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A Personal Message from Corinne Allen Ph.D. Advanced Learning & Development Institute 866-81Brain

Attention those suffering with Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, Autism, Aspergers, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Down's Syndrome, Addictions, Aging Brain Issues, Mild to Severe Brain Injuries, Sensory Motor Issues, Cerebral Palsy.

Our third child was seriously brain injured at birth from a lack of oxygen. We knew from birth she needed help and immediately began her on a home program developed by the Institute For Human Potential called the Doman program. Soon God brought more ways to help her through an offshoot of the Doman program with Florence Scott. We did the Neurological Developmental therapy for an hour a day for over five years. It was hard work. But the benefits paid off greatly. Our daughter began to advance slowly and become more "normal."

When she reached her teen years, we realized that there was still much more work to be done. How could someone who was so sweet and coming along so well become so challenging? Yes, I remember when my teenager became impossible. We had to remove everything from her, all privileges, all media, everything. .

Math became almost impossible as she started Algebra and advanced sciences. Her English was lagging, and she just couldn't seem to get it together. She couldn't get the high school subjects done and have a normal teen age life. She was facing new challenges and struggling in her academics, time management, organization, overwhelmed with everything, and it seemed hopeless to ever get through high school.

She attended the Advanced Learning & Development Institute's 12 day intensive and 30 day home program. Immediately we saw changes. Her Algebra, Chemistry, and English began to come easier. She now could manage her time and become organized at a higher level than ever before. She began to initiate helping with cooking, dishes and cleaning the house.

A whole new set of behaviors began to evolve. She was able to plan her day without being overwhelmed all the time. She became organized in her personal belongings, cleaning and organizing her own space as she never could before. She gained new confidence and regained her joy. She has now become a leader among her peers. She has made great spiritual strides as well. She is able to look forward to and plan for the future. She is not afraid of the future and growing up anymore.

She became a different person. She began doing her school work. Her anger, frustration and disobedience just changed. We no longer had an issue. She willingly cooperated and did her chores and school work without being told many times to do so.

She began helping out and had a much better attitude. She began tackling much harder school work and doing it successfully. She had new motivation and was doing better in every area.

The Advanced Learning & Development's brain program helped her so much and gave her a much needed boost to get through her emotional and academic struggles. It made life much more enjoyable for mom and dad, too.

I was so grateful that we had the advanced brain program to put her through.

Why do I tell you this story?

We Can Enhance the Brain's Ability to Function

It is well documented that proper types of stimulation will cause the brain to grow more neural connections. It is documented that powerful ways to stimulate new brain connections are:

light color, sound

music movement nutrition touch oxygen

Use the Summer to Take The Brain to New Horizons

If your child is not at the level you know they could be, why not enhance the brain's ability to heal itself with Advanced Learning & Development's "leading edge technology" program and individualized protocols? Enroll them in one of the 12 day summer sessions.

This life changing program has taken children and adults past blocks and improved so many areas of life. Those who have completed the program, adults as well as children, have found it has taken them to the next level. Many things that they have been working on for a long time just start to function normally in the areas of emotions, academics, thinking, mental abilities, and physical abilities.

Some changes occur immediately whereas the new neuron connections are made as growth continues in the months ahead and this may also include extra physical abilities. Often our participants see and feel changes occurring almost immediately and visibly in the first twelve days while others evolve with time as the new neuron connections are called upon.

Make Up For Years of Delayed Development

How much and how far Advanced Learning & Development's brain stimulating program can push the brain is different for every individual, for everyone has a distinct and different experience. We see 8090% of our participants getting exceptional results. Results that would take years of therapy to achieve and are oftentimes unachievable outside of this remarkable program.

But we know from our participants that ALDI's 42 day intensive program can make up for years of struggling with developmental and brain issues.

Don't Manage It, End It!

Don't wait until something happens that makes you desperate before you decide to give your child this gift of brain gain and advancement.

Much More Growth and Worth the Effort!

Our children are complex. If your child has special needs, deficiencies, delays, or challenges there are answers. The more severe the challenges the harder we have to work to get them to be well. The beauty of the Advanced Learning & Development brain program is that those that have experienced it have confirmed what I saw in my own daughter: much growth and absolutely worth the effort, time and money.

Summer Programs Starting June-August

Summer is soon upon us, and our summer programs are starting in June through August. All programs are held at a ranch in Idaho. This environment is beautifully set in the middle of Idaho with 3000 acres of uninhabited land around us. It is well suited for rest and healing. Natural, wholesome, healthy gluten and wheat free, brain stimulating meals are provided for you so you have no hassles of cooking or trying to find the right foods.

Don't Ever Give Up!

Moms and Dads, you are key in your child's recovery and development! Don't ever give up! Continue to stimulate their brains. When something is working, keep doing it. Your child can be whole and well.

Getting our kids well is worth effort and sacrifice.

Don't Delay In Giving Your Child Their Chance to Reach their Full Potential Don't think that those weaknesses and delays that your child has will just go away or be outgrown. Some will, but others are not changed just by getting older. These developmental and brain deficiencies cannot change unless they are fixed. The neuron pathways must be activated and increased. Don't delay in giving your child the chance to live up to their full potential.

Get A Year's Worth Of Therapy In Just One Summer Even individuals who do types of therapy all year long make greater strides in the 12 day intensive brain camps and 30 day home program than they do with a whole year of individual therapies.

Push Development To Normal Levels and Beyond! We know that we can push developmental levels to normal levels and beyond with the Advanced Learning and Development stimulation program. Many of our graduates have become strong individuals functioning in a normal world.

ALDI is an accelerated program. We challenge you to find a therapy that is able to match the speed and depth of what can be accomplished in the Advanced Learning & Development's 42 day program.

Hope For A Normal Life

One of the moms in the ALDI brain program was told that her daughter would just be a severely brain injured child, never able to do anything. So just live with it. She refused, and from the time the child was born she has had her in alternative, developmental therapies. Her daughter did the ALDI 42 day program when she was 17 and made tremendous progress toward being able to be a "normal" teenager and live independently in this world. This mom refused to think that you try one program and you are done or that one therapy session would do it all. She knew it would take hard work and much therapy. Get life changing and lasting help for Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, Autism, Aspergers, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Down's Syndrome, Addictions, Aging Brain Issues, Mild to Severe Brain Injuries, Sensory Motor Issues, Cerebral Pals

Don't delay in giving your child the brain they deserve. This is the best program for those wanting development taken to the next higher level.

Call 866-812-7246, or email [email protected] Check out our website for this summer's schedule.


- Dr. Corinne Allen

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