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All Education Institutes, State Evaluators and Certifying Officers Kimberly L. Torris, EMT-P, MHA Prehospital Systems Manager EMS and Trauma Systems Section [email protected]

SUBJECT: National Registry EMT Skill Sheets Now in Effect As of July 1, 2009 the Department of Human Services, Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems has officially adopted National Registry skill sheets for testing and teaching purposes. EMT-Intermediates will continue to use the Oregon skill sheets due to the differences between Oregon Intermediates and National Registry Intermediates. All courses and tests starting on or after July 1, 2009 will be required to use National Registry skill sheets. The department will continue to send the forms that are needed for exams including the National Registry skill sheets. This change has been adopted to provide consistency for instructors and students. Please review the differences within the skill sheets. Please use the same equipment list as provided in the past with the exception of elimination of the PASG. Please use the EMT "Basic" skill sheets for the EMT-Basic students with the exception of the Endotracheal Intubation skill sheet that is on the National Registry website but remains not in the scope of practice for EMT-Basics in Oregon.

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There will continue to be 6 testing stations, please combine the BVM and Dual Lumen following an unsuccessful intubation skill sheets together in one station. The National Registry skill sheets do not post time limitations, please continue to use the times previously set by the Department of Human Services, Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems. One more reminder, when setting up testing skill stations please set up 2 different random stations and students can draw one or the other. If a student fails the random station please be sure to have them retest the same station. For assistance please contact our office at 971-673-0520.


Microsoft Word - 14 NREMT skill sheets official.doc

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Microsoft Word - 14 NREMT skill sheets official.doc