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EPC Module : FIDIC Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects

May 16 ­ 17 2010

Background to EPC/Turnkey projects - What is an EPC or turnkey project - When is EPC/turnkey type of project delivery used - The advantages of turnkey projects Introduction to the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects - The development of the FIDIC EPC/Turnkey contract - Outline of the main FIDIC major works contracts - The main differences of FIDIC EPC/Turnkey contract - Latest developments: the new FIDIC DBO Contract The FIDIC EPC/Turnkey contract: principles and detail - Clauses 1-3: General Provisions; co-ordinating the general with the Particular Conditions; roles of Employer, Contractor and their Representatives; principal documents; Employer's claims. - Clauses 4 and 5: Contractor's obligations; design, execution, fitness for purpose; performance security; progress. - Clauses 7 and 8: Plant, Materials and Workmanship; commencement, delays and suspension. - Clauses 9-12: Tests on and after completion; Employer's taking over; defects liability. - Clauses 13 and 14: Variations, Adjustments and Payment. - Clause 15: termination by Employer; Contractor default; termination for convenience. - Clause 16: Contractor Suspension and Termination. - Clauses 17-19: Allocation of specific risks; insurance obligations; Force Majeure - meaning and effect of force majeure events. - Clause 20: Contractor's claims; the Sub-Clause 20.1 time bar; importance of contemporary records; notices of claim; identifying claim events and circumstances the DAB process, amicable settlement and arbitration. Summary and review - Practical issues about using the Silver Book: multiple turnkeys; front-end engineering design; unforeseeable difficulties under Clause 4; applying Clause 5 in practice; delay damages; fluctuations. - Discussion: where might the EPC/Turnkey be improved?

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EPC Module : FIDIC Conditions of Contract for EPC/ Turnkey Projects Please select the date of your choice

16 ­ 17 May 2010 Late in 2010

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