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Huroof ­ Letter pronunciation

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Arabic Letters are divided into three groups to Tafkheem and Tarqeeq.

TAFKHEEM means fattening and TARQEEQ means thinning. The method of making a letter have the characteristic of tafkheem is focusing the pressure of the letter to the roof of the mouth. These letters are always pronounced with full mouth and heaviness. For a letter of tarqeeq it means producing the letter with thin pronunciation i.e. to produce the Harf from its Makhraj without emphasis (in empty mouth or smiling) so that the pronunciation is affected to produce `a thinness' in the sound.

There are 7 letters that always have TAFKHEEM which are known as Isti'laa:

The rest are letters that always have TARTEEQ which are known as Isti'faal except 3 letters which are known as MUSHTARAK because they are sometimes pronounced with TAFKHEEM and sometimes with TARTEEQ depending upon where they are placed. These are:

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Points of articulation An easy way to find the makharij of a letter, add an Alif at the beginning of the letter and a sakin on the actual letter, e.g you want to find makharij of baa, add an Alif before baa you say Abb, and that stops on the lips.

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Al-Huroof Al-Halaqiyyah The letters of the throat are:


Al-Huroof AsShafawiyyah The letters of the lips are:

Al-Huroof Al-Jawf The letters of the oral and throat cavity are:

Al-Khaishoom The nasal cavity




· Ikhfaa and idgham of noon and meem

Al-Huroof Al-Lisan The letters of the tongue are: Al-Huroof As-Shajaryyah The palatal consonants are Al-Harf Al-Haffy The alveolar* consonants are Al-Huroof Al-Lithawiyyah

The molar consonant is Al-Huroof Ad-Dhalaqiyyah / At-Tarafiyyah

The alveo-dental consonants are: Al-Huroof Al-Asaliyyah

The inter-dental consonants are Al-Huroof An-Nitiyyah

The dental letters are


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