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If a small car carrying three people at thirty miles an hour for ten minutes along a road five miles long at 11:35 in the morning starts at the same time as three people who have been traveling in a little automobile at twenty miles an hour for fifteen minutes on another road exactly twice as long as one half the distance of the other, while a dog, a bug, and a boy travel an equal distance in the same time or the same distance in an equal time along a third road in mid-October, then which one arrives first and which is the best way to go?

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Workshop Agenda

· Sponge discussion · Discuss how we can integrate math and literature · Look at specific examples · Activity (depending on time) · Questions, evaluation and Gallery walk

Connecting Mathematics and Literature

Presented by Aysha Khemakhem Qatar Academy Primary

Discussion time

Think about one math lesson you had in elementary school . Share your experience with the person sitting next to you.

We Can Ensure a Meaningful and Memorable Experiences

· Use of Manipulative · Use of Technology · Use of Literature

"Children's books are being used more frequently to teach mathematics. With literature, children are able to experience the wonder of mathematics in the same way they appreciate the wonders of a great story."

Marilyn Burns

A Perfect Match!

The combination of mathematics and literature allows children to discover mathematical concepts in a meaningful context and makes the learning experience more personal.


Define Order in the World Classify Information Solve Problems Discover Relationships Identify Patterns


Could you have tea for two without the two ­ or three blind mice without the three? Would there be four corners of the earth if there weren't four? And how could you sail the seven seas without a seven?

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Reasons To Connect Literature to Math

Children's literature: 1. provides a meaningful context for mathematics. 2. demonstrates that mathematics develops out of human experience. 3. celebrates mathematics as a language. 4. integrates mathematics into other curriculum areas. 5. fosters the development of number sense. 6. supports the art of problem posing and solving. 7. reinforces the idea that MATH IS EVERYWHERE

Marilyn Burns

How Can You Integrate Literature and Math

· Use literature to introduce a lesson or a concept · Use literature to reinforce math skills · Use literature for math investigation and open-ended tasks

Strategies for Integrating Math Related Literature

· Pose questions that encourage children to use higher level thinking · Share books that encourage children to look closely at their world · Invite children to use the pattern of the story to create a new similar story · Select books that explore a mathematical concept and compare the pieces of literature


with all math lessons, keep the emphasis on children's reasoning, ask students to communicate their thinking and solutions, and encourage discussion among students"

Marilyn Burns

Criteria for selecting Math related Books for Children

· · · · · · An engaging storyline A sense of wonder about the world A framework that meets mathematical criteria One that presents math concepts accurately Has visual and verbal appeal Has evidence of real-world connections One that builds on students prior knowledge ...or!

Chose one book that you can use in your next math lesson. Write the title and the corresponding concept in the provided paper and discuss with your group.

"Oh, we're just the average family," he said thoughtfully; "mother, father, and 2.58 children-and, as I explained, I'm the .58." "It must be rather odd being only part of a person," Milo remarked. "Not at all," said the child. "Every average family has 2.58 children, so I always have someone to play with. Besides, each family also has an average of 1.3 automobiles, and since I'm the only one who can drive three tenths of a car, I get to use it all the time."

The Phantom Tollbooth

Math and Literature (Grades K-3)

This book contains 50 children's books that are useful for teaching math concepts, sample lesson ideas and samples of students' work

The Wonderful World of Mathematics (second edition, 1998)

This book analyzes 550 children's book in terms of math content, activities and illustrations.

Exploring Mathematics through Literature: Articles and Lessons for Pre kindergarten through grade 8

This collection of articles and lessons illustrates how specific literary titles can support each of the five content standards.

Great Links

· Mathematics & Children's Literature Book List for PrK-G5 · Lesson Plans for Using Literature in Middle and High School Mathematics (Texas A&M University Corpus Christi) · Preschool Literature in the Mathematics Classroom · Teacher Resources for Using Literature in the Mathematics Classroom · Math Lessons related to Literature

· More great Books and ideas · National Education Association NEA-Great Articles · Math in Children's Literature related sites


· Chart of Children's Literature Featured in the Math Solutions Publications series Math, Literature, and Nonfiction, Listed with Grade Levels and Topics · Book Titles Inline with NCTM Expectations · Developing Math Games Based on Children's Literature


· Mathematics Activities Related to Book Titles: Making a Literature Connection · Teaching The Greedy Triangle (Math Solutions) NCTM Illuminations: · Shapes and Poetry: "Shapes" from A Light in the Attic, by Shel Silverstein · Estimating Volume by Counting on Frank · Investigating How Big Is a Foot? by Rolf Myller

All this will be on and more will be on our math wikispace


· Integrating Reading and Mathematics · URL: · Math Solutions Publications · NCTM Illuminations URL: · California Department of Education URL: · Other: URL:

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