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type of facility, the number of new graduates employed each year and the number and type of placements that the new graduate will experience. IC principles underpin every occasion of care delivery to patients by nurses and needs to be


1. Madjar J, McMillan M, Sharkey R, Elwin C & Cadd A. Project to

review & examine the expedations of beginning registered nurses in the workforce. Nurses Registration Board, NSW, 1997.

2. ANCI Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse. Australian Nursing Council, 2001. 3. Chaudhuri AK. Infection control in hospitals: has its quality-

viewed as an

in the

of clinical competency. The extent to which these principles are addressed within the curriculum of undergraduate nursing programmes will permeate through all practice. Therefore the need for IC education to be made relevant and practically orientated is essential. concede that the This said, the authors of the proposed

enhancing and cost effective role been appreciated? J Hosp Infect

1993; 251-6.

4, Cockcroft A & Elford


5- D a v e ~ Hema

J, Clinical practice and the perceived importance of identifying high risk patients. J Hosp Infect 1994;


recommendations will only be achieved if a number of stakeholders are lobbied for support.

C, W, Malek & D. and non-financial costs of hospital-acquired infection. J Hasp Infect 1991; 1879-84.

Postscript - 2002

2002 has provided the opportunity for the IC department of CCH to be involved in the implementation of some of the outlined recommendations. Discussions with programme coordinators of the first year undergraduate nursing programme at a local university have resulted in the inclusion of a structured IC module with CCH IC staff being requested to deliver the content. preliminary stage. Negotiations for

6. Kirkis EJ. Universal precautions do not equal infection control. Home Healthc Nurse 1994; 12(2):60-62. 7. Greenwood J. Critique of the graduate nurse: an international perspective. Nurse Educ Today 2000; 20(1):17-29. 8. Fothergill-Boubonnais F & Wilson-Barnett J. A comparative study of intensive therapy hospice nurses' knowledge on pain management. J Adv Nurs 1991; 12362-372. 9. Gould D & Chamberlain A. The use of a ward-based educational

teaching package to enhance nurses' compliance with infection control procedures. J C h Nurs 1997; 655.67.

10. Calabro K, Weltge A, Parnell S, Kauzekanani K & Ramirez E. Intervention for medical students: effective infection control. Am J Infect Cont 1998; 26431-436.

incremental involvement over the 3 years remain in a


May 2003

Lnlerp rise - The 1 "err Irmrrarzon

9-11 Oct 2003

A Gold Standard - Promoting the Future

4th Joint Conference of the Infection Control Practitio ners Association of Cpueenslanc I (ICPAQ) ~ the Q u e?nsland WI >und Care Association (QWCAI

VictoriIan Infectic,n Control Professionals Association Confeirence & Exhibition



cunvrrrtion Centre

Prelim ram & Call for Abstra, Dec 201 cts: Abstra I: Feb 2003 i ,.. :.. h. ". " "003 Abstra Early bird registr. tio on: Mar : Contact: TCMS Pty Ltd 84 Queensbridge Street. Sou Tel: (03) 9682 024 Fax: (03) 9682 028 E-mail : vicpaaicn Website: www.icr

Surfers P, Surfers P,aradise, Qld

Contact: .I A...-L...--.- --...-. ,tion & Event WIC 03 c, Tntrrmor Manager nent PO Box 1 1280 Milton C!Id 4064, AIustralia - . [U/), .- - -- ssjn .--, 3638 --- lei: Fax: (07) 3858 5510 E-mail: vvic03COim.c"m n,, Continued overleaf

Australian infection Control



Microbit Antimicrol G. ". ", """ (IACMA,, Surgical Infections: Preventioir and Man,

....,......,..,. .,

22-25 March 20

Quest.ion Time? Austri~lasian iety for Imfectious Diseases Annual Soc Srient ific MeetirIV Hyatt , Hotel, Carib< Contat:t: Dart Ass Tel: (0:! 9418 939b O (ULI Y'l ) r Fax: ( C12) 9418 935 E-mail : dartconv6 Websilte: http://v

Cosmos F lotel. MosccIW. Russia Contact: Dmitry V Galkin Tel: (7) 0812 611 301 / (7) 0812 611 327 Fax: (7) 0812 611 294 E-mail: [email protected] Websitc ~/en/conrer, 2003/su1

8-12 J u n e L U U ~

APIC 2003 - APIC 30th Annu,a1 Educaticb Confere n and International Meeting

9-11 J u n e 2004

AICA National Conference


Point Casinr



6-8 April 2003

Society for Health care opl 11 Meeting ' Gateway hlarriott Hot

San Anto tion Centre, 5an Antonzo, lexas, U5A Contact: i K Skeet, NW, Suite 1000 Washing~u~~, ~ ~ 0 0 5 4 0 0 USA vc 6, Tel: (1) 202 789 189C Fax: (1) 2 E-mail: P Website:





,*-. .--




2003 Nat ional Educ

'on, VirgmicI , U S A


Valkalla Inn, Tkunde

--I .:": .



SHEA Meetings Departmenl 19 Manhla Road, Mt Royal, ISA Tel: (1) 609 845 7220 : [email protected] e:



14-17 Se

~tific Conference Universit, k Abstract Submission Deadline: 7 March 2nn7 Accommodation Reservations Deadline: : Contact: PHLS Headquarters 61 Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5DF Tel: (44) 20 8200 129 Fax: (44) 20 8358 31: Website: http://w% PHLS AI

Antim icrobial ~ T E U L ~ T Iin ~ L L I ~ cmlury; C inr L Current challenges andfuture strategies The 4th International Symposium on icrobial A :ents and I g (ISAAR 2003) COEX Center, Seoivl, Korea


Contac:t: .~ . ~ . ISAAR: 2003 Secre!ranar, ms. >usan Lnung 50 ILwon-dong, 8Cangnam-ku " 3eoul I,*,. Tel: (8; Fax: (8 E-mail : susanwan ..e: http://rr


.. -.?. . ,

4th Congress of the International Federa Infection Control


May 2003 Intern;ational Society of Chemotherapy (ISC) and th'e Interregi,onal Association for Clinical

Business Centre, The ulians, Mallu Abstract Submission Deadline: 1May 2003 Earlybird Registration Deadline: 1June 2003 Contact: Infection Control Unit, St Luke's Hospital, G'Mangia MSD08, Malta Tel/Fax: (356) 21 235447 E-mail: [email protected] Website:

Australian lnfectlon Control

Volume 8



March 2003


2 pages

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