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Digital measuring rod

The digital measuring rod SmartRod is a combination of telescopic-rod, hand-held-detector, measuring tape and calculator.

Reception field 16,5cm

SmartRod: 16,5cm reception field (120°) to find the laser beam. If the beam touches the reception field in any position, the height will be measured. Hand-held-detector: you have to find exactly the centre of the small reception field (for example 4cm) by moving the detector up and down. Using SmartRod it is no need to handle a measuring rod and a separate detector.

Height detection

Find the height of your laser-level just by pressing a button.

Additional features Cut or fill?

The difference between the measured height and the reference height will be calculated and displayed by SmartRod. Saves time and avoids mistakes Smartrod shows, how much has to be cutted or filled. bubble extensional from 1 to 4m sturdy bag 120° reception angle

Scope of deliverey:

SmartRod bag manual batteries

Measuring in tape mode

In tape mode, SmartRod works without laser. The display just shows the height between the foot and the top of SmartRod.


Technical Data Working range: Accuracy: Height measurement: Reception field: Detectable Beaml: Batteries: Temperature range: Save-energy-function: Protection:

SmartRod 1-300m (dependent on laser) ±2,5mm 0,99m-4,02m 165mm 120° 610-780nm 3xAA receiption field 3xAA display -20°C bis +50°C Standby after 30seconds, autom. shutoff after 5min no use IP54

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QBL Baulaser GmbH - A Hexagon company

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