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Application Q8 Rubens EP000 is a semi-fluid lithium complex grease for centralized lubrication systems, especially for automotive applications where a grease with good pumpability properties at low temperature is necessary. It's recommended for anti-friction and plain bearings, especially gearbox applications or for automatic/central lube systems.

Benefits · Good pumpability characteristics at -20°C · Excellent rust protection · Water resistant; improved water stability over standard lithium grease · Wide service temperature range of -30 to +150°C

Formulation Lithium complex grease based on mineral oil fortified with; · Anti-oxidant · Rust Inhibitors · Extreme Pressure additives

Typical Inspection Data Property Soap type Consistency, NLGI no. Penetration, Worked, 25°C, 150 g, 5 s, 60 Strokes Dropping Point Appearance Four Ball Test, Weld Load Kin. Viscosity Base Oil at 40°C Kin. Viscosity Base Oil at 100°C Pour Point of Base Oil

Method D 217 D 566 Visual IP 239 D 445 D 445 IP 15

Unit 0.1 mm °C kg mm²/s mm²/s °C

Inspection Data Lithium complex 000 450 202 Red Smooth 280 150 16 -18

Health and Safety Reference should be made to the relevant Q8 Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

Sep 04

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In line with our policy of continued improvement, Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants reserve the right to change specification and availability without prior notice

technical data

Q8 Rubens EP000



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