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CV: Dr Gavin John CONIBEER

School Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, UNSW, NSW 2052, Australia Tel: 02 9385 7858 email: [email protected] Status: Australian Citizen

Present Appointment:

Deputy Director ­ Third Generation Strand Sept.'03 - Present Senior Research Fellow Centre of Excellence for Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics and Photonics + PI, Global Climate and Energy Project on "Nanostructured Si based tandem solar cells" ­ Sept. `05 + PI, Toyota project on "High efficiency thermal/electronic devices" ­ Dec.'04 · Co-ordination of a research group of twenty research staff and students into third generation photovoltaic concepts as part of the overall research in the Centre into silicon based photovoltaics. · Research in the group includes: fabrication of silicon nanostructures in oxide or nitride matrices; up or down conversion of the incident solar spectrum; and hot carrier solar cells. · Personal research within the 3rd Gen group (Ref papers 1, 2, 4, 5-8, 13-18, 32-34, CV p.4&5): Hot Carrier solar cells: investigating the slowing of carrier cooling by modifying phononic dispersions and experimental work on selective energy contacts. Use of in house software investigating limiting efficiencies of various idealised PV approaches inc. co-ordination of a project developing this software. Application of some of these ideas to high efficiency thermoelectric devices. Modelling of photovoltaic systems using hydrogen energy storage. Teaching and direct supervision: · Supervision of one, and co-supervision of three, postgraduate PhD students. · Supervision of four undergraduate thesis students and two Taste of Research summer students. · Lectures in energy efficiency and wind turbines as part of the U/G degree in Renewable Energy.

Demonstrated ability to secure research funding:

· · · · · · · · · $3M over three years - Supporting role in securing Stanford GCEP funding and joint PI (2005). A$180,000 - Toyota Central R&D Labs: PI on "High Efficiency Thermoelectrics" (2005 over 2years). A$14,000 - Synchrotron XRD at ANBF, Japan, from AINSE: PI (2004 & 2005). A$50,000 - SIMS at ANSTO from AINSE: PI (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006). Participation in the successful ARC 3rd Generation review and Centre of Excellence application: CI (2002). £120,000 - EPSRC - PV focussed call ­ III-V tandem PV - postdoc at Physics, Oxford, UK, 2000 (CV p2); £60,000 - EPSRC ­ focussed call - For CdTe/CdSe PV work at Cranfield, 1997; £10,000 - For 2 SIMS projects at NMRC, Eire, from Euro. Union Human Mobility fund, `97 & '98. Co-founder of the successful UK PV Network, supported by EPSRC, 2000 (CV p2).

Qualifications and Education:

Degrees: "Zinc Diffusion in Gallium Antimonide for tandem photovoltaic cells" ­ CASE award Engineering Materials, University of Southampton, UK Nov.'90 - Nov.'94 · Involved closed ampoule diffusion, incremental sheet resistance, SIMS, electro-chemical profiling, DLTS, SEM, TEM; using LPE & MOVPE growth & bulk material; contact lithography & cell fabrication. For application to GaAs/GaSb stacked tandem systems. · Part of Solar Energy Centre: Si, poly-Si & III-V PV cell measurement, characterisation & systems integration. · Ref paper 42 (CV p5) J Elec. Materials. MSc: BSc(Eng): `Polymer Science and Processing Technology': "Design of a sheet extrusion die for PVdF" London School of Polymer Technology, UK Day Release; Sept.'84 - Oct.'86 `Materials Science and Engineering'; Queen Mary College, London University, UK PhD:

Oct.'79 - July'81 & Oct.'82 - July'83 General Education: Open University, UK `Diploma in European Humanities': PT courses in 17th - 20thC history; '98-`00 Teacher Training `City and Guilds Stage 1'; Eastleigh College, UK - 1/2 day per week; Jan. ­ March '94 GCE A level: Maths, Physics; AO level: Statistics, General Maths; Epsom College, UK '77 -'79 GCE O level: Phys, Chem, Bio, Gen Sci, Maths, Eng, Eng Lit, Hist; Tunbridge Wells High School, UK '72 -'77

Previous Appointments:

Third Generation Photovoltaics, Centre for Photovoltaics and Photonics: University of New South Wales Postdoctoral Researcher April '02 ­ Sept.'03 Research on 3rd generation and high efficiency photovoltaic concepts: · Hot carrier solar cells: · Energy selective contacts, principally using resonant tunnelling, in particular pioneering the use of degenerate tunnel junctions, implemented by thin film growth of degenerate Si or by Al:B alloying. · Investigating the limiting efficiencies for modifying the incoming spectrum by up-down converter approaches. · Investigating magnetic effects on PV cells, for both graded band gap and Hall effect cells. Techniques: sputtering and ion assisted deposition for Si and SiO2 films; evaporation for contacts; SIMS at ANSTO; FIB; DC & AC I-V and C-V profiling; UV lithography. Achievements: Furthering the modelling of Hot Carrier solar cells and separately of graded band gap effects. · Ref paper 20, Proc 3RD World PV Conf, Osaka '03 & paper 21, Proc. ANZSES conf, NSW '02 (CV p4). University of Oxford, UK: Department of Condensed Matter Physics Postdoctoral Researcher July '00 ­ Feb. `02 · Fabrication and characterisation of tandem junction and graded band gap thermo-photovoltaic (TPV) cells: · MOVPE GaAs, GaSb, InAs & graded InGaSb for type II & III heterojunctions as parts of a tandem TPV cell. · Novel carrier separation methods to tackle "fundamental" limits on efficiency for PV & TPV devices. · UV & E beam lithography, RIE, AFM, I-V & C-V, TPV testing facility, closed ampoule diffusion and PVD. · I wrote the proposal for this work to the UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). · Participation in the UK PV Network: co-author of proposal, again funded by EPSRC; authored web-page. Achievements: Tandem junction PV response from GaAs/GaSb/InAs(n on p) cell & graded InGaAs structures. · Ref paper 22 (CV p4) Proc. 17th Euro PV Conf. University of Oxford, UK: Environmental Change Institute Research Scientist in charge of Solar Energy Project April '98 ­ July `00 · PV-COMPARE: two 6kWp photovoltaic arrays comparing eleven photovoltaic technologies. Concept, design and management of the installations in Oxford & Mallorca. · Scolar, PV systems in schools: Assistant Programme Co-ordinator & chair of dissemination sub-group. · PV consultant to The Solar Century (a PV installation and implementation company). · Ref paper 36, PV Compare & paper 37, Scolar; both Sol. Energy Mats. & Solar Cells (CV p5). University of Cranfield (Shrivenham Campus), UK: Dept. Materials Science & Engineering Post Doctoral Research Officer Oct.'96 - April `98 · Development of electrodeposited thin film photovoltaic cells to increase efficiency. Including: Ion Beam Analysis, SIMS and XRD of the heterojunction between CdTe and CdS; PVD, chemical bath and electro-deposition; Thin film cell contacts and fabrication; Closed ampoule diffusion; Ternary phase diagram modelling CdS/CdTe/CdCl2 ; Early work on CuInS2 by post annealed layer PVD. · Establishment of a small solar simulator for testing of in house cells. · Partial supervision of two PhD students and MSc and 3rd year projects (inc. a PV powered plane). Achievements: Interdiffusion model and ternary phase diagram. · Ref paper 27 (CV p4) Proc 2nd World PV Conf & paper 38, J Crystal Growth (CVp5). University of Southampton, UK: Dept. of Aeronautics & Astronautics Post Doctoral Research Fellow Apr.'96 - Oct.'96 · Patented high temperature gas burner; turbulent flow; catalysis; thermal cracking of hydrocarbons. University of Southampton, UK: Engineering Materials Visiting Research Fellow Nov.'95 - Apr.'96 · Construction & installation of a PV/wind hybrid system. Involved in installation of a 4kW PV system. University of Southampton, UK: Engineering Materials Post Doctoral Research Fellow (EPSRC / Realising Our Potential Award) Nov.'94 - Nov.'95 Atomic Force Microscopy on the topography of LPE and MOVPE CMT layers grown on GaAs substrates. Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK: Dept. of Materials Tech. Research Assistant (Temp.) July '90 - Oct.'90 · Preliminary investigation of injection moulding of low molecular weight polymers for investment casting. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia: Dept. of Materials Engineering Research Fellow May '88 - Apr.'90 · GIRD project on highly oriented Polyvinyl alcohol: solution casting, hydrostatic extrusion, die drawing & XRD. Thorn EMI Central Research Laboratories, Hayes, UK Research Engineer July '83 - Mar.'88 · Research on piezoelectric PVdF: rheology, extrusion, pilot line commissioning, epichlorohydrin rubbers. 2

Beecham Products R&D, Leatherhead, Surrey, UK Laboratory Technician July '81 - Sept.'82 Sandwich year: Development of adhesives and formulations; mechanical testing, FTIR, GLC.

Additional Professional Activity:

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Book proposal (invited) accepted by Wiley - Editor on "Photovoltaic Materials". Organising committee for IPS -18 conference ­ Sydney, 2008. Organising committee for Asia-Pacific regional ISES conference ­ Sydney, 2008. Member of Peer Review College, EPSRC, UK (invited) (2005 to present). Member of Management Committee, Centre of Excellence, UNSW (2003 to present). Treasurer for the NSW section of Australia & New Zealand Solar Energy Society ('02 to present). Invited presentation on PV to the Rhine-Westphalia Delegation (DEUS, Sydney, 2004). Invited presentation on PV at 1st China-Australia symp. (Australian Acad. of Sci, Melbourne, 2004). Invited session chair at the Int. Conf. on Materials for Hydrogen Energy (UNSW, Aug 2004). Invited session chair at the ANZSES conference (Newcastle, Nov 2002). Workshops on sustainability in local schools with the "Millennium Debate" ('99-'01). Management committee of the Environmental Change Institute (Apr. '98 ­ July '00). Research representative on the Southampton Eng. Materials dept. board (Apr.'93 - Apr.'96). Joint editor of Proc. First Postgraduate Conf. on Materials: ISBN 085432514X (Sept.'94). Involved in the organisation of the Solar Energy Centre Short Course (Sept.'91).

Member of:

Australia & New Zealand Solar Energy Society, NSW branch Treasurer.

Teaching Experience:

· UNSW: Supervision of one, and co-supervision of three, PhD students; supervision of four U/G thesis and two summer students. Some lectures and tutorials on Wind Energy and Energy Efficiency courses in 2004, 2005, 2006. Design, organisation, management and implementation of a short course on Photovoltaics as part of the COMMAD course in School of Physics, UNSW, Dec 2002. · Oxford University: Physics, '00-'01: Partial supervision of PostDoc on PV Compare & DPhil on III-V PV. Environmental Change Institute, '98-'01: lectures, workshops & field trips on "Photovoltaics" to "Environmental Management" MSc and undergrad. module "Energy & Environment". Topics include: solar resource; solar thermal absorption; photovoltaics; renewables overview. · Open University: Tutor at Summer Schools '01, '00, `98, `97 & `96: Materials (T203) and Physics (S272), Lectures and Labs. Topics: optics; electrical props; semiconductors; polymers; atomic structure; crystallography & FTIR. · Consultant author of "Photovoltaics" unit for new Open University course "Engineering the Future" '00-'01. ISBN: 0 7492 9963 0. · Cranfield University, '96-'98: Partial supervision of 3 PhD students, MSc & 3rd yr + radiography tutorials. · Southampton `93-'96: lectures, tutorials, seminars and organisation for a course for 2nd, 3rd and MEng students "Energy & the Environment". Topics: thermodynamics, PV and energy generation technologies. · Teacher Training, "City and Guilds Stage 1", Eastleigh College, UK, 1994. · Additional teaching experience: Workshops to Educators on PV teaching to school pupils - - '99-'01. Radio interviews, several invited seminars and many undergraduate lab demonstrations. Particular areas of knowledge: · Semiconductors: electronic and magnetic properties; diffusion; SIMS, IBA, XRD, AFM & MOVPE. · Photovoltaics: limiting efficiency theory, device physics and tech; systems engineering and grid connection. · Polymer physics, especially: rheology, piezoelectric properties and orientation.

Recreational Activities:

Rugby Union: member of Engadine & Oatley RFCs ('03 - present); committee member of Cricklade, UK ('01 ­ `02), member since '97; 3rd team captain of Southampton RFC ('95 - `97), member since '92. I enjoy bush walking and studying history (part time with the Open University to 2002) and cosmology.



Conference papers:

Proc. 21st European Photovoltaic Solar Energy conf, (Dresden, Sept. 2006): 1. G.J. Conibeer, J.F. Guillemoles, D. König, M.A. Green, "Phononic Band Gap Engineering for Hot Carrier Solar Cell Absorbers", (oral presentation). 2. J-F. Guillemoles, G.J. Conibeer, M.A. Green, "On achievable efficiencies of Hot Carrier Solar cell absorbers based on reported experimental thermalisation properties", (poster presentation). 3. C. W. Jiang, C. Pakes, Y. Huang, G. Conibeer, M. A. Green, "Nano-scale Electrical Characterization of Silicon Quantum Dots for the Study of Energy Selective Contacts in Hot Carrier Solar Cell", (oral presentation). Proc. 44th Australia and NZ Solar Energy Society conf. (Canberra, Sept. 06): 4. G. Conibeer, C-W. Jiang, D. König, S. Shresta, M.A. Green, J.F. Guillemoles "Progress on Hot Carrier Solar cells at UNSW" (full paper refereed). 5. S.K. Shrestha, G. Conibeer, C.W. Jiang and D. König, "Increasing Efficiency of Thermoelectric Power Generator with Energy Selective Contacts". Proc. "Solar 2005" 43rd Australia and NZ Solar Energy Society conf. (Dunedin NZ, Nov 2005) (refereed): 6. G.J. Conibeer, M.A. Green, R. Corkish, Y. Cho, E-C. Cho, C-W. Jiang, E. Pink, B.S. Richards, A. Shalav, T. Trupke, T. Fangsuwannarak, Y. Huang, T. Puzzer, "Third Generation Photovoltaics: routes to high efficiency that retain the advantages of thin film" (full paper refereed). 7. J.W. Rudd, G.J. Conibeer, J-F. Guillemoles, "User Friendly Software for Calculation of Limiting Cell Efficiencies for Research on Multijunction Solar Cells" (full paper refereed). Proc. 15th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-15), Shanghai, Oct. 2005: 8. J.-F. Guillemoles, G. Conibeer, M. Green, "Phononic Engineering with Nanostructures for Hot Carrier solar cells". 9. C-W. Jiang, M.A. Green and G. Conibeer, "Effective Mass Calculations of Energy Bands for Silicon Quantum Dot Solar Cells in Oxide, Nitride and Carbide Matrices". Proc. 20th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy conf, (Barcelona, June 2005): 10. G.J. Conibeer, J.F. Guillemoles, M.A. Green, p35, "Phononic band gap eng. for Hot Carrier solar cell absorbers" 11. M.A. Green, E-C Cho, Y. Cho, Y. Huang, E. Pink, T. Trupke, K. Lin, T. Fangsuwannarak, T. Puzzer, G. Conibeer, R. Corkish, p3, "All-Silicon Tandem Cells based on `Artificial' Semiconductor Synthesised using Silicon Quantum Dots in a Dielectric Matrix". 12. Y. Cho, M.A. Green, E-C Cho, Y. Huang, T. Trupke, G. Conibeer, p47, "Silicon quantum dots in SiNx matrix for Third Generation photovoltaics". 13. G. Conibeer, M. Green, R. Corkish, Y. Cho, E-C. Cho, C-W. Jiang, T. Fangsuwannarak, E. Pink, Y. Huang, T. Puzzer, T. Trupke, B. Richards, A. Shalav, K. Lin, Euro. Materials Research Society Conf, (Strasbourg, May 2005): "Silicon nanostructures for third generation photovoltaic solar cells." 14. G Conibeer and B Richards, Int. Conf. on Materials for Hydrogen Energy (UNSW, Sydney, Aug'04), "Comparison of PV and Photo-electrochemical generators in a Hydrogen Storage SAPS." 15. G J Conibeer, R Corkish, E-C Cho, C-W Jiang, T E Humphrey, Y Cho, M A Green, Peter Würfel, Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum, Cairns, November 2003 "Nanostructures in Photovoltaics." Proc. 19th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, (Paris, June 2004): 16. G.J. Conibeer, M.A. Green, p270: "Phononic engineering for Hot Carrier solar cell absorbers." 17. G J Conibeer, A S Brown, T Trupke, R Corkish, M A Green, A Shalav, p274: "Efficiency limits for an ideal solar cell with combined Up and Down conversion." 18. C. W. Jiang, E. C. Cho, G. Conibeer, M. A. Green, p80, "Silicon quantum dots: application for energy selective contacts to hot carrier solar cells". 19. E. C. Cho, Y. H. Cho, T. Trupke, R. Corkish, G. Conibeer, and M. A. Green, p235, "Silicon Nanostructures for all-Silicon tandem solar cells". 20. G. Conibeer, C. Jiang, M. Green, N. Harder, A. Straub, Proc. 3nd World Conf. on Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion (Osaka, 2003): "Selective energy contacts for potential application to Hot Carrier PV cells". 21. G. Conibeer, A. Brown, Proc 40th Australia & NZ Solar Energy Soc. conf (Newcastle; Nov `02), "Assessment of the potential of graded band gaps to reduce intrinsic thermalisation losses in PV cells." Proc. 17th European PV Solar Energy Conf, (Munich, Oct 2001): 22. G. Conibeer, C. Bumby, R. Nicholas, N. Mason: "Towards a GaSb-InAs tandem junction TPV cell" 23. C. Jardine, G. Conibeer, K. Lane: "PV-COMPARE: comparison of 11 PV technologies in N & S Europe" 24. P. Wolfe, G. Conibeer: "Completion of the Scolar Programme".


25. G.J. Conibeer, D. Wren, Proc 16th European Photovoltaic Conf., Glasgow, May 2000 (VD 2.38): "PV-COMPARE: Preliminary data from a direct comparison of a representative range of PV technologies at two locations in Northern and Southern Europe". 26. P. Wolfe, R. Hill, G.J.Conibeer, Proc 16th European Photovoltaic Conf., Glasgow, May 2000 (OA5.5): "The Scolar Programme for Photovoltaics in Schools in the UK". 27. G.J. Conibeer, D.W. Lane, D.A. Wood, K.D. Rogers, P. Capper, S. Romani, S. Hearne, Proc. 2nd World Conf. on Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion (Vienna, 1998): "Diffusion in CdTe and CdS polycrystalline thin films and single crystal CdS". 28. J.M. Wolfe, G.J.Conibeer, Proc. 2nd World Conf. on Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion (Vienna, 1998): "The Scolar Programme: Architecturally integrated PV systems in the school environment". 29. G.J. Conibeer, D.A. Wood, K.D. Rogers and D.W. Lane, Proc. 14th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Barcelona (Catalunya), Spain, 30 June - 4 July 1997: "Investigation of the CdS/CdTe phase diagram & Sulphur diffusion in CdTe for later application to thin film solar cells". 30. G.J. Conibeer, A.F.W. Willoughby, C.H. Hardingham and V.K.M. Sharma, Proc. 2nd Int. Workshop on Materials Science (IWOMS'95, Vietnam), 236 (1995): "Zinc diffusion in gallium antimonide for tandem solar cells" (invited). 31. A Wasenczuk, G J Conibeer, A F W Willoughby, P Mackett, E S O'Keefe, P Capper and C L Jones: Proc. 1st Int. Conf. on Materials for Microelectronics, (Barcelona, Spain, 1994): "AFM studies of epitaxial infra-red detector materials".

Journal Publications:

32. "G. Conibeer, M. Green, R. Corkish, Y. Cho, E-C. Cho, C-W. Jiang, T. Fangsuwannarak, E. Pink, Y. Huang, T. Puzzer, T. Trupke, B. Richards, A. Shalav, K. Lin, Thin Solid Films, 511-512 (2006) 654-662: "Silicon nanostructures for third generation photovoltaic solar cells." 33. G. Conibeer, B. Richards, Int. Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2006) [accepted]: "Comparison of photovoltaic and photelectroltyic technologies for Hydrogen Storage systems". 34. B. Richards, G. Conibeer, Int. Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2006) [accepted]: "A Comparison of Hydrogen Storage Technologies for Solar-Powered Stand Alone Power Supplies". 35. C-W. Jiang, M.A. Green, E-C. Cho, G. Conibeer Journal of Applied Physics, 96 (2004) 5006-5012: "Resonant tunneling through defects in an insulator: Modeling and solar cell applications". 36. G.J.Conibeer, A.W.Wilshaw; Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 67 (Elsevier, 2001) 511-518: "Direct comparison of the emerging photovoltaic technologies in multi-technology retrofit building arrays". 37. G.J.Conibeer; Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 67 (Elsevier, 2001) 673-678: "The Scolar Programme for Photovoltaics in the UK". 38. D.W. Lane, G.J.Conibeer, D.A. Wood, K.D. Rogers, P. Capper, S. Romani, S. Hearne; Journal of Crystal Growth, 197 (1999) 743-748: "Sulphur diffusion in CdTe and the phase diagram of the CdS-CdTe pseudobinary alloy". 39. D.A. Wood, K.D. Rogers, D.W. Lane, G.J.Conibeer, D. Parton; Journal of Materials Science Letters, 17 (1998) 1511-1514: "A study of the phase boundaries and lattice parameters of the CdS-CdTe pseudobinary system". 40. J. Wolfe, G.J.Conibeer; Renewable Energy 15 (1998) 598-601: "The Scolar programme for PV in the UK". 41. D.W. Lane, G.J. Conibeer, S. Romani, M.J.F. Healy and K.D. Rogers, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research B, 136-138 (1998) 225-230: "Depth Profiling Sulphur in Bulk CdTe and CdTe/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells". 42. G.J. Conibeer, A.F.W. Willoughby, C.M. Hardingham, V.K.M. Sharma, J. Electronic Materials, 25 (1996) 1107-1111: "Zinc Diffusion in Tellurium Doped Gallium Antimonide". 43. G.J. Conibeer, A.F.W. Willoughby, C.M. Hardingham, V.K.M. Sharma, Optical Materials, 6 (1996) 21-25: "Zinc diffusion in tellurium doped gallium antimonide". 44. G.J. Conibeer, A.F.W. Willoughby, C.H. Hardingham and V.K.M. Sharma, Proc. 17th ICDS, Materials Science Forum, 143-147 (1994) 1427-1432: "Zinc Diffusion in Gallium Antimonide". 45. G J Conibeer, K Z Lin and G H Edward, Materials Forum (Australia), 14 (1990) 224-229: "The production of high modulus PVAl rod by solid state processing".

Other publications:

· · Book proposal accepted by Wiley (2006) as editor on "Photovoltaic Materials: From Crystalline silicon to Third Generation approaches". Unit on Photovoltaics for Open University: T173: "Engineering the Future". ISBN: 0 7492 9963 0 (2002).



G.J. Conibeer, G.J. Ball, J.M. Thirtle, N.A. Downie, Patent 9713995.0 (1997): Drax Torches Ltd: "Improvements in Burners." 5


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