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1 PVC-U-LIKE RETAIL Price Listing & Descriptions (All prices include V.A.T. @ 20%) JULY 2011 Code A4 A4L A4P A45 A61 A7 AB1 ABB1 ABS1 AC1 AC2 AS1 B1 B1M B1U B5 B5C B5P B5S B8 B9 B9A BA1 BB1 BB1V BB12V BD1 BD2 BDL1 BDP1 Description Unisex Cagoule Ladies fit one size cagoule Promotional Unisex Cagoule in Dull Yellow Cycling Outfit in Trans Orange, one size Jacket & matching overtrousers. Bomber Jacket with attached hood. Gent's cut Raincoat with collar, pockets, attachable hood & buttons Traditional Incontinence pants in semi transparent thin material Bondage suit with attached mittens & hood, elasticated cuffs, waist, leg & neck and rear entry zip. Adult Baby Smock Ladies Army Style 2 Piece Suit Ladies Army Style Overalls Unisex AB Sleep Sack with attached Arms, Mitten, Built in Bib, Foot cover and Full Length Back Zip. Ladies bootleg chaps with open front and rear and side zip Male bootleg chaps Close fitting Ladies Chaps Unisex Jogging Trousers with elasticated ankles & waist Unisex Jogging trousers in 2 colours only STT and TTB Promotional Unisex Over Trousers in Dull Yellow in M, L, XL & 2XL Unisex Jogging trousers with straight hems no elastic in ankles Gents straight cut Jeans with front zip, front pockets & belt loops Ladies Bootleg Jeans with side zip. Fitted Bootleg Jeans for Big Beautiful Women with side zip. Full Length Butchers Apron in Blue or Pink Bondage Bag with enclosed head, breathing pipe and elastication. Vacuum body sack with port hole and attachments for vacuum As BB1V but with stronger welded zip with 2 zip heads Babydoll with detachable straps and elasticated back Tie up Babydoll with drawstring bow, top tie and adjustable straps Babydoll with lace, shaped cups, elasticated back and straps. Bondage Pants with buckle straps at waist and legs Price £36.00 £34.00 £16.00 £55.00 £40.00 £40.00 £15.00 £55.00 £13.00 £76.00 £72.00 £50.00 £31.00 £31.00 £25.00 £26.00 £16.50 £13.00 £25.00 £31.00 £31.00 £36.00 £10.00 £66.00 £90.00 £100.00 £25.00 £25.00 £29.00 £29.00 Measurements (Guide only) 40" Long 33" Long Length 33" Jacket 33" Long Length 22" 42" 44" or 46" Chest Crotch 7-8" Sides 8-9" Length 32" 21" Deep Top 25" Long N/A Body Length Total Length 44-45" (32-34 M)(36L)(38XL) Total Length 44-45" (32-34 M)(36L)(38XL) Total Length 43-45" Total Length 43-45" Total Length 43-45" Total Length 44-45" (32-34 M)(36L)(38XL) Total Length 46" Length 30" 51" Long Length from neck 60" Length from neck 65" Length from neck 65" Length 18" Length 19" Length 14" long Crotch 4" sides 7"

2 Code BH1 BH2 BJ1 BJ2 BOT1 BP1 BP2 BQ1 BR1 BS1 CAM1 CAM2 CAM3 CB1 CJ1 CK1 CL1 CM1 COP1 COD1 CP1 CP12 CU2 C2 C3 C4 C5 C5L C5M C5S C5Z C6 Description Inflatable Ball hood with elasticated neck and breathing pipe Massive inflatable ball head with breathing tube and elastic neck Fitted Biker Jacket with collar and front zip Biker Jacket with front zip, collar, 2 pockets and wide stitched buckle belt. Kinky Bondage Top with buckle fastening at front & neck and attached suspenders Bo Peep Dress with fitted bodice full skirt and lace and with bonnet Men's Bo Peep Dress with fitted bodice, puff sleeves & full skirt and lace. Sexy basque with boning and rear zip Bunny outfit, basque with fitting shorts, rear zip & detachable straps Bikini Set. Halter neck Top with Matching Panties High cut fitted briefs with cute lace to leg edges French cami-knickers with lace to leg edge. Comfort cami, thin waist elastic, no center seam Ladies Fitted Body with high collar, front zip and short arms Gent's Casual Jacket, full length zip, collar & detachable hood Ladies cheeky knickers, close fitting with enclosed thin elastic side zip Clubcoat ¾ length with square hood, glass clear side panels Classic mac, full length, stitched collar & lapels, wide buckle belt Police outfit with fitted dress, blouse, police tie Gents Cod Piece with shaped front section and sliding waist elastic Comfort Bloomers style but smaller with soft elastics, no front seam. Comfort pants with enclosed 1" elastics A-line Jacket, no pockets, zip, drawstring hood Fitted miniskirt with splits over front legs Ladies Hobble Skirt, hipster style with full length front zip over leg Ladies circle skirt with elasticated waist Unisex A-Line Fitted Mini-Skirt with rear zip Knee length Fitted mini-skirt with rear zip Ladies Micro Mini skirt with rear zip Stretch Mini Skirt, ladies fit with front gathered Mini Skirt with full length front zip. Sleeveless fitted long dress with rear zip Price £44.00 £57.00 £45.00 £65.00 £45.00 £60.00 £72.00 £50.00 £31.00 £25.00 £20.00 £21.00 £18.00 £25.00 £40.00 £15.00 £42.00 £48.00 £34.00 £15.50 £20.00 £21.00 £26.00 £20.00 £29.00 £23.00 £22.00 £23.00 £18.00 £22.00 £25.00 £31.00 Measurements (Guide only) One size fits all. One size fits all. Length 21" long 18" Long. Length 17" Length 32" long Length 11" Length 22" Bra Top Size: S = A-B Cup, M= B-C Cup, L= C-D Cup, XL= D-DD Cup, XXL= DD Crotch 4" sides 1" Crotch 2"sides 8" Crotch 3" sides 8" Length 26" Crotch 4", Sides 8" Length 28" Length 48" Length 34" 9" Deep Length 33" Length 14" Length 36" Length 20" Length 16-17" (Back section) Length 19" Length 10" Length 12" Length 16" Length 52"

3 Code C7 C8 C10 D1 D1MS D1ML D1P D2 D2L D2M D2P D3 D4 D5 DCG1 DG1 DLH1 DLH2 DLH3 DLP1 DLY1 DP1 DP2 E2 E2F E2SF E2SM E3 E31 E32 E4 E5 E5F Description Unisex straight cut Mini Skirt with elasticated waist Skimpy, cheeky Targa briefs with tie sides Ladies fit Wrap over short Skirt, skating style with Velcro fastening Ladies fitted Cat suit with through crutch rear zip and high collar Male fitted catsuit with short body through crotch zip with 3 zip heads Male fitted catsuit with long body through crotch zip with 3 zip heads 4way stretch vinyl catsuit Unisex One piece Suit with drawstring hood, elasticated wrist and ankles and full length front zip Ladies one piece suit elasticated waist, high neck Male one piece suit elasticated waist, high neck Promotional Unisex Suit in Dull Yellow in M,L, XL, 2XL Single layer total enclosure suit which can be inflated Double layer inflation suit with rear entry and inflation valve Long leg playsuit. Full body suit with long arms and legs. Elasticated armpit length gauntlets, cuff system & nitrile gloves Authentic doctors surgical gown with tie straps and doctors mask Close fitting elasticated hood, clear eye, large red lips mouth opening Dolly hood with sheath, clear eyes, elasticated neck, lips, internal sheath Inflatable dolly hood with clear eyes, elasticated neck, valve & lips. Gents fit Generous AB Diaper Lover Pants Ladies fit total enclosed dolly outfit Dungaree pants with attached front panel and elasticated straps Dungaree Trousers with elasticated waist and ankles Unisex Pants wide side with elasticated legs & waist Unisex Pants wide side with 4 x rows of frills on backside Pants with female opening crotch slit Pants with male opening crotch slit Unisex Briefs narrow side with elasticated legs & waist Elasticated bra and panties set Bra & Knickers with lace attached to elastics and adjustable bra straps Unisex Adult Baby Pants With Extra wide Gusset (10") & Sides (13") Unisex Bloomers, thigh length with elasticated legs and waist Unisex Bloomers, thigh length with elasticated legs with 1" frill Price £15.50 £10.00 £20.00 £80.00 £85.00 £95.00 £105.00 £70.00 £68.00 £78.00 £40.00 £80.00 £180.00 £45.00 £40.00 £32.00 £26.00 £33.00 £40.00 £22.00 £130.00 £28.00 £38.00 £16.00 £23.00 £22.00 £22.00 £16.50 £26.00 £28.00 £18.00 £21.00 £23.00 Measurements (Guide only) Length M ­ 15-16" L ­ 16-17" X/L ­ 17-18" Length 14" Full length Suitable for guys 5' 9" and under Suitable for Guys 5' 9" and over Full length Length 68-70" Full Length 68-70" Full Length 68-70" Full length 70" Full length 70" 30" Long Length 45"long -

Crotch 13" Sides 12" Crotch 10" sides 13" Crotch 7-8" Sides 8-9" Crotch 7-8" Sides 8-9" Crotch 7-8" Sides 8-9" Crotch 7-8" Sides 8-9" Crotch 3-4" Sides 4-5" N/a Bra: S-A Cup, M-B Cup, L-C Cup, XL-D Cup Crotch 10" Sides 13" Hips 46-48" Length 19-20"(34-36M)(38-40L)(40-42XL) Length 19-20" Hips 42-48"

4 Code E6 E61 E7 E8 E9A E9B E9C E9D E10 E11 ECL1 ECL2 ELC3 ETB1 ETB2 F1 F2 F3 F3Z F4 F4U F5 F6 F61 F7 F7A F71 F8 Description Ladies G-String with thin elasticated waistband Closer fitting Ladies Brief with thong back and elasticated leg Unisex Popper-Pants with Elasticated waist & legs, with side poppers Men's Pouch thong with elasticated waist and hemmed legs Red Suspender belt with four Black straps and clips White suspender belt with four Black straps and clips Shiny black suspender belt with four Black straps and clips. Pretty black suspender belt with pink bow Ladies fitted bed boots with side zip Boot Length 28" AB Velcro Pants with adjustable Elasticated Waist, double layer front and Velcro straps Double breasted trench coat with large lapels, black buttons, fitted panels, tie belt and loops with two large front pockets Double breasted coat with six black buttons, shoulder flap, epulettes,edge beading and a wide belt, PVC buckle through belt loops. Double breasted coat fitted at top and flared flutes from waist with 6 large pvc buttons, shaped collar and sewn buckle belt. Elasticated Halterneck Bra with Elasticated Skirt in waist and hem Elasticated Top with wide chest elastic and matching skirt with Elasticated waist and hem. Men's T-Shirt Mens Open Neck Sleeveless T-Shirt with cord closure Men's Shorts with elasticated waist Men's zip shorts with elasticated waist and front zip. Ladies Hot Pants With Rear Zip and low waistline Ladies high cut hot pants Unisex Tracksuit Top with elasticated waist, wrists & neck Unisex Vest Mens posing vest made in 4-way stretch materials. Ladies fitted blouse with collar, large cuffs and snap fasteners. Ladies blouse for sizes 3XL and 4XLs Ladies fitted blouse with collar and short sleeves Ladies fitted body with vest style arms, rear zip and elasticated legs. Price £10.00 £15.50 £21.00 £15.00 £23.00 £23.00 £23.00 £23.00 £32.00 £22.00 £84.00 £130.00 £65.00 £25.00 £26.00 £20.00 £20.00 £18.00 £22.00 £18.00 £18.00 £31.00 £18.00 £34.00 £35.00 £38.00 £33.00 £25.00 Measurements (Guide only) Length 10-11" Crotch 2" Crotch 3" Side 1" Sides 8" Gusset 8" N/A N/A N/A N/A N?A Foot - Small 8.5" Medium 9" Large 10" X/Large 10.5" 8" Sides, 11" Crotch Length 28" Length 37" Length 38" Bra: S-32B, M-34C, L-36D, 2XL-38DD Skirt: 17" Long Skirt: 17" Long Length 30 ½ " (Front section) Length 30" Length 14-16" Hips M ­ 40" L ­ 44" X/L ­ 46" Length 14" Depth 10" 8" Deep Length 28" Chest (42-44M)(46-48L)(50-52XL) Length 18" Approx. Length 18" Rear back Length 24" Length 22" Length 22" Rear back Length 30"

5 Code F88 F9 FC1 FG1 FO1 FO2 FPP1 FUT1 G3 G3V G31 G32 GD1 GDC1 GDG1 GL1 GMH1 GMH2 GMH3 GS1 GSC1 Description Ladies G-string fitted body, plunging neckline, front zip. Short French style Cami Knickers with lace to leg edges Funky Clubcoat ,Flared from waist with full length zip & hood. Finger Gloves,4 way stretch Gloves with lace up underside Ladies 1940s Raicoat Wrapover design secured at top with button and elasticated belt secured by Velcro Based on FO1 this shorter rainmac has large hood, velcro fastening, wide velcro belt & edge binding. Female close fitting pants with built in shaped internal sheath, elasticated waist and legs. Futuristic rainmac with fitted top section & flared bottom section from the waist Unisex Sleeping Bag with full-length entry zip. (Length Approx. 6'5") As G3 but with stronger welded zip and 2 zip heads Double person body bag with central full length zip Body bag with arms and hood with full length central zip 1960s Classic Style Girdle, scalloped at front with adjustable shoulder straps, 4 attached suspenders and side zip Gents Decon Suit, Chest entry zip, attached feet & hood. Full length Gent's dressing gown with large hood,, long arms with turn back and wide sewn belt. Cute girlie briefs with sewn ¾"elastics on waist and legs Avon N10 gasmask has a harness, screw filter & attached PVC hood Gas Mask Shroud, our GMH1 without the mask supplied Fitted Gas Mask Hood with tight front gasket, full length zip with hair protector and P3 screw in filter. Golfing Suit, Jacket has full length zip, internal pockets, collar & detachale hood. Trousers have elasticated waist & straight leg. China made, two piece suit. Jacket has full length zip, collar, elasticated waist and cuffs, internal pockets and detachable hood. Trousers have elasticated waist and straight leg. Ladies vamp dress, halterneck, front zip, edge binding. Paneled Raincoat, 8 buttons, buckle neck strap, high collar, Epaulettes, cuff tabs and piped buckle belt. Price £21.00 £25.00 £80.00 £22.00 £60.00 £40.00 £26.00 £80.00 £62.00 £75.00 £68.00 £65.00 £48.00 £135.00 £50.00 £18.00 £160.00 £40.00 £130.00 £60.00 £30.00 Measurements (Guide only) Length 10" Length 33" 14" Long Length 44" Length 31" Sides 10" Crotch 4" Length 35" Length Approx. 81" Width 36 ½ " 82" x 42" Length 84" Length 19" Length 52" 4"Crotch sides 6" Adjustable Straps One Size N/A Jacket 26" Long Jacket 29" Long Length 26" Length 35"


£25.00 £130.00

6 Code HFC1 HJ1 HMH1 HND1 HOD1 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 H8 H9 ID1 IE2 IE3 IE4 IF3A IO1 IR1 J1 J2 J2A JJ1 JP1 JP2 JS1 K1 K2 K4 K41 K42 K44 KB1 KB2 Description Military Style, fitted double breasted, 10 button, Stitched detail, collar Pants with forward facing legs and wide crotch Hangmans Hood ­ vac bag hood down to chest, elasticated arms Halterneck dress fitted at waist with flowing skirt and edge binding Ladies catsuit with enclosed head, welded through zip and two heads. Single Size Duvet Cover with snap fastening Single Size Fitted Mattress cover, plus Single Size Top Sheet Set of 2 Standard size Pillowcases with snap fastening Double Size Duvet cover with snap fastening Double Size Fitted Mattress cover, plus Double size Top Sheet King Size Duvet Cover with snap fastening King Size Fitted Mattress cover, plus King size Top Sheet Close fitting minidress, rear zip, wide buckle belt Pull on pants with narrow leg, wide waist elastic built in flap for pad. Pull on Unisex Briefs with narrow leg and wide waist elastic Extra Deep Pull on Pants, narrow leg, wide waist elastic & internal flap. Boxer shorts with attached pants Padded PVC Bondage Mask Soft Industrial Rubber Gloves Unisex Apron Apron with patch pockets and black binding Small half apron with large frill and ties Ladies fit coat with 2 large pockets, hood with rope cord and zip. Sleeveless Jumpsuit with short legs and welded through crotch zip. Sleeveless Jumpsuit with long legs elasticated and through welded zip. Ladies jumpsuit with elasticated waist, feet and high neck hood Fitted Girdle c/w boning, suspenders and full rear zip. With Binding Pretty camisole with elasticated back and adjustable bra straps Unisex full length Cape with arm slits, drawstring hood & buttons Shiny red ¾ length Cape with large hood and tie neck and white frill Short cape, armslits and drawstring hood. Enclosed long cape. No front closure. Drawstring hood. Classic wrap coat. Fitted top section, flared skirt, edge binding Lined Wrap Coat. As KB1 but with full lining. Price £108.00 £17.00 £40.00 £28.00 £100.00 £46.00 £46.00 £21.00 £78.00 £78.00 £85.00 £85.00 £29.00 £20.00 £20.00 £21.00 £41.00 £ 6.50 £12.00 £16.50 £18.00 £24.00 £20.00 £54.00 £60.00 £80.00 £41.00 £20.00 £42.00 £28.00 £32.00 £36.00 £100.00 £120.00 Measurements (Guide only) Length 37" 10" crotch 7" sides Length low back 23" Full Length 180cm x 125cm 180cm x 90cm 85cm x 42cm x 2 185cm x 188cm 185cm x 135cm 213cm x 205cm 195cm x 200cm Length 30" 7" Deep Sides, 6" Crotch 4" Deep Sides, 4" Crotch 12" Deep Sides, 10" Crotch 12" Deep Sides, 6" Crotch One Size Only (XL) Length 31" Length 31" Length 13" Length 26" Length 29" Body 29" long N/a Length 16" Length 11" From Front V Neck 13.5" Full Length Approx 50" Length 31" Length 52" Length 34" Length 33"

7 Code KH1 L1 L1F L1P L2 L3 L5 L5B L5U L7 L8 L9 L10 L13 L14 L15 L21 L32 L33 L34 L71 L72 LA1 LDC1 LDG1 LEG1 LG1 LJ1 LPS1 LTB1 Description Kissing Hoods ­ 2 hoods joined together with transparent tube Unisex Play suit with Elasticated waist, elasticated legs, arms & neck Unisex playsuit with frills on neck, arms and across the bum. Promotion ­ Includes LI, P1, P6 Unisex Full Length Night Dress with long arm sleeves. Belt not included Ladies short Minidress with rear zip and t-shirt arms. Unisex, sleeveless Crop Top, with front zip Ladies fitted Crop Top with shaped bones to front and rear zip Ladies Club Top with front zip Fitted Ladies Bra with fitted cups, rear poppers and shoulder straps Ladies short club dress with vest style top, fitted at waist rear zip. Cut Out Dress Halterneck Punk Dress with sewn cups, rear zip and edge binding. Boys Playsuit Like L1 but with attached Bloomers, rear zip, tighter neck, short elasticated sleeves Unisex chest high pants Ladies playsuit elasticated neck, waist, arms and legs Long nightdress, with long arms, close fitting. Ladies short Go Go Dress Ladies club dress. Top & skirt attached with circle detail. Rear zip Tennis dress with elasticated arms. With elasticated neck and ruffle Bikini Set Sewn with satin binding fitted bra & high cut bikini bottom Tie up bra with halterneck Ladies Sailor Outfit with short sleeves, v-neck and rear full length zip, frilly arms and hips and large crotch flap with 5 plastic buttons. Ladies Decon suit. Chest entry zip, attached feet & hood. Full length ladies dressing gown with collar and lapel shaped back section, long arms with turn back and sewn tie belt 4-way Stretch Leggings Two pairs of black double chlorinated latex gloves Shirt dress with high collar, set sleeves and front zip. Flared from waist. Ladies fit Polo shirt Lace top with Lace Bloomers, elasticated waist and chest. Price £42.00 £42.00 £46.00 £44.00 £25.50 £38.50 £20.50 £31.00 £20.50 £19.50 £26.00 £32.00 £30.00 £52.00 £22.00 £40.50 £34.00 £28.00 £22.00 £31.00 £28.00 £19.50 £53.00 £130.00 £48.00 £40.00 £10.00 £40.00 £26.00 £38.50 Measurements (Guide only) Waist 26-44",Hips46, Crotch 8-9,Full Length 40,Chest 38-44 Waist 26-44",Hips46, Crotch 8-9,Full Length 40,Chest 38-44 Length 41 ½ " (Back section) Length 34-35" Length 12 ½ " (Rear section) Length 10" Length 17" Medium 32B, Large 34C, X/Large 38D Length 32" Length 31" Length 22" 8" crotch and 20" sides Length 55" Length 30" Length 31" Small 32B Med 34C Lge 36D XL 36DD Length 52" Ladies should order large and gents XL Length 33" Length 26" Length 20"

8 Code M2 M20 M2N M2NP M2P M3 M4 M5 MB1 MB2 MB3 MC1 MCU1 MC2 MCU2 MDL1 MDS1 MF1 MH1 MJ1 MJP1 MM1 MM2 MO1 MO2 MPS1 MPP1 MS1 MRC1 MS2 MZ1 N1 ND1 Description Unisex Breathing Mask with breathing hole at mouth Open face hood with rear zip Elasticated breathing mask no zip with breathing port Elasticated breathing mask with no zip or port hole Breathing mask with pipe adaptor to accept breathing bags Unisex Rain hat with PVC lining and large rim Double layer inflation hood with tube and inflation port. Traditional sou'wester with large sewn rim and 4 head panels. Large ear flaps with ties and double thickness PVC. Male briefs with thin waist elastic. Male briefs with wide waist elastic. Men's low rise briefs, very narrow sides & trim. Full length Matrix coat with high collar and front zip Fitted Matrix Coat flared from the waist Short Matrix coat with high collar and front zip Short Fitted Matrix coat with high collar and flared from waist Male Dolly ­Total enclosed suit with rear zip with 4 zip heads Male Dolly ­ as above but for males under 5ft 10" Military Flared. Ladies fit double breasted jacket coat with 6 buttons Mens hoodie, elasticated cuffs & waist, high neck with drawstring hood. Trendy modern jacket with high collar and zip front Jockey pants, double stitched, shaped pouch, elasticated waist. Pants with attached mask elasticated at neck and full length zip. Pants with attached mask in the "69" position Maids Outfit Complete With Matching Hat Ladies French Maid Outfit with Bra, pants and apron Male fit polo shirt. Collar and short sleeves Male posing pants. Made from 4-way stretch materials. Man's fitted shirt with collar and popper front fastening Ladies moulded rubber corset with attached suspenders Mens sleeveless short complete with stitched collar and front poppers Men's zip shirt, stitched collar. Adult Baby Smock top with puff sleeves, frilly hem and rear zip Sexy Nurse outfit with tie neck and rear zip. Comes with nurses hat. Price £24.00 £24.00 £25.00 £25.00 £25.00 £18.00 £44.00 £25.00 £12.50 £16.00 £19.00 £60.00 £55.50 £55.50 £44.00 £140.00 £130.00 £90.00 £38.00 £44.00 £24.00 £47.00 £44.50 £38.50 £35.00 £33.00 £35.00 £38.00 £28.00 £31.50 £36.00 £52.00 £33.00 Measurements (Guide only) Fits head circumference 23"/24"/25" One size fits all. Fits head circumference 23"/24"/25" 3" crotch and 2" sides 2" crotch and 2" sides 1" Sides Length 58" Length 56" Long Length 46" Length 42" Long Length 34" Length 30" Length 38" Crotch 6" Sides10" Length 33" 3 Parts Length 29" Length 30" n/a Length 30" Length 30" 26" long at back 20" long at back

9 Code ND2 NK1 NK2 NM1 NO1 NO2 OB1 PA1 PA2 PA3 PA3C PA4 PA5 PA5C PA5P PA6 PA7 PA7H PA15 PA21B PA21C PA21H PD1 PO1 PO2 PO3 P1 P1F P6 P6F Description Sexy nurse outfit with poppers up the front with short sleeves Unisex Nuke suit Mark 1. Unisex Nuke suit Mark 2, air blower belt and pipe inlet. Air fed mask for nuke suits ­ black or yellow Nuns Outfit with long dress and headdress Nuns Outfit with short dress and headdress Calf height, elasticated over booties, shaped leg, welded sole Unisex double breasted wrap around coat with collar & belt UK Produced Ladies ¾ fashion mac - Internal Pockets, Collar & Belt UK Produced Ladies Full Length Mac with poppers, pockets & hood China produced ladies full length Mac with storm flap, plastic poppers. Ladies ¾ Length Coat with poppers, rounded pockets & large hood Unisex Double Breasted Raincoat with internal pockets, Collar & Belt China produced PA5 epaulettes, wrist straps, rain flap, belt loops. Promotional Shiny Yellow double breasted mac with black buttons Ladies nostalgic 1950's single breasted raincoat with buckle belt Special Raincoat as designed for Susie at Plastique Unique Raincoat as PA7 with additional attached hood Traditional Short Trench Mac Double Breasted 6 black buttons, double stitched collar, internal pockets, belt loops, rain flap, wide belt Single Breasted coat has Raglan sleeves, collar and four Buttons with sewn Button Holes, no pocket and tie belt. Single Breasted coat has Raglan sleeves, collar and four large PVC buttons, no pockets and tie belt. Single Breasted coat has Raglan sleeves, large box hood and four large PVC buttons, no pockets and tie belt. Sophisticated pinafore dress with adjustable tabs Ladies throw over poncho with drawstring hood and front pockets Gents throw over poncho with drawstring hood and front pockets Throw over poncho with hood Set of 2 hand mittens with elasticated wrists Set of adult baby frilly mittens Set of 2 booties with elasticated ankles Set of adult baby frilly booties Price £31.00 £200.00 £270.00 £123.00 £47.00 £41.00 £19.00 £33.00 £37.00 £40.00 £32.00 £38.00 £52.00 £42.00 £48.00 £38.50 £48.00 £51.50 £51.50 £26.00 £25.00 £28.00 £31.00 £39.00 £43.00 £29.00 £13.50 £17.00 £13.50 £17.00 Measurements (Guide only) Length 50" Length 30" Height 18" Length 35" Length 42" Length 48-51" Length 52" Chest 48" Length 38"

Length 50-52" Bust S 42" M 44" L 46" XL 48" XXL 50"

Length 52"

Length 52" Bust S 42" M 44" L 46" XL 48" XXL 50"

Length 48" Length 35" Long

Length 34"

Length 43" Length 43" Length 43" Length 25" Length 32" Length 43" Length 40" Diameter 8"-10"Height 12" Diameter 8"-10"Height 12" Foot Length 13-14" Height 11-12" Foot Length 11"-12" Height 10-11"

10 Code PB1 PB2 PJ1 PL1 PL2 PM1 PP1 PS1 PW1 PYS1 RB1 RD1 RG1 RHP1 RM1 RM2 RMB1 ROM1 ROM2 RP1 RR1 RS1 RUB1 SB1 SC1 SCO1 SD1 SD1F SLG1 SM1 SO1 SP1 Description Large PVC Bag made from stiffer semi transparent PVC Double enclosed bag Men's Pyjama's includes straight cut trousers with fly and Jacket Pleasure tube (with lubricant) Reinforced Pleasure Tube (with Lubricant) Electric Pump ­ Mains, with Adaptors. Inflate or deflate Close fitting pants with elasticated legs and waist with attached sheath Large sheet of stiffer semi Transparent PVC Coat hood with built in fully enclosed mask with drawstring Ladies fitted dress with short sleeves, high collar with buttons. 1 litre Inflatable breathing bag with adaptor for masks Stretchy moulded Thigh length rubber dress Elbow length moulded rubber gloves Moulded latex pants Rubber moulded mini skirt Rubber mask ­ made from thin stretchy latex Male rubber briefs ­ based on our MB1 design, in thin stretchy latex Ladies Fit AB Romper Suit with mittens,booties,bib full front zip & collar Gents Fit AB Romper Suit with mittens,booties,bib full front zip & collar Comfortable fit ladies Latex panties with sewn ¾" elastics Ladies Fit Ra Ra Dress with circle skirt Thigh High Moulded rubber stockings Black Shiny Rubber Bra Large Sissy Bonnet with frilled edge Stephanie ¾ length Coat, full length front zip, elasticated waist, side pockets and box hood. Full Air fed system, mounting belt and battery. For enclosure suits. Square neck skating dress flared at the waist with rear zip and binding Square neck skating dress flared at waist with frill at hem Suspender Leggings with close fitting pants School outfit includes blouse and school smock/tabard College Girl Outfit. 2 Piece Top with rear zip & bow & Pleated Skirt with Buckle Detail. Classic cut ladies briefs with thin elastics Price £25.50 £45.00 £48.00 £25.00 £26.00 £20.00 £28.00 £15.00 £39.00 £35.00 £15.00 £26.50 £15.50 £22.00 £13.50 £12.00 £24.00 £60.00 £75.00 £40.00 £31.50 £24.00 £22.00 £20.00 £46.00 £520.00 £29.00 £31.00 £56.00 £52.00 £65.00 £16.50 Measurements (Guide only) 54"x 84" 84"x 100" Jacket 32" long 14"x 7" 14"x 7" 84"x 108" Length 31" Length 23" long 10" sides 3" crotch 14" long Full Length Full Length crotch 4" sides 5" Length 27" long Cup Size: S-B, M-B, L-C, XL-DD, 2XL-EE Length 36" Length 24" Length 24" Length of smock from neck 25" Skirt Length 14" Crotch 3" Sides 1"

11 Code SP1F SP1L SP1R SP2 SP2L SP3 ST1 SU1 SX1 SX2 S1 S2 S2F S3F S4 S9 TC1 TO1 TP1 TUD1 TUM1 TUP1 TUT1 UR1 VAL1 VPSB1 VPSC1 VS1 WD1 WD2 Code Description Frilly Style Pants Ladies cut Briefs 3 rows of frills across bum Ladies style briefs with three rows of Lace across bum Our SP1 pant made in soft, stretchy latex. Ladies cut briefs with external sewn elastics Ladies bikini briefs with lace sewn around waist and legs Ladies cut briefs with frilly top edge and two sewn bows Halter neck Swimsuit with tie back and buckle detail Close fit hood, rear zip, transparent suction face, small hole Ladies ¾ length 60s Coat, 5 Black Buttons, side pockets, stitched collar and front lapels Circular 60's style hat with stitched rim. Unisex Shower Cap Unisex Bonnet Adult Baby frilly bonnet Adult Baby frilly Bib Adult Baby Large Bib with Large Pocket Sheeting per metre Tibby jacket with sewn buttons & button holes with a wide double stitched belt through loops & two front pockets in 2 way stretch material St Trinian's outfit with integral dress/blouse, tie Pants with tie up sides Tie Up Dress with pipe elastics and steel eyelets to front and back Tie Up Mini Skirt with pipe elastic to side through steel eyelets Tie Up Hotpants with Pipe elastic to sides through steel eyelets Tie Up Crop Top with pipe elastic and steel eyelets to fro Ultimate raincoat with storm flaps, fluted back, tie cuffs and tie belt Valentine outfit with camisole and panties Weld on shiny black Vinyl sheath Weld on clear Vinyl sheath Vacuum Suit with enclosed arms/ mittens, porthole & vacuum connection. Waitress Dress with fitted bodice, puff sleeves, full skirt with tie apron. Male Waitress Dress with fitted bodice, puff sleeves, full skirt with tie apron. Description Price £19.50 £20.50 £19.99 £16.50 £20.50 £18.00 £21.50 £25.00 £43.00 £20.00 £12.00 £12.00 £20.00 £18.00 £22.00 £ 8.00 £90.00 £35.00 £9.00 £31.50 £36.50 £36.50 £26.50 £90.00 £22.00 £21.00 £21.00 £115.00 £70.00 £75.00 Price Measurements (Guide only) Crotch 3" Sides 1" Crotch 3" Sides 1" Crotch 3" Sides 1" Crotch 3" Sides 1" Crotch 3" Sides 1" Crotch 1½" Sides 1" Length 33" Small 22", Medium 23", Large 24" 14" Length 19", 17" Width Width 52 ½ " 33" Long Length 34" N/A Length 25" Length 12" 10" deep Length 12.5" Length 37" 19" long 6" 6" Length 84" Length 32" Length 32" Measurements (Guide only)

12 WO1 XO1 ZJ1 PRO3 V10 V11 V12 V13 V18 V19 V20 V21 V22 ¾ Wrap over jacket with large popper belt Xmas Outfit includes baby doll dress, frilly knickers,½ Cape & Santa Hat Full length mac with full length zip, detachable hood, large buckle belt Video - Girl's In Plastic Part 2 "The Fantasy" Video ­ Parading In Plastic Video- Love in Plastic DVD- Love in Plastic DVD- Girls in Plastic Part 1 DVD ­ PVC Dreams compilation 1 New DVD ­ PVC Dreams Lolly Badcock DVD ­ Inside PVC-U-LIKE New DVD ­ Academy of Plastic and Rubber New DVD ­ Restrained in Plastic UK 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 chest 29" 33" 35" 37" 39" 41" 43" 45" waist 24" 25" 27" 29" 31" 33" 35" 37" hips 36" 37" 39" 41" 43" 45" 47" Mens Med Large X/Large 2XL 3XL 4XL chest 39-41" 42-45" 46-49" 50-52" 53-55" 56-58" £50.00 £55.50 £52.00 £2.50 £10.00 £23.50 £26.00 £20.00 £18.00 19.99 £6.99 £15.30 £14.99 waist 32-35" 36-38" 39-41" 42-44" 45-47" 48-50" Length 32" Length 43" Feature length film in four parts Feature length film in 4 parts on DVD Time 70 mins. Feature length film 4 clips from PVC Dreams website 75 minutes of PVC action. 15 minutes documentary style inside PUL 50 minutes of PVC and Rubber 60 minute 5 part Compilation

Ladies X/Sml Sml Medium Large X/Large 2XL 3XL 4XL

Please note: 4 way stretch materials have an uplift charge of 40%

Delivery is between 7-28 days depending on stock and availability.

PVC-U-LIKE, Unit 20, Burcote Wood Business Centre, Wood Burcote, Towcester, Northants, NN12 8TA EMAIL: [email protected] TELEPHONE: 01327 358353 FAX: 01327 359995


PVC-U-LIKE Wholesale Price Listing & Descriptions

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PVC-U-LIKE Wholesale Price Listing & Descriptions