur, Un-mastered Remains: Fathers in Freud and Me. PartIII:TheFatherinTheory. Richards, Introduction. AnzieuPremmereur, The Dead Father Figure and the Symbolization Process. Perelberg, The Dead Father and the Sacrifice of Sexuality: An Abridged Version. Herzog, Constructing and Deconstructing the Conglomerate: Thoughts About the Father in Life, Death and Theory. PartIV:Father Culture. Muller, Introduction. Tayler, A Little Pedagogy, Then and Now. Crapanzano, The Dead But Living Father, The Living But Dead Father. Kristeva, A Father is Beaten to Death. Meyers, Epilogue. 2008: 224pp. Hb: 978-0-415-44994-6: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-44995-3: £22.95/$42.50

CoNTENTS: Kalinich, Introduction. Taylor, Prologue. PartI:TheLost

Promises, Oaths, and Vows

On the Psychology of Promising

HerbertJ.Schlesinger,Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, USA "... The psychotherapist or psychoanalyst who spends an afternoon or evening with this slim volume will be richly rewarded. The clinical wisdom imparted in the pages will pay off in the reader's own practice. I promise." -Gleno.Gabbard,American Journal of


Considering that getting along in civil society is based on the expectation that (most) people will do what they say they will do, i.e., essentially live up to their explicit or implicit promises, it is amazing that so little scientific attention has been given to the act of promising. What makes it possible developmentally, cognitively, and emotionally to make a promise in the first place? And on the other hand, what compels one to keep a promise when there seems to be no personal advantage in doing so, and even when harm can be predicted? In Promises, Oaths, and Vows: On the Psychology of Promising, Herbert Schlesinger addresses these questions, drawing on the literature of moral development in children; the psychotherapy of a patient who regularly broke promises that were unnecessary in the first place; those who were regarded as "promising youngsters" who did not fulfill their "promise"; and those who feared making a promise, a commitment, or a threat.

2008: 232pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-454-9: £29.95/$49.95

The Emotional Experience of Adoption

A Psychoanalytic Perspective

Edited by DebbieHindle,Scottish Institute of Human Relations, Scotland, UK, and GrahamShulman,The Tavistock Clinic, London, UK "An interesting, informative and enjoyable read, the volume conveys core psychoanalytic ideas relevant to adoption and insights into therapeutic processes in a very vivid and accessible fashion." -MalcolmHill,Glasgow School of Social Work,


Also by Herbert J. Schlesinger

Endings and Beginnings

On Terminating Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

HB: 978-0-88163-413-6: 2005: 256pp. £37.50/$59.95

The Texture of Treatment

On the Matter of Psychoanalytic Technique

HB: 978-0-88163-382-5: 2003: 304pp. £37.50/$60.00

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Relating to SelfHarm and Suicide

Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Practice, Theory and Prevention

Edited by StephenBriggs,Tavistock Clinic, London, UK, and Alessandra Lemma,and WilliamCrouch, both at Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, UK "This book offers a complex and in-depth approach to coping with suicidal patients by understanding them better, helping them with effective psychoanalytical treatment and applying psychoanalytical ideas to identify protective factors in suicide prevention." -Nicholas

Temple,From the Preface

The Past in the Present brings together, for the first time, contemporary ideas from both the psychoanalytic and humanistic therapy traditions, looking at how trauma and enactments affect therapeutic practice. Enactments are often experienced as a crisis in therapy and are understood as symbolic interactions between the client and therapist, where personal issues of both parties become unconsciously entwined. This is arguably especially true if the client has undergone some form of trauma. This trauma becomes enacted in the therapy and becomes a turning point that significantly influences the course of therapy, sometimes with creative or even destructive effect. Using a wealth of clinical material throughout, the contributors show how therapists from different therapeutic orientations are thinking about and working with enactments in therapy.

CoNTENTS: Mann, Cunningham, Introduction. Mann, Enactments and Trauma: The Therapist's Vulnerability as the Theatre for the Patient's Trauma. Cunningham, Mutual Enactments Within the Therapeutic Relationship. Adams, The Abandonment: Enactments from the Patient's Sadism and the Therapist's Collusion. Harding, The Ghost at the Feast: Enactments of Cumulative Trauma in the Therapeutic Relationship. Cornell, Loves and Losses: Enactments in the Disavowal of Intimate Desires. Case, Action, Enactment and Moments of Meeting in Therapy with Children. Kenward, Bad Faith in Practice: Enactments in Existential Psychotherapy. Marsden, Knight-Evans, Tangled Webs: Enactments on an Inpatient Ward for Eating Disorders. Embleton Tudor, Tudor, Past Present: Person-Centred Therapy with Trauma and Enactment. Webster, The Therapist as a `Bad Object': The Use of Countertransference Enactment to Facilitate Psychoanalytic Therapy. McDermott, Working with Refugees: An Enactment and Guilt. Wieland, Chronic and Acute Enactment: The Passive Therapist and the Perverse Transference.

Relating to Self-Harm and Suicide presents original studies and research from contemporary psychoanalysts, therapists and academics focusing on the psychoanalytic understanding of suicide and self-harm, and how this can be applied to clinical work and policy. This powerful critique of current thinking suggests that suicide and self-harm must be understood as having meaning within interpersonal and intrapsychic relationships, offering a new and more hopeful dimension for prevention and recovery.

CoNTENTS: Fonagy, Foreword. Temple, Preface. Briggs, Crouch, Lemma,

Introduction. PartI:DevelopmentsinTheory. Hale, Psychoanalysis and Suicide: Process and Typology. Campbell, The Father Transference During a Pre-suicide State. Maltsberger, Self-break Up and the Descent into Suicide. Bell, Who is Killing What or Whom? Some Notes on the Internal Phenomenology of Suicide. Anderson, A Psychoanalytical Approach to Suicide in Adolescents. Ladame, Treatment Priorities After Adolescent Suicide Attempts. Orbach, Mental Pain, Pain Producing Constructs, the Suicidal Body, and Suicide. PartII:Practice. Goldblatt, Hostility and Suicide: The Experience of Aggression From Within and Without. Magagna, Attacks on Life: Suicidality and Self-Harm in Young People. Gerisch, Suicidality and Women: Obsession and the Use of the Body. Minne, Violence to Body and Mind: Infanticide as Suicide. Etzersdorfer, Suicidal Thoughts During an Analysis. PartIII:ApplicationsinPractice, PreventionandPostvention. Matakas, Rohrbach, On Suicide Prevention in Hospitals; Empirical Observations and Psychodynamic Thinking. Heyno, On Being Affected Without Being Infected: Counselling Students with Suicidal Thoughts. Lindner, Altenhöfer, Fiedler, Götze, Suicidality in Later Life. Turp, Skin Toughening and Skin Porosity: Addressing the Issue of Self-Harm by Omission. Seager, Psychological Safety: A Missing Concept in Suicide Risk Prevention. Briggs, Postvention: The Impact of Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour on Family Members, Professionals and Organisations. 2008: 272pp. Hb: 978-0-415-42256-7: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-42257-4: £19.99/$37.50

2008: 216pp. Hb: 978-0-415-43369-3: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-43370-9: £19.99/$37.50

Psychodynamic Therapy

Conceptual and Empirical Foundations

StevenK.Huprich, Eastern Michigan University, USA Psychodynamic Therapy reintroduces psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theory to the practice of clinical psychology in ways that are easily understandable, practical, and immediate in their application. Dr. Huprich readily demonstrates that, contrary to what is misconstrued and taught as relic and historical artifact, Sigmund Freud's ideas and their evolution offer a comprehensive, useful framework from which clinical psychology and psychiatry can benefit.

CoNTENTS: Introduction. PartI:TheoreticalUnderpinnings. Basic Principles of Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Theory. The Evolution of Theory I: Drive, Ego, Object, and Self. The Evolution of Theory II: Integration and Expansion. PartII:TreatmentPrinciplesand EmpiricalSupport.Basic Principles of Treatment. Empirical Studies of Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Theories and Empirical Studies of Therapeutic Action. Cognitive Neuroscience. PartIII: TherapeuticProcess. Diagnosis and Assessment. Case Study.


The Past in the Present

Therapy Enactments and the Return of Trauma

Edited by DavidMann,NHS Trust, Kent, UK, and ValerieCunningham,in private practice, Tunbridge Wells, UK "... has something to offer psychotherapists of all theoretical positions... intelligently sophisticated but also challenging and honest... I cannot recommend this volume highly enough."

-BernardRatigan,European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling

2008: 273pp. Hb: 978-0-8058-6400-7: £56.00/$89.95 Pb: 978-0-8058-6401-4: £25.00/$39.95


10% DISCOU N T: Or der online at w w w.psychoanalysisar


Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel

RobertBosnak, in private practice, Sydney, Australia "Late at night, when everyone is quiet, sit alone with Robert Bosnak's astonishing book, Embodiment, and allow him to accompany you on an exciting journey that is at once physical, spiritual, psychological, and astonishingly compatible with current data from neuroscience and cognitive science." -PhilipM.

Bromberg,Training and Supervising Analyst, William Alanson White Institute, USA

Psychoanalysis presents contributions from these fields and gives the reader an insight into different understandings and applications of psychoanalytic theory.

2007: 264pp. Hb: 978-0-415-39253-2: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-39254-9: £23.95/$42.50


The Psychodynamic Image

John D. Sutherland on Self in Society

Edited by JillSavegeScharff, Georgetown University Medical School, Washington D.C., USA "Dr. Scharff's work is highly readable and constitutes the most important contribution to the literature about a very important figure in late twentieth century psychoanalysis. I recommend it for all mental health professionals." -JamesS.

Grotstein,training and supervising analyst, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute, USA

Embodiment: Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel sets out Robert Bosnak's practice of embodied imagination and demonstrates how he actually works with dreams and memories in groups. The book discusses various approaches to dreams, body and imagination, and combines this with a Jungian, neurobiological, relational and cultural analysis.

2007: 152pp. Hb: 978-0-415-40433-4: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-40434-1: £19.50/$34.95

Freud's Art ­ Psychoanalysis Retold

JanetSayers,University of Kent / East Kent Health Trust, UK "This book is a lively, engaging, original account of several themes in the relationship between psychoanalytic technique, and the theory of art."

-SusanBudd,Member, The British Psychoanalytical Society

The Psychodynamic Image is the first selection of John D. Sutherland's major papers. It provides an overview of the development of his thought on self and society and reveals the extent of his contribution to the field of mental health.

2007: 200pp. Hb: 978-0-415-41183-7: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-41184-4: £21.95/$39.95

The Matrix and Meaning of Character

An Archetypal and Developmental Approach

NancyJ.Dougherty,and JacquelineJ. West,both in private practice, USA "Finally, a Jungian book on character that links sensitive clinical insights to the mythopoetic imagination and to the developmental dynamism of the archetypal psyche. Nancy Dougherty and Jacqueline West have written an original and deeply significant book that brings together the best insights of contemporary analysis and is a virtual map of the soul. A must-read for clinicians and scholars of all persuasions.'' -StantonMarlan,

Duquesne University, USA

In Freud's Art ­ Psychoanalysis Retold Janet Sayers provides a refreshing new introduction to psychoanalysis by retelling its story through art. She does this by bringing together experts from psychoanalysis, art history, and art education to show how art and psychoanalysis illuminate each other.

2007: 240pp. Hb: 978-0-415-41567-5: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-0-415-41568-2: £23.95/$42.50

The Academic Face of Psychoanalysis

Papers in Philosophy, the Humanities, and the British Clinical Tradition

Edited by LouiseBraddock, Girton College, Cambridge, UK, and Michael Lacewing,Heythrop College, University of London, UK Ever since Freud, psychoanalysts have explored the connections between psychoanalysis and literature and psychoanalysis and philosophy, while literary criticism, social science and philosophy have all reflected on and made use of ideas from psychoanalytic theory. The Academic Face of

The Matrix and Meaning of Character guides the reader into an awareness of the archetypal depths that underlie character structures, presenting an original developmental model in which current analytic theories are synthesised. The authors examine nine character structures, animating them with fairy tales, mythic images and case material, creating a bridge between the traditional language of psychopathology and the universal realm of image and symbol.

2007: 312pp. Hb: 978-0-415-40301-6: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-40300-9: £21.95/$39.95

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Winner of the 2008 Gradiva Award!

On Deaths and Endings

Psychoanalysts' Reflections on Finality, Transformations and New Beginnings

Edited by BrentWillock, Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Canada, LoriC.Bohm,City College of New York, USA, and RebeccaC.Curtis, Adelphi University, New York, USA On Deaths and Endings brings together the work of psychoanalytic scholars and practitioners grappling with the manifold issues evoked by loss and finality. The book covers the impact of endings throughout the life cycle, including effects on children, adolescents, adults, those near death and entire societies. New psychoanalytic perspectives on bereavement are offered based on clinical work, scholarly research and the authors' own, deeply personal experiences.

2007: 344pp. Hb: 978-0-415-39662-2: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-39663-9: £22.95/$42.50

brought psychoanalysts, priests, novelists, and social activists together to forge a multi-faceted perspective on this tragic situation."

-SalmanAkhtar,Jefferson Medical College, USA

Predatory Priests, Silenced Victims, a collection of groundbreaking articles edited by Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea and Virginia Goldner, eschews such one-size-fits-all theorizing. In its place, the abuse situation is explored in all its troubling complexity, as contributors take into account the experiences, respectively, of the victim/ survivor, the abuser/perpetrator, and the bystander.

2007: 259pp. Hb: 978-0-88163-424-2: £25.00/$39.95

Guilt and Its Vicissitudes

Psychoanalytic Reflections on Morality

JudithM.Hughes,University of California, San Diego, USA "... Hughes offers a historical account of guilt from Freud through its development and elaboration in the unique perspective of Klein and the British School. It is a work of meticulous scholarship that underscores the originality of Klein's thought." -RonaldC.Naso,Psychologist ­ Psychoanalyst Guilt and Its Vicissitudes focuses on how Melanie Klein and her followers pursued and deepened Freud's project of explaining man's moral sense as a wholly natural phenomenon. With the introduction of the superego, Freud laid claim to the study of moral development as part of the psychoanalytic enterprise. He also reconceptualised guilt, thinking of it not only as conscious, but also unconscious. It was the unconscious sense of guilt that became a particular concern of the discipline he was founding. Hughes shows how Klein went on to provide a more consistent psychological account of moral development.

2007: 160pp. Hb: 978-0-415-43597-0: £60.00/$100.00 Pb: 978-0-415-43598-7: £23.95/$42.50

Dire Emotions and Lethal Behaviours

Eclipse of the Life Instinct

CharlesStewart, in private practice, California, USA "Charles Stewart's Dire Emotions and Lethal Behaviours offers a penetrating study of the emotional lives of adolescents and young adults who commit murder and suicide (and often both)... This book will be of great interest to anyone ­ within or outside of the mental health professions ­ who feels a need to understand the violence of our time." -ThomasH.ogden,author of

This Art of Psychoanalysis

Dire Emotions and Lethal Behaviours explores the primary motivational system in human beings. Based on the work of C. G. Jung, James Hillman, Louis Stewart and Silvan Tomkins, Charles Stewart investigates the psychology of the innate affects, with a focus towards the emotional motivation of adolescents and young adults who have killed others, themselves, or both.

2007: 280pp. Hb: 978-0-415-40877-6: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-40878-3: £22.95/$42.50

The Concept of Analytic Contact

The Kleinian Approach to Reaching the Hard to Reach Patient

RobertWaska, in private practice, San Anselmo, California, USA "Robert Waska is a new and promising American voice in the literature on Kleinian theory and practice and also on the psychoanalytic treatment of the difficult patient. Utmostly he encourages us to "think analytically" while treating any patient no matter how infrequently we see them or how ill they may be."

-JamesS.Grotstein,training and supervising analyst, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute, USA


Predatory Priests, Silenced Victims

The Sexual Abuse Crisis and the Catholic Church

Edited by MaryGailFrawley-o'Dea, in private practice, North Carolina, USA, and VirginiaGoldner,NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, USA "Frawley-O'Dea and Goldner have assembled an impressive chorus of interdisciplinary voices in this informative symphony about the clergy sexual abuse. They have 38

The Concept of Analytic Contact presents practitioners with new ways to assist the often severely disturbed patients that come to see them in both private and institutional settings.

2007: 264pp. Hb: 978-0-415-42291-8: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-42292-5: £22.95/$42.50

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Mothers and Daughters and the Origins of Female Subjectivity

JaneVanBuren,in private practice, California, USA "In reintroducing mother's body ­ and the daughter's body into her discourse, Dr Van Buren has added a badly needed dimension to our understanding of why female subjectivity has languished so long in the shadows."

-JamesS.Grotstein,From the Foreword


Gestalt Press ­ Distributed by Routledge


Relational Approaches in Gestalt Therapy

Edited by RichHycner,Couples and Individual Counseling Center, Solano Beach, California, USA, and LynneJacobs,Pacific Gestalt Institute, Los Angeles, USA Richard Hycner and Lynne Jacobs assemble an international group of Gestalt theorists and clinicians for an engaging and insightful investigation into the integration of relational approaches within Gestalt therapy. The book is divided thematically into three sections. The first section speculates on the history and development of relationality in terms of Gestalt therapy. Chapters that discuss the patient-therapist relationship comprise the second section, and include explorations into uncertainty in interpretation and understanding, attunement and optimal responsiveness, working with shame, and negotiating individuality and "betweenness." The last section opens up to groups and organizations, applying relational approaches to Gestalt therapeutic encounters with more than one patient.

CoNTENTS:PartI:overviewandExplorations. Introduction. Hycner, Preamble to the Relational Approach. Stawman, Relational Gestalt: Four Waves. Yontef, The Relational Attitude in Gestalt Theory and Practice. PartII:TheCrucibleoftheConsultingRoom. Introduction. Staemmler, The Willingness to be Uncertain: Preliminary Thoughts about Understanding and Interpretation in Gestalt Therapy. Lobb, The Therapeutic Relationship in Gestalt Therapy. Jacobs, Attunement and Optimal Responsiveness. McConville, Shame, Interiority, and the Heartspace of Skateboarding: A Clinical Tale of ADHD. Swanson, The Scarf that Binds: A Clinical Case Navigating Between the Individualist Paradigm and the "Between" of a Relational Gestalt Approach. PartIII:AWider Embrace:Groupsandorganizations. Introduction. Fairfield, Dialogue in Complex Systems: The Hermeneutical Attitude. O'Shea, Exploring the Field of the Therapist. Denham-Vaughn, Chidiac, Dialogue Goes to Work: Relational Organizational Gestalt. Matson, Surviving Group.

Mothers and Daughters and the Origins of Female Subjectivity challenges the theory of the Oedipus complex. The book focuses on the re-examination of women's development through the theories of primitive mental states.

2007: 176pp. Hb: 978-0-415-38673-9: £60.00/$110.00 Pb: 978-0-415-38674-6: £22.95/$42.50


for a further book by Jane Van Buren please see page 28

Envy, Competition and Gender

Theory, Clinical Applications and Group Work

Edited by LeylaNavaro,in private practice, Istanbul, Turkey, and SharanL.Schwartzberg,Tufts University, Medford, USA "The Editors are to be congratulated on bringing together a stimulating range of perspectives on an important and complex subject." -MorrisNitsun,

author of The Group as an Object of Desire

Envy, Competition and Gender provides a unique perspective on gender difference in relation to envy and competitiveness, reframing and de-demonizing these difficult emotions and revealing their potentially creative power.

2007: 272pp. Hb: 978-1-58391-748-0: £65.00/$120.00 Pb: 978-1-58391-749-7: £23.95/$42.50

January 2010: 376pp. Pb: 978-0-415-87931-6: £24.99/$36.95

Countertransference and the Therapist's Inner Experience

Perils and Possibilities

CharlesJ.Gelso,University of Maryland, USA, and JeffreyA.Hayes,Pennsylvania State University, USA "This is an extremely well-written, wellorganized and accessible book, replete with multiple case examples and well-selected

Aggression, Time, and Understanding

Contributions to the Evolution of Gestalt Therapy

Frank-M.Staemmler, Zentrum für Gestalttherapie, Würzburg, Germany "Aggression, Time, and Understanding is the sign of a fresh and vital intellect, lucid and thorough and wise. A very good read."

-MalcolmParlett, former Editor, British Gestalt Journal

quotes." -BarryA.Farber,Columbia University, New York, USA Countertransference and the Therapist's Inner Experience explores the inner world of the psychotherapist and its influences on the relationship between psychotherapist and patient.

2007: 184pp. Hb: 978-0-8058-4696-6: £37.50/$59.95 Pb: 978-0-8058-6082-5: £15.50/$24.95

Aggression, Time, and Understanding is the first book of Staemmler's writings to be published in English. In the early sections of this book, Staemmler comprehensively explores and questions the traditional Gestalt therapy theory of aggression and proposes a new approach to working with anger and hostility. 39

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Further sections include in-depth examinations of the topics of time (the "Here and Now" and "Regressive Processes") and understanding ("Dialogue and Interpretation" and "Cultivated Uncertainty"). From Staemmler's "critical gaze," Dan Bloom observes,"concepts emerge as refreshed, re-formed, and revitalized constructs so we can continue to develop the theory and practice of contemporary Gestalt therapy."

CoNTENTS:Part I:Aggression. Ego, Anger, and Attachment: A Critique of Perls's Aggression Theory and Method. Part II:Time. The Here and Now is Not What it Used to Be: The Tail of the Comet, the Face of Janus, and the Infinity of Possibilities. Towards a Theory of Regressive Processes in Gestalt Therapy: On Time Perspective, Developmental Model and the Wish to Be Understood.PartIII:Understanding. Dialogue and Interpretation in Gestalt Therapy: Making Sense Together. Cultivated Uncertainty: An Attitude of Gestalt Therapists.

The Secret Language of Intimacy

Releasing the Hidden Power in Couple Relationships

RobertG.Lee, in private practice, Boston, USA "Deepen your understanding of your patients, your partner, and your own process by giving yourself the wisdom of Robert Lee's The Secret Language of Intimacy. I've been learning from Robert for years; welcome to the group." -GordonWheeler,President and CEO, Esalen Institute, USA In The Secret Language of Intimacy, shame and its consequences are foregrounded as a major, if not the major, impediment to the healthy functioning in the relationships of couples. In the first part of the book, Robert Lee presents the "Secret Language of Intimacy Workshop," developed and presented for the first time at the 1998 Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy. Lee not only describes how the hidden forces of shame and belonging regulate couple dynamics, but also how the workshop itself has facilitated the acceptance of these forces and promoted therapeutic resolution, utilizing clinical vignettes. The second half of the book is comprised of internationally contributed essays from leading names in the Gestalt perspective, each adding to and redefining the role of shame and belonging in the theory and practice of Gestalt couples therapy. Their conclusions, however, are just as insightful for purveyors of other psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies as well.

CoNTENTS:PartI:TheSecretLanguageofIntimacyWorkshop. Introduction. Shame and Belonging. Shame Attacks. Couple Shame Cycles. Support and Demos. PartII:Contributors'Essays. Lobb, Being at the Contact Boundary with the Other: The Challenge of Every Couple. Balandrazo, Madero, Work with Couples in Mexico from a Gestalt Approach. Lynch, Lynch, Understanding the Complexity of Intimacy. O'Neill, O'Neill, The Secret Life of Us. Staemmler, Joint Constructions: On the Subject Matter of Gestalt Therapy, Exemplified by Gender-specific Misunderstandings with Regard to Intimacy.

2009: 384pp. Pb: 978-0-415-87098-6: £24.99/$39.95

CoCreating the Field

Intention and Practice in the Age of Complexity

Edited by DeborahUllman,coach, somatics-based therapist, and Gestalt trainer, Orleans, USA, and Gordon Wheeler,licensed clinical psychologist with over thirty years of practice, teaches and trains widely around the world "This dazzling anthology sets the direction and agenda for Gestalt therapy in the 21st century... It crackles with an urgency appropriate to the times while clearly articulating the cutting edge in Gestalt therapy."

-ArchieRoberts,Salve Regina University, Rhode Island, USA

Cocreating the Field is about developing a radically new story to shift our perception of who we are as humans from a focus on our separate individual natures to our complex interconnectedness. The core Gestalt model offers a theoretical and pragmatic frame for addressing urgent concerns in a wide range of crucial arenas. Topics include the new relational neuroscience and how it interfaces with Gestalt's assumptions about healthy human process; how transformational thinking brings pro-social and, for some, spiritual questing into focus; and how Gestalt-trained practitioners, therapists, coaches and consultants can become citizen-practitioners in a troubled world.

CoNTENTS: Ullman, Prologue. Wheeler, New Directions in Gestalt Theory and Practice: Psychology and Psychotherapy in the Age of Complexity. Jacobs, Relationality: Foundational Assumptions. Staemmler, On Macaque Monkeys, Players, and Clairvoyants: Some Ideas for a Gestalt Therapeutic Concept of Empathy. Lobb, Cocreation and the Contact Boundary in the Therapeutic Situation. Carlson, Kolodny, Embodying Field Theory in How We Work with Groups and Organizations. Carlson, Kolodny, Have We Been Missing Something? Fodor, Digital Storytelling with Tibetan Adolescents in Dharamsala, India. Ullman, Mindfulness, Magic, and Metaphysics. Hemming, A Larger Field. Parlett, A Part of the Whole, A Part to Play. Wheeler, Afterword.

2008: 286pp. Pb: 978-0-415-99214-5: £22.00/$34.95


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S Salberg, J., ed. .......................... 15 Sayers, J. .................................. 37 Schachter, J. ............................. 12 Scharff, J. S., ed. ...................... 37 Schimek, J. G. ............................. 9 Schlesinger, h. J. ....................... 35 Schubert, J. ................................ 7 Schwartzberg, S. L., ed. ............ 39 Shulman, G., ed. ........................ 35 Siegel, a. M. ............................. 20 Silver, a. L. S., ed. ..................... 31 Skale, e., ed. ............................... 5 Sklarew, B., ed. ......................... 28 Sklarew, M., ed. ........................ 28 Sorter, d. .................................. 12 Spillius, e., ed. ............................. 5 Staemmler, F. M. ....................... 39 Starr, K. e. ................................ 17 Steiner, J., ed. ........................... 34 Stern, d. B. ................................. 9 Stewart, C. ................................ 38 Suchet, M., ed. .......................... 17 Sullivan, B. S. ............................ 23 Symington, J. ............................ 21 Symington, N. ............................ 21 T Taylor, S. W., ed. ....................... 35 Thomä, h. ................................. 12 Tuckett, d. .................................. 7 U ullman, d., ed. ........................... 40 urwin, C., ed. ............................ 28 usher, S. F. ................................ 34 V Van Buren, J. ....................... 28, 39 Van deurzen, e. ......................... 25 Vincent, J. K., ed. ...................... 24 W Ward, I., ed. .............................. Waska, R. ................................. West, J. J .................................. Wheeler, G., ed. ......................... Williams, P. ................................ Willock, B., ed. .......................... Winnicott, d. W. ........................ Wright, K. .................................. 33 38 37 40 15 38 19 24

auThoR INdex

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