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Capillary Services

Versatile, reliable and safe well performance technology


Engineered solutions address safety and production challenges

BJ Services applies industry-leading expertise and technology to improve safety and well performance through the application of capillary tubing systems. In both onshore and offshore environments, performance begins on the surface. By first understanding the problem and selecting appropriate wells or candidates, BJ can successfully plan and execute optimal downhole treatments. BJ Services' extensive line of capillary-qualified chemicals, world-class laboratory support and a global fleet of capillary units make BJ's proprietary capillary services the most comprehensive and effective answer in a broad range of reservoirs. A trusted capillary services provider, BJ Services has completed in excess of 15,500 installations around the world. This long-term commitment to capillary system excellence allows us to provide customers with a customized solution to address unique well challenges. Targeted chemical injection Optimal production enhancement and flow assurance can be achieved using a unique combination of chemical injection systems offered through our DynaCoilTM services.

These services provide precise downhole treatments to solve common production issues in a wide range of onshore and offshore applications, from new and mature fields, to deviated wellbores and deepwater wells. Capillary-qualified chemical treatments have been specifically engineered to respond to a variety of well challenges, such as liquid loading, scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, hydrates, salt and corrosion. Custom-built capillary units provide quick installations without the need to shut in wells or perform costly workovers. Depending on production strategies, BJ Services' capillary microstrings can be retrieved and redeployed as needed. The service begins with expert well analysis supported by a global network of laboratory facilities. Well candidates for deliquification with capillary injection systems are selected using BJ Services' FoamXpertTM proprietary software tool. Once a candidate is chosen, this tool provides recommendations on the capillary tubing size, set depth and metallurgy, while calculating minimum critical velocities. It also prioritizes well candidates to maximize return on investment (ROI) across the field.


A simple and trouble-free completion resource

Versatile and innovative capillary solutions In offshore operations, cost and long-term effectiveness are critical. Frequently, artificial lift options are nonexistent, limited or too expensive. BJ Services changes this offshore equation by offering the InjectSafe® chemical injection system, which precisely places specialized chemicals in wells with surfacecontrolled subsurface safety valves (SCSSV). A variety of configurations makes this performance advantage available for most wells. The system provides a unique capability for direct placement of chemicals to eliminate or postpone costly workovers and extend well and facility life. Field results have shown that the versatile InjectSafe system can increase field production by 10 to 15%. Most wells can be retrofitted with the InjectSafe wireline-retrievable (WR) system by utilizing the landing nipple and hydraulic control line of the existing tubingretrievable (TR) safety valve. Other options are available depending on the current completion configuration.

To proactively manage production issues, BJ Services' hydraulic nipples can be installed upon initial completion or recompletion of a well if the injection of production chemicals is anticipated during the life of the well. The nipple, having a designated annular control line and integral landing nipple, is positioned between the subsurface safety valve and the production packer. This provides a chemical injection pathway below the SCSSV and allows the injection point to be extended beyond the production packer by way of an InjectSafe sleeve system. Treatments for addressing liquid loading issues, salting or depositions can be applied at or near the sand screen or perforations. Depending on the desired flow area, hydraulic nipples are available in standard or shrouded versions. Capillary-enhanced artificial lift When liquid loading threatens production and well life, BJ Services offers a variety of engineered solutions. Regardless of your well's completion configuration, our wide range of flexible, reliable capillary options can improve performance and extend your well's production life. Our sophisticated capillary-qualified chemical


systems are a highly efficient means of lifting water out of the well with continuous injection during well production. By reducing the surface tension and effective density of the water, more liquids can be lifted from the well at lower gas velocities. Solutions include: ·DynaTreatTMsystemsutilizeadeadstringcoupledwith capillary chemical injection of foamers to create higher gas velocities for improving fluid unloading. ·ExtendLiftTMsystemsallowthelowestpointofan existing gas lift system to be extended to any desired depth in a well. BJ Services' artificial lift systems are more efficient than plunger lift systems because they offer consistent rather than intermittent production. In addition, we offer a more cost-effective alternative to gas injection methods because the systems use well energy rather than external energy sources to lift the liquids. An added benefit to DynaTreat or ExtendLift artificial lift systems is the option to include chemicals to address not only deliquification but also other problems such as scale and/or corrosion. This combination offers a true state-of-the-art solution for efficient well operations.


Capillary: a safe and economic alternative

Control line failure For SCSSVs that are inoperable due to compromised control lines, BJ Services' ReconnectTM system provides a highly effective solution for re-establishing surface hydraulic control through the use of a WR safety valve and through-tubing control line. The Reconnect system may be deployed in live-well conditions for fast installation with minimal production interruption. The system includes a WR safety valve and an InjectSafe system stinger, receptacle and wellhead adapter. Hydraulic control of the valve is established by a throughtubing deployed control line.

Well intervention Capillary well intervention systems provide a costeffective alternative to coiled tubing and workover methods. The lightweight, small-footprint capillary tubing units can be used to spot chemicals directly at the point of deposition. With its arsenal of global capillary systems, BJ Services pioneered rapid response, value-added liquid loading technologies with a focus on combining excellent services and high-quality, easily deployed equipment that requires less maintenance. Smaller OD capillary tubing provides a solution where small amounts of chemicals are required--such as the remediation of hydrate plugs, salt plugs, and small amounts of scale, asphaltene and paraffin.

Larger capillary strings provide an option for unloading or kicking off wells by injecting gas down the capillary tubing. This technology is especially valuable for offshore wells that have small work decks or light-capacity cranes. Significantly less time is required for rig up and rig down, reducing nonproductive time.



Getting the appropriately engineered production chemical to the right spot in the wellbore, while considering the entire well completion, is what BJ Services does best. Effective treatment means rigging up safely, conducting the capillary installation with experienced personnel and the right equipment, and optimizing production as quickly as possible. Call your BJ Services representative for more information. We can design a solutions approach to improve safety and production while extending the life of your wells-- on land and offshore.

We push the technologies. We push for innovation. We push for efficiency. We push for quality. We push for customer savings. And we succeed. We work in the real world of the oil and gas industry.

Real world. World class. Worldwide.

BJ Services Company operates in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information, click on the icon at


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