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Northeastern Conference Youth Ministries Department Presents

Youth Ministries Convention January 13 - 16, 2011















Hilton Stamford Hotel & Executive Meeting Center

One First Stamford Place· Stamford· Connecticut 06902 203.967.2222


Please keep the following in mind as you prepare for the Convention


Registration for the Youth Ministries Convention is $165.00 per person. The late fee rate of $185.00 per person begins December 20, 2010. We encourage everyone to pre-register. The Registration fee covers the enter weekends seminars, materials and meals. There will be no Sabbath Only registration.


Contact the Hilton Hotel and make your room reservations. The hotel rate is $109.00 per room, per night. (occupancy for 4 persons) The Youth Department is not booking rooms for the convention. You must call and reserve your room(s). The phone number is 203-967-2222. Let the hotel staff know that you are attending the Northeastern Conference event when making your reserva-


Fill out the registration form completely and send it to the youth department office. Payment must accompany the form. Payment for the convention should be either cash, money order or church check. Personal checks will NOT be accepted.


Mail the payment and original registration forms to:

NEC Youth Ministries Youth Convention 115-50 Merrick Boulevard Jamaica, NY 11434 Delegates whose forms are received without payment will be considered not registered until payment has been received and is subject to late registration penalty when applicable. You can also bring the registration form with payment to the Youth Ministries Department office in person.


Only registered Youth Ministries Convention participants are privileged to attend all seminars and dining functions. We identify these participants by wristbands AND name badges . Anyone without the wristband will not be admitted in any worship session (including divine service on Sabbath) seminar rooms or dining areas.

Seminars for Adventurer Leaders and Staff

ADVENTURER CURRICULUM & AWARDS Hands-on methods of teaching awards to keep your Adventurers motivated, inspired, and excited. Learn how to teach Adventurer curriculum with confidence in fun and positive ways. Little Lamb Presenters: Iris Bonet & Myrtha Jean, NEN Area Coordinators Eager Beaver Presenters: Gertrude Williams and Rogers Avenue Rainbow Club Sunbeam Presenters: Veronica Washington, BSI Area Coordinator Helping Hands Presenter: Luenda Scotland

Busy Bee Presenters: Judith Stanislas Secretary, Adventurer Federation

Paul Stanislas, Chaplain, Adventurer Federation

Builder Presenter: Jacqueline Peters, Long Island Area Coordinator

LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION So they say "I am a leader," what next? Am I ready or giving my best as a true leader?" This Seminar will equip you with the traits necessary to be an effective & successful leader.

Presenters: Marvalee Haffenden, President, Adv. Federation& Jason Dryden, BSI AY Federation

CLUB PROGRAMMING & PLANNING In this seminar you will learn to plan club activities for a calendar year. You will be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary for leading a successful Adventurer Club. Presenter: Melanie LaRose, Queens Area Coordinator

CONFLICT RESOLUTION When people just don't get along. What can you do? We'll look at methods of resolving the tension and making decisive plans to move ahead using a model that is both biblical and Christ-centered. Presenter: Dr. Garnet Morris, Pastor Queensboro Temple SDA Church

Seminars for Adventurer Leaders and Staff

CRAFTY CREATIONS Visit this construction site and build your program through hand-on experiences, creative ideas and fun-filled activities. You will gain the building tools, insight and ideas to help create a customized program for your little workers. Presenter: Iris Games, Assistant Coordinator, BSI Area

FUNDRAISING IDEAS SHOW...ME...THE...MONEY!!!! This seminar will help you to find the money to run a successful club, encourage you to stretch your vision, discuss accountability, financing, sources of income, fundraising, and sample budgets. Presenter: Sharon Brown-Keitt, Assistant Area Coordinator, Queens

OUTREACH Discover the link between Adventurer Ministry and your Community. Learn fun and creative ways of doing outreach. Presenter: Maggie Smith, Director of Kingston Adventurer Club

RISK MANAGEMENT This seminar will address how to better protect Adventurers from harm while under your care. Managing risk will may be our most important ministry task. Presenter: Bill Wood, Youth Director, Atlantic Union Conference

CEREMONIES This workshop will guide you through the process of conducting uniform ceremonies that are spiritual. You will gain insight into areas such as set up & presentation of induction & investiture services. Presenter: Angella Denton-Williams, Adventurer Parliamentarian CREATIVE WORSHIP IDEAS This workshop will provide rich new resources that can energize your society and motivate your AYS teams. Presenter: Dwain Esmond, Vice President for Review & Herald Publishing Association

Seminars for Youth Leaders and Staff

RECESS FROM THE RECESSION: FUNDRAISING IDEAS FOR YOUR YOUTH MINISTRY Purpose: With the recession at a standstill, this workshop will give you good fundraising ideas to help fund your youth activities. Attendees will learn some interesting and creative ways to put God to the test. Presenter: Pastor Nigel E. Lewis, Northeastern Conference Youth Director HEALTHY PEOPLE 2011: EXCITING WAYS TO ENCOURAGE HEALTHY LIVING FOR ALL AGES Purpose: In our current fast food nation, it can be hard for young people to find affordable food that is also healthy. This workshop will focus on finding ways to incorporate healthful living into the lives of young people. Presenter: Dr. Leroy Daley, Northeastern Conference Health Ministries Director

MY TEAM WENT MISSING: WHAT TO DO WHEN THE "TEAM" IS MIA. Purpose: Being a leader in youth ministries can sometimes feel like a lonely road. This workshop focuses on ways to sustain a consistent ministry even when there is wavering commitment within your cabinet. Presenter: Dwain Esmond, Vice-President, Review & Herald Publishing Association

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX! Presenter: Dr. Alicia Massop-Flowers & Dr. Herbert Goulding

IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME: WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS TO DATE IN TODAY'S SOCIETY? Presenter: Andrea D. Hicks, Coordinator, Adventist Single Adult Ministries, North American Division

POSITIVELY POISED Purpose: To empower individuals in commanding the art of civility, refinement and respect. Presenter: Vanessa White, Founder & Certified Etiquette Consultant

Seminars for Youth Leaders and Staff

LIGHTS, CAMERA, PRAISE! INTRODUCING ACTING AND SKITS INTO AYS PROGRAMS Purpose: This workshop will focus on exciting ways to add drama to your AYS. Attendees will learn interesting ways to introduce skits, music, and testimonies into your ministry and use them in community outreach. Presenter: Joel Johnson, Youth Director, Allegheny West Conference

OUTREACH FOR YOUTH IN METROPOLITAN CITIES Purpose: This workshop is specifically geared towards making AY ministries outwardly focused by opening the doors of the church to the community. Attendees will learn to build partnerships with community institutions for better evangelistic results. Presenter: Jonathan Coicou

PRAISE IS WHAT I DO: HOW TO INCORPORATE PRAISE AND WORSHIP INTO YOUR AYS PROGRAM Purpose: This workshop will focus on successful ways to implement praise and worship into your AYS programs as well as the other services of the church. Effective praise and worship can enhance your church experience and also unite your society while helping to maintain a true sense of holiness in the worship service. Presenter: TBA

SPOKEN WORD POETRY Presenter: Shanelle Gabriel

INTEGRITY IS AN ACTION WORD: TEN WAYS TO INSPIRE YOUNG PEOPLE TO COME TO CHURCH This is hot, fresh and so practical. You are bound to grow and increase your enthusiasm. Presented by: Sean Thomas, Hemangi Pai, and Daniel Hall

Seminars for Youth Leaders and Staff

HELP, I'M AN AYS LEADER: OVERALL LEADERSHIP GUIDE FOR AYS LEADERS Purpose: This workshop will focus on the leadership skills required to be an effective AYS Leader. Organization of AYS programs, managing your AYS Committee, relating to young people, and an overall introduction to the role of the AYS leader in the church and the conference will be emphasized. Presenter: Damon Hendrickson, Pastor, Bermuda Conference

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Purpose: This workshop will give AY leaders strategies on how to avoid burn-out and discouragement, two problems that are common among youth leaders. Youth leaders will understand how critical their role is in the vitality of the church and will develop their very own "Survival Kit". Presenter: Susan Caleb

THE REAL iTOUCH: CREATIVE WAYS TO MINISTER VIA THE INTERNET Purpose: This workshop will focus on successful ways to utilize the Internet and modern technology into your AYS programs. Our young people are in the age of the finest technology ever seen in the world. Youth leaders will gain insights to help them stay in the loop while making technology interactive in church programs. Presenter: Pastor Philip M. Wesley, II, Assoc. Youth Director, Northeastern Conference

WRITE THE VISION - MAKE IT PLAIN Purpose: The purpose of this workshop is to help youth leaders to understand the importance of setting goals for their ministry. In this workshop, leaders will create vision boards for their respective churches and develop ways to accomplish the goals they have set. Presenter: Ms. Florence Calendar, Freelance writer and public speaker

ICEBREAKERS: FUN WAYS TO SHAKE UP THE MONOTONY OF AYS PROGRAMS Purpose: This workshop will focus on ways to make AYS programs fun for the whole family. Various games and ideas will be introduced to help youth leaders break up the monotony of our weekly AYS programs. Presenters: Susan Caleb & Jason Dryden

Seminars for Pathfinder Leaders and Staff

ORGANIZING DRUM CORPS IN CLUBS AND THE AREA Purpose: A seminar will give leaders an orientation to the task of leading and training the drum corps for conference, area and local clubs. Presenter: Director Mackens Casimir, Drum Corp Coordinator, NEC Pathfinder Federation

PATHFINDER MINISTRY DYNAMICS Purpose: Providing new and seasoned Pathfinder staff with the dynamics to transform the local Pathfinder Club into a successful ministry. Attendees will learn how to plan evangelistic activities within the Pathfinder calendar to result in baptism and church growth. This segment covers basic staff training hours for club leadership and club organization. Presenter: Director John Jean-Baptiste, Hispanic New England Area Coordiinator

ORGANIZING TLT MINISTRY Detailing concepts and practical functions of the Teen Leadership Training Program. This seminar covers the basic staff training hours for TLT Ministry. Presenter: Director Deanna Lambert, TLT Coordinator, NEC Pathfinder Federation

THE MAKING OF A REAL DRILL INSTRUCTOR Purpose: Provide comprehensive instruction in the concepts of Drill Instruction and procedures to fulfill requirements necessary for certification. This seminar covers the Basic Staff Training hours for drilling and ceremonies. Presenter: Director Irwin Lawrence, Drill Coordinator, NEC Pathfinder Federation

TRANSITIONING PATHFINDERS INTO THE NEXT LEVEL OF YOUTH MINISTRY Purpose: This seminar will help members of the Pathfinder ministry transition into becoming viable members of the Ambassador Club and Adventist Youth Society. This segment covers the Basic Staff Training hours entitled "Understanding the Pathfinder". Presenter: Dr. Garnet Morris, Pastor Queensboro Temple SDA Church

CLUB PROGRAMMING AND PLANNING To develop familiarity with the activities and features that form the basis of a dynamic and successful Pathfinder Ministry. This seminar covers the requirement for the Basic Staff Training hours. Presenter: Director Edwin Bell, Assistant Area Coordinator, BSI Area

Seminars for Pathfinder Leaders and Staff

CAMPING & OUTDOOR EDUCATION Purpose: To develop an awareness of basic camping and outdoor skills necessary for outdoor leadership. This seminar covers the requirements for the Basic Staff Training course. Presenter: Director Dale Burns, Communications Officer, NEC Pathfinder Federation

STARTING & REACTIVATING PATHFINDER CLUBS Purpose: This seminar is designed to provide leaders with the tools to help charter new clubs or restart inactive ones. Attendees will learn how to work effectively with the Pathfinder Federation to enhance the local ministry. Presenter: Director Gordon Jones, President, NEC Pathfinder Federation

CULTURAL DIVERSITY & APPRECIATION Purpose: Ours is a church of many languages, cultures and varied ethnicities. Such diversity provides possibilities for either unity or division. As such, cultural sensitivity is crucial to a successful ministry. This seminar covers the requirements for the Basic Staff Training course. Presenter: Director Antonio de Jesus, Jr., New England North Hispanic Area

THE PREACHING PATHFINDER Purpose: Designed for TLT's who are interested in learning how to deliver a powerful message to the young and young at heart. Presenter: Nicardo K. Delahaye, Assistant Pastor, Mt. Sinai SDA Church

NEW PATHFINDER DIRECTORS Purpose: Providing basic knowledge specifically designed for new Pathfinder Club Directors. Presenter: Director Joan Simmons

Seminars for Pathfinder Leaders and Staff

THE WORK & MINISTRY OF THE PATHFINDER CHAPLAIN Purpose: To provide practical applications to the Chaplain officer in the Pathfinder Ministry as a means of in-reach and out-reach. Presenter: Director Gordon Jones, President, NEC Pathfinder Federation

PATHFINDER MINISTRY AS EFFECTIVE EVANGELISM Purpose: Learning how to plan evangelism into the year-long Pathfinder calendar that results in baptism and church growth. Presenter: Director Eric Johnson, Chaplain, NEC Pathfinder Federation

TEACHING THE PATHFINDER CURRICULUM Purpose: To discover the value of creative teaching approaches and the importance of developing a personal teaching style. To provide information on ways to teach the Pathfinder curriculum in a creative manner. This segment covers part of the requirement for the Basic Staff Training hours. Presenter: Director Paul Fyffe, Vice President, NEC Pathfinder Federation

Additional Seminars and Presentations

EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP Presenter: A. Keith Morris, Pastor Calvary SDA Church PUPPET MINISTRY Presenter: Joel Johnson Youth Director, Allegheny West Conference

PUBLIC SPEAKING Presenter: Nigel E. Lewis, Youth Director, Northeastern Conference


Communications Director, Northeastern Conference

THE ROLE OF THE SECRETARY Presenter: JeNean Johnson Administrative Assistant, NEC Youth Ministries


Chaperon/Leaders Name: Church: Ministry Area: Home Address: City: Home Phone: Email Address: State: Zip Code: Day Phone:

Name of Attendees (including Chaperons)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Age, Male/Female or indicate as Chaperon

To assist in dining preparation, please indicate how many in your group are vegetarian or non-vegetarian



Arrival Day:_______________

Arrival Time:_______________am/pm

Early Bird registration fee is $165.00. by December 20, 2010 Late registration fee is $185.00 December 21, 2010 - January 6, 2011

Early Bird registration without meals is $90.00 by December 20, 2010. Late registration without meals is $105.00 December 21 - January 6, 2011 Sabbath only registration without Meals is $50.00

No on-site meal registration Acceptable forms of payment are: · Church Checks, Money Orders, or Cash. No personal checks. · For Checks, place in the Memo section: NEC Youth Ministries Convention Registration · Please be mindful to only send payment for the registration fees

Total Fees Enclosed: $ for:

Registration with Meals Registration without Meals Sabbath Only

Please Mail to: NEC Youth Department Youth Ministries Convention 115-50 Merrick Boulevard Jamaica, NY 11434

Phone: 718-291-8006 Ext. 2244/2245/2246 Fax: 718-739-5133 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


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