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PROFILE A Q5AIMS customer since 2005, Lafarge, North America Cement Region, has now completed more than 140 plant and terminal audits in North America using Q5AIMS web-based, e-audit technology. Client Challenge : The need to provide a wide range of audits data capture option for a diverse team of international auditors. Q5 Solution

Dan McClain, Director, Safety Training and Program Development for Lafarge North America, Cement Division, has noted that the efficiency and flexibility of the audit and inspection management system has allowed audit teams to complete, track and report on audits in record time, suspecting a 50% time saver. Being able to leave the site manager with the completed reports on the last day of the audit shows the power of the Q5AIMS web-based technology. The Q5 system and technology was rolled out to the North America Cement Region's five Business Units and implemented by the Regional Safety Directors with relative ease.

(Left) Lafarge Audit Team in New York Thierry-Oliver Lefevre; Ravena Quarry Manager; and Paul Corbin. (Below) John Kline, VP of Manufacturing of the Western Business Unit auditing the Seattle Plant

"Using a Lafarge specific audit, consistent across North America allows us to share best practices and solutions across the Cement Division", said McClain. He went on to say that, "Being able to use Q5AIMS on hand held devices, laptops and Q5AIMS generated traditional paper checklists allows the flexibility for all members of our audit teams fitting the varying comfort levels with the technology". Since their initial introduction of Q5, Lafarge has expanded it's use of Q5AIMS to two different regions-North America AC&A and North America Gypsum with success. "The Q5AIMS System did not consume resources. . . it freed them up to address the issues identified in the audit process. It's a great tool," states McClain.

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