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Mounted Roller Bearings


Auxiliary Cap Installation Instructions

This Rexnord bearing is equipped with an auxiliary cap that features the V-ring Seal. Auxiliary caps are intended to be used in the worst of application conditions to provide for optimum bearing protection. The V-ring is stretched over the shaft, rotates with the shaft, and seals against the machined face of the cap. It is recommended that the following instructions be used as a supplement to the bearing installation instructions to achieve the best results from the bearing and cap unit. Like all Rexnord seals, the V-ring will not be blown by purge relubrication The several standard combinations of open and closed caps are identified with the following modifications to the bearing model number Prefix "A" ­ Two open auxiliary caps Prefix "B" ­ Two auxiliary caps ( open cap on the housing side and closed cap on the threaded cover side) Suffix "A" ­ One open cap (threaded cover side) Suffix "B" ­ One closed cap (threaded cover side) It is required that auxiliary caps be used with pre-drilled and tapped housings only


1. Expand inner V-ring onto shaft allowing space for the bearing unit and cap unit. 2. Remove outside cap from bearings and position bearings onto shaft applying all driving pressures to the inner ring face. 3. Align bearings by centering the shaft in the open cap bores. Where shimming is required ­ use full shims across housing base ­ not just at bolt holes. 4. Bolt housing assembly to mounting base.


5. Tighten locking collar set screws on the outside of one bearing. (See Bearing Installation Sheet Set Screw Torque Table). If bearing is 9000 series adapter, 3000 series Twist LockTM or 6000 series ShurlokTM see specific mounting instructions which accompanied bearing. Rotate the shaft under power to permit the remaining bearings to seek their natural running position on the shaft. 6. Torque down remaining set screws. Note: For 2000 series (single set collar) and 5000 series (double set collar) if sufficient clearance is available remove the inside caps and slide them along the shaft away from the bearings to provide for full access to set screws. If clearance prohibits cap removal, remove access plug or grease fitting. Insert an allen wrench through access hole and rotate shaft until wrench lines up with set screw, tighten and repeat for other set screw. For 9000 series adapter, 3000 series Twist LockTM or 6000 series ShurlokTM, caps must be moved away from housing to properly attach bearing to shaft. For all expansion bearings make sure cartridge is centered in housing


7. Position open caps such that the grease fitting will be in the most convenient location. Line up cap, gasket and housing holes and bolt the cap in place. Replace fittings and access plugs that may have been removed in Step No. 6. Note: For closed caps ("B" suffix or prefix) no special alignment is required, simply line up the holes with those in gasket and housing and tighten bolts. 8. The shaft should be lightly sanded and cleaned in the V-ring seal location to remove any loose dirt or rust 9. Slide V-ring along the shaft by applying pressure and rotating shaft slowly, preferably by hand, in a direction away from point of tool. Tool should be lubricated to protect V-ring.


Mounted Roller Bearings

Auxiliary Cap Installation Instructions


10. Adjust to obtain "B" dimension for optimum lip pressure ­ See Table No. 1. 11. After the seal has been properly positioned it is recommended that SCOTCH-GRIP 847 be used to more effectively retain this position. A 1/16" to 1/8" bead of glue should be applied at the mating surface of the shaft and the seal (opposite the contacting lip side). Once this has been wiped to insure glue contact with both surfaces do not attempt to move the seal 12. Care should be taken to keep the glue away from the contact lip of the seal at all times. Cleanup can be accomplished with methyl ethyl ketone or acetone. Scotch-Grip 847 is a fast drying adhesive that will more securely retain the correct position f the V-ring seal. The machinery can be started within minutes of the glue application 13. Once the caps are installed the caps can be filled with grease to provide a grease seal. The open cap should be purged with grease as often as practical keeping in mind that the cap cavity is unrelated to the bearing internal cavity. See the bearing installation instructions for bearing lubrication procedures

TABLE 1 SHAFT SIZE Thru 1-1/2 1-9/16 thru 2-5/8 2-11/16 thru 4-1/8 4-3/16 thru 6 6-1/8 thru 7 "B" 11/32 7/16 17/32 5/8 23/32 TOLERANCE ± 1/32 ± 1/32 ± 1/32 ± 1/16 ± 1/16

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