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Qualcomm Atheros is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm and a leading provider of wireless and wired technologies for the mobile, networking, computing and consumer electronics markets. We're focused on inventing technologies that connect and empower people in ways that are elegant and accessible to all. We provide a global customer base with a broad portfolio of Wi-Fi®, location, Bluetooth®, FM, Ethernet, HomePlug® Powerline and PON solutions. By leveraging substantial expertise in RF, signal processing, software and networking we can deliver highly-integrated, low-power, system-level solutions that enable developers to create high-performance, di erentiated products.

Qualcomm Atheros Vision:

Inventing technologies that connect and empower people in ways that are elegant and accessible to all.

Wireless Networking and Computing ­ Qualcomm Atheros is a leading provider of 1-stream, 2-stream and 3-stream 802.11 solutions for a wide array of applications. Our high-performance, low-power XSPAN® and AlignTM products are employed by the top ten PC OEMs, the top five retail networking vendors, nearly all enterprise networking manufacturers, and many of the leading makers of carrier gateways.

Qualcomm Atheros also provides Bluetooth solutions for computers and tablets. By supporting the Bluetooth 4.0 + High Speed specification, our latest products not only provide high-speed personal area (PAN) connectivity, but can also operate with devices such as low-power sensors in wristwatches, home control systems and other devices that aren't traditionally "connected." Additionally, Qualcomm Atheros o ers a family of combination solutions that provide best-in-class Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for tablets, notebooks and consumer electronics. These smart combinations enable customers to greatly expand the functionality of converged devices, while improving their size, cost, and battery life.

Mobile WLAN ­ Qualcomm Atheros also o ers a variety of standalone and combination solutions that provide high-performance, low-power connectivity for

smartphones, gaming devices, VoIP handsets, portable media players and other mobile devices. Our 2-stream mobile 802.11n solutions raise the performance bar for smartphones and portable devices that need more robust Wi-Fi capabilities for media applications. We also o er the world's smallest and most energy e cient 1-stream 802.11n solution, which brings superior wireless features to even the sleekest feature phones.

Ethernet ­ Qualcomm Atheros provides PC OEMs and network equipment customers with the ETHOSTM family of Ethernet solutions. This growing portfolio

contains both Gigabit and Fast Ethernet options for switch, controller and PHY products, and features Qualcomm Atheros' unique green ETHOS technologies. Our Ethernet solutions have achieved market-leading low power, exceeding requirements for the European Code of Conduct for power e ciency. In fact, the AR8151 is the industry's smallest and greenest Gigabit Ethernet controller and is among the first to comply with the new IEEE 802.3az Energy E cient Ethernet draft specification.

Location ­ Qualcomm Atheros' IZatTM technologies provide uninterrupted location information everywhere, to ensure a better user experience for the growing number of location-based applications and services. By combining location data from multiple satellite systems (currently GPS and GLONASS), cellular and Wi-Fi networks, sensors and indoor location servers, IZat solutions can deliver faster, more accurate positions with less impact on a device's battery life. Our integrated and stand-alone location engines can be used in mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and many other consumer devices ­ whether or not they employ Qualcomm's WAN technologies. We also o er an unmatched portfolio of intelligent database and server software that enhances the location capabilities of any device on any network. These location products are already deployed in nearly one billion mobile devices from over 40 manufacturers, and in more than 50 operator networks around the globe. PON ­ Qualcomm Atheros' passive optical network (PON) solutions address the increasing bandwidth requirements of delivering multimedia and IPTV

content to the home and multi-dwelling units. With our 1G and 10G EPON (Ethernet PON) solutions, our carrier customers may deploy next-generation, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband access. Our end-to-end PON platform includes the industry's first 10G OLT (optical line terminal) and ONU (optical network unit) solutions, which can be used to deliver high-speed access from the central o ce to the home gateway.

Powerline ­ Qualcomm Atheros is the industry's leading provider of HomePlug® Powerline solutions, which leverage existing electrical circuitry to provide robust wired connectivity throughout a home. Our AMPTM family of high-performance HomePlug AV / IEEE 1901 solutions provide PHY rates of more than 500 Mbps over powerline and 700 over coaxial cable to support today's most demanding broadband applications in the digital home. Qualcomm Atheros is also delivering low-power solutions based on the new HomePlug Green PHY standard, which enables a plethora of Smart Grid/Smart Home applications. Hybrid Networking ­ As the influx of media applications and services stretch the limits of today's home, business and mobile networks, Qualcomm Atheros is not only improving upon the performance of its wired and wireless solutions, but is also driving the industry toward hybrid solutions that significantly improve network capacity, flexibility and simplicity. By combining the benefits of its Wi-Fi, Powerline and Ethernet portfolios, Qualcomm Atheros' line of Hy-FiTM solutions is delivering the best of wired and wireless.

Qualcomm Atheros Leadership

Dr. Craig H. Barratt President Jack R. Lazar Senior Vice President Corporate Development, and General Manager Amir Faintuch Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Business Unit Dan Rabinovitsj Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networking Business Unit Dr. Jason Zheng Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific Gary Szilagyi Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Electronics Vivek Gupta Vice President and General Manager, Computing George Chu Vice President and General Manager, Ethernet

Qualcomm Atheros Serves a Wide Array of Markets

When the products that shape our world work better together, life gets simpler. And simplicity takes tenacious engineering. At Qualcomm Atheros, we engineer real-world; market-wise solutions that add value and help drive demand for connected products. Ours is an ethic is built upon e cient, precise design with a particular focus: create great experiences for the end user, and help our customers products stand out in the marketplace. When everything clicks, the consumer will go there.


Switches, Routers, Gateways, PLC


Tablets, PCs, AIOs


Handsets, Gaming, eReaders, DTV, STBs, PNDs

Enabling the Internet of Everything

With a broad portfolio of industry-leading wired and wireless technologies, and a massive installed base of interoperable products, Qualcomm Atheros is uniquely positioned to address the Internet of Everything. Qualcomm Atheros can provide vast expertise in developing system-level IP solutions rather than a collection of point products. Qualcomm Atheros is accustomed to providing simple, easy-to-use solutions in complex multi-LAN architectures and low-cost, low-power silicon design for economies of scale.

Worldwide Media & Analysts

Laurie B. Falconer Sr. Marketing Manager [email protected] Warren Kneeshaw Vice President, Investor Relations [email protected]

Bay Area Locations

1700 Technology Drive San Jose, California 95110 408.773.5200 408.773.9940 [email protected] 2581 Junction Ave San Jose, California 95134 355 East Trimble Road San Jose, California 95131-1218

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Qualcomm Atheros is a trademark of Qualcomm Atheros Inc. HomePlug is a registered trademark of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of theWi-Fi Alliance. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.



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