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SINUMERIK 810D powerline covers the medium performance range of SINUMERIK Motion Control Systems. All the CNC, PLC, closed-loop control and communication tasks are combined on one CCU module (Compact Control Unit) and they can be supplemented with power sections as well as control modules of the converter system SIMODRIVE 611 digital. SINUMERIK 810D powerline can be implemented for a wide range of different technologies.


The SINUMERIK 810D powerline is a compact digital CNC system. It is the ideal hardware platform for conventionally controlled turning machines with ManualTurn, universal turning machines with ShopTurn, vertical and universal milling machines with ShopMill. Even complex tasks for handling, machine tools and special tools can be solved. Compatible system software and hardware components permit integration with SINUMERIK 840D

powerline. Thanks to openness in the HMI and PLC, users can integrate their specific knowhow. They can also implement the well-proven Motion Control System MCIS products for the production area. The SINUMERIK 810D powerlinecomprises a high-performance CCU 3 module (compact control unit) in combination with the current SINUMERIK operator panel fronts.


SINUMERIK 810D powerline is used worldwide in turning, drilling, milling, grinding, nibbling, stamping, in mechanical engineering and mold-making as well as in wood processing, handling and large-scale production and JobShop manufacturing.


The high-performance CCU is installed in a basic enclosure (CCU box) with integrated power modules. The CCU box is available in two different versions:


For internal heat dissipation in the control cabinet, the CCU box with 3 power sections:

· ·

2 x 6 A/12 A for feed drives 1 x 18 A/36 A for feed drives or 1 x 24 A/32 A for main spindle drives For either internal heat dissipation in the control cabinet or external heat dissipation


through the back of the control cabinet, with 2 power sections:


2 x 9 A/18 A for feed drives

The structure of the SINUMERIK 810D powerline is compatible with the SIMODRIVE 611 digital converter system. It can be expanded with the SIMODRIVE 611 power sections. The SINUMERIK 810D powerline is operated by UI or I/RF modules from the SIMODRIVE 611 series. The SINUMERIK 810D powerline has 6 "onboard" measurement system inputs, which can also be used for direct measurement systems. Expansion is possible using SIMODRIVE 611 control modules. The SINUMERIK 810DE powerline is available for export to countries requiring export approval. The SINUMERIK 810DE powerline system software (export version) is supplied on an integrated flash EPROM and is included in the scope of supply. If the standard software is required, a PC card with this software must be inserted. If the standard software is in use, the PC card remains plugged in. The standard software must be separately ordered. The spare memory space on the PC card can be used for series machine start-up/service data. Positioning tasks can be implemented in the SIMATIC S7-300 by means of the FM 353 and FM 354 modules or using SIMODRIVE 611 universal HRS.


The following components can be connected to the SINUMERIK 810D powerline:

· · · · · · · · ·

Operator panel front with PCU and machine control panel SIMATIC CE panel SIMATIC OP7/OP17 Push button panel Handheld unit type B-MPI SINUMERIK HT 6 handheld terminal Mini handheld unit SIMATIC S7-300 I/O EFP single I/O module

· · · · · · ·

3 handwheels and 2 probes via cable distributor NCU terminal block with DMP compact modules Distributed PLC I/O via PROFIBUS DP connection Programming device SIMODRIVE 611 digital converter system 1FT6/1FK/1PH/1FN/1FE1/1FW6/2SP1/1LA motors PROFINET IO and PROFINET CBA via external CP 343-1 communication board (Advanced)

Connection overview for SINUMERIK 810D powerline, Part 1 of 2

Connection overview for SINUMERIK 810D powerline, Part 2 of 2

Require software You require the following software for SINUMERIK 81 0D start-up: 1. SinuComNC Startup/service tools Order No. 6FC5250-AY00-AG (German, English) Supplied on CD-ROM with:

-SinuCom FFS -SinuCom ARC -SinuCom PCIN 2. SIMATIC STEP 7 HiGraph 3. Tool box for SINUMERIK 810D Order No. 6FC5 452-0AX00-0AB0 Supplied on 3.5" disks with: -Basic PLC program -Standard machine data sets -NC variable selector 4. Application disk for the creation of PLC alarm texts and transfer to the PCU 20 (supplied with the HMI system software).

Require equipment and accessories

To start up the SINUMERIK 810D, you will require the following equipment and accessories:

1. 2. 3.

Programming unit with MPI interface (PG740) MPI cable for PG740 RS-232 cable with 9-pin connector (socket)



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