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One of our (Puget Sound Chapter ASHRAE) mission goals for 20092010 established by the current Board of Governors was to further develop relationships with other professional organizations. As you can see on page 10, David Derse, Sustainability Chair, has organized a half-day seminar on Green Building Commissioning, a partnership between Puget Sound ASHRAE, Seattle AIA, Cascadia Region Green Building Council, and IFMA. Please forward this announcement to your contacts who may have interest. Other items of interest at Seattle AIA: The Integrated Building Design process is forefront in successful energy efficient projects. The AIA Documents Committee and AIA California Council jointly developed a tool to guide design teams (including owners and builders): the Integrated Project Delivery [IPD] Guide. As quoted from AIA Contract Documents website, "The goal of the Guide is to identify the characteristics of IPD and to provide specific information and guidance on how to utilize IPD methods to achieve enhanced design, construction and operations processes." A bullet point summary identifying the principles and applications of the guide, as well as a link to download the IPD Guide can be found here:

March 2010


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So, back to the local news...the Seattle AIA Practice and Ethics Committee has developed a presentation on IPD entitled "IPD; The Lean Machine, Children's Hospital Case Study" on March 6 at Sellen's Office. If you would like to learn more about IPD and what it means for the Mechanical Engineering consultants you can find registration information within this March 2010 Punchlist issue on page 8. There are other ways that you, as Puget Sound Chapter ASHRAE members, can help to get more involved with Seattle AIA. I have had some great communication with one of the Co-Chairs of the Committee on the Environment (COTE), David Mount. Their committee would be very welcoming to mechanical engineers who would like to volunteer to participate. Of course, one of their annual local events is "What Makes It Green", exhibiting case studies of exemplary projects. If you would be interested in learning more about the Committee on the Environment, please feel free to contact me. Leslie Jonsson Puget Sound Chapter President

Punch List, March 2010

Research Promotion

By: Scott Sherman

ASHRAE Research plays a very important role in our lives as HVAC & R engineers, designers, equipment vendors, utility company professionals and building owners. We are coming to the end of the current ASHRAE 5-year plan (2005-2010) titled "Navigations for a Sustainable Future". Through our research ASHRAE is able to be THE voice for leadership and engineering expertise in the field of energy conservation and sustainable use of our energy resources. You can go to to get a sense of ASHRAE's plans for research and the upcoming 5-year plan. This link will take you to a PowerPoint presentation showing how ASHRAE research impacts your life (thanks to Rand Conger). As you know, ASHRAE Research is primarily funded by contributions. This year we are just as interested in contributing to ASHRAE Research as we have been in years past. The current economic conditions may cause some of you to consider what you plan to do regarding your contribution this year. I would like to encourage you to continue to contribute (or begin to contribute if don't already) at your current level. You might even consider increasing your contribution amount if you are successfully weathering the downturn! Contributions of $100.00 for individuals, and $150.00 for companies will get you our unequivocal thanks, a commerative coin (not completely unlike an Olympic medal!), recognition in the "Punch List", and it will help fund research projects. What a deal! Some of our local companies will even match a portion your contribution which is an excellent way to get more bang for your buck! Check with your company and see if you can't increase the power of your contribution. Contributing is easy, you can make a contribution when you renew your membership, you can mail in a contribution, you can even make a contribution online at: . One thing Puget Sound Chapter is planning to do is to create an ASHRAE Foundation Endowment for Research in the name of Mr. Richard Stern. It is our way of honoring Mr. Stern's longstanding association with and support for our chapter. Contributions to the endowment will create a revenue source for ASHRAE that will continue into perpetuity. There will be more information regarding the endowment forth coming on our blog. If you have any questions about contributing to ASHRAE Research, please feel free to contact me [email protected] and I will help in whatever way I can. Thank you

Punch List, March 2010

March Chapter Lunch Meeting and Program

By: David Landers

ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Tim McGinn Discusses

Low Impact Mechanical Systems

ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Tim McGinn, an inspirational speaker at EngineeringVision 2030, returns to discuss low impact/low energy mechanical systems at our March chapter meeting. McGinn, a partner with Cohos Evamy in Calgary, Alberta, holds mechanical and electrical engineering degrees from the University of Saskatchewan and has over 25 years experience as a consulting engineer. His passion is specialization in designing low impact/low energy mechanical and electrical systems for green buildings. McGinn will share with us examples of successful North American green building projects that utilize downsized conventional systems, displacement ventilation, underfloor air distribution, multi-stage evaporative cooling, radiant chilled slabs, and hybrid natural ventilation. With extensive experience in green building design and the integrated design process, McGinn will provide practical "hands-on" knowledge of strategies to reduce the energy impact of new construction and major renovation projects. Mr. McGinn's combined mechanical and electrical degrees, and his LEED® accreditation, put him in a unique position. He has extensive experience in designing mechanical and electrical systems for complex projects but his real passion is a specialization in designing low impact/low energy mechanical and electrical systems for green buildings. McGinn is a frequent lecturer on Green Buildings throughout North America. He is also an outspoken proponent of the Integrated Design approach and often leads project teams through the integrated design and LEED Certification processes. Tim is based in Calgary and is a partner in a 300 person AE firm with offices in Calgary and Edmonton, AB and Toronto ON. Mr. McGinn is an experienced project manager and mechanical designer having been involved in major new building projects and significant renovations and planning projects for over twenty-five years. He is also experienced in the analysis and design of central heating and cooling plants, industrial refrigeration, process utilities and large piped distribution systems. His green building design expertise includes passive evaporative cooling, indirect evaporative cooling, displacement and underfloor air system, natural and mixed mode ventilation, solar chimneys, solar air preheating, grey water reuse and passive solar heating.

Punch List, March 2010

Lunch Registration Information

By: David Landers

WAC Signature Chevre Salad ­ seasonal baby greens with almond-crusted Montrachet chees and plumb Craisins with WAC citrus vinaigrette) Chicken Porcini ­ Grilled fresh chicken breast with sautéed shitakes and leeks with porcini mushroom sauce Homestyle mashed potatoes Seasonal vegetables Essential Bakery organic rolls Dessert ­ Carrot cake Fonte coffees and Stash teas

Officers of the Chapter

Leslie Jonsson, PE David Landers, PE Lisa Rosenow Brian Wolford

Board of Governors

Scott Sherman Scott Vollmoeller Jason Hall

Additional Contacts

Scott Sherman Rand Conger, PE Dax Stanley Brad Lentz Rand Conger, PE Sarah Moore, PE


Members Guests: Students:

$35 $40 $15

Kathi Shoemake Scott Sherman Scott Schorn Scott Vollmoeller Jim Sinclair David Derse Alan Burt

Chapter Information

To make your reservation go to the Acteva event web site at If you have any questions contact Scott Vollmoeller at [email protected] or 206-262-1010.

Puget Sound ASHRAE Chapter PO Box 6446 Bellevue, WA 98008-0446

Punch List, March 2010

2009 - 2010 Meeting Schedule

By: David Landers

March 10, 2010 "Low Impact Mechanical Systems" Lunch Meeting: 11:30 AM ­ 1:15 PM Washington Athletic Club, 1325 6th Avenue, Seattle Meeting Theme: History Tim McGinn, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and Region XI Historian will provide an overview of low energy mechanical systems successfully installed in North American, including radiant chilled slabs, displacement ventilation, underfloor air and multi-stage evaporative cooling. April 14, 2010 "Impact of Green Building Code Changes on the Building Envelope" Lunch Meeting: 11:30 AM ­ 1:15 PM Rock Bottom Brewery, 1333 5th Avenue, Seattle Meeting Theme: Sustainability; joint event with AIA Medgar Marceau and Stephane Hoffman of Morrison Hershfield will examine current building envelope practices and explore strategies to meet the new Washington State Energy Code requirements that become effective in 2010. May 12, 2010 "Applied Acoustics: Noise and Vibration Control for Mechanical Installations" Lunch Meeting: 11:30 AM ­ 1:15 PM Rock Bottom Brewery, 1333 5th Avenue, Seattle Meeting Theme: Research Promotion Alan Burt and Erik Miller-Klein of SSA Acoustics provide a practical guide to controlling noise and vibration created by mechanical systems. June 4, 2010 (Friday) Annual ASHRAE Golf Field Day Harbour Pointe Golf Club 11817 Harbour Pointe Boulevard, Mukilteo

Punch List, March 2010

Chapter History

By: Kathi Shoemake

On April 15, 1975, the Puget Sound ASHRAE chapter presented a course on using computers for air conditioning design. The course included instruction in the use of the computer program Basic to calculate solar heat gain factors, a one room air conditioning calculation, pressure drop in a piping circuit, and pressure drop in a duct run. Various other problems in accounting were used as examples to help students become familiar with the computer. Emphasis was on learning programming using the computer language Basic. By the end of the course, students should be able to write their own programs. The course was presented by the Business Administration School and Engineering School of University of Washington. For $200, twenty people were given the opportunity to use teletype terminals during the class. Teletypes were nearly 100% mechanical with no electronics to speak of and required regular maintenance and lubrication. What a beginning!

Better Bricks

Puget Sound BetterBricks Awards Less than a Month Away Puget Sound ASHRAE members are encouraged to register for the upcoming Puget Sound BetterBricks Awards on Thursday, March 25th. Held at Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park, the BetterBricks Awards will honor 11 building professionals from a variety of backgrounds with a wealth of energy efficiency accomplishments. This year, Puget Sound ASHRAE is a sponsor of the Design Engineer category so please join us at the event in saluting all of the 2010 winners. Stephen Wright, Administrator with the Bonneville Power Administration, will deliver the keynote address. Cocktails and appetizers will be served starting at 5:15 p.m. Register today!

Punch List, March 2010


By: Sarah Moore

Technology Environment



Government Affairs


ASHRAE Technology Awards Reminder: Please contact me if (A) you have a project you think would be a good candidate for innovation and efficiency or if (B) you would like to participate in recruiting projects for the awards and/or judging. Upcoming Events March In March we'll be meeting to judge the chapter round of this year's Technology Awards. If you're interested seeing this year's applicants and would like to contribute, please let me know if you would like to be a judge! When: March 22, 2010, 12:00 ­ 1:30 pm Where: Seattle Municipal Tower, Suite 275 BYOL. April John Hogan, with Seattle DPD, will be presenting the recent energy code changes to the State and City codes to be implemented this summer. When: April 26, 12:00-1:30 pm 0 Where: Seattle Municipal Tower, Suite 275 Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to me for any of the above events at [email protected] or 206-493-2246. Thanks This Monday TEGA met at Flow Control, Inc. for an excellent presentation on pressure-independent control valves and interesting tour of their facility. Thanks, Flow Control!

Punch List, March 2010

AIA IPD: Lean Machine Seminar

IPD; The Lean Machine Children's Hospital Case Study March 26, 2010, 9:00 ­ 12:00 Sellen's offices, 227 Westlake Avenue North 3 LU's, $5 for AIA members and $20 for nonmembers Register @ Learn from one of the few teams in the country that has participated in an IPD project using a lean process; Seattle Children's Hospital new outpatient facility. The AIA Seattle Practice and Ethics Committee invite you to join; Jeff Giuzio, Owner's representative from The Seneca Real Estate Group Brian Zeallear, Architect from NBBJ Jack Avery, Contractor from Sellen Construction Company Dean Eriksen, Electrical Engineer from AEI Engineers, Mechanical Engineers Dean Peterson, Mechanical subcontractor from University Mechanical The guests will detail their use of lean principles in the design and construction of Children's Hospital Outpatient facility, including how they used the process to achieved LEED certification and present ideas on how the process can be transferred to smaller projects and firms. The seminar will achieve the following learning objectives; 1. Understand the fundamental difference between IPD and the traditional "design-bid-build" model. 2. Learn the relationship between lean project delivery and relationship contracts (multi-party). 3. Identify the core transferrable processes in IPD, including how to design the right level of IPD for you. 4. Provide ideas for steps that can be taken now to prepare your firm for the IPD future.

Punch List, March 2010

Living Future 10 Program - the

By: Scott Schorn

Seattle, WA May 5-7, 2010

keynote speakers About the Program


unconference program continuing education funconference activities

Living Future is the forum for leading minds in the green building movement seeking solutions to the most daunting global issues of our time. After speaking at last year's Living Future, Denis Hayes commented on the unique community created by the conference: "I don't know of another group like this, really, anywhere in the world...these are the real pioneers. " Out-of-the-ordinary learning and networking formats provide innovative design strategies, cutting-edge technical information, and the inspiration needed to achieve significant progress toward a truly living future. This year's educational program theme is "Building Hope: Revaluing Community." The education sessions encourage a hopeful embrace of the region and planet's economic, ecologic and social challenges, and offer solutions addressing these challenges at the site and community scale. Keynote Speakers James Howard Kunstler, Urban Planning Expert, Social Critic, Author, Journalist Wednesday Evening Opening Keynote Jason F. McLennan, CEO, Cascadia Region Green Building Council Thursday Morning Keynote

Pliny Fisk, Co-Director of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems Thursday Big Bang Dinner Keynote

Dr. John Francis, PhD, Founder & Director of Planetwalk Friday Morning Keynote

Punch List, March 2010

Green Building Commissioning Seminar

Punch List, March 2010

Current Job Postings

Notkin Mechanical Engineers

SENIOR HVAC PROJECT ENGINEERS Notkin Mechanical Engineers is an award-winning consulting mechanical design firm located in Seattle. Quality, systems reliability and innovation are the trademarks of Notkin's leadership in mechanical design for almost 60 years. Known for successful design of complex projects with challenging requirements, the firm has been involved in many of the region's landmark projects such as Benaroya Hall, Museum of Glass and Experience Music Project. We are looking for Senior HVAC Project Engineers with 10 years of recent hands-on design experience in one or more of the following project types: higher education, healthcare, cultural arts, or government facilities. Responsibilities Perform all aspects of engineering design ­ calculations, system design and layout, cost estimates, specifications, reports and correspondence, quality control, construction administration, and project closeout ­ for assigned projects. Serve as primary contact for clients on design-related, non-contractual issues. Work closely with project managers on project staffing requirements, scope modifications and schedule issues. In addition to design, position responsibilities include coordination of CAD drawings and other construction documents with in-house team and other disciplines. Assure projects conform to the commitment made to clients, deadlines are met, and work is completed in compliance with building codes and industry standards. Requirements Bachelor's of Mechanical or Architectural Engineering Professional engineering license A minimum of ten years of recent hands-on experience designing HVAC systems Strong verbal and written communication skills Proficient computer skills Send your resume, cover letter, and references to [email protected] Visit us on the web at:

Punch List, March 2010

Current Job Postings

Company: Applied Equipment Sales Inc. (Manufacturers Representatives)

Job: HVAC Sales Engineer

Applied Equipment Sales Inc. is an independent manufacturer's representative firm based in the Seattle area. Products that we handle include: City Multi VRF and ductless split products, ERV's, and industrial refrigeration. If you want to work with and be a part of the fastest growing HVAC technology in the US, this may be an excellent opportunity for you. Primary Duties: Technically support consulting engineers, contractors and our distribution partners in the layout and design of City Multi VRF systems. Develop market awareness and conduct technical product presentations. The region covered will be primarily the greater Seattle area, some travel will be required throughout the NW periodically.

Candidate Requirements: - BSME or equivalent - LEED AP preferred - Ability to understand and explain technical products and communicate potential applications - Excellent written and oral communication skills - Ability to present technical products to groups - 3-5 years of HVAC Design experience or equivalent - Desire to work in a fast-paced multi-task environment If you are interested, please forward resume to Jim Huckins at: [email protected]


The Punch List is published by the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Seattle, Washington. Statements made in this publication are not the expressions of the Society or of the Chapter and may not be reproduced without special permission of the Chapter. This edition of the Punch List was compiled and edited by Scott Schorn. Questions should be addressed to Scott Schorn at [email protected]


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